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Light hearted, open ended, no rules RP [Closed]

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And the Cursor has struck!

First curse was aimed at Trey. His curse is:


32-33 -- Target of curse will swap bodies with the nearest other party member

Which will last two posting turns. Meaning he can switch back at the end of your second post from now, @Laughingmad, presuming the curse strikes him.


Second curse was aimed at Erin. Her curse is:


20-23 -- Character will blow up like a balloon and float away     (for reference, think what Harry did to his stupid aunt at the beginning of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban)

Which will last one posting turn. As it is my own character being struck in the same post as the curse was fired, I'll wait until my next post for it to be reversed.


Rolls viewable here.

Edited by Tyler

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@Laughingmad Trey doesn't realize how lucky he is though, since I wasn't sure whether Meritio or Erin was closer, he could've actually switched into Erin's body just as she was floating off. Imagine how confusing that would have been for the two of them! lol

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