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the Dead Celebrates.

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You are cordially invited to the Architect's estate to celebrate the holidays with a Secret Skeleton Gift Exchange for The Dead members! This is an opportunity for members to get to know one another, mingle, drink, and be merry. A moment to completely unwind and get into the holiday spirit, maybe get a little drunk off the spiked eggnog and get a bit risky with a game of spin the bottle - endless possibilities! 

Those who are going to for sure join the party, please fill out the survey and submit it in this here thread. The faster this is done, the sooner we can pair you off with someone. 



Snacks - 

Drinks - 

Scents - 

Colors - 


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Name: the Apprentice, aka Ina Akeno & Freckles


Snacks - n/a

Drinks - n/a

Scents - Apple Cinnamon Spice

Colors - Fuschia & Tangerine 


When not toting a hook nosed bird skull, Ina enjoys tending to a wide variety of plants and animals in her gardens. (Including her constant companion, Freckles.) She is also rather fond of genetics, herbology, and a diverse genre of magical spells.

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NameLinda Linda / Fräulein Silverbush


Snacks - Cakes and Pastries

Drinks - Spirits, Tea (Blackbush leaves)

Scents - Sweet Incense, Cigar smoke

Colors - Black or grey


giving lip service,
smoking cigars,
drinking tea,
Sitting on people

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Name: Riforte Estraysian D'Marcus/the Architect


Snacks - chocolate dipped potato chips

Drinks - sweet wine & fizzy drinks

Scents - cardamom, mahogany, sandalwood

Colors - purple, red, gold, black, white


In her free time, Riforte occupies her time either transcribing music or gardening. She is an amateur rock hunter - mineralogy is her jam.

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Image result for snooki smush

Feelin cute, might delete later

Name: Cain Rose


Snacks - crumpets, pigs in a blanket, assorted cheeses, "the other white meat" (human; preferably served in private)

Drinks - whiskey, scotch, sweeter meads, water, blood

Scents - roses, grass, sex

Colors - red, black, purple, gold, orange

Hobbies: People watching, people pleasing, people killing


Name: Nica Sero


Snacks - finger sandwiches, hot Cheetos, celery

Drinks - wine, brandy, fizzy water, black tea

Scents - chrysanthemum

Colors - carmine

Hobbies: Looking exactly like Cain, being prisoner to Cain, being a good guy, dressing well, entrepreneurship

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