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Breaking Ground (Wild Hearts)

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"You should probably smile more often. I think it would make you a little less, mm, frightening? I guess is the word I'm looking for."

This stopped Cerebri in his tracks. He had always thought of himself as a loner. It was only until recently that he began thinking of expanding his business, and thus decided that outside help would be useful. He'd never have thought he would meet someone who would be able to make his heart beat the way it did. 

Grunting in reply, Cerebri allowed the comment to play around in his head a little while longer before mentally snapping back into his role. He raised his glass to his lips once more, took a quick swig, and set the mug down. He then reached his hand over and placed his palm over the beautiful elf's own, allowing the sensation of her hand his his wash over his consciousness for a quick minute. "Let's get out of here," he leaned over and whispered, both in a flirty way and a manner of urgency, as he noticed that his boss had not come back from the washing facilities. Holding on to her hand, he guided the wonderful lady out of the bar, giving the barkeep the smallest of nods before exiting the swinging doors of the alcohol storage building. Opening the door to the carriage, Cerebri helped the lady into the inner chamber, then climbed into the driver's seat. Pulling around the back of the bar, Cerebri spotted the bodies of the two unconscious lieutenants slumped over in two wine casks, heads barely peeking out of the top. Placing the lid on, he hoisted each barrel into the carriagae interior, waited for his boss to board, then proceeded to leave for the base of operations. There was a dungeon within the building, and it was time to put it to good use.  

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It was a short trip back to the base, and then it was just a matter of getting the two lieutenants into the basement for a chat. Jack hefted one barrel over his shoulder and left Cerebri to carry the other one. Once inside, he pulled one man out of his barrel and proceeded to secure him to a chair in the middle of the room. He shackled the other one up as well, but blindfolded him and put noise cancelling headphones over his ears before shutting him back in his wooden prison. Now they were getting to the fun part. He turned to his employees and clapped his hands.

"Alright! Here's the plan," he explained, "We need usable information out of these boys, so we're gonna have to forgo anything really fun. So I'm gonna wake this guy up, smack him around a bit, and then Cerebri is going to pull me off; classic good cop bad cop. You convince him that he wants to talk to you, because if I have to get the info out of him, it's gonna be painful. I imagine he'll crack pretty quick, and then we shuffle him off out of sight, and pull his buddy out. We do the same with him, and verify the intel. Let's do this."

Jack rounded on their captive and smacked him across the face to rouse him from his slumber. The man sputtered and coughed as he came to, trying to stammer out a demand to know where he was. Grabbing him by the collar, Jack pulled him right up to his face.

"You're in hell asshole," he punctuated the answer with a headbutt, "And your only way out is to tell me what I want to know before get bored and cut you into little pieces while you're still alive to feel it!"

Finishing his speech, he proceeded to throw a few punches into the mans ribs and stomach; careful not to inflict to much head trauma. When Cerebri pulled him off, he would scoff at the other man before moving to a table off to the side. As his lieutenant persuaded the man to talk, he would pull out various tools and implements to inspect them.

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ZpY6uTN.pngHis reply drew a smile across her soft face. She was beginning to understand Cerebri more as they spent time together; his quiet manners, his rough demeanor, and also the gentle undertones he tries to keep hidden. Reading people is not her strong suit, and she would never claim to be a 'people person,' but it's hard to not see who a person is or maybe when they are relaxed around you. She felt instead honored that he would allow his guard to be so low around her. Especially since there was little to the elf that would make anyone interested in her.

He held her hand as if it were the most natural thing in the world to do, and it caused her to giggle against the rip of her mug. Such interactions were always looked down upon; if a person even so much looked at a slave, they would be targeted as traitors. Yet here, it's reasonable to hold someone's hand, speak to them in a friendly manner, and interact as if they were equals. Cerebri was, unknowingly, teaching her that it was okay to be this way - okay to have companions.

The two made their exit, gathered up the 'goods' and were quickly back to the base. During the small ride, the elf would glance at her hand from time to time, feeling suddenly comfortable in the situation that is her current life. Most would not think it ideal, but she was enthralled with this sudden sense of freedom and sharing it with potential friends and acquaintances.

Inside, Jack laid out the entire plan, leaving the elf with nothing to do. She looked up to Cerebri, curious to see him play the part of the 'good cop' - it wasn't a part really meant for him. Covering up her small laugh, she exited the room while the men took care of their business. Eliza is not intimidating and would look foolish if she even tried; thus, there is no reason for her to really back the men up unless she had to play the bleeding the heart. The best thing she can do is ensure that they both have a quiet place to work, and with that sat next to the closed door and erected a small shield around the room.

For now, she will wait.


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Cerebri sat in a chair outside the dungeons, waiting for the man he called boss for now to finish wailing on the man. With each thwack he heard resonate from within, Cerebri tightened his fist, to the point his fingernails dug so deep it drew blood. Rage was seething within him, and this rage stemmed from the fact that he had to listen to the torture of a kidnapped man, and even after five long minutes, still gave up nothing. Slowly losing his patience, Cerebri finally stood up, faced the dungeon door, and gave it an almighty kick.

The door came off its hinges and crashed into the wall across the room, leaving dust in its wake. He did not notice where his boss was, and made a beeline straight for the man strapped in the chair. Tracing his finger along his left ribs, he counted three from the top, before pressing down hard. The audible snap could be heard outside the room, and soon after, the scream of agony. It was a good thing they were far from the populated areas, but yet again, the man he got the house from was into torture play and had a steady supply of people coming and going from here, so screams were not only common in around this part, it was uncommon to not have screams. 

The man panted after his blood curdling scream, but with each breath he winced a little in pain. "I've broken the rib closest to your heart, and each time you breath deep, you risk your own rib puncturing it. I'd take small, shallow breaths if I were you," Cerebri growled. Locating the man's fourth rib on the right this time, he pressed down slightly, causing the man to squirm in his seat. "Tell me what we need to know, and this will all stop."

"What's to stop you from killing me then," breathed the man in the seat. 

"Absolutely nothing. It would be entirely up to that man over there. You could die, that is definitely a choice, or you could work for us instead."

"Work for you," the man questioned. The thought had definitely been planted in his head, and the choice was now playing inside, bouncing around, and filling him.

"Yes, work for me. You give us the information we need, and we just might allow you to join our ranks." More information was not required, as the desired effect was already in play.

"You have ten seconds to consider this, or I'll break another," Cerebri growled again, placing his hand at the desired rib once more.

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