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Light hearted, open ended, no rules RP [Closed]

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54 minutes ago, jaistlyn said:

I even have a thread with supernal where we are exploring combining magic with science to create anti-magic armour!

What!? I have a patent on that! Where's my lawyer!?

43 minutes ago, jaistlyn said:

They can have the same end effect, but the explanation on how they work differs. Also the environment would be different. Where one would be surrounded by metal, machinery, the other would be surrounded by light, elements, or ethereal things. That's how I see the difference between them. 

I think it varies greatly on universe too. For example, one can view science as explained phenomena and magic as unexplained phenomena (a pretty common interpretation). I tend to think of Science as working within the laws of the universe (even if they seemingly subvert reality, it would be somehow done using methods and materials from within reality), whereas magic is a complete defiance of reality or simply is outside of reality.

But practically-speaking, they really just aesthetic in practice when it comes to fiction. The Thor movies tried to bullshit that they were "science" early-on, but by the later movies they were just like "aw fuck it" and gave up and just stopped trying to pretend. Much of the powers in movies like Thor Ragnarok simply have no scientific explanation because they stopped caring about that, and it was just "space magic" again. lol

1 hour ago, jaistlyn said:

But for myself, I think the best magics written have a system behind it.

But yeah, this! Honestly, having a system is in and of itself the best way to avoid "OPness", really, since a system will have rules and limitations. It's why I love how Star Wars (classic Star Wars, not the Disney bullshit) had it that you had to train for years to be able to use the Force, and even then, most Jedi and Sith were still vulnerable to some extend. And because force-sensitivity was so rare and because it took so much to train in it, powerful forceusers were limited to maybe a few thousand in a galaxy of billions/trillions of people.

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Tyler: I'm against OP characters....

Me: Oh boy...wait till you see Mr. Universe 😂😂😂😂😂😂

But yeah I get what you mean. I feel like Star Wars personally is ruined for me and I'm not that excited with Rise of Skywalker they better have Anakin in that or the movie was a big ass clickbait and the space magic thing...oh god...I gave up already in trying to understand what is what. Let's keep it simple. Magic and Science are the same and not, easy. 

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