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Testing the fun stuff

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"The world accelerates towards eventual Annihilation , as all worlds do new technologies are developed some form allies with one another but some are destined to seek all the power...to control all that exists within their eyes, to become god themselfs. Yet in the mist of their endeavours they or others that feel threaten may take precautions in a way that ends with a really big bang, this time its something more terrifying then a nuclear warhead this time it is something more, something that would make people feel unsafe once again for the future"

The day had clear skies, the sun was shining, and various waves bounced upon the shores of an island so small it was more described as an insignificant hill perfect for certian weapon testing. The first of meny soon to come this was more then the average nuclear bomb, this was a Thirmanium bomb. Boiled in a spinning vat of various reasources like Buborium set to cook for 24 hours until it turned bright red and had its density increased using hydrologic pressurizers to turn it into more of a delicate spherical gel ball the size of a person's head. One that floated in a medium within its bomb capsule. They had build their first and hopefully only nuclear submarine just for this purpose, this test, the 'makers' left suspiciously unnamed were most likely hoping for good results else where.

On the Submarine which was being transported to Water well City via airship (2 actually carried it) the bomb was loaded similarly like a torpedo. The transport was quick and within under an hour it was on its way to secretly begin its weapon's test on the insignificant island.

------At ×××××× Facility also known as The X Nexus

"Well All going according to plan? I really hope they hurry, I just want to mass produce these already, then we'll have fear on our side"

"I dont know how those children were able to conjor up this feat but I love it! Now we have a secondary use for your great gift. However do they wish to continue to remain anonymous? " Rotwell questioned.

The thing was there was no children, no one had actully 'conjored' this weapon up, instead the ingredients had accidentally been found within the database in a thought to be corruped file which it turns out only the file itself not its contents were corrupted....but Rotwell never knew that and would never know the council and King Lewis would make sure of that.

"Yes and we the council decided it so, anyways how long until the launch commences?"

"14 minuets sir considering the speed of the vessel, however we put so. Much into the speed that we never bothered with stealthing the submarine due to all of that strange emp dedication " 

"We wont need stealth after this, infact I dont believe any sort of stealth could hide that explosion i mean stealth can barely hide a regular classical atomic bomb explosion." Speaking as if Rotwell was a mere child.

Shuffleing towards the large array of screens that were tracking everything making sure to record every bit of information for historical benefit and future analysis to futher its research and looking at it it seemed that the sub was headed south south east

---back to the sub

Soon it would arrive at the small island and the test would commence. If done right the nations around will know not of who detonated the explosion or how but even where it exactly detonated will prove to be difficult.

If this was done right

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-In the sub about 12 minuets later

The GPS displayed that the island was but 92 miles away to the west as they had already had gone 250 miles south of the land border before submerging below water 

"Switch to sonar!" Exclamed the captian of this sub.

The GPS turned off and the sonar began pinging through the deepening depths "Send in the message that well be ready to launch in 3 minutes" Smirking a little as the submarine began to slow and steady itself

-------The Facility

"3 minuets until we see exacly what 5 kilotons of Thrmanium can do other then that do you want a drink before the glares engulf the screens?" While waving a hand towards the screen in the middle

"ehh no thanks I dont drink alcohol like-period, gets in the way of my work and that is something I must not let happen especially to me!" As he simply sat down on a birchwood chair

The count down commenced and soon when it reached the 40 second mark it will launch its package,  its test, its legacy

"I really hope no one finds out about this, its just such a risk" seeming a bit filled with fear

There seemed to be a silence as the monitors focused on the blast zone and its surrounding areas. The sub stayed quite a distance away from the island to pervent itself from being accidentally destroyed by the explosion

---The submarine

The captian began the countdown

"Launching in T-minus 60 seconds 59...58...57...56-" 

The crew readied the launcher and preped its course.


The course had been prepped and the sonar scanned its surroundings once more searching for any unwanted peering eyes. Even though the submarine had no flag as to make identification difficult people could still follow it all the way back home, or worst a phycic who can read minds from afar. Dispite the exterior being made for perventing this, some of the crew were just not convinced.

"22.. 21...20" The alarms indicating that the launch was imminent and that it was now ready to fire.


Following those orders ir was launched and like a missile escaping sea it quickly glided out of the water and blasted off at top speeds towards the island in a hyper sort of state. 

In a flurry of excitement it hit its intended target and not only turning the sky a dark red but also creating an explosion that would make the atomic bomb seem like child's play, it was massive infact larger then predictions could have ever predicted. It didnt stop there, it seemed thst infact the explosion itself was continuously combusting, even the cooling blackened clouds were combusting constantly. Thus the captian thought it safe to turn the scanners on

"ASH LOTS OF IT!" A crew member at a scanning screenas ashes mystyriously gently fell down untill it reached the water at which point it bursted into a large fire seconds before it turned into a molten carbon blotch mixing in with the ocean.

This continued to happen with the rest of the ash as the sea above was set ablaze.

"Return home cadets others will be here soon, they will see the power but no know who did it!"

Thus the sub had finished its work however this will not be its last  no there will be more and the best part is soon no one will know what hit them.

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"EXCELLENT JUST EXCELLENT You see that Rotwell? Thats a true weapon right there with this we'll be able to keep the peace by declaing that if peace isnt met then we'll blow them out of existance and kill the planet with them!" He sounded s bit psychopathic as if he hungered for blood

"M'lord aren't you being a bit too...um enthusiastic? I mean you seem a bit diffrent these days then in your first months" Rotwell said this with concern and suspiciousion

"It is a message from beyond, a message of constant hunger for blood, and we must kill it by making it into blood" sounding like he still needed more Beer

"Tell me Rotwell how fast can you make this stealthy and untraceable? And also how fast can your scientist create the big one?"

"You mean the...100 kiloton bomb? Well give us a year at least to finish it all well get it to you then, of course now it was time to call in the division that specialized in mass destruction" 

They could feel the slight shockwaves that the bomb caused as the air under Renovation was thrown into the landmasses themselfs but mainly hitting the smaller chunks of floating land as they took the brunt of the pressure exchanges

----The next Day 

"The cloud remains a blaze as well as the sea" 

By this point the submarine had already returned to dock with Water well. However the explosion itself wouldnt go without notice and soon enough there were boats and airships investigating but only finding carbon being dissolved somehow by the water and ending up in bursts of flame upon contact. This soon began questions of who and why, soon people will begin pointing fingers at each other.


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King Lewis had announced a national emergency just to play along whipping suspicion off of themself for the time being as now governental outbranches needed to quell the people of the cities. 

Quelling them by telling them that the kingdom can asure that new technologies will usher this event eventully to be a perventable disaster. Saying basicly that they will figuare out how to counter it. For the days that passed eventually the people were calmed and felt assured that the people responsible for this frightening new weapon whether it be of magic or technological origin. There were some dispite these calmings that had decided to investigate this event and others for themselfs although they were merly single person run and were not of a big deal and at some times very interesting to watch them and their attempts. The truth however would be extreamly difficult to gain a grasp on especally since there were ment that would rather the truth not come out,

Not yet at least.

---- /Lexdord Security HQ (name still pending) /

"Well.....Well very interesting...our citizens are taking investigative measures into their own hands." Segi had said as he layed back looked around and saw that no one was watching and he took a quick smoke from a cigarette. He then was going to phone in a call to the king when he began to hear a voice in his head 

"eh, who goes there? The paparazzi? The king? The devil reincarnate?"

("No....  welo-ming p-r-y...so wel-me" )said a slow but static like voice that seemed to echo in his mind 

("This is your liege and I would like to personally congratulate you on joining the growing phycic trend!") In a happy tone the voice said this.

("I bet you have an armanda of questions for us but not to worry all will be answered when the time comes"

As you can imagine Segi was shocked, not only was his boss talking to him but this form of communication even though it was very common was just highly unexpected. 

("But....how? I've never had phycic powers? But.....do you?") The voice seemed to become silent for a moment...

("Well I can tell you that wether you like it or not your now a phycic, I wish we can continue this introduction but we have some work to do.....work that includes pitting the blame to someone else")


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