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The Azatar Assembly (IC)

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Earlier On, Before The Crash:  

Above the mountain range below them, traveling just south of Blaurg Mountain on their way to their first stop, Blariville and the distribution centers they have there, an airship flew overhead with great majesty and engineering.  This was the Grand Airship Lunova Rai, a large and spectacularly designed airship by the Global Shipping Initiative, a company that makes shipments and cargo deliveries all over the world.

On the bridge, the captain was monitoring various signals in hopes of staying ahead of any issue.  The crew was on full alert and full watch, as they all knew what cargo they had on board.  Presents, thousands of them, maybe even millions.  Shipped from Hell's Gate to all around the world, starting in Blairville.  Although Hell's Gate had their own docks, it was rather far from the other cities, so it was more difficult to arrange things from there.  However, it meant they had more access to raw resources from the areas around it, which had allowed them to produce everything they needed easier there.

And their presents were vital for this day.  Today, they would spread the gift of joy, hope, and faith across all of Terrenus, across all of Valucre, to countless children and impoverished families.  Their presents would help bring them joy, help parents save on money they need to spend on the goods they need, give orphans the feeling of warmth and love and hope for the future.  They were carrying the very spirit of the holidays, the spirit of Azatar, with them.

"This is the Captain to Navigation Officer Rykora, Captain to NO.  How are we doing?"

"It looks like we avoided the dangers by heading to Blairville instead of Ignatz or Tia.  We managed to avoid the dangerous migrating monsters, and there are reports coming in that....well, would not have been good for us".

"Alright.  Anything else to keep note of?"

"There are some anomolous readings, but nothing major.  Checking on them, but it looks like background wave interference and nothing more, maybe from the storm?"

The captain looked out, as storm clouds began to form.

"The weather didn't call for a storm.  You sure its natural?"

"All atmospheric pressure looks normal, no signs of magic particle manipulations.  It should just be a normal storm, maybe it was formed suddenly due to our proximity to the mountains?  Either way, nothing indicates it would pose a threat to us..."

"I see.  Linking in Defense Team 2.  Defense Team, report?  What do you observe?"

However, the captain was met only with science.

"Defense Team?"

There was still no sound.

"NO, what is going on there?"

"I dont know, I will send Kenzie...wait, where is Kenzie?  I only sent her for coffee, she should be back by now".


"What?  Oh, sorry.  It seems like our runner, Kenzie, is missing.  Maybe those goofs decided to take a break without letting anyone know?"

The captain kept the communicator on, and turned towards the front windows to see out in front of them.  The storm clouds were much closer now, and looked far more ominous.  It seemed to be a natural development, but....the captain narrowed her eyes at it.

"NO, change the course now!  I dont care if it takes us longer, just do it now!  And get us lower!"

However, there was only static as a reply.  The NO was no longer responding.  The other crew turned to look at her with dreary and ominous looks, as she tried to get anyone and everyone on the comms.  But they were all static...

"Crew, it has been a pleasure serving with all of you..."


"I will now begin broadcasting a mayday.  Please direct the ship in a way for when we crash, the cargo bay and everything inside survives and takes no damage.  Focus power on the shielding for those rooms.  But lets not beat around the bush.  Everyone outside this room is probably dead.  But, there is hope that a recovery team can be sent to continue our mission.  That Azatar will not be ruined for all those children out there who need it.  We took the job to safeguard the spirit of Azatar, and we shall not give into fear and allow our charge to be damaged if we can help it.  May Gaia, and the Spirits of Azatar, look over us".

"But, Ma'am...are you sure we will crash?"

"We will be very lucky if we dont.  Now, I shall begin sending out the mayday.  They are likely trying to damage or disable our comms completely already, do I must do it now".

At that point, she opened up the mayday distress channel.

"Mayday!  Mayday!  We have been hit!  Unknown Situation, not mechanical error!  Please send help!  Priority Cargo is on board!  Send help immediately!"

And then suddenly, they heard the sound of the door behind them creaking open, and they all drew their weapons...


A Few Minutes Prior to Present Time:  

Meanwhile, hidden from the radars and detection abilities of other systems, a medium sized airship on the smaller side flew near the airspace.  However, this airship was not owned by some travel agency, or cargo agency, or any government.  It was owned instead by a ragtag group of salvagers who found it, repaired it, and installed so much stealth tech into it a joke was made that you could run into it and still not detect it.

However, right now, the group was in the personal section of the ship, the shower room.  Several shower heads were built into a wall without any dividers, and just a pole to hand a towel on above the water while there was a small section of the wall where soap was stored.  It was a very open and spartan style shower, which was often followed by people sitting on stools and finishing the wash by washing each others with soaps and sponges.  It was a very old design, probably a military of some kind had originally built it.

But right now, the only ones using it appeared as children.  Boys and girls, and although a few seemed embarrassed by this, they were dealing with it.  It was not unusual to see each other naked or in other embarrassing situations.  After all, they were the Scavers.   A group of children, or people who had the appearance of children, who had banded together.  They lived as they wanted, and often made up their own rules, but they had some that they had established as ironclad rules.  One of them was that "No matter what you are, man or elf, boy or girl, or what you believe, all are equal in the Scavers.  We will eat togehter, shower together, learn together, sleep together, and fight together.  We shall take care of each other, never abandon each other, and accept each other.  That is our code, and our truth".

And sometimes, it led to comedic moments like what was just happening, as one of the Scavers, Ezen, was just finishing a shower as he felt his behind get whipped by a towel.

"Owww!  Lena!"

He scowled towards the other Scaver, Lena.  The Scavers were not that large of a group, and often were actually split into smaller groups across the world.  But this place in a way acted as a home, a central base, a safehouse, and a gathering center.  This airship was their home, their toy, and their base of operations.

Ezen rubbed his behind to sooth the pain, and then grabbed his own towel and made an attack on Lena.  The girl managed to jump back and dodge, but Ezen then tackled her to the ground and pinned her.

"I win".

"Really Ezen?  You just had to do that huh?  No mercy because I am a girl?"

Ezen blushed a little, and she took advantage of that to push him off, get over him, and start tickling him.

"Haha!  Damn it...haha...I won....this is...hahaha....cheating!"

"Well, its your own fault.  You know boy or girl does not matter in the Scavers".

And then suddenly, a bucket of cold water was dumped over both of them and stopped them both  The culprit was Akari, who worked in the same group as Ezen.  There was no leader of course, so it would be accurate to call it Ezen's Group or Akari's group, even if neither of them was the leader.

"Listen, you two can fight all you want in the dojo.  You can even go there right now, cause even if your clothes get stolen you know where to get new ones.  But, please do not fight in here where people are trying to get clean".

"Akari, you try to act so cool, but you are holding that bucket in front of an interesting part of your body, and your face is kind of red so..."

"Attention!  Attention all Scavers!  We have just picked up a distress signal!  Ezen, Sora, Juno, Akari!  Gear up and report to the deployment deck!  Based on gathered intelligence, this is a high priority issue we need to deal with!"

Immediately stopping any form of conversation or conflict, the Scavers quickly used their towels and dried themselves and each other off, and then ran past the changing rooms and into the armory, putting on some emergency underclothes stashed there as well as combat gear.  Once they were equpped with generic gear as well as their specialized gear, they immediately ran to the deployment deck.

"Attention you four!  According to the intercepted distress signal, and recovered data we have from our source in Hell's Gate, an airship crashed here.  An airship that was carrying large amounts of presents collected for charity to orphans and poor families for Azatar!  We may be scavangers, rogues, outliers of society.  But we are those who have maintained our Childhood Spark, and we understand more then anyone who has grown up the impact of Azatar and the joy, hope, and faith it can bring!  Others will be arriving soon, but we cannot just sit idly by when we are so close!  Ezen, you and your group will go to the site and recover the cargo, mark it for us to be picked up, and we will load it for delivery.  We dont know if we have enough cargo space for it all, but without any other airships in the area, we are the only hope these presents have on making it on time!  We cannot locate the exact position of the ship, so its up to you all to find it!"

Wearing heavy coats, combat boots, cargo shorts, metal helmets with built in goggles and tech, and other stuff that looks very military style but sized for them, the group picked up their weapons and looked out in front of them.

"Understood!  Now, for the vote!  I vote yes for the mission!  Sora, Juno, Akari, your votes?"

"I vote yes!  We have to save them!"

"I vote yes!  There is no debate!"

"I vote yes!  Azatar is too important to the hearts of people!"

"Alright, our group is a go!  Switching to codenames!  And....deploying!"

Suddenly, the heavy door in the deployment room opened, and the four of them jumped out into the cold.  It seemed to have become a shilly, blizzard snowstorm out there, and the ship was somewhere in the center of these mountains and valleys, along with them presents meant for the Azatar Holidays.  They would go out and find those presents, recover them, and fight off anything that would get in their way.


Meanwhile, Present Time:  

While the Scavers deployed overhead, having jumped out of an airship and into a blizzard, there were also those on the ground who suddenly got the signal.  Kobayashi took down the hood of his black coat, as well as the second hood of his vest.  But he was not alone, as another walked up behind him, sharing his white hair and red eyes while not being relatives.

Noah looked out into the distance.

"What....what is Azatar?"

Kobayashi gripped his fists.  The two had only met each other again recently while looking for others to travel with on foot, undetected, to another city, but they were sort of starting to talk to each other given similarities and some previous events.

"Its a time of year where people are given presents, and celerbate hope, faith, and joy.  We...we cant let them fall.  We have to help".

"So its like Chris....nevermind.  But, should we really?"

"Noah, we have to.  Neither of us seem to have people to celebrate with, but do you want to let others feel the same pain we have?"

Hearing those words, a fire was lit in Noah's eyes as he remembered all the abuse he had felt.  And then in his mind, he put it together that helping with this would prevent others from being abused and neglected like him, and instead recieving love and care and joy....

"...alright, lets do this.  We cant let that happen".

The result was obvious.

(Well that was super long, but also super necessary.  Also had to use the chance to explore more of the Scaver group, so people understood what they stood for and such)

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(Where is everyone?  @Knighto  @Thotification  @Higuu  @Hurttoto  )

"Jump Packs stabilized and trajectory plotted.  It looks like we will be able to glide all the way there.  Sensei, you there?"

Ezen asked that as the group continued to fly through the ever violent snowstorm they now found themselves in.

"Yes.  Please be warned though, connection with the Clubhouse may receive some interference from this sudden storm".


"Yes.  According to gathered intelligence, this was a storm that rapidly developed out of nowhere.  However, all atmospheric data insists it was done naturally, and there are no traces of magical manipulation".


Hearing those words, Ezen put on his goggles, and set the scanner to search for anything out of the normal.

"Hey, Dagger?  What is it?" Sora asked, using the codenames they had set up for themselves.  Ezen was Dagger, Sora was Sabre, Juno was Rocket, and Akari was Ace.  "Is something wrong?"

"Yeah...I know it says this storm really did develop naturally, but something about this weather seems weird.  You checked for magical means, but could someone be using some advanced technology or machine to manipulate the weather?"

"Unfortunately, that is far harder to check as it blends in with natural processes.  I will keep sensors open though".

And while that was said, Akari saw something mvoe out of the corner of his eyes.

"Guys!  I saw something down there!  Something moved!"

"It was probably an animal or something, running for cover".

"It looked humanoid or such!"


"There are no readings".

"See?  Its just all this talk.  You were just seeing things".

Ezen said that for a moment, until he realized something odd.

"Wait, no readings at all?"

"Yes, no readings".

"No animals?  No birds, nor mammals, nor creatures of any kind?"

"Correct, there are no readings".

Rocket meanwhile checked their own nav data.

"Crash site is just up ahead.  If we continue..."

"No!  Land now!  Emergency landing!"

Hearing the panic in Ezen's voice, the group immediately changed trajectory, switching from glide form to standard form and made landing on the snow covered grounds, the snow nearly overtaking their boots as they sank into the snow.  They then took an outward circle formation, with everyone back to back as they raised their ranged weapons.

"Scanners on!  All spectrums!"

"Its so quiet..."

"Still no animal life detected!  But there are heat sources from the crashed ship!  We cant leave the presents out in the open!"

"I know that....but, I am pretty sure we just walked into a trap".

As Ezen said those words, the group looked extra sharp as they tried to view their surroundings.  The snowstorm was getting even more intense, but they had genetic enhancements that helped them adapt so far.

However, they could feel that something was off.

"Alright.  We will head towards the ship, slowly, and begin Rescue and Retrieval mission.  Cover corners, sides, and backs.  And watch out for traps".


Meanwhile, Noah and Kobayashi continued forward themselves without slowing down, unaware of the current levels of danger.

"Kal, how far away are we from the crashed ship?"

"It is just up ahead.  I am detecting various heat sources, but unfortunately I cannot confirm what is fire from the crashed ship and what is survivors..."

The two continued forward, but there was a feeling in the air Noah could not shake.  Along with a certain emotion he had not felt in a long time.

"...there is something terrible here..."

Noah was certain of it.

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Seri kicked a stone on the ground as she meandered through the pinewood forest. There was nothing for her to do, and her gaze wandered as she idly chatted with the enqui next to her.

"Boredom," she thought, mentally listing all possible emotions she could be having right now. "Dejected. Sad. Annoyed." Suddenly, she realized that there was a group of enquis up ahead. Upping her pace, she walked over.

"Hello," she began. "Curiosity."

"Why are you all here?" To any bystander, it would seem as though she was talking to thin air.

"A crash, there was a crash." one whispered quietly. "Dead, dead, some of them are dead. Most of them are dead. They fell from the sky." her odd, sing-songy voice cracked through the otherwise silent forest. "There was a fire! A fire! A great big fire. A firework from heaven! They were shot down, I bet. Totally shot down. So sad, so sad."

"Ah, where was this?"

"That waaay~~"

Seri tipped her head sideways slightly. "That seems... interesting. If I were to go, I wonder if I would learn anything?" Without waiting for an answer, she began trekking in the direction the enqui had indicated.


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Cali was just cruising by, his ship steady and quiet as can be as it glided through the air effortlessly.

The wind blew into his hair while his crew (of npcs) stared at the sky around wondering what it was like to be a cloud just being blown about by the natural air currents. It was simply peacefully passing through

Or at least it was until the on board radio rang out

"Mayday!  Mayday!  We have been hit!  Unknown Situation, not mechanical error!  Please send help!  Priority Cargo is on board!  Send help immediately!"]

"Well then I guess the storm after the calm is here" he would be more accruate as an unusual storm cloud was ahead

"Lets go rescure these people"

(Sorry it just took so long just to write a couple of sentences without being distracted by something i might add more to this post)

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"Well that was something," Khaki drawled as she watched the ship crash-land on the snowy ground. "I bet 50 bucks no one survived that."

As always she was already wasted halfway through their vacation cruise and has found comfort in plopping on the railing, her head and arms sticking out of the flying ship while her mouth expelled unmentionables to the lands below. Just another typical day in the life of a Blackspear cartel agent. 

"You're on!" another girl roared in acceptance of Khaki's challenge. It was Sera, the resident hot-head of the cartel. Her impulsive actions had been the ire of the cartel for years now and seeing how gullible she is, one could only wonder why the Black Head hadn't kicked her out yet. 

And speak of the devil. The Black Head appeared behind these two like a ghost, her yellow eyes flaring with annoyance. "Why dont you two check it out by yourselves? IN PERSON!"

And with that the bickering duo were kicked overboard a flying ship, their bodies plumetting to their death. Will they survive the crash? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

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Minda did not like leaving her workshop. Didn't like leaving the town she had become partial to, and certainly didn't like the messiness that tended to come with world-wide events. Unfortunately for her, however... she had a soft spot for children. More than a soft spot, really- many of the kids in the town had taken to calling her the toymaker, because she couldn't resist making them things when she saw they were feeling down. It only took the equivalent of a penny of her magic, anyways. So when she'd heard of the crash... well, she'd never forgive herself if she didn't offer her assistance. 

She selected a few of her magic tools to take with her. More than a few, and they'd interfere with each other and wouldn't work properly. Her fast-traveller, which allowed her to cover seven times the distance she normally would in a day while on foot. Worked wonderfully to mimic super speed in combat as well, though she hoped it didn't come to that. Her wand, for more efficient spellcasting, and a few other little surprises. She attached them to her belt, and away she went in the direction of the last reported contact with the airship. With the fast traveller, she got to the mountain ranges in just short of an hour.

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(Sorry for the delay.  Holiday stuff and sickness  😧  I may speed up my posting a little to make up for lost time)

As the Scaver team went forward, they were finding more and more wreckage.

"What is the location of the target?"

"It should be just up ahead.  Cargo hold.  Looks like they triple reinforced it, and then shielded it for good measure, with arcane Gravity enchantments.  Everything inside will be in much better shape then the ship".

Ezen looked around, and made absolutely sure everything was being monitored.

"Alright.  Lets get the cargo, then head to the evac point.  This place...its dangerous".

"Yeah.  Especially since visibility is getting even worse".  

"There is soemthing up ahead.  A bulkhead door, from a piece of the airship that is still in one piece...relatively.  Might be where the vault is located".

Dagger and Rocket took to each side of the bulkhead, and began to work on it.  But before they could really get into it, a voice distracted them and caused them to stop.

"H...help me!"

The group turned around, and saw a woman, likely a survivor from the crew, still alive but heavily wounded.  Even in this bitter cold, they could feel the warmth coming from her, as her skin was burned.  She collapsed right in front of them, which caused Rocket to race out to help her.

"No wait!"

However, Rocket's arm was grabbed by Dagger, who pulled him back and fired his weapon into the ground in front of the other two.

"What are you doing?!"

"Focus for a moment!  Its a trick!  An illusion!  Focus your mind, and check again!"

Rocket heard those words, and quickly closed his eyes and focused his mind.  And when he looked up, there was no woman there...but there was a piece of an airship heavily on fire.  A bright burning blaze, that if he had jumped into, would have been strong enough to kill him in moments.

"What the..."

Only Ezen, AA Dagger, noticed it at first.  He lacked any strong or defining abilities, but he made up for it with high resistance to various things, including stuff like this.  He saw the illusion too, but he was able to sense something was off and see past it.

"SOmething about this region...its wrong.  Dangerous.  And...what?!"

As Ezen was telling them that, a weird spider like creature with blades on its legs popped out of the ground and tried to stab Ezen and Rocket now.  It was strange, intense and strange, but also...familiar...

"Stop stop!  Everyone, stop!  Our midns are still playing tricks on us!  Focus!"

In order to get everyone to focus, Ezen brought out a concussion grenade, set it to low power, and detonated it.  Due to their genetic enhancements, it would only daze them for a second or two, but when they woke up...there was no spider creature, but the other two members of their team.

"What the....waht the hell?!  What were we...we saw a spider, so we went to stab it and..."

Ezen took out some blue pills, and gave one to each.

"Everyone, take these neural stabilizers.  Hopefully it will negate whatever is effecting us, or at least reduce it.  That said, I think it is safe to say something extremely dangerous happened here.  We will need to alert Terrenus Authorities to quarentine this area afterwards.  Also, after we get back to the ship, we should go for a full decontamination ourselves.  It might be a virus or something".


Meanwhile, Noah and Kobayashi were arriving at the other side of the crashsite.

"Uhg...I have no idea what is here, but it is definently no good...how are you not being affected by this Noah?"

"Ah...I dunno for sure..." Noah lied, knowing fully well this had to do with his brain being different then Valucre natives.  Unlike them, who evolved with their own brain patterns and neural maps, he was an otherworlder whose brain, while seeming similar, operated differently.  Because of that, effects of the mind might not always work on him, at least in ways people expected it would.

"Well, you are lucky, because...what the..."

Suddenly, Kobayashi saw something...someone....up ahead he could not believe.

"Noah...do you see a woman up ahead?"

"Yeah...she must be a survivor..."

"No" Kobayashi said, his voice full of strain.  "That is impossible, because she is my mother.  My mother who is dead".

"...oh this is not going to end well..."

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Seri upped her pace as the wreckage came into view. Something churned in her gut, and she paused. "Hesitancy. Fear? Apprehension..? Or.. hm.." Tick, tick, tick. Three more feelings. Despite how odd she was feeling, she trekked on. The heat from the surrounding ground rose up, giving some feeling to her cold feet. Odd- was there fire? No, that was ridiculous. It must be the levels of insulation that the dirt provides, trapping heat from the "explosion" underground, seeping up at such a pace to create a pleasent warmth.

As she stepped carefully into a slightly cylindrical chunk of metal, the heat increased a bit. Metal conducts temperatures better; Seri told herself silently. As she started to explore the dark, iron-y tube, her footsteps echoed loudly. Bored already, she starts humming again, and yelling into the darkness. Stuff like, "Hello theeeeeere; Hello there! Why thank you; thank you! How is your day; your day? Oh, no you go first; go first. Oh, fine, my day is fine; my day is fine. Talk to you later; to you later!" She keeps this weird echo-game up for a while, waiting for something interesting to happen.

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Cali would soon notice that there was something odd in the air something. phycic mabye? He couldnt be sure but it felt like the moment he stepped outside something or someone was trying way too hard to phycicly mess with his mind.

"Keep your head in the game this place has a phycic pres-"

Looking back he could see that meny of his men were already ether down or seem to be not all right, yet a few seemed perfectly find with the forest exept for one who had a bit of a hidden allergy.

("Mighty suspicious why didnt we succumb? Whats the same here")

"Well what have you gentlemen within you that perventing this same as I? I want an answer by the time this is over now ill bring....you five (pointing at  2 riflemen, two snipers and a medic)  the rest of you comfort and figuar out how to make them immune" (pointing at the effected) 

Little did he know the brains of him and the unaffected were changed, diffrent, operating on a diffrent level and being manipulated on a cellular level.

His group strolled along the forest getting ever so closer to the danger ("And we'll be back before the end of christa-") he thought to himself not saying it out loud as Azatar was Celebrated and belived that he almost called it wrong again.

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The blizzard was making it hard to be mobile as Nick slowly advanced through the wood. A large pack of creatures followed him through the deep snow entranced by the music he played on his ocarina. Many of them were far from home but they did not know or care, and neither did he. It was not his fault that they followed him for it didn't matter what tune he played they did. The creatures in question consisted of many different species from many different places, however, they all had one thing in common. They were rodents. All of them. Hundreds of rodents all shapes and sizes followed his footsteps through the wood and only stopped when nick stopped. Nick stopped because he had heard voices through the storm. Some oddly distinct children voices. This was not good. He had to deal with the rumors once before when he supposedly took an entire village's children as payment for his pest services and he was not gonna deal with the rumors again. If he came out of these woods without those children it would be a disaster. 

"Hello? Is anyone there? Is everyone okay?" He shouted into the white nothingness.



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Noah and Kobayashi immediately raised weapons.

"So, we can confirm we both see her right?"

"Yeah, so its not a mirage or some normal hallucination..."

"Oh come on now sweetie...its just me, your moth..."

At this point, Noah just shot her instantly in the head.  Kobayashi was filled with shock the moment Noah did this.

"What the hell was that?!"

"We know its a fake right?  And its taken the image of your mother?  That makes it hostile, dangerous".

"But how could I be dangerous?"

Noah and Kobayashi heard that same voice behind them, and jumped away as they turned around.  In her hands, she was wearing two warm coats.

"I just wanted to give you these".

"Dont trust her!  They cant be real!"

"I know, but...what if..."



The two raised their weapons again, as they kept watch and backed away.  They felt their backs go up against trees though, and then suddenly the branches moved and captured them, tieing them up so tight that they would be unable to move at all.



"Come on now, dont use such language.  Here, have some soup!"

Suddenly, the illusion of Kobayashi's mother now had soup in her hands, and was approaching them.

"Its good for you!"

"Like hell it is!"

"It smells like her really good soup..."

"Kobayashi, aren't you supposed to be a psychic?!  How can you fall for this so easily?!"

Noah struggled, and released a massive amount of electricity.  Suddenly, not only did the mother disappear, but so did the trees.  Noah looked around to celebrate, only to see...

"Everything is so spinny and sparky".

"...oh dear.  Well, he heals quickly.  Come on Kobayashi, lets keep heading further in.  We gotta deal with this, its too dangerous to even try and run away now.  After all, if we try to run away, we will probably just get closer instead..."


"Well, I guess the Neural Stabilizers are not working.  At least, not fully".

The squad of four Scavers had finally stepped into the ship interior, only...they were now outside, in a warm climate, watching a circus.

"...its warm in here.  I dont think we need our coats and..."

"No, don't.  It only seems warm.  If we take our gear off, we will start to freeze faster.  We have to push forward..."

"Uhh, one thing...I dont see an exit".

They started to look around, and that was when they noticed...somehow, they had ended up in the center of the ring.

"You know, I really hate illusions!"


"Me too!"

"Its not fair!"

"Just, we have to somehow find the way forward and push through!" Ezen yelled, and he threw up a disruption grenade.  This was supposed to disrupt magical, technical, and supernatural things that were not set to their frequencies, and would hopefully dismiss the illusion.  It faltered for a moment, and then it reformed.

Oh, and spiders began to crawl out of everywhere to eat them.  Giant spiders.  Giant ugly looking spiders.

"Damnit!  Fire!  And be careful to make sure you do not get controlled.  Monitor your own Neural States!"

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Hearing distant echoes and signs of commotion, she tilts her head as if she were a dog, and focuses hard on listening. After a couple seconds, Seri sighs.

Something worthwhile, perhaps. Investigate? It may yield interesting results.

She quietly murmurs to herself, providing her own conversation. Walking further into the metal tube, she realizes that there may be other people in here.

And if I were to startle someone, the outcome may be unfavorable to my health.

Realizing this, she begins to sing loudly, to the tune of a popular quickstep song. 

Oh, ho! Oh, ho- explore the vent we go, into the darkness and the dim~ who knows what we'll find below? Oh, ho! Oh, ho- who knows where it goes? Let's find out this new mys-ter-y, and in the darkness go!

Despite the cheery tune and feel of the song, her voice is in some odd way, empty- as though there is no real feeling behind the words.

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