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Legion of Doom, Season 2 Chapter 2: The Terror of Kasyrga

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Legion of Doom Season 2 Chapter 2: The Terror of Kasyrga

A large crescent of the Shawnee Glacier cracked. Glassy ice creaked and crackled in. Football fields of frozen earth were upheaved with infinite intent. The mammoth chunk of broken glacier fell into the ocean and sunk. Fell, and in an instant were highlighted silhouettes of unimaginable, tendriled, horned, gilled deep sea gigantics. The blue lightning from under also lit up something else. The shadow of a great castle. A behemoth manor with parapets draped in frozen corpses and bridges suspended in animation by gaunt cones of ice that stretched down and down. Its first spires rose from the deep. The Terror of Kasyrga (the Terror), an infamous castle housing infamous evil from the era when Shawnee was instead a thriving mecca of plant and animal, living civilization. Its arrival was… unprecedented; spat on the lineage of the once fruitful Kasyrga. Frozen corpses decorated its parapets. Piles of entrails sat iced over on its balconies.

History books in Shawnee cities like Albor spoke of the legendary paradise Shawnee had once supposedly been, Kasyrga. Sephys Isigdril was the son of the great kingdom Shawnee had once been. He was a hopeful continuant of his father the king’s peaceful reign. Instead, however, in the birth of magic and the honor of its pursuit, Sephys had given himself wholly to arcane forces.

Many nobles took his lead, forcing magic into their bodies intravenously and with crude forms of enchantment which warped their bodies in Unnatural fashions. Soon, Castle Kasyrga became a font of evil from which Sephys and his followers dealt heinous crimes upon the people of Kasyrga. The populace called it the Terror of Kasyrga in its dying days; when Sephys’ crusades took to the wholesale slaughter of any who did not dedicate themselves to magic.

Sephys and his nobles summoned kobolds, tiny imps who attacked individuals by the hundreds, and demons of unimaginable build to devour the innocent who did not give themselves to magic; the public considered him a man possessed. What had happened to the Isigdril name in this boy become heathenous devil? Sephys and his noble minions devised a court, and in that court they devised the end of all mankind. A spell that would suspend all in fire and ice; would swallow all in magical vigor so that they would no longer have to exact their laws on the world; it would exact them on itself under the influence of the massive spell they wrought upon it.

Hundreds of thousands died.

But ultimately, the mighty and terrible Sephys failed. The Terror of Kasyrga— indeed all of Kasyrga— was frozen into the middle of Shawnee Glacier. The scourge of Sephys Isigdril would never see the light of day again. That was what survivors on the outer rim of the magical catechism thought, at least.

But now, ten generations later, the Terror of Kasyrga rises from the crushing depths and sits just within eyesight of the Legion’s most recent prey, the city of Albor. Gates to the great ice valley invite all to the frozen maw that has risen silently from the frothing ocean. Past the gates extends a frozen bridge across the chasm to the yawning arches of the Terror of Kasyrga’s gates.

Scriptures of the scourge that was the Terror of Kasyrga and Sephys Isigdril are found in Albor by the Legion of Doom after cutting it down. The castle looms in the distance, shrouded in icy fog.

Legion of Doom Season Two


Anyone in the Legion of Doom



Dungeon Crawl! Explore the frozen castle that has emerged from the giant chasm in Shawnee Glacier nearby.



The story begins at Albor, moving toward the great gates before the bridge leading to the Terror of Kasyrga.

There is a fixed rotation. This rotation is determined by order of posts after I introduce the In-Character.

One post from the group every 3 days. Barring IRL issues we shall keep this moving. Skips will occur if necessary.

Experiment: If there is minimal GM action to be taken on my part, for example a small reaction to somebody’s action that would hardly warrant a whole post on my part, I will tell you what happens here in the OOC and tag those to whom it pertains.

---IE: Dredge in IC thread: Dredge kicks down door!

Me in OOC thread: A wall of spikes shoots from the back of the room at Dredge!


This will also be posted as the Introductory Post for Chapter Two's In-Character thread whenever we're ready. This thread will serve as the discussion area for the IC as well as the place where I make the experimental GM posts listed above. Updated roster of participants gathers below:




@Dredge @Bureku @bfc @Fierach @Thotification @The Only Lucifer @Trigger2Red @Knighto @Djinn&Juice @Sleepy Seal @Alexithymia @Dolor Aeternum @vielle @danzilla3

(tagged every LoD-related person I could think of- will add more when necessary)


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@Trigger2Red @Sleepy Seal @vielle @Bureku @Thotification @Dredge @bfc @danzilla3 @Djinn&Juice

Hope your holidays were fully of merriment and joy! I've backed off pretty significantly on posters for the last maybe two weeks, but I'd like to ramp activity back up as the festivities settle. @Trigger2Red @Sleepy Seal I have no posts from you in Kamikaze, which is no skin off my bones but I make this observation in hopes not to leave you behind as I did engage both of your characters.

Anybody who would like to continue and has a thing to do to advance their characters to the gates where the Terror has crouched mentioned in my posts can make their post before Sunday 1/6/19, when I'll get us moving past the gates and into the castle.

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