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As Night Falls

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He's running out of time. The nightmares never leave him. And he is desperate. He was told that Yh'mi may have the answers he seeks.


Hello humans!

I would like to introduce my character Ashe to the world and what better way to do that than Yhmi? 


Outcasted from the world, my character finds himself in the city of Inns'th, and desperate, he joins the White hand to understand the curse that's been plaguing him since childhood. Somehow this curse has lead him to Yhimi, and he believes there's a reason for it. He wants to investigate for himself but doesn't have power to go alone, nor the funds for a crew, which is why he joins the white hand. He's scheduled for going on his first scouting mission soon with a small crew and anyone else who would like to join them on this dangerous venture. 

Posts do not have to be lengthy, but paragraph style is what I'm looking for, roughly 2 paragraphs per post minimum.

Besides myself, and @Artisan of Soul , I am looking for 2 others who would like to join. We are also looking for individuals that can post within 3-5 days of their turn unless an extension is requested. I'm not exactly a fast pace poster, but even I tend to go a little overboard on AFV'ing.  AKA the rule is mostly for me~ 

It will be dangerous, gruesome, and some NPCs are probably going to die horrible deaths...anyone interested?

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