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Dark hearted, open ended, no rules RP [Closed]

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Sooooo, I wanted to wait... but also couldn't wait... and... well read the post first, then this:



Meritio = 94 - Will suffer hallucinations for the next 5 turns
Erin = 100 - Will have a rain cloud raining on her head for the next 8 turns
Clive = 59 - Will be transformed into a domestic animal (Zack's choice of dog, cat, hamster or goldfish in a bowl) for the next 4 turns
Trey = 25 - Will have a transparent, immaterial (ghost-like) body that cannot interact with any objects for the next 8 turns (on a positive note, he can't be killed!)
Ingus = 39 - Will be transformed into a frog or toad for the next 7 turns (how does this even work with an alien...?)
Casey = 83 - Will be transformed into a weapon (next player can chose, but she is still conscious, recognizable in some way and able to speak somehow) for the next 5 turns


Ugh, Erin had to role the most boring thing on my list! lol You continue to disappoint me, woman...


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37 minutes ago, jaistlyn said:

Is the number of turns not too much though? 8 turns sound really long..... or maybe we do half that (rounded up)?

The effects are awesome though LOL

Hmm, to be honest I had anticipated this thread having shorter posts than it has. Well, most people's posts are reasonable length, except for me and Zack. lol

But this does give me an idea for a new mechanic:

If you really hate your curse effect, or feel it goes too long, you can elect to cut the curse duration in half (generously rounded down), but this automatically pencils you in for a new curse next time the Cursor shows up! (Oh drat, spoilers... he's not dead.) With this round being an exception since there was kind of a prime opportunity to hit everyone, I otherwise just roll for two random people to be affected. If you elect to half your curse, you are automatically penciled in as one of those people! Fair? lol

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3 minutes ago, jaistlyn said:

To give an idea of the length of the rounds, it has been ~5 rounds since the Cursor's last appearance lol. I still think 8 rounds is a lot!

But I think the second mechanic does make it fairer.

Hmm... that is a very good point once put into perspective... 😨

Okay, so I tried to concoct some other solutions. The two I came up with is either A. Roll a D6, or B. Roll a D4, double it, then add the halving mechanic. D6 is just simpler.

If you follow the D6 results, it is:


Meritio = 2
Erin = 3
Clive = 1
Trey = 3
Ignus = 2
Casey = 4

Which is definitely more manageable.  That said, it is low enough that the halving mechanic isn't quite worth it. Which is fine, because lower numbers means Cursor can show up again sooner. lol


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🤔 Shall we do like a “1 week a round” rule? Not a hard rule, since there’s technically no post order after all, but basically you can post again each week. I think that’s a fair time for everyone to put in a post, and keep the story going. It’s alright if you miss a turn, just join back in whenever!

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