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Breaking Ground (Wild Hearts)

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Jack had never been to Tellus Matter before, or at least not that he could remember at any rate. A place where islands floated in the sky, and cultures from all around the world blending together into something unique in all of Valucre. For the longest time he had aspired to go there, not just or business reasons, but to experience this amazing land firsthand. Part of him had feared that Port Sun would be a culture shock for him, but it didn't. Maybe that was because the Port was a territory of Taen, and was therefore similar to Lunaris, where he spent most of his time. 

Or maybe it was the thugs that tried to shake him and his employee down as they made their way down the street.

Somehow it was comforting to know that no matter where in the world one went, they could find the same kind of ambitious young criminals everywhere. He had asked his companion to hang back, and had then given them a sound beating; stopping just short of killing them so that he could interrogate them. Soon he had learned that the muggers were members of a fledgling gang known as the Rising Suns, and that they worked out of an old subway station. He had let them go afterwards, warning them to stay clear of the place from now on if they valued their lives.

He turned to Cerebri and grinned, "So, you ready to procure some real estate?"

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The Helldriver watched on as his new boss continued to beat the living daylights out of the thugs who had the foresight to threaten a man superior to their talents with a certain amount of dispassion. The cretins weren't worth much to look at, but Cerebri had other plans. After the interrogation was done, the Helldriver pulled the group together. providing them with some medical coverage, which had earned him a little trust from them. There was, of course, a caveat to the coverage, which included spying on their current masters for him, in case there was any movement from them that would be detrimental to the arriving group's opening. He also needed minions, and where better to start looking than those already in the seedy underbelly of the area; those who already knew the ins and outs of the criminal going-ons of Tellus Matter. 

"Yep," he replied simply to his boss when the question fell upon him to to look for a space to set up their now expanding empire. He already had a small base of operations in Tellus Matter for his other jobs, but Cerebri did not want his other jobs to mix with the running of the newly minted crew's jobs, so he elected to bring them to a deceptively small house, one that was recently vacated by him when its occupant had failed to pay up the favour he was owed for completing a job for them. He was still going to claim his favour from them of course, but at the time he just felt that an empty house would be a good investment, and certainly enough it was. Opening the door, the house, while on the surface looked drab and dull with plenty of holes where upkeep was very much in need, actually boasted an incredibly luxurious and well furnished decor, filled with drapes of brilliant red, carpets of incredible green, and furniture fit for a king. "Ungh," he grunted, motioning for his companions to enter and make themselves at home. If anyone were to ask him how he got the place, he would just answer simply that he found it.

"Well, time to go to work," he muttered, after taking two long swigs from the nearby whiskey flask. Standing up, he took out a small goblin-made mirror, pictured the local barkeep in his head and tickled it. Slowly the image of Cerebri in the mirror started to swirl, eventually morphing itself into the image of the barkeep, holding three mugs of ale in his hand. "Hey! So good to see you," exclaimed the man. "What can I do you for?"

"I need information," muttered Cerebri. Digging through his pockets, the Helldriver produced a gold coin, which he then tossed into the mirror. The barkeep on the other end caught it, examined it quickly before placing it into his pocket with his free hand. 

"What do you wish to know?" the barkeep replied, smiling widely.

"Rising Sun," growled Cerebri simply.

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ZpY6uTN.pngA small trickle of sweat carved its way down the length of her back, its trail having started at the base of her now craned neck. She has come to Renovatio many times on behalf of her master who had a solid contract with a rather unsavory bunch of men and women. Those times going between Kalopsia and Renovatio had planted the hopeful seeds of freedom. Those seconds she had tasted what it was like to be treated as someone and not something.

Here she stands as a freed slave, and she has peaked over her shoulder multiple times, eyed the shadows, hardly looked a passerbyer in the eye - fear, it was still embedded in her. The elf can still feel the weight of the shackles around her ankles and wrists, the biting edge of the collar that had left minor scars around her slender throat. Renovatio had been the peace because it did not agree with slavery; her actions and delegations are what made her, not the markings on her face. No slavers are hiding in the shadows she glared at and none in the crowds of people wandering about. The fears in her heart had no substance to them.

Eliza allowed herself to relax momentarily while Jack took care of the overzealous thugs. Fighting isn't outside her realm of skills, but the knowledge of how to throw a proper punch, how to hold a sword, those sorts of things make her a novice in comparison to the other two. Jack handled himself with envious ease, and Cerebri took charge of the situation to manipulate it in their favor better. 

There is so much she has to learn and be aware of. Eliza has done her fair share of getting people on her side, but it was never her coin and never her words that indeed persuaded them to stand by her. Now there is power in her freedom, and she must find her footing to make it proper. 

Sometime later the crew found themselves in a comfortable home that made her wrinkle her nose in disdain. It reminded her of a slimy old man who liked to live lavishly, to the point all his slaves wore gold chains and rings, their attire was always the best, and they smelled of honeysuckle and roses. The furnishings in the home would be right up his alley! Besides the obvious, the only things missing were the golden forks and spoons, and a large table surrounded by mages and their like. 

"That's amazing."

She peeked over Cerebri's shoulder; a grin spread across her face. These kinds of magical things have always perked her interest, seeing such a thing in action nearly tickled her to laughter. 

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The residence Cerebri led the trio to was shabby and unassuming on the outside, which made the opulence of its interior even more impressive upon entrance. Jack was duly impressed by his employee's hideout, even if his taste in interior decorating was a bit gaudy for him. At the Helldriver's bequest, he took a seat upon a plush red armchair, paired with a golden ottoman, which he put his feet on. Producing his own flask of whiskey as he watched the man consult some kind of mirror, and took a long pull from it. Figuring Cerebri wouldn't mind, he produced a cigarette case, plucked one out, and put it in his mouth before lighting up.

"Come now Eliza, leave him to it. Have a smoke, or a drink, or take a look at this."

He twirled the cane he had with him, and let the blade concealed within slide a few inches from its sheathe. With a thought, the blade began to crackle with electricity before bursting into flame.


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