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Chasing Legends

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Of all the things the buff guy was worried about, he was afraid of offending Erin for looking up her leg? Besides the fact that she was wearing cargo pants and proper undergarments, and the fact that it was way too dark outside for anything to be visible, and the fact her leg had shrunk quite a bit as her body puffed out and overtook it, she also was not what one would call a proper lady, so minor sensibilities like that did not often get instinctively noticed by her. Then again, she never let any man get into a position to look up her legs in the first place, not unless it was a view that also included her boot. Speaking of her boot, this guy's grip was like an iron clamp.

"Ow! Just pay attention to what you're doing and don't break my foot!!" she barked at Meritio, not realizing he had switched bodies with Trey, "And don't let go either!"

Then the cowboy started mistaking her for an actual balloon. It was probably understandable, given just how drunk the man was, but that didn't make it sting any less. At first she thought he was just trying to be stupidly funny, then he went so far as to wonder "where the lady went". Was he really that far gone?

"I'm right here, cowboy!" she snapped, as Meritio hauled her back closer to eye level, "And I am not a balloon!"

The fact that she had a round body that was trying to fly off into the atmosphere spoke otherwise.

"I swear, when I get my hands on that punk that did this to me, I'm gonna--"

Whatever over-the-top method of brutal murder she intended to say was suddenly cut-off as all the air (or was it helium?) suddenly started sputtering out her mouth, causing her to flail around in the big man's grip. The sound it made even kind of sounded like a balloon. Once Erin had finally deflated and returned to her normal size, she came tumbling to the ground with a embarrassingly girlish shriek. Luckily, the clothing had apparently been influenced by the curse too, so none of it had burst or been stretched. Even so, she was still one very pissed and embarrassed woman.

"I hate my life." she wheezed as she stood up and limped a little on her sore foot.

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“Oh- ok…” Meritio said sheepishly, loosening his grip on Erin. “Sorry, just not used to it.” Realizing that she might not know what had happened, the young mage wagged a finger back and forth between him and Trey. “Uh, we switched bodies, I think. Did anyone else?” He looked at Erin, then at the drunk guy, who he wasn’t really sure how to react to. Well, as long as he wasn’t pointing that gun at them. Since he didn’t get any less drunk, Meritio supposed he stayed in his body. “I guess not.”

He scratched his head at Trey’s accusation about him not moving. How would that have stopped the curse? By the way - was his own face capable of making an expression like that? It was surreal to be staring at himself but looking at a stranger. “I don’t think it would have made a difference, in any case. Let’s go, maybe we’ll be able to find something that turns us back or something.” In comparison to the girl’s deformed state, him and Trey wasn’t in too bad a situation. He felt sorry for Erin. What if she actually floated off like a balloon?

Just when Meritio was entertaining the thought in his head, Erin made a strange whooshing sound, and became progressively heavier. Not ready for the tip of balance, he accidentally dropped her. “Whoops! I’m so sorry! Are you alright?” He extended a hand to her to help her stand, if she wanted to take it. Then he turned to Trey. “I guess we won’t stay like this forever too, then. Um, by the way, my name is Meritio. I suppose we should go check out that crash.” He took the lead, secretly hoping the rest would follow and not dismiss this as nonsense or something. He didn’t want to do this alone, though he would if he had to.

Distracted by the thoughts, he didn’t notice the low hanging branch in the darkness, and walked right into it. “Ow!” He ducked and rubbed his forehand, feeling foolish. Perhaps it wasn’t that good to be tall after all. Instinctively, he tried to call fire into his palm to light the path ahead. A spark, and then nothing. Oh. Obviously Trey either never learnt magic, or never learnt the particular field of magic that he used. Meritio sighed and continued ahead, hunching his shoulders to avoid any other unpleasant surprises.

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It took awhile to recover from that whole quickly running senario, for him it had all happened within under 6 minuets and the rush after rush didnt feel good nor did it feel like the normal rushes that usally happened regularly.

Ignus207 sought there be no reason to stay in the same spot any longer then he already had and began marching away from the crash sight when he thought he heard voices. 

"What is that?"

"A native" screamed a voice

".....please tell me that a suit function"

"Affermitive I am an X model, I am filled with information. My only limits are my programming"

"I dont think I've heard about you...are you something new?"

"no, just a decommissioned and forgotten model that got buried among other various things"

"Oh....well keep it down I think someone is coming!" 

"Well then...why not no clip? Or...wait! Wheres the home land?!"

"Slaps face, how....didn't you....figuare that?"

"well Ill blame the ones who tampered with my senser systems, it may take time to repair"

"This wasn't prepped before hand? Like....ik there was a rush and all but im pretty sure there could have been more organization"

Thats when he turned to see a group of odd looking people.

"Wth are you?" 

"I see morphing magic afoot!" The suit said.

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Erin ignored Meritio's offer to help her stand, instead getting herself to her feet on her own. Her foot wasn't broken, luckily, but it might be a few minutes before it stopped aching. The fact that Meritio decided to start moving again soon afterward was probably a good thing, since hopefully that meant Erin could walk-off the pain. In the process of this, the big man revealed that he wasn't the big man, but rather, he was actually the little man inside the big man's body, while the little man was the big man instead. Well, that explained why he was acting all shy and silly instead of what Erin would have expected from a big burly fellow. 

Either way, she followed as Meritio took the lead, only to watch in amusement as he took a branch slap to the face. It was hard to laugh right now, given how humiliated she felt, but she had to admit that it was kind of funny to her. Even funnier was when the lead man tried to summon some sort of magic in his hand, only to fail miserably. 

Just then, a guy in some sort of sci-fi suit came stumbling out of the woods, talking to himself for some reason. Erin halted in her tracks and rested a hand on her holstered pistol, having returned her bow to her shoulder for now. Who was this joker?

"Another reluctant hero? Or is this our villain, I wonder?" she asked aloud.

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