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 Name: Linda Linda

Title: The Madame, Fräulein Silverbush, Founder and CEO of the Silverbush Conglomerate 

Visual Age: Early Twenties

Sex: Female

Sexual Orientation: Questionable

Specialization: Businesswoman and explorer extraordinaire

Brief Description: The white-haired, yellow-eyed, plain-faced chain-smoking, tea addict. Hammy, egotistical, and narcissistic. Makes liberal use of endearments such as 'honey, dear, sweetie, darling..etc.' when referring to other people not part of the cartel. She loves learning new things and experiences. As the head of an information collecting group, she never misses a chance to show off her knowledge or teach people. 


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Formerly known as Middy Ochre or the Mistress Blackhead



Serphus Aluminum - Black Heart Mirror - Brother against Sister - Middy, Sera and Khaki is requested to corrupt Esben's sister. They achieve three Athentha Relics - Black Heart Mirror Great Sword, Black Heart Spear, and Black Hear Mirror Robes.
Land of the Free: Middy becomes an honorary member of Justice. After assisting Jericho. (PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE)
Antigone Isle Raid(unfinished): Middy survives a battle against Calypso
Cleaning up the Mess(unfinished): Middy assists House Aetherion's questionable actions (PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE)
Fright Night Town Raid: Vigilante Middy travels to Tormo to protect the citizens. He manages to save a few. At the end, he finds out that his boss, Lady Blackhead, was part of the villains who plundered Tormo.(PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE)
MOBS Tournament 2(Champion Sera): Middy bets against her fellow agent Sera. Sera becomes champion making Middy lose the bet and his left eye in the process. (PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE)
Graduation: Dredge amasses his troops for the invasion. Middy was forced by the Lady Blackhead to join the Legion. This revokes his Justice status.
Battle of Last Chance: After Dredge's 'training" at the end of Graduation, edgy Middy joins the raid of Last Chance. (PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE) At the end, Lady Blackhead retires as the head of the cartel and Middy becomes the new Black Head. Also he changes gender because only  a woman can lead the cartel. (THE PUBLIC DOES NOT KNOW THAT MIDDY IS THE MISTRESS)
Rock and a Hard Place: Now known as the Mistress, Middy reaches out to Ms Blonde. 
To Command Despair: Middy (the Mistress) encounters Lilith. Her subordinates receive the mark of Lilith.
We can do Both: Ms Blonde employs Middy(the Mistress) to attack Club Euphoria
Wild Hunt: Middy(as the Mistress) joins Ms Blonde to hunt some dragons
Silence - Middy(as the Mistress) assists in monopolizing the mining in Ponkapaoag lake.
Steeped in Moonlight: Middy meets Lilith again to help get an artifact for Ankou.

Darkness and Havoc - Apocalyptic Event in Ceyana - The Mistress (Middy) leads the Black Spear Cartel to stop the god Havoc.
Reflections: Middy(as the Mistress) assists Blonde in selling some rare materials.
Hanging Temple Raid - Middy (as the Mistress) joins an expedition to raid a Temple in O'oxora
Aquarius Make Me Wet - Middy (as the Mistress) recovers the Aquaris Necklace, a Renovatio Relic.
Sagittarius, Knock Me Up With An Arrow - Middy(as the Mistress) recovers the Sagittarius Necklace, a Renovatio Relic.

Quest for the Heaven's Armor - Middy(as the Mistress) recovers the Heaven's Armor artifact.
When a Cult absorbs the Fallen - Middy(as the Mistress) leads the Black Spear cartel in absorbing the Heralds of the Fall into their cult.
There be a wolf in these ruins - Middy(as the Mistress) assist the Uldwars in recovering the True Crown of Ursa Madeum

Pagans in the Night - The Mistress assists Cerik in recovering the monocle artifact.
Destruction des Morts - Middy (as the Mistress) meets the Dead in Tia.
Strangers in the Night - Middy(as the Mistress) joins a networking event.
Andelusia High Tea Society - Middy (as the Mistress) negotiates a deal with the Andelusian High Tea society as an outsource company for transporting ingredients.
Highway to Hell - Middy(as the Mistress) assists in the construction of Taen road.
Claiming the Furthest Point - Middy(as the Mistress) leads the Black Spear Cartel in helping the Order of the White Hand in repelling the dark forces of Y'mhi

Yral: Recovering the Scattered Petals - Ongoing
Revival Legion of Doom - Middy dies in the hands of the Legion. This marks the end of the Mistress and the Black Spear Cartel.
Visiting Hours - Middy returns in a new form as the Madame Linda Linda and hooks up with a researcher in Taen.
Quenching the Madame's Thirst - Middy(as the Madame Linda Linda) recovers the Legendary Artifact Baeoi
Holly and her Sheathes - Middy assist Holly Sheathe in taking over the whole Sheathe farms.
A life for an Eye; Recovering the Witch's Eye Relic  - Middy as the Madame recovers the Witch's Eye, a Relic of Athentha.

Madame in Vallinde - The Madame brings Baeoi and her old companions to Valinde where they farm the vampire lord for high-speed stopwatches.

Currently poses as the benevolent Madame Linda Linda, businesswoman extraordinaire. She has long since left the life of a criminal and has diverted most of her efforts into altruism and as the occasional vigilante.

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Has access to the Blackspear skillset and is subject to the Blackspear Mechanics. 

Others: As the original cartel member, Middy Ochre/Linda Linda holds all the accumulated skills, good qualities, strengths and abilities of every cartel that was once under her command. What any member can do, she can do better.



Presence Trait-Mediocre Version(outdated): Middy's original passive. A utility trait. In the past, her presence allows her to quickly understand concepts, skills, abilities, techniques, and spell that any person of an average category is capable of learning. This however also hampers Middy's skills and anything she does is at a mediocre level. While this skill has long since expired, Middy/Linda still retains everything she has learned together with all the accumulated knowledge and skills of the cartel.

Presence Trait-Mistress Black Head Version: As the Mistress, this skill is a passive that affects a 5-meter radius sphere of influence around her. Her presence is supposed so overbearing that it inflicts fear, intimidation, and terror as a psychological effect. Usually affects living things. This ability does not drain energy but is an inherent effect of the Mistress' very being influencing its surroundings. Can be resisted by most strong-willed PCs and NPCs. Using this mode grants her mastery over her supernatural abilities. 

Presence Trait-Blessed Saintess Version: After the events of Ceyena, Middy has been blessed by a nameless foreign goddess that has turned her hair skin and hair white. This also granted her the Saintess presence trait. A passive effect that affects a 5-meter radius sphere of influence around Middy/Linda. It bathes her in a soft gentle glow and it gradually purifies her surroundings. It also emanates a song similar that of a Catholic choir.

Acquired Upgrades:


Ascended Senses: Once she has sensed the power or energy of one being, it is possible for Middy/Linda to locate that supernatural signature within her proximity or around 20 meters of her. She can possibly detect those farther than her but at that point, she can no longer determine the direction or location of the supernatural signature. This also allows her to detect the nature or traits of an ability. This is also hampered by the strength or intensity of a being or ability. A weak signature can be hardly noticed and a stronger one is easily detected.

Spatial-Temporal Ascension: Her final act in Ceyena was to jump through the ripped fabric of time and space with a device that could fix the rips. Within the rip, Middy/Linda has suffered the effects of temporal and spatial distortions destroying her mundane body. Once she has survived and escaped the rip, her human body was greatly reforged adding another level to its physical and supernatural properties. 

Whispernight Tower Ascension: After harnessing the power of the tower, Middy/Linda has once more upgraded her physical and supernatural properties, greatly ascending beyond the limits of a human being. One cannot be certain if she is still a human being at this point or perhaps something else.

Personal Preferences - despite having access to a variety of knowledge granted by the information archive, she still has her own personal preferences when it comes to combat.



Divine Benefactor - after completing her deal with the old gods of Renovatio, Middy/Linda now has full access to the powers and abilities of said old gods.

Demon Contractoe - as the successor to the position of Blackhead, Middy/Linda also inherits the different archdemons(their domains in the qlipoth) that were once contracted to her late mother, the previous Blackhead.


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Blackspear Armory: She has full access to the armory.

Baeoi (the blade of both): S-class legendary artifact from Genesaris. Click the spoiler for more details.


Baeoi [Both]

Legendary Weapon

A blade forged in honor of the Ryzerus, High Lord of Neutrality.

The sword of dusk and dawn, it is said to be the only force capable of uniting fire and shadow. It is a greatsword of peerless beauty, with a blade that shimmers gray. The crossguard is of simple make, black and laced with cold. The pommel is fashioned from polished mahogany wood. At its end sits a large sphere which holds either the sunrise or sunset within it, depending on which is occurring.

Blade of Power (Passive): As a legendary weapon, this sword can negate the abilities of other non-legendary Genesar relics in its proximity. It is a powerful spell-slicer, and can also cut through all inanimate objects. The blade, once owned, is summoned to the user’s hand.

Zusammen (Ascendant): The blade of healing, durability, and balance. Baeoi grants the user superhuman levels of durability (nigh indestructibility) and agelessness. It can cure any known disease or ailment, remove any status effect, and is said even to be able to resurrect the dead. The blade cannot kill, however. Those it cuts, it heals. The most powerful ability of this blade, however, is that it can seal away the abilities of the other two blades.

Beannachdan (Legendary): The final ability of the Lost Sword, Baeoi is capable of amplifying or inhibiting supernatural abilities. Referred to as "blessing" or "unblessing," the former allows the sword to significantly increases the effectiveness of a spell or ability (in combative terms this would be equivalent to applying a 3-prep modifier to any spell/ability once every other use). Alternatively, the latter emits an aura that reduces the effectiveness of all spells/abilities within its range (5m range from the wielder; this effects all abilities that are not the user's). These two abilities can be used simultaneously. 

Specky MK-00 Prototype (First Version) - the original version of the cartel's homunculus. First used by the Lady Blackhead and later inherited by The Mistress Blackhead (Linda Linda).

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