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Light hearted, open ended, no rules RP [Closed]

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Yo, I wanna post asap, but just not tonight. I gotta get up early, and i got a sinus headache. Can't really focus or enjoy writing like this. I'm planning to post tomorrow since I won't have a chance the day after. Just figured i'd let you guys know.

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1 minute ago, jaistlyn said:

That is intense zack!



Thank you!😭 It's very difficult to scare someone through writing. But it is my goal some day to make people stay up at night because of reading something I wrote! I hope I make so so scary that they'll have to put a warning label on the books I release.😀

But for now...I think I'm...meh😕

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Oh it is hard, I definitely agree. For collaborative writing, (from my limited experience in Yh'mi,) I think it is especially hard because all writers contribute to the atmosphere. Reactions are half of what makes up horror! If you laugh at a horror movie, that makes it not scary for everyone else watching as well. But now that I know horror is what you're going for here, I know how to angle my next post 😉

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