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Chasing Legends

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Run, run. Wait! Don’t make a sound. Breathe softly. Don’t panic. It can’t hear you. It hasn’t seen you. 

Meritio presses himself against the tree, trying to steady his heartbeat. The creature was as large as a bear, and a mere ten feet away from him. Its sharp claws raked the leaves. The young mage willed power into his palm, tapping into his connection with elemental realm to conjure fire. Could he do this? Would he just anger the creature? Maybe it would be better to just stay here until it left?

He knew that would be a bad idea, and probably even more dangerous. He couldn’t see anything in this dark forest, and he didn’t know what lurked out there.


Meritio cried out and ducked down to the ground, his hands covering his ears. What just happened? It was like a lightning bolt that struck the ground, and he had felt it, a zap that left his arms tingling. The smell of burning flesh assaulted his senses. Desperately, he tried to blink away the afterimage of the blinding flash. He couldn’t see anything. His heart thundered in his ears. Should he stay, or run?

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"Oh... so that's what that does..." Erin cocked her head to side, blinking away the dizzying light as her vision slowly returned.

The bear-beast seemed to have a strange, gizzard-like organ under its maw, which had been puffing up and filling with some sort of bluish-white luminescence as it cornered the young man. Erin had just happened upon the confrontation by accident, but had debated not getting involved. Was it really worth the risk if her arrows failed to breach the hide and subsequently piss the monster off at her instead? But when she saw the weird light gizzard puffing up, she played on a hunch and fired a shaft right into it.


Guess that organ was explosive, as now there was almost nothing left of it's head, just a charred skull attacked to a burly neck. Good to know in case she ran into anymore of these beasts. Advancing toward the smoldering corpse, she peaked around the tree to see if the kid had been fried as well.

"Still alive over there?"

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Sometimes, after getting kicked out of a bar or being chased out of town by a group of angry women and their siblings, Clive Mcteague liked to take walks. Drunken walks, where he was barely able to stand or speak coherently. In fact, if one were to observe him on one of these walks, he'd look like a shambling, undead man with a bottle of whiskey in one hand. He'd often get lost while doing this, wandering into places many would never set foot in had they not been drunk enough. Which he was. Sometimes he'd even sing, like he was doing now.

"It's a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG FAREWEEEEEEEEL!" he sung out into the brisk night air as he stumbled through the trees, a bottle of his favorite alcoholic beverage gripped tight;y in his right hand. He was getting the main chorus wrong and didn't even know it. His peacemaker revolver was gripped in his other, being waved around carelessly as if it wasn't capable of going off and blowing a hole in his own skull. He continued his drunken hymn with words slurred and barely audible as he tried to remember the correct lyrics. "My love I sing to you, this lonely ROAD goes straight to hell. Cause it's a SLOOOOOOOOOOOWW BARBEEEEEELLL!"



He almost didn't hear the loud bang over his own voice, but there was no mistaking the blinding flash that assaulted his eyes from somewhere in front of him. Shielding his eyes, he ran for the nearest tree, neither dropping his peacemaker or his nearly empty bottle of liquor. He wasn't sure which one he had a tighter grip on.

'WHO DA' HELL'S THAT!" he shouted from behind the tree with a slow, drawn out voice. "Quit yer' shootin'! Or I'LL start shootin'! You-*GURGLE* *BURP* Y-YOU don't WANT that padre'."

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Getting lost is an inevitable part of exploring without any sort of guidance, a fact Trey was finding out the hard way. Not that he really knew where was going in the first place, but he certainly didn't expect to find himself in the middle of the woods. As he wandered deeper into the unfamiliar wilderness, he wondered if perhaps there were any strong beasts living in the area. It was then that he realized that attempting to survive there would make for excellent training. Perhaps getting lost in the middle of gods-know-where would turn out to be a positive thing after all.

Just then he heard what very much sounded like either a bomb going off or perhaps the loudest and deepest crack of thunder he'd ever heard, he wasn't quite sure which. Whatever the case, he headed in the direction of the commotion, silently hoping to find a challenge waiting at the source. He didn't notice Clive behind the tree, his attention turning immediately to Meritio. "Damn dude, you look like a strip of overcooked bacon." He turned to look at Erin, raising an eyebrow and pointing at Meritio. "What happened to him? And what was that noise?"

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[Bit of prologue here]

[A system full of blackholes being drained by one clear pocket dimension world is shown as the world gets into better view showing there is a barrier surounding it. Inside was a world wide citybut all was not well for a world build for creative purposes....not well at all]

(Riots going on in the backgroutnd)





the crowd of Sedorians shouted their enraged simple shapes forming a crowd outside The Capital which seemed to ignore the petitions, requests and threats of the public. The dictator known only as Hars mearly stared at the sight not surprised nor with emotion on top of the capital building's various penthouses

"Oh look at that the pesents are looking for rights again? Pitiful really I would say kill them but then they would just respawn and that will likely get annoying for you Ex4431 " in a snarky but deep tone

["Affirmative yet I'll go through with it anyways"]

as multiple copies formed out of Ex4431 and self deployed them to surpress the crowd jumping off the building.


In another section of the city world patrol was at an all time high and people didn't like it. However a resistance force one of meny devided it was time to look for a way to leave this world and its newfound leader who turned rotten almost immediately. They would do so by disrupting the power flow from the blackholes forcing the world to weaken the great barrier and allow an easy escape

"Well then The time to leave has come hasnt it X-con221?" Said Communist noob

"Yes...tell everyone to prepare the ships for a quick escape"


A regular Sedorian had just been traveling when the barrier fell. Seeing stars and used to no seeing them put the Sedorian into a state of fear "NOPE NOPE NOPE" while blindly running into a hole in the ground still running and litterly fell of a cliff like ledge.

"Great.....how deep is this?" It seemed to go on forever.

when it awoke it was inside some sort of cryo chamber



"How did I...get her-"

------(145 years later)

The sounds of alarms, things detaching and the sight of being basicly thrown into a hall. He was on a ship 

There were others and one looked in his direction seeming dissappinted 

"Hey whats a civillian doing in a command ship?....What is it your name?" 

"But I...dont even know how I.....

You can call me Ignus207 I was litterly jus-"

"Running from the barrier's fall....thats not surprising, anyone of us would have done the same if we didn't have a mission"

The alarms rang on and Ignus207 had lots of questions but he wondered if they had time.

"Whats with the alarm?"

"Low power, turns out we ended up wasting alot of it due to a miscalculated error in the physical plane. As it turns out gravity works diffrently here then it did back home and the computer didnt have time to compute it...hence the ship doesn't have enpugh power to exist and is going to decay very soon" saying this as a piece of metal looking armour began to glow and decay into alpha radiation due to having no more power to keep it sustained as a block 

"we lack the power to reach the star of this system but we do have almost enough to reach this planet, however we couldn't scan it properly and we do not know what roams amongst its surface, but we do know it hold life of some typ-".

" No more time the who ship is falling apart!"

More pieces began to decay 


"But so meny questions"

He ran anyways but he began to notice...that no one else was on this ship

"Just more questions"

He didnt have time to think before...the drop

the ship he just left behind was to exode soon, and he was to crash like an asteroid.

(Sorry if this feels rushed but I was taken off my phone way too meny times today)

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"Nobody's shooting anybody anymore!" Erin called into the woods, toward wherever it was that Clive's voice had originated from, "Fireworks are done!"

She put a hand on the gun holstered at her side regardless, just in case the drunken bozo decided to come-out shooting anyway. She didn't draw it out though, instead looking back over at the burned kid, just as Trey arrived on the scene. Erin actually took a step back upon seeing the huge man appear unexpectedly. It wasn't like this was the first large man she'd encountered in her travels, but she was always careful to keep her distance from them regardless.

"What happened to him? Guess he got caught in the blast radius when that dragon-bear thing went ka-blooey." she pointed at the smouldering monster corpse.

Seriously, what were all these guys doing out in the forest right now?

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Meritio coughed, and imagined a puff of smoke expelling from his lips in comedic effect. “I’m alive, I’m alive.” He stared incredulously at the female in front of him holding the bow. He didn’t sense much magic from her or her arrows, so what was that explosion? “Did you do that? T-thanks.”

Clamoring to his feet, the scrawny teen who was not-quite-yet-adult was about to introduce himself when another voice bellowed out at them. Sounding very unfriendly. “No, no, don’t!” First getting stalked by a dangerous creature, then getting pointed at by a gun? This wasn’t his best day, for sure. Erin seemed much too calm in this situation, in his opinion.

Meritio froze when a third voice came from behind him. He spun around and stepped closer to Erin, subconsciously finding her the safest person to be around right now. He attempted to dust the ashes from his cloak, to look less like a ‘strip of overcooked bacon’. Then, hesitantly, he spoke up.

“Umm. Seems that the legends are true. You guys don’t know why you’re here, do you? I have an inkling.” He looked up beyond the canopy of branches and into the night sky. ”Legends from my master’s old books say that today, an otherworld being will descend into this forest. It will set off a string of events that will lead to the demise of our world. Only a group of people drawn together through the lines of fate will be able to stop the catastrophe.”

Meritio looked around doubtfully. “I guess, we are it? ..Maybe?” So far, the others looked strong, but he wasn’t so sure about himself. Dammit, such an important task should have been undertaken by his master and not him. But he had no other choice, since Wizendare mysteriously disappeared a few weeks ago.

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A blaze of light as friction was doing its work created heat and light that could be seen for miles across its path.

"This day...but wait this cant be the same day can it?" 

He would notice that the rest of the escape pods split off in a diffrent directions

His must have misfired sending him off to an undetermined location that would turn out to be a forest.

"Why me?"


A crater formed where his pod just landed. Soon it began sealing him inside a suit complete with an emergency pistol, block programer and a flate square foot of a clear plastic thing that had a radar on it.

Then it threw him out and silently exploded, dissolving into short lived radiation. 


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It was difficult for him to be attentive given his current state, but he was able to hear two people shout out to him, telling him not to fire. Part of him wondered if they were just bandits looking to trick him into leaving cover, but another part of him was simply too drunk to care. His mind stuck in between the two ideas, he slowly peeked his head out from behind the tree and regarded the people ahead of him with swaying, woozy vision. He couldn't tell what they looked like, but knew one of them was a woman. He wasn't sure which one, but he'd heard her voice. 

Holstering his weapon at his side and resting a hand on the hilt, he slowly, drunkenly stumbled from behind the tree. He'd holstered his gun to appear at a disadvantage and see if someone would look at that as a good enough reason to shoot him, but he could also draw and accurately fire his gun faster than most folks could pull a trigger. It was an age old trick he'd used to sift out violent or untrustworthy people and it worked okay for the most part. Him being drunk was also another way to appear disadvantaged, but that wasn't done for tactical purposes. Although he could shoot just as well while drunk, that was about the only thing he could do well. He could barely walk as it was.

After ascertaining that the three figures in front  of him weren't there to kill him, he decided to ask them what'd been on his mind ever since he heard them speak. 

"Sorry bout' all that." he said, wobbling back and forth. "Would ya'll happen to know the way to the nearest bar? My bottle's almost empty, ya' see."

Meritio's talk of a prophecy went completely unnoticed by him, likely because there wasn't enough alcohol in it. As a mercenary and bounty hunter, Clive seldom gave heed to any prophecies that didn't involve getting paid or getting drunk. Some days he hoped someone would come up to him and prophesy that he'd one day come upon and infinite supply of the best wine, becoming the drunkest man of all time. Sometimes he got drunk enough to hear people say that too, but in actuality it would just be someone threatening to kill him or throw him out of town for running up a bar tab he couldn't never hope to pay.

There was dull but loud boom somewhere off in the distance, the ground shaking a little as if something had hit the ground at great speed. Once again, this went unnoticed by Clive. The ground already appeared to be shaking to him due to his constant wobbling. Had there been an actual earthquake, he probably wouldn't have been able to tell the difference.

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"Look kid, everybody's got their own stupid "oh the world's gonna end tomorrow" prophesies, they always turn out to be a buncha---"


"---what the fuck was that!?"

Turning around, Erin spied the vapor trail in the sky, and the blast of flames and smoke billowing over the trees in the distance where the trail ended. Well shit, she going to have save the world! This wasn't what she planned to do tonight. Much less doing it with a teenager, meathead and drunken cowboy.

"Uhm... about that prophesy... what else did it say?" she asked sheepishly.

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"An exploding dragon-bear. That's a new one. And who the hell are you two yelling at? I don't even see-" Before Trey could finish his sentence, Clive stumbled out from his hiding place with his gun at his side. "Oh, well, that explains it. I didn't see him hiding there." He turned back to Meritio as he began talking about the prophecy. He was never much of a believer in fate, though it didn't seem like a mere coincidence that brought them all together. Especially given that he's pretty sure he didn't even make it out of Hyperion before somehow ending up in a random forest in the middle of definitely-not-Hyperion.

"It does sound a little far-fetched, but I don't think we're here by chance. Assuming what you're saying is true, why would I be part of it? I seriously doubt I'm strong enough to stop a world-ending catastrophe. I still have a lot of work to do." Just then, he heard the sound of an object crashing into the ground great force, and felt the ground quake beneath his feet from the shock of the impact. "Shit, now what?"

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"Now... I make my grand appearance!" an excitable male voice exclaimed, as a figured leaped out of the shadows in the woods, striking an overdramatic pose upon landing, "Aha! I have caught you all completely be surprise!"

The buffoon was lucky that Clive and Erin didn't shoot him.

"I'll bet you are wondering who I am and why I am here? Well fear not, for I shall tell you! You see, I read about this prophecy the same as the young lad over there did, thus, I am fully aware of what is to transpire tonight! Ah, but you see, I am not here to render aid to you heroes, no no!" he rambled, slowly stepping into the moonlight, "On the contrary, such a purpose would be so utterly dull and cliche!"

Now that the others could see him, they would note that the man who stood before them looked about as stupid as he sounded. With black hair combed over his eyes in a clear attempt to be edgy, a youthful face that betrayed his status as an angsty teenager (or immature young adult), and a rather cheap-looking black rope and cape adoring his scrawny figure, the new arrival looked like a low-budget cosplayer rather than someone who belonged in these dangerous woods at this time of night.

"You see, I have learned a great number of magical spells, which I have trained relentlessly to master! I shall use these spells, or should I say, curses, to hinder the progress of you foolish hero-types, as you stumble your way toward your on-so glorious victory! Ha! You silly adventurers will soon be cursing my name! For I am the bane of normalcy, the undoer of natural order, the vexer of the common man, and the terrorizer of the prideful! It is my life’s dedication to sow chaos and discord among all peoples, causing them great shame, embarrassment and inconvenience! Aha, but never death! I abhor violence, after all! And what good is it to cause misfortune of your victims, I say, if they are not alive to suffer through it? Therefore! I must now invoke curses upon members of your party, in order to cause the aforementioned misfortune that I have so thoroughly dedicated myself to causing! Prepare yourself, heroes-types! For you shall long remember this day as the day you made your first fateful encounter with... THE CURSOR!!!"


(Crickets chirping.)


"Hey cowboy?" Erin cocked her head toward Clive, "Let's just shoot him, eh?"

"Hey! That's not very nice! I haven't even cursed you yet!" the Cursor whined, "Speaking of which!"

He suddenly whipped out a wand, not a proper-looking wand mind you, but a piece of transparent greenish-yellow plastic with a star on top. It honestly looked like a toy he stole from his kid sister, in fact. But as he spun the device in his hand, legitimate magic sparks began to sputter in the night air around it.

"Aha!" the strange man laughed, as he quickly sent two beams of magic energy hurling toward two members of the so-called "hero-types".

The first flew straight toward Trey, which if it struck him, would cause him to immediately switch bodies with Meritio, who was standing closest to him. The second struck Erin square in the chest as she tried to raise her bow, causing her to fire her shot wildly into the woods. A bit confused at first, the woman looked down to find her body beginning to swell within her clothing.

"Oh, sonnuva..."

As Erin began to blow-up like a balloon in the background, the Cursor turned the viewers behind the forth wall and winked.

"What do you think? Should I be shouting some nonsensical Latin phrase whenever I toss a curse? Or is "Aha!" good enough? Hmm, maybe a question for next time! Ta-ta!"

With that, he dove back into the trees, disappearing before anyone could hope to catch his sorry ass.

"Guys... um... SHIT! HELP!!!" Erin felt her feet lift off the ground as her body had become almost completely round, now starting to float off into the night sky.

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“W-well…” Meritio shrank back as all eyes turned to him. He didn’t know what to expect either, except that he was sure his master wasn’t wrong. He had apprenticed under the old mage for ten years, and there was never once Wizendare believed in something without reason. Like the rest of them however, ‘saving the world’ wasn’t something the youth imagined himself doing. 

The crash in the distance was alarming, but at the same time, it lent him credibility. “I guess we go there and-“

A new person jumped out, and Meritio had to admit, this was just becoming plain ridiculous. The lunatic was behaving just like one of the clowns in class, when he attended summer school at Mageside. Shooting him was kind of extreme though, and Meritio was about to jump in front of Erin to stop her when he sensed some kind of unfamiliar magic being activated. “No!” he cried and dove towards the Cursor. Breaking his concentration would interrupt his casting, but he was too slow.

One minute he was moving towards the Cursor, and the next he was standing rock-solid back where he started, looking at his own self stumble  - except he wasn’t in his body. “Huh what?” Was this an out-of-body experience? He was sure he wasn’t the one who was hit by the magic though, it was the girl and the big guy- oh. He looked down at the red hoodie he was wearing, and then at his huge hands. Then he felt down the hard, corded muscles on his arms. “Oh wow.” He’d always wondered what it was like to be one of those huge, strong guys. He was always the skinny, weak one. He felt much heavier now, like he could stomp dents into the ground, or punch a tree down.

Too preoccupied by the body swap, Meritio hadn’t cared too much about Erin’s change, until she had already started to float away. “Uh, that’s not good!” He lifted his massive arm to catch her, but he was unused to the length of his limbs and missed her - it was a little like walking on stilts. She floated higher and higher, just out of his reach.

“Hang on!” He looked up, then bent his knees and pushed his 300-pound body off the ground, resulting in a giant leap. Aiming well this time, he managed to wrap his hand firmly around Erin’s right leg, though he probably crushed her ankle (or at least caused her some pain), since he couldn’t judge his own strength. He dug his heels into the ground as he landed heavily, causing a minor tremor. Realizing that he was looking straight up at Erin’s legs, and that it was probably rude for a guy to do so, Meritio covered his eyes with his other hand and looked down immediately. “I’m sorry, I didn’t see anything!” he cried out.

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(Juuuuust settin' a mood)


Muscle memory took over as Clive drew his peacemaker and pointed the barrel directly at the strange man when he leaped out of the shadows. He regarded the man with anger, although his intoxicated state just made him look mildly irritated and constipated.

"...What the he-"

Clive was cut off once the man began to speak, his voice akin to the evil villain you'd hear in some old tv show for kids under the age of five. Clive kept his gun pointed at him a little longer as he barely listened to the mans drivel, reholstering it once he realized the man was unarmed and only talking to them. Even while drunk, Clive tried his best to avoid unnecessary bloodshed. He figured that if the man was a threat, he would've tried to attack them instead of talk their ear off. Clive had half a mind to perforate his skull just shut him up, the man's voice grinding his nerves for some reason. As he watched the man before him go on and on about who he was and why he was there, his mind dawdled on whether or not he should finish his drink now or savor the last bit for later. If the man could shut up and give him a chance to ask where the nearest bar was, he figured he could drink it right then and there. He was thinking about telling the man to shut up when he heard Eri call him out.

On 12/6/2018 at 11:12 AM, Tyler said:

"Hey cowboy?" Erin cocked her head toward Clive, "Let's just shoot him, eh?"

"Might just do that." said Clive, his tone a little dark as he patted his peacekeeper in it's holster. The man immediately objected to them, Clive picking up on something about a curse. His mind began to wander back to how a friend of his always used to say he was cursed when the strange man suddenly reached for something. Clive's gun was out of the holster and pointed at the mans head before he could even get the odd looking wand half-way out. He was about to pull the trigger when he heard someone shout 'No'. His finger halted as he saw Meritio dive dive towards the man, confusing Clive and obscuring his shot.

The next second the man's wand lit up and shot two magical beams towards them, Clive shielding his eyes with his liquor holding arm and bracing for impact. He expected a searing pain or embrace of death, but neither came. When he took his arm away and looked down at himself, he saw nothing out of the ordinary. His body was swaying from side to side and looked fuzzy, but he was certain that wasn't from any magical spell. He then looked up to see the strange man talking that nonsense again, debating whether or not he should still pull the trigger now that he had a clean shot. Before he could come up with an affirmative answer that wouldn't make him feel worse on the off chance he wound up sober, the man took off into the woods at a shockingly fast pace and vanished amongst the trees. Clive looked at the thicket of trees he'd gone through with a confused look as he scratched the top of his head with the barrel of his gun.

Hadn't he been shot with some magical beam? Why couldn't he feel it? Had he just imagined all that? 

While he was trying to put the pieces together with his wine-flooded mind, he heard a cry fro help to his right. He looked over to see Erin's body expanding like a balloon, the archer slowly beginning to float upwards into the air. Clive furrowed his eyebrows in further confusion as he watched the woman float helplessly. The first thing that came to his mind was 'That don't look right'. Grunting in confusion, he then held his bottle up and turned it over, attempting to read the ingredients from a label on the bottle. 

"I don't remember this stuff being *BURP* THAT strong." he mumbled, ignoring Erin and leaving her to float. Thankfully the buff guy that was with them was able to pull her down. Shrugging, he downed the last of the bottle and threw it to the ground with a contented smile. He then turned to the others, holstering his weapon and belching as he pointed at the shattered bottle on the ground.

"Need some more of THAT stuff." he said with a smile as he stumbled forward. "Hey kids! How bout' yall...*BURP*...take yer balloon there and we go...find ourselves a bar-...I mean...town!" he said excitedly. "Maybe somebody there'll know where to find yer's parents!"

Clive started walking away as he beckoned the others to follow, but stopped once his drunken mind began to work just enough for him realize something. He turned around to look at them again.

"Either'o you two know where the nearest town *HICCUP* is?" said Clive. "I'd ask that other lady that was here but...I'm not entirely sure where she went. Strangest *HICCUP* thing, I tell ya'. Swore she was standin' right where that balloon is."


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The Cursors sudden bombastic appearance caught Trey by surprise and prompted him to take a defensive stance. He didn't look threatening in any capacity; in fact, he reminded Trey of a dorky kid he went to school with. He wondered for a moment if this might be the same guy, but decided to put that train of thought on the back-burner for the time being. He kept his guard up all throughout The Cursors long-winded monologue. As he learned on his first day of training with his master, Yuyi Ren, it's not wise to judge how dangerous someone by the outward appearance.

The dark wizard wannabe's over-dramatic rambling was entirely lost on Trey, who had absolutely no idea what he was going on about. He hadn't really even noticed the brief silence that fell over the group when he finally stopped talking. The only bit he picked up on after that was his whining about not getting to curse them yet. "Curse? What's this fool talking about?" A look of confusion spread across his face when he pulled out the plastic wand, which turned to one of surprise it began emitting legitimate magic power. He was prepared to sidestep the magic beam that would be sent his way, but before he could move, Meritio jumped at The Cursor in an attempt to interrupt his focus. This distracted him long enough to allow the beam to hit him.

As Trey stumbled backwards, he silently cursed Meritio for stepping in so suddenly and breaking his concentration. As he steadied himself, he noticed that everything now looked strangely tall, as if the world around him had suddenly grown. "This is so weird, why do I suddenly feel so short? And why does my voice sound different?" As he looked back to the others, his eyes widened as saw himself standing where he was when The Cursor attacked. He hadn't noticed until then that he was standing in a different spot, but he was more focused on the fact that he no longer seemed to be within his own body. When he noticed that Meritio was nowhere to be seen, the realization of what happened finally clicked in his mind. In his state of shock, he didn't notice what happened to Erin until Meritio leaped after her, somehow propelling his heavy frame high enough to reach her. "I don't remember being able to jump like that!" He approached them when they landed, staring Meritio in his eyes. "You know, if you had just stood still, this wouldn't have happened. I hope this isn't permanent."

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