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Chasing Legends

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Meritio listened dumbfounded to Clive’s rant. As if it wasn’t obvious enough already, this man was one of those bad sorts that you weren’t supposed to associate with. However, the one who hit him wasn’t the drunk man. Meritio might have stepped back if it was Clive who approached him, but instead Trey’s slap came out of nowhere. It wasn’t a light tap either, it was akin to a punch to the face that made him stumble.


Alarmed, Meritio’s palms lit up in flame even as he was regaining his footing, preparing to ignite any of them on fire at any time. “S-stay back!” He hadn’t caught the rest of the conversation, but concluded that this group was not as friendly as he had first assumed. Did the drunk man kill someone? Were they all going at each other to claim bounty? This had to be a mistake. These people were not behaving like heroes who could save the world. Perhaps he had found the wrong group?

For a second, in the light from the young mage’s flame, the others would be able to glimpse the dark fur of a creature behind Meritio, towering a chest and a head above him. A deep growl from the animal warned the boy in time, and he dove forward just in time, the creature’s sharp claws just missing him. Yelling, he flung a small ball of fire at it in panic. It did nothing much but to singe its fur, but it gave them all a good view of its feline face and daggerlike fangs.

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ShadowyIdealBoto-size_restricted.gifAs Meritio's fire fizzled, the creature in the woods momentarily was obscured by darkness again. Then all at once, a row of bioluminescent lights came to life all along the beast's back, revealing that it's fur parted on either side of its spine, where a two rows of bony knobs alternated with scaly skin and alien-like blue illumination organs just below the surface. The monster's cat-like face had four long, sickle-like teeth that extended downward like a sabretooth tiger, but also had a several shorter ones extending over its lips upward as well. It's mouth opened to roar, extending far wider than any terrestrial cat should ever hope to be able to extend its jaw. Its bulging eyes, glossy and without pupils, seemed to stare at every member of the party at once, or perhaps, none of them at all.

But rather than roar, the abomination let out a shrill howl like that of a dying housecat, mixed with a deranged elk and a wailing ghost. One might have found it comical, yet at the same time, it was bone-chilling beyond belief. It's tail, lit with the same bioluminescence as its back, swung back and forth in the air, revealing it to be a more reptilian-like appendage, with bony knobs like around the creature's spine, and spikes on its tail like certain dinosaurs of wild prehistory.

Erin took several steps back and shoved her knife back in its sheath, as the glowing cat-lizard reared up on its hind legs to pounce, much as a normal cat might. This caused the woman to freeze, knowing that animals, particularly cats, often waited for their prey to make a move before they pursued. Instead she slowly began to reach for her gun, while hoping the others were preparing their own attacks.

"Don't make any sudden movements, guys." she hissed to the others.



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"You know my type huh? Exactly what do you think you know about me? I'm not the type of guy that gets offended by idiots that think they know me, when, in fact, they know nothing, but I don't appreciate being looked down on as nothing but a common thug by a guy like you. But hey, since we're throwing stereotypes around, it just so happens I know your type too. Drunk twenty-four seven, probably doesn't remember what it's like to be anything other than hammered, would kill his own grandmother if you payed him enough, and would spend it all on more booze, assuming he ever pays his bar tab. Am I on base?"

Trey stared at Clive with a deadpan expression waiting to hear his response when he heard the beast attack Meritio. He whipped around quick enough to see Meritio's vain attempt to retaliate with a fireball. The cat-lizard thing only seemed to be further angered by this, as it howled fiercely and it's tail started glowing and waving around. Trey took Erin's advice about staying still, but was prepared to defend himself if the beast attacked. He seriously doubted it would simply leave without a fight.

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"Thats new" as the beast suddenly clawed at Meritio as he threw a fireball which only seemed to anger it and make its fur singe

"These creatures are common I presume?" Not really being specific on who was listening as he readiedhis emergency pistol, however he didn't trust that it would do much to it considering that it seems to be fireproof. Which means that high powered radiation and plasma might have little effect on it, who knows what other protections this thing could have on it.

He fired yet it just. Seemed to make it angrier and the air smell like something akin to burning oil and a faint smell of fish and steak.

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Clive barely moved an inch as his broken, pained gaze bored into Erin's eyes. Well, at least that's what he thought he looked like. In reality, he was swaying from side to side, not even looking like he would be able to grasp his gun had it come to it. His eyes were glazed over, as if he were in deep thought about how happy he'd be if a deluge of whiskey were to rain down from the skies. He squinted as he took in what Erin had said, as if thinking itself was an action that required great effort. But, even if he wasn't drunk, he would've barely listened anyway. This wasn't the first time he'd been in this particular situation, and he'd learned a valuable lesson through countless mistakes that were left unpunished by pure chance.

Words meant nothing.

No, what Clive took note of when staring down an opponent were their physical cues. A hand inching towards their gun, flickering eyes, twitches, shaky limbs, their expression, things like that. Inexperienced combatants often displayed many of these physical cues, afraid of dying or being humiliated. Or both. The expereinced ones were quite the opposite. They were always calm, focused, and unflinching, training their extremities to match their poker face. Or they just weren't worried because they didn't view Clive as a threat. People that thought this were either stupid, extremely dangerous, suicidal, or all three. 

He wasn't sure if it was because of the alcohol, but Erin didn't seem to be tense. The hardened assassins eyes betrayed her apologetic demeanor. She wasn't tense at all, as if being threatened with her life was just an everyday occurrence or ritual. She couldn't have been suicidal or stupid, since a person with such qualities would've drawn their weapon or accepted the one he'd offered. With those two traits eliminated, that could've only meant one thing.

She was like his wife. 

Clive's eyes widened as his eyebrows narrowed in fear. He thought about drawing on her anyway just to put an end to any possibilities, but to do such a thing would be a dishonor on his part. She was clearly unarmed and was even apologizing. Killing her would make him no different than the boss of his old gang. However, this moral fortitude didn't abolish his fears. The more he stared at Erin, the more she began to look like his wife, her bloody cow-girl slacks stained with the blood of several officers of the law. She held a bloody kitchen knife in one hand as she beckoned him forward, her sly grin complimenting her cold, blue eyes in way that was just wrong. She was all wrong.

He shook the thoughts out of his head and blinked a few times as he tried to remember that he was drunk. His imagination was probably just getting carried away and he was conjuring up a nightmare of his own accord. He chuckled to himself and shook his head as he visibly deflated and rubbed his tired eyes. When he looked back up, he saw Erin as she was since the moment he'd met her. She wasn't covered in blood or holding a knife. He chuckled again as he held his hands up.

"Nah, no." he said as he waved his hands. "I'm sorry. I'm just..*BURP*..a little drunk is all. I keep...seeing things. Like how you used to be sum' kinda' balloon a few minutes ago...I think there was sum'n in ma' drink."

On 1/3/2019 at 11:42 PM, Laughingmad said:

"You know my type huh? Exactly what do you think you know about me? I'm not the type of guy that gets offended by idiots that think they know me, when, in fact, they know nothing, but I don't appreciate being looked down on as nothing but a common thug by a guy like you. But hey, since we're throwing stereotypes around, it just so happens I know your type too. Drunk twenty-four seven, probably doesn't remember what it's like to be anything other than hammered, would kill his own grandmother if you payed him enough, and would spend it all on more booze, assuming he ever pays his bar tab. Am I on base?"

Clive turned to the beefy boy in surprise, but thought better of such a reaction. Of course he'd lash out after being given some good advice. That was exactly how boys like him reacted when they were high on pride and power. Clive was just going to laugh at him and ignore him, but he was drunk and feeling particularly...stupid. He wasn't even giving any concern to Meritio's glowing hands, unaware that he could be incinerated if he kept being so liberal with his gun. The boy was clearly not used to being around the types of people he was with, but that made him the most reliable and sane if you ask me. You should never be used to being around assassins, head-hunters, and hot-headed pugilists that liked to smack people that were shorter than them.

"Well...you seem mighty offended ta' me." chuckled Clive with a shrug. "And fer' the record, I'd kill my grandmother fer' free. That old hag is part of the reason I never got a chance ta' know my parents. And what's wrong with a little *HIC* booze? It's the worlds greatest beverage! Why wouldn't I spend all ma' muneh' on it? Can't drink water no mo' since it makes me all sick now."

Clive was going to go on giving Trey bad advice about how to evade a bar tab and bum free drinks off of folks, but an odd screech from the trees caught his attention. He swung his head over to see a massive sabertooth...lizard tiger with a glowing tail. It's soulless, eyes glowered at them with no pupils to speak of as it reared up on its hind legs like it was about to pounce. Clive's eyes narrowed, not in anger, but confusion. One second he was seeing his dead wife standing in front of him with a knife, and now he was looking at a creature straight out of a horror story. He didn't get a chance to see much of terrenus's wildlife since he spent most of his time in bars and settlements, but he could remember stories he'd heard as he traveled. He'd even gotten a chance to talk to a bounty hunter named Zack that always manically complained about how scary the wildlife in Terrenus was and how he wished he could go home. He'd even give him pointers on how to deal with some of the creatures, although most involved running for your life.

Clive never heeded Zack's advice though. He was always too busy being drunk or making fun of him with Charlie to listen.

"Ya'll see it too...right?" asked Clive, his question receiving it's answer when Meritio flung a fireball at it and when Erin told them to stay still. The fireball didn't seem to have any effect, let alone scare it off. Clive's hand inched towards his gun as he began observing the creature for any weak spots. The rounds in his gun negated most types of magic and armor, but that didn't mean he could be careless. One could never be careless. Especially on certain RP websites where the GM gradually turns the other players against each other in turn based combat, but that is neither here or there. 

Well, it actually is here and there, but you get what I meant. Don't you?

The spaceman produced a futuristic firearm and fired upon the creature, but the laser-like projectiles that came from his gun didn't seem to faze the it, not even puncturing it's skin. The creature let out another horrible and borderline satirical screech before it began to bound towards them. Clive was about to draw his weapon when a voice came down from above.

"SUBJECT C47, STOP!" shouted a man's voice, causing the beast to skid to a halt. Clive looked up to see what looked like a metal, chrome, ball the size of a basketball, descending towards the creature. Clive's eyes furrowed in confusion as he looked at the creature that had previously been about to kill them. It was sitting on it's haunches now, like some kind of domesticated house pet. 



"What the hell.." said Clive as he watched the chrome ball hover over to the creatures face. A circle of white light lit up atop the sphere and a hologram was projected from the cone of light it produced. The hologram was of a man in a white lab coat. His head was veiled by some sort of futuristic helmet as he leaned over to stare the creature in it's blank, canvas, eyes.

"Good girl!" said the man in the same voice they'd heard from before. The creature appeared to purr as the man began to pet it's head, his form shimmering and glitching as he did so. "Now...where are the pathetic morons I sent to capture you?"


Clive looked to his left to see the figure of a man running towards them in the darkness. A very short man. With a hunchback. And green skin. And a massive under-bite. Clive was tempted to draw his gun, unsure if the man was just another monster. The look in the little man's eyes were unstable and...sinister even. Like he'd succumbed to madness and futility years ago.



"Ah, there's one!" said the hologram, turning to face the little man. The miniature freak panted and struggled to catch his breath when he reached the scientist, holding up a finger as if to give him a moment.

"Mas...ter..." heaved the gremlin. "I...I've f-found...your experiment!"

"Nope." said the scientist as he shook his head in disagreement. "found it. Do you know what that means, my little assistant?'

The gremlin looked up to his master and scratched his head with worry.

"That...all is well?"

"NO!" boomed the digitized man's voice, his shout echoing throughout the forest. "It means that you FAAAAIIILED!"

"But...b-but master-" the gremlin stopped speaking when he spotted the group of people standing a dozen or so yards away. His eyes narrowed in anger. "Hey...I know you! And you! Annnnnd YOU! You're all wanted by the Underground!"

"Hm?" the chrome sphere did a one-eighty, the scientist now facing them. 

"Hehehe...YES!" laughed the gremlin triumphantly. "There's a huge price on their heads master! We can kill them and cash them in for the Underground!"

"FOOL! We don't need money! We have SCIENCE!" said the scientists with great passion as he raised a hand and crinkled his fingers maniacally. "I would never stoop so low as to kill people for money!"

Clive let out a sigh of relief when he heard this, thankful that the gremlin's leader wasn't going to sic his pet after them. But he sighed too soon.

"I only kill in the name of SCIENCE!" shouted the gremlin's master, shaking a fist in the air. "We can use them as a field test to observe subject C47's capabilities. My visor's readings cite them as capable opponents. If subject C47 can dispose of them in a timely fashion, I can use the data to make it even stronger and begin cloning my army! THEN WE MOVE ON TO WOOOOORLD DOMINATION BABY!!! AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"Ha. Haha. HA! HAHAHA!" laughed the Gremlin, eager to join in with his master.

"NOW!" shouted the scientist, cutting off his own laughter and making the Gremlin jump. "Subject C47...DESTROY THEM ALL!"

The scientists abomination stood back up on all fours and bared it's fangs as it began to growl, saliva dripping from it's gums. 

"Sonufa' b****..." mumbled Clive as he stepped back, his hand still hovering above his gun.

"YES!" shouted the Gremlin as he turned and stared at them with malice and anticipation. "You ALL will now witness the true power of DR. LAVERNIUS TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHH!"

The gremlin let out a blood curdling scream when the creature clamped it's jaws down on his arm and yanked it off as easily as breaking a leaf. Blood spewed from the jagged stump of the Gremlin's arm as he fell back and screamed in agony. The creature chewed the arm idly for a few seconds before swallowing and licking it's lips in ecstasy.

"MASTER!" cried the gremlin as he struggled to hold back his screams. "Surely by 'ALL' you didn't mean ME!"

The scientists hologram fizzled out and disappeared as did the white light atop the chrome sphere. 

"I've got hundreds of clones waiting to take your spot you pathetic MORON! " came the scientist's voice from within sphere as it hovered up and zoomed out of sight. The gremlin's eyes shimmered with hurt before the creature began to fully devour him. In a matter of seconds, the gremlin's body parts and innards were strewn all over, nothing but broken bone and torn flesh remaining as the experiment chewed and swallowed his head. Once it was finished, it bared it's bloody fangs towards the group, it's insatiable gaze focused upon them.


Two shots rang out into the night sky, two bullets from Clive's peacemaker piercing both it's eyes at almost the same time. Both rounds exploded out the back of the creatures head and into the forest, causing the beast to immediately slump to the ground. Limp and dead. Clive blew the smoke from the barrel of his pacemaker and holstered it with a flourish.

"*BURP* There." he said with a contented smile. "That's done. Now...will someone please tell me where the nearest-"

"AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!" the familiar, grating sound of the scientist's laughter echoed from somewhere in the distance. Clive looked around for the source of the laughter in a confused, drunken, stupor, unable to to figure out where it was coming from. "FOOLS! Subject C47 IS INDESTRUCTIBLE! For it is fueled by the power of SCIENCE!"

"Who the hell are you?!" shouted Clive into the sky. Then, out of the corner of his eye, he saw the creature stir. He turned and watched with a mix of confusion and horror as the fatal wounds he'd inflicted began to heal and close up at a rapid pace. Soon, there was no way to tell what had almost killed it. 

"Awwww, hell." said Clive as he began inching away. Once the creature's brain had fully healed, it blinked. It then rapidly rose to its feet with all the ferociousness it had before. It's eyes began to glow a bright, blinding red and Clive shielded his own before instinctively ducking to the side and accidentally tackling Meritio to the ground. 

Two red hot laser beams shot from it's once crystalline eyes, singeing the grass where Clive had been standing before incinerating and exploding a tree beyond. There was barely anything left of the tree, anything blown skyward being burned up by straggling flames before it could fall to back to the earth. Clive's eyes widened in shock as he drunkenly pushed himself off of Meritio and stumbled to his feet.

"I AIN'T DRUNK ENOUGH FER' THIS, DAMMIT!" he shouted before taking off as fast as he could in the opposite direction. Despite being drunk, he was surprisingly fast. The creature wasted no time in bounding towards the others, it's eyes lighting up red once again as it opened it's blood-stained jaws.




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Erin wasn't sure whether to be annoyed, creeped-out, or flattered at how the drunk man was looking at her. She, in-turn, wasn't sure whether or not she should be disturbed with herself for even considering it potentially flattering for a drunken man to be looking at her like that. In the end, she supposed she was satisfied that Clive decided not to shoot her, and also that he apparently didn't believe the balloon thing actually happened. That's fine, one less person to remember that embarrassing moment.

Fast-forward to the arrival of the glowing tiger-lizard, and Erin was wincing at how the spaceman ignored her advice and decided to shoot the creature, thus provoking it into action. But before it could tear the lot of them limb-from-limb, a glowing technological ball droid thing appeared out of nowhere and commanded it to halt. The ensuing exchange between the scientist and his degenerate minion was somewhat amusing, right up until the master decided to deploy his monster against the assembled group. However, unlike Clive, who evidently stood and watched the poor minion get ripped asunder, Erin was already moving away from confrontation in preparation to break into a run. If the laser guns from the spaceman were ineffective, it was doubtful her bow or pistol would be any better.

But then Clive blew the thing's eyes and brains out, or so it seemed. Perhaps she had been too hasty in trying to retreat from the scene? Nope, the thing healed itself in a matter of seconds! Guess she wasn't hasty enough.

"Time to go."

She took advantage of Clive and Meritio's collision to take the lead in the inevitably crowd of fleeing runners, which was usually the best place to be. Actually no, second place was the best place to be, where you had one person in front of you to spring any unforeseen pitfalls, and enough people behind you to slow down the monster as it inevitably overtook and ate them. Given that Erin was not a natural sprinter, someone was bound to overtake her eventually, just hopefully not at the point where everyone else behind her was already dead.

Oh hey, what's that?

As she plunged into the woods, she suddenly came across a small, narrow cave entrance in a rocky outcropping. It was just large enough for a person to slip though, but small enough that it was unlikely that the the lizard-cat would be able to follow them. Not sure who else had started running besides herself, she called over her shoulder to whomever was there.


She then squeezed her way into the opening, her quiver almost causing her to get stuck, but likely she was able to muscle through. The cave opened up more once she was inside of it, so she made sure to enter far enough that the others had a chance to slip in behind her.

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The situation escalated from being a citizen, sudden insurgent, and awoken from a cryochamber thingy and now some sort of monster thing created by an evil scientist? His day could not get more erratic.....

["May I suggest something? It maybe able to slay this beast"] as the suit casually said softly 

"Well......wait I thought this only had an emergency pistol on it.....now your saying theres more?"

["Your not a regestered member, hence it took a little time to gain my trust....but now i can trust you a little more...so now I grant assess to an energy leach but I must say that there are som warning attached to its file"]

"What is an energy leach?....and wha-"

He heard someone yell "OVER HERE" and turned to see Erin motioning over to a cave too small for the creature to fit through yet large enough to just fit them....

"what ever it is deploy it now We dont have time!"

his arm transfprmed within a second into a cannon, once which fired a blob whos form created long tenticals connected to a pill like shape glowing a dim yellow color. it sought out is prey though it was much much smaller it found its grounds next to its spine and began to aggressively sap the creature's energy 

"oh...thats really cool! what else can it do?"

its body bolosted a bit before with a sudden flash of light it shrunk leaving now an second

then an forth

then an eight

and so on 

"its multiplying....I should get in that cave now..." 

the creature had felt them and began attacking its own skin to pry them out yet all that did was cause them to jump on a diffrent part of its body so he took this chance to escape into the cave, he hoped that there was an another side to exit from.



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The gruesome remains of the green-skinned man made Meritio gag in horror. I’m gonna get eaten, I’m gonna get eaten, I’m gonna get eaten.. The mutant creature growled at them, and Meritio froze in place.  Bits of the gremlin’s clothes were still visible between its teeth. The boy almost jumped out of his skin when the explosions went off right next to him. He watched incredulously, hardly daring to breathe. The beast crashed to the ground. Was it over now? Rising hopes were squelched to the deepest depths when the feline-lizard thing came back to life. Meritio couldn’t help but stare in terrified fascination.

A body hit him hard from the side, accidentally saving him from being scorched by lasers. A tree exploded nearby, raining splinters on them. Clive took off immediately after detangling himself from Meritio, while the boy struggled to find his feet, which had somehow grown clumsy and useless. “W-wait! Ahhhh!” he screeched as the others sped away. Finally digging the balls of his feet into the ground, he stumbled forward into a sprint, sparing a glance back to see if the creature was giving chase.

The alien was still there, materializing some sort of cannon. “Run away!” Meritio shouted to him. Instead, something shot out of the cannon and landed on the monstrosity. Some kind of alien substance? Whatever it was, it clearly disturbed the beast as it started clawing at itself. Even as Meritio watched, the alien substance divided itself again and again, until it looked like the creature was being swarmed by fireflies.

The alien himself started running for the cave entrance, and that was when Meritio saw that the glowing things were growing at an uncontrolled rate, spilling off the creature and invading nearby trees. It was like a pool of golden liquid, and it was sloshing towards the group.

“Get in!” Meritio yelled as he doubled efforts on his running. He was already preparing a spell in his head, and when everyone squeezed through the narrow opening, he used all his concentration to reach into the ice elemental plane. His hand waved as though he was grabbing something intangible and pulling it over the cave opening. Ice formed over it in seconds, sealing it off. The advancing wave of virus battered against the thickening ice, but failed to break through.

The young mage leaned onto the damp wall of the cave, heaving for breath. “That.. won’t last for long. We need to move,” he said breathlessly.

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"Ah-ah!" an obnoxious voice declared from deeper inside the cave.

Out of the shadows and into the very faint stream of moonlight shining in from a crack in the ceiling stepped non-other than that black-cloaked LARPer who called himself "The Cursor". 

"You have all made yourself such easy prey, cornering yourselves like this!" he laughed.

"How'd he even get in... fuck it, just shoot him!" Erin snapped.

"Temere!" the Cursor proclaimed.

Quickly he hurled a pair of spells toward the five people squeezed near the gave sealed mouth, not having to bother aiming much given they had little room to try and dodge. 

"By the way, that means "Random" in Latin!" the Cursor added as he watched his spells take effect, "Though, I think I just like shouting "Aha!" better."

Apparently luck was not on Erin or Trey's side tonight, as they both got the brunt of the Cursor's wrath... again...

Erin, who was drawing her gun, promptly fell into a pile of bloodlessly severed, but still alive body parts. As in, her head, torso, forearms, upper arms, hands, upper and lower legs and feet were all separated from one another. In other words, she literally was a mess on the floor right now. 

As for Trey, he got the punishment they usually reserve for soothsayers in hell, which is to say his head got flipped on his neck so it was facing backward.

All in all, the situation for both individuals was very much like C-3PO in The Empire Strikes back. And if you haven't seen that movie, go see it you uncultured swine.

"My work here is done, ta-ta!" the Cursor giggled, before turning and dashing into the dark passage behind him.


This was followed by a thud.


Then the sound of something sliding along a smooth floor.


And the sound of screaming, skidding and thudding echoing throughout the depths of the cave beyond. Evidently it was rather big... and deep...

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"Man, this shit fuckin' blows. We should be out there fighting, not hiding out in a fuckin' cave like a bunch of pussies." As Trey lamented the group's situation, a familiar voice pierced the air, prompting him to groan in annoyance as The Cursor appeared. "Great, it's this fucker again. Just in case we weren't having enough fun already." Trey made ready to attack him, but The Cursor cast his spell before he could move. Trey now found himself looking back at the cave entrance. He became confused when he attempted to walk "forward", only to find himself moving "backwards". "What the fuck...?" He thought perhaps the curse had simply turned his feet backwards, but when he looked down to check, he found that he was looking down his back.

"That motherfucker turned my head backwards! I'm sick of this shit! I'm gonna shove my foot straight up his bitch-ass!" In his surge of anger, Trey hadn't noticed what had become of Erin as he turned around and made a clumsy attempt at running backwards, which ended with him tripping and sliding further in just as The Cursor did only a moment ago. Upon reaching the bottom, he tried and failed several times to stand. When he did finally manage get back on his feet, the curse wore off his head turned back around the proper way. "Well, at least it didn't last long. Now, where'd that nerdy little sonuva bitch go?" 

He looked all around, trying to spot The Cursor among the darkness, but to no avail. He did, however, notice a faint, peculiar shimmer of light coming from the center of the room. He approached it cautiously, taking slow, short steps to avoid tripping over or bumping into something. The light grew brighter as he reached it's source, and he could clearly make out what appeared to be a handle of some sort sticking out of the ground. He pulled on it hard, but it didn't budge until he focused his ki into his arms, and with another good pull, manged to free it. His jaw practically hit the floor when he saw what the handle was attached to: a golden branched blade, shining bright enough to illuminate the whole chamber.




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Had Clive not been drunk, he would've ignored Erin and Meritio's calls. He'd clearly seen the beast blow up a tree with laserbeams. The sensible thing would have been to avoid any enclosed space prone to cave in if struck with a powerful enough force. Not that'd he'd have a much better plan than continuing to run from a monster that was clearly faster than him, but venturing inside a cave would have just meant biting the bullet earlier. Such thoughts eluded him though. He was simply just far too drunk. 

"OKAY!" he shouted back, changing direction and sprinting towards the cave. Watching him run was strange. It was anxiety inducing watching him nearly trip with every step, his inebriation making it nigh impossible to stay upright. He didn't even look like he was going to make it, but somehow, some way, he managed to reach the cave entrance without literally falling prey to the gelatinous goo that was now rushing towards him. The spaceman had used one of his devices to engulf the beast in a strange, yellow substance, but hadn't stopped there. It just kept spreading, covering the ground and climbing the bases of any tree it came into contact with. Even stranger, it seemed to be following them to the cave. As if prioritizing them.

Once Clive was inside, he stumbled forward and finally fell to the ground. When he turned around and sat upright, he saw Meritio sealing the narrow cave entrance with some kind of ice magic. It was difficult to see through the thick layer of ice, but he could just barely make out the shape of the goo quickly approaching the entrance. He flinched when it slammed against the frozen crevice like a tsunami, shaking the interior of the cave. He instinctively looked up and rolled to the side. A falling stalactite shattered upon impact with the rocky floor right where he'd been previously.

As he was catching his breath and getting his drunk mind to come to terms with how much danger he was in, the weird magician from earlier seamlessly appeared from the shadows. This time Erin wasn't in the mood for asking questions and attempted to shoot the man right away, but this proved pointless. Shouting some kind of magical obscenity, he cast a spell towards Erin and Trey. Clives eyes furrowed in shock and confusion when he saw Erin's body literally fall apart. He'd thought the magician had killed her, but he noticed the total lack of blood. That, and she was till moving somehow. Death rattles maybe?

"Damn." he mumbled to himself as he looked at Erin's twitching body parts, wondering what she must have felt like. 

On 1/9/2019 at 3:36 AM, Laughingmad said:

"That motherfucker turned my head backwards! I'm sick of this shit! I'm gonna shove my foot straight up his bitch-ass!"

Clive turned his head to see Trey angrily run backwards toward the magician. He didn't know if it was just because he was drunk or the lack of light, but he could've sworn Trey's head was on backwards. He didn't get a chance to get a closer look since he and the magician suddenly appeared to fall down some sort of deep hole towards the back of the cave. He could hear the magicians screams as he fell, sounding as if he were sliding down something. Clive clumsily got to his feet and reached into his pocket to pull out his lighter. It took a few tries due to his current inability to keep his finger steady, but he eventually flicked on the lighter and used it to illuminate his immediate area. He could still see Erin lying in a literally heap of body parts on the floor. He stared at her for a bit before nudging her head with his shoe.

"You okay, lady?" he slurred. whatever reply she'd give him would be drowned out by the alarming sound of ice beginning to crack. Clive flicked his gaze over to the frozen entrance and saw Meritio standing alongside the spaceman. The young mage looked to be tuckered out, possibly from the run and his use of magic. The goo outside was pressing in on the icy barrier, trying to force its way in. The sound of bubbly, feral roars emanated from outside, making Clive take a step back. He'd never heard a gelatinous glob roar before.

"Uuuuhh.." he mumbled as he nervously glanced towards Meritio, the spaceman, and what appeared to be Erin. He knelt down and tried to pick as much of her up as he could, the large glob outside intensifying its efforts to get into the cave. He was about to pick up her head when, in his drunken stupor, he accidentally kicked it. He watched Erin's head roll across the ground and into the steep hole at the back of the cave. 

"Ah, shoot!" he said as he watched her head start to roll down the steep incline, probably hitting all manner of rocks on the way down. He stumbled over to the hole, struggling to hold onto the rest of her body. "Don't worry little lady! I...*BURP* g-got the rest of ya'll!" Just before he was about slide down after her, he turned his head towards Meritio and Ignus.

"C'mon now!" he shouted, the cave beginning to shake as bits of rock fell from the ceiling. "There might be beer down here!"

With that, he hopped into the hole and slid down, Erin's hands falling out of his grasp as he did. They rolled down after him as he accelerated down the slope, Clive barely being able to see where he was going. It looked as if he were sliding down a narrow hole that had been dug out by a large groundhog. He didn't like the implications of that, wondering what would be waiting for him at the bottom. He tried to avoid skinning his arms on the side of the narrow tunnel as it twisted and turned the longer he slid. It reminded him of one of those tubes you could slide down at a water park, only there was no water or the assurance of safety at the bottom. Despite this, he started to enjoy it.

"WEEEEEEEEEE'HOOOOOOOOO, DOGGY!" he shouted, resisting the urge to hold his arms up and let go of Erin's body. He started to see glowing specks of rock in the tunnel that became more frequent the further down he got. And were those...hieroglyphics etched into the walls? If they were, he couldn't make out what any of them were saying and didn't care. He was too drunk, and having too much fun.

The tunnel eventually widened out and ended, spewing Clive out of a hole in a wall. He grunted when he landed on the hard, rock floor, letting go of Erin's body and rolling to an eventual stop. He narrowly avoided crushing Erin's head as he did so, knocking it further away from him.

"HOO'WEE!" he said loudly as he shook his head and pushed himself up. He spotted his stetson lying on the ground next to him and grabbed it before placing it back upon his head. He then drunkenly got to his feet, a stupid smile still adorning his face. He was now standing in another cave, only this one's walls and ceiling were covered with glowing, radiant, rocks. It was also much bigger, leaving much to be explored. Clived marveled at all the glowing rocks, their teal light reminding him of the night sky when he looked up.



"Well, I'll be!" he said as he took in his surroundings. "We done *HIC*...hit some kinda' MOTHERLOAD'er sumthin'. You see'in all'a this little lady?"

Clive looked towards the ground and tried to find Erin's head amongst her body parts. Even with the light the rocks provided, he wasn't able to find it. Not that he'd be good at finding anything in his state anyway.

"Huh?" he said as he scratched his chin, unable to find Erin's head. "Hey! Little LAAAAAAAADYYYYYYYYY?!"

His only response was his echo. 

"Oooh, boy." he sighed as he began walking around, thinking about where her head could've gone and why she wasn't responding. Had her head reached the ground? Had it rolled away deep into the cave? The alcohol in his system punished him for thinking his hard with a mild-headache. He left her other body parts behind as he ventured deeper into the cave, eventually spotting Trey. He was holding a strange, jagged sword that appeared to be made of gold.

"Hey!" he called. "Angry boy! You seen that lady's head rollin' round he-"

Clive's words caught in his throat when he spotted something over in a corner. He almost mistook it for a rock at first, the thing being hunched over with its back turned to him. It was maybe the size of a small child, wearing tattered clothes and looking thin and bony. 

"..Da' hell's that?" said Clive as he squinted to get the haze out of his eyes. He flinched when the creature's head moved up and turned to regard Clive from over its shoulder. It's bulging eyes were white and glossy, its nose was long and pointed. It's parched mouth hung agape to show the few teeth left inside it's mouth, and even those looked black and rotted. It's skin was a sickly shade of grey that nearly blended in with the stone that made up the cave. It stared at Clive, unmoving, still as a rock. Clive stared back, noticing that it was holding something in it's bony hands.

"Hey!" he shouted, the creature holding Erin's head. He could spot what appeared to be black markings on her face, possibly from the sickly black substance covering the creatures right hand. "You put that girls head down you...little...grey...thing!"

The humanoid creature continued to stare back at him, not moving a muscle. Clive took it's silence and lack of action as disrespect and began to glare back. Then, the creature spun around and flicked something black towards Clive's face. The black goo splashed against his right eye and he recoiled in shock.

"AAAOOOOOOHHHH!" he yelled, the awful, rancid stench of whatever it had flung at him permeating the air and making his nostrils sting. It smelled like an outhouse left out in the sun for too long after his uncle Pete took a dump in it. He used his shirt sleeve to wipe off his eye as he held his breath to keep from throwing up. He opened it to see the creature scurrying off into the cave on what would be all fours had it not been carrying Erin's head in its right arm. Clive gritted his teeth as his expression grew fierce with anger. 

"YOU SUM'B****!" he yelled as he drew his gun and gave chase. "I'LL KILL YOU!"

"RRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" cried the creature in response as it tried to quicken its pace. As it galloped and hopped away, it continued to draw odd shapes on Erin's head with the black goo covering its fingers. 



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One moment, she had been about to blow that obnoxious mage straight to hell, the next moment she was tumbling to the floor in pieces. Her head landed on the floor with a thud, immediately giving her a headache and dazing her for a few seconds. When her senses finally returned to her, she realized she could not move her head, only feeling her neck twisting without the weight of her head atop it. Her arms likewise just wiggled and twitched, but her hands were only able to propel themselves with her fingers.

“The fucking hell…” she uttered.

The feeling was impossible to explain, having space between each of your disconnected body parts, yet still feeling every sensation they encountered. The sleeves of her jacket and her pant legs were even disconnected, still wrapped around the limbs they protected.

She wanted to scream out against that asshole who did this to her, but instead she heard his own screams echo through cave as he fell into the abyss deeper in. Instead she just fumed, until she felt the tip of a boot rubbing against her chin.

"You okay, lady?" the drunken cowboy asked.

“Do I look okay!?” Erin snapped, but he didn’t hear her, as the sound of ice cracking had drawn his attention.

What was she gonna do? She couldn’t move in a way that would enable her to escape, leaving her completely defenseless if whatever won the struggle outside managed to break through. As much as she hated the idea, she had to rely on the others to save her… again.

This time it was the cowboy who took the initiative in doing that, but having a man grabbing her body parts and holding them close to his, particularly her torso, was not an experience Erin appreciated.

“HEY!” Watch where you’re grabbing my-- EIYYAAAAHH!!!” she began to chastise him, when suddenly his boot struck her again, kicking her hard enough to send her rolling into the darker depths of the cave.

She spend down into the darkness, unable to see but rapidly getting so dizzy she wouldn’t know what she was seeing even if she could see it. After a bit she had to stop screaming as she kept getting dirt in her mouth as every which surface of her head and face impacted the stony floor.

"Don't worry little lady! I...*BURP* g-got the rest of ya'll!" she could hear Clive bellowing above.

“No shit.” she thought, seeing as the man was hugging and groping her torso to keep a grip on it, though she could also feel that he was on the move now.

Finally, the nightmarish descend ended as she plopped on the ground at the end of underground slide.

“I’m gonna hurl…” she gagged, “When I see that stupid cowboy, I’m gonna-- GACK!”

And Clive arrived on the scene, nearly landing on and crushing her skull, but instead just bumping into her and sending her rolling away again. She could now feel him drop her body on the ground, which admittedly felt even worse than him touching her, given the ground was cold and hard. But she couldn’t worry about the rest of her body right now, as the most important part of her was on the move again.

“I’m gonna kill him… I’m gonna kill everything!” she growled as she finally stopped moving.

But she didn’t get much time to settle, as something else now loomed above her.

“What’s the big idea, cowboy? I’m not a fucking ball!” she moaned, wanting to sound more intimidating, but the dizziness and queasiness making that difficult.

“Listen, it talks to us, it does.” a wheezing, nasally voice spoke.

This wasn’t the cowboy.

“Who the hell are you?”

“Mustn’t ask, not its business.” the thing replied, plucking her head off the floor and pivoting it to face its own face.

In the dim illumination of the glowing rocks, Erin took in the foul, decaying appearance of the grey-skinned creature, wincing immediately at the stench of its breath as it breathed on her. But if that wasn’t enough, the creature now lifted one its fingers and began wiping a sticky substance across her face, the smell of which was far more horrendous that its breath could have hoped to me.

“Gahd daa--” she would’ve cursed the thing, but even her normally strong stomach could not take all this, and she finally hurled

How it was possible to hurl the contents of a stomach that was who knows how far away, out a mouth that wasn’t even connected to it anymore, was anyone’s guess. But it happened anyway, and the smell of her own bile mixed with the other filthy odors in the air, making her nose hairs burn at the intensity of the nasal assault. Somewhere her fists were clenched and the rest of her body was quaking in agitation, but the dismembered pieces could do nothing to help her. She could do nothing be endure the creature, as it continued to draw on her face.

But then the cowboy arrived, and for a moment, Erin couldn't believe how happy she was to see him. But after a brief standoff, the little creature somehow got the jump on him, managing to flick just a tiny bit of the black substance at his face, which was enough to momentarily disable him and enable the creature to flee. Oh, you thought that was bad cowboy? Try having it wiped all over your fucking face! But Erin didn't even want to open her mouth to speak, for fear that the thing would start shoving some of that black substance into it. Luckily, it did not, but it continued to make strange markings on her as it scurried through the faintly illuminated tunnels, shrieking horribly as it went. 

Eventually it ducked into a smaller tunnel, barely large enough for a human to crawl through, which led to a little dead-end chamber that appeared to be the thing's home. There were semblances of a bed and primitive storage containers, even something that maybe resembled a table, though it was piled high with fishbones. But most striking was the makeshift shelf that was lined with objects of a very recognizable variety. Humanoid skulls, all decorated with the same black substance as was wiped all over Erin's face right now.

"Nasty man not find us here." the sickly being remarked, "Mustn't let him find collection."

As it spoke, it placed Erin's head on the shelf, between two other skulls. She could feel the hard, dry bones pressed against her cheeks as the creature pushed the whole line of skulls closer together so they'd still fit on the shelf, with Erin occupying the central location. The position of honor, she supposed. She wasn't sure how much more humiliating this could get, but fate had already been cruel to Erin tonight, so maybe it was best not to speculate. She could only close her eyes and dream that her body was whole, so she could grab a hold of this pathetic degenerate and squeeze the life from him. She wanted to feel it struggle and choke as her fingers gripped its neck tightly, depriving it of the oxygen that it was fouling with the stench of its very existence.

"Does it needs to eat?"

Erin's eyes shot open to glare at the creature, realizing it was asking her a question somehow.

"Maybe it wants a fish? Yes, it wants a fish. A tasty, wriggling fish... yes, yes!" the creature cackled to itself.

"I'm not hungry, you miserable cockroach!" Erin snapped.

"Shhhhh. Mustn't let nasty mans find us." the creature shushed her.

"That's what you think! COWBOY! FOR HELL'S SAKE, SAVE ME!!!" Erin screamed.

"NO!" the creature squealed, grabbing a ragged cloth, the remnant of a blanket or some sort of clothing, and shoved it into Erin's mouth, stifling any further attempt at calling for help.

The critter paused a moment to listen, but was ultimately satisfied it didn't hear anything approaching. Leaving Erin in the pathetic state she was in, it scurried out of the tunnel and headed off to a subterranean lake a few levels further down, were it caught fish to provide itself with sustenance. Evidently it intended to do the same for Erin, even if she certainly didn't want it. Not that it mattered what she wanted anymore, she couldn't do anything to stop what was happening to her.

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Meritio stared in horror when Erin broke into pieces. He didn’t notice Trey’s transformation, only knew that the big guy was going after the Cursor. Similar to Clive, Meritio thought that the other strange magician had killed Erin, until she started swearing heartily. The young man scratched his head. In a way, this was more impressive than actually dismembering someone. What kind of magic was this? Perhaps it was tied to voodoo. There were many forms of magical arts in the word, and he wasn’t familiar with this particular brand. Meaning, unfortunately he had no idea how to reverse it.

The sound of the ice cracking brought his thoughts back to the current reality. The drunk man was staring at him as if he should provide a solution. “I, uh..” Before he could think of what else he could do, Clive apparently came to a conclusion himself. He picked up the pieces of Erin like it was the most normal thing to do, then jumped into the hole without a second thought. Perhaps it was best to be drunk right now. “W-wait up!” Meritio called after them, and rushed into the slide. He snatched up Erin’s loose arms as he went down, holding one in each of his hands. They wriggled and squirmed, and he almost lost his grip on one of them. “Stop moving around!” He yelled down the hole at Erin’s head. “We’re not responsible if something goes missing!”

There was no response, the head seemingly becoming the thing that went missing. Then the place was suddenly suffused with a golden light, more yellow than the light of dawn. It revealed that they were in a cave of sorts, with narrow corridors that led to several different paths deeper within the labyrinth. Trey was holding up a strangely-shaped sword which gave off the light, like some sort of warrior and his prize. Except that it maybe wasn’t a good idea.

“Uh! You might want to put that back where you found it! It might be a trap, or some kind of ancient curse, or —“


The sharp shriek made Meritio jump, the sound echoing around in his head. “Hey, wait up!” He called after Clive as he and the little creature disappeared through one of the tunnels. Trusting that Trey wouldn’t be dumb enough to bring the sword with him, Meritio hurried after them. They had to retrieve Erin’s head, otherwise he wasn’t sure if she could ever be put together again. That would be even worse than being a balloon forever.

The little thing was fast. It wasn’t hard to follow it as first, given its ear-piercing screeches, but the passage was narrow enough that Clive and Meritio could only pass one at a time. And considering that Clive was carrying the parts of a real life, moving person, there was only so fast he could move. Eventually, the passage opened up into a slightly larger chamber that formed into three paths ahead, but the creature had disappeared out of sight.

“Heyyyy miss!” Meritio shouted, hoping that Erin would reply, but the only thing he succeeded in doing was to drown out the fading echoes of the creature. “Oh no! Where do we go? Do we split up?” he asked, hoping that someone had a good idea. He was still holding onto Erin’s twitching arms. “Maybe.. She can draw us something?”

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Clive's call snapped Trey out of his entrancement with the sword, and he saw the creature that picked up Erin's head. He thought it funny when it responded to Clive's demand to release Erin's head by throwing smelly black goo in his eye, and just watched as he ran further into cave with Clive in pursuit. He turned his attention back to the sword, holding it up over his head. Just then, he heard Meritio, who suggested he get rid of it before running off after Clive. "I'm not getting rid of this. It could be useful." Trey caught up with Clive and Meritio, finding them faced with three branching paths.

3 hours ago, jaistlyn said:

“Maybe.. She can draw us something?

"Yeah, great idea there Merlin. It'll be so easy for her to do that with disembodied arms and nothing to draw with. I thought mages were supposed to be smart. Give me that." He snatched one of Erin's arms from Meritio. "Now keep your ears open." He set the arm on the floor and stepped on the hand, listening for which path the sound of Erin's voice would come from.

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There was nothing but silence in the cave for several minutes, and it appeared as though Trey's gambit had failed. Meritio would notice Erin's other hand ball into a white-knuckled first, and the rest of her body, wherever it was at the time, was quaking and twitching in pain and rage. But not a sound, not when Erin still had a rag shoved half-down her throat. But then, needing to scream as hard as she did right now was excellent motivation to use every possible movement of tongue and jaw to get that thing out. After all, she really needed to...


...uh, relay, that message...

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