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With preparations complete and the prisoners secure, the ship's Commander gave the okay to set off! All crew members and passengers were directed to anchor themselves via holding onto something sturdy nearby, or by claiming the nearest seat complete with safety harness and belt. An easy take off gave birth to what seemed to be shaping up into an easy completion. So long as things remained as they were now anyway. Once the ship reached its desired altitude, the personnel was free to walk abroad the ship once more. Captain Becky remained with her unit. While they didn't even favor the worst criminal of the bunch, they did manage to find a place nestled about as in the middle of all the prisoners as they could get. This way they could hopefully keep an eye on those coming to and from the containment cells as well as when and why. She remembered the Viceroy mentioned the task should be an easy one, though she also remembered it was foolish to not move with certain caution.

Overall, the flight would take several hours to complete. At this point, they couldn't be more than an hour or two into the flight. As they settled into their temporary environment, the unit began to enjoy chatter among themselves to some limited degree. 

Captain Rebecca: "I'm not saying I disagree with you Charles, I'm just saying it's not my place to question the Viceroy's fitness to lead."

Charles: "I'm not questioning so much as observing. Something's been off about him as of late. His plans for the Academy have hit a screeching halt, as have the one's for that store he was so excited about. Not to mention he just hasn't been showing much face. He's hiding something, something big, I'm tellin'ya."

Daphne: "Then again, there's always been something not quite right about the guy."

Captain Rebecca: "C;mon guys! Seriously! What the hell is quite right in this world or the next one anyway? The Viceroy may not have brought us much more fortune than what little we started with, though haven't lost much either. Hell, these prisoners are the remnants of the only blemish on his track record."

Jerry: "If y'ask me, I'd say he's a great guy. A little eccentric sure, but he seems to at least know how to keep a ship floating, even if he can't sail it."

Charles: "You know what else floats?"

Everyone except Rebecca: "SHI- "

Captain Rebecca: "Enough!"

Awkward silence.

Taylor: "You know, come to think of it the Queen has been scarce herself. Rumor is is that she collapsed a long while back at the festival. Some say she's ill, others think she's in a coma."

Jerry: "You never know the fate of one whom trifles with The Devil."

Captain Rebecca: "Next subject. Next thing you know we'll all be court marshaled for conspiracy or treason. I'm joking naturally, but still, it's rude to speak upon the Scarlet Queen so freely, and to entertain rumor. No matter how odd he might be as of late, I am certain that the Viceroy would communicate such troubles to us."

Charles: "I hope you're right."

Captain Rebecca: "Have I ever been wrong?"

A pause followed her question before they all looked to one another and bust out laughing, recalling quite a few times she was wrong. Reminiscing over the consequences of each time she was. Despite the minute flaws, not a single person in this unit would wish to be placed elsewhere or with others. 

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Time passed, the cargo hold had long been vacated by the workers as the ship lifted off and began its aerial voyage to the distant prison city. Now was the time to act. Emerging from her hiding place, Mara stepped toward the entrance and looked around.

"Front at center, ladies. Time to earn our paycheck." she spoke, breaking the relative silence of the room.

Once Sera and Khaki had revealed themselves, Mara began explaining the plan.

"Because we didn't have much time to plan this job, I ain't got a map of the ship to use, so we'll have to figure it out as we go. The two of you will proceed directly to the bridge and take it by any means necessary, though, at least try to keep the pilots alive; we'll need 'em the land this thing. Try to get there undetected if you can, but if you have to start wrecking things, make sure it doesn't stop you from completing your primary objective. Once you have it under your control, make the pilots steer us toward the coast, preferably away from any major settlements. They'll likely try to retake the bridge from you, so be prepared."

She delivered the plan without much emotion, but that was merely because she was saving it for when it mattered. 

"I will proceed to the prisoner hold, but I won't act until you've triggered an alarm and drawn their attention. Once they start concentrating their forces on retaking the bridge, I'll free the prisoner, then we'll join ya. At that point, we'll bring this whole thing down on the shore and wait for our extraction team. Are we understood?"

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"Because we didn't have much time to plan this job, I ain't got a map of the ship to use, so we'll have to figure it out as we go. The two of you will proceed directly to the bridge and take it by any means necessary, though, at least try to keep the pilots alive; we'll need 'em the land this thing. Try to get there undetected if you can, but if you have to start wrecking things, make sure it doesn't stop you from completing your primary objective. Once you have it under your control, make the pilots steer us toward the coast, preferably away from any major settlements. They'll likely try to retake the bridge from you, so be prepared."

Khaki and Sera both nodded. The duo knew what the stakes are in this fight and they are more than prepared to step up to the challenge. They were professionals after all despite their ridiculous antics. Both knew when they needed to be serious and it seems now is the right time for that. Face set in stone the two kept their mouth shut as Mara delivered another set of instructions.

"I will proceed to the prisoner hold, but I won't act until you've triggered an alarm and drawn then attention. Once they start concentrating their forces on retaking the bridge, I'll free the prisoner, then we'll join ya. At that point, we'll bring this whole thing down on the shore and wait for our extraction team. Are we understood?"

Sera was the first to answer. "Right, Go to the bridge. Take it. The pilots are important although Khaki and I can both fly the planes as well if needed. Steer the ship towards the coast. Got it."

It seemed simple enough for Sera and surely nothing can go wrong right?

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"One more thing." Mara added, pulling out a small scrap of paper and handing it to Sera, "Use that frequency to contact our extraction team with the coordinates of our landing place. Try to time your contact so they arrive about the time we land, if possible. I'll leave that to your judgement though. Do not disappoint me."

With that, she approached the door to the cargo bay and pressed her ear against it. Not hearing anything, she drew out her auto-revolver and opened the door, glancing both ways to make sure the corridor was clear.

"All clear, move it." she hissed at the other two, waving them to go on past her.

Once Sera and Khaki were well on their way to the bridge, Mara took a different direction, intent on finding the holding cells. She might have attempted to secure a silenced weapon had she more time to prepare for this rescue, but because Engel's situation had been discovered so late, neither she nor her employers had that luxury. Still, she had tackled entire criminal gangs and even powerful magic-users before, surely she could handle this mission. She just needed to position herself relatively close to the holding cells, then wait for Sera and Khaki to raise a ruckus at the bridge. She was confident they could do that.

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"All clear, move it." 

At their employer's command, the duo made haste within the corridor, their steps quick but silent. They were experienced professionals after all, for better or for worse. So far they haven't met anyone yet and thankfully they won't have to kill anyone. Sera was, in fact, enjoying the whole thing as she was never one to successfully complete a job without making a ruckus. For now, reaching the bridge of the utmost importance. She was rather excited when they reach the bridge part. Oh, the fun she will have with all the crew once the firefight starts. Right now, she breathing rather heavily in anticipation of the fight much to Khaki's dismay.

"Wait up."

Sera slowed down with Khaki's hiss. A few more steps they're on the bridge and its about time the two start preparing for the destined combat. They both know what to do- take over the bridge, draw their attention and if possible try to steer the ship to a different landing point. If worse comes to worst, then Sera believed Khaki would pilot the ship. She might be rusty but there's no way Khaki will muck up the landing.

Shrugging, Sera produced one smoke grenade from her pockets. It would help if they have some cover and would be very distracting. Praying to their gods, the duo pulled out their automatic pistols gave each other a brief glance. No more words necessary, only action.

"On three." Sera mouthed, "One."

Khaki hissed, "Two."

"Three." And Sera lobs the smoke grenade towards the center of the bridge.

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The trained security and personnel aboard the vessel were none the wiser of the ladies and their approach. Their plan running smooth from the start of their mission. With the Marshall, and the Captain and her team preoccupied with the precious cargo, there was nothing more than a pair of guards actually on the bridge, along with the Commander/pilot and his co-pilot, the navigator, and an on site engineer. Nothing was suspected of this trip going awry until one of the guards heard and keyed in on the skittering of canisters upon the ground. Upon close inspection, they were small explosives, easily identified with pins removed. By the time he shouted "Grenade!", the bridge was already beginning to fill with smoke. The engineer and navigator, along with the guards were effected first. Losing their sight before their breathing became choked and labored. As the smoke filled the pilot's sight, his co-pilot audibly informed him that this was a code red situation. Before he had the chance to lose it, the pilot mashed the panic button between the co-pilot and his own steering wheels. To disarm the system, they would need the pilot's key and the co-pilot's four digit pin.

Once activated, the ship brought itself abruptly to lock down. The bridge, engine room, and prisoner hold cells were all becoming lock in with steel doors lowering from the ceiling. With a simple hand gesture and motion, Captain Becky's team responded by separating. One of the Wizards and one of the Psions respectively raced and slide under the closing door. They knew that they'd be apart for a while, perhaps they might never be together again. However, whatever was going on had to be investigated. Little did they know they wouldn't be able to access the bridge. As they made their approach, the now sealed bridge continued to fill thicker and thicker still with smoke. All crew present in the bridge tried to make themselves as low as possible, while trying to use their worn fabrics as makeshift filters to spare them from choking. The rest of the security teams would be setting up perimeters as trained, focusing on a line being drawn outside of the steel door blocking any from entering or exiting the bridge. 

Captain Rebecca: "You two stay here. Chances are anyone trying to save one of these bastards will have to pass through here. Hopefully this is just some sort of technical issue."

Truth be told she knew deep down inside that even with portions shut off from air flow, it would be easy for one to circumvent the barriers by traveling the ships air ducts and ventilation system. If she got desperate to venture out and see what was going on for herself, perhaps even she would abuse such a tactics. For now though she was completely fine checking in with the Marshal, and the worst of the the prisoners being transported. 

Marshall: "Any idea what's going on?" He shouted over the screeching alarm, red emergency lights bouncing off the walls and their faces alike.

Captain Rebecca: "Negative, I'm sure there's other personal that can and has identified the trigger responsible for the alarm. Other than that I think were all sort of in the dark right now."

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A lockdown, perfect. Yes, this meant that movement around the ship was severely restricted, but that was going to be an issue that primarily effected the defenders. Mara was a supersoldier with a metal arm, and with the element of surprise no longer a concern, she could operate as she saw fit now. She was still at least one corridor away from where the prisoners were being held when the lockdown took place, so she had deal with at least two doors. Well, only one, as she caught the first just before it closed with her metal fingers, forcing it back up enough that she was able to duck under it. Once past, she released it and allowed it to close behind her, while visually sweeping the hall beyond, auto-revolver at the ready. Nobody to the right, and to the left...


Mara whipped her gun to the left and fired almost by instinct, but they were finely-honed instincts. The guard who spoke went flailing backward as the magnum bullet impacted his chest, but a second guard was also in the hall, and he was already lining-up to fire. Thanks to a combination of her enhanced reflexes, computerized eyesight, and a hint of experience, she raised her left arm directly into the trajectory of the incoming rounds, blocking the bullets cold before they could strike her organic parts. Though the synthetic glove that posed as a natural hand was torn away, the alloy beneath did not give way, and the chunks of led were cast aside.

"Wha--AH!" the second guard wasn't given much time to gasp in confusion before he was also shot-down.

The corridor was clear, for the moment, but there was a good chance any guards in the prison block had heard the commotion and would be ready for action in mere seconds. Mara took off into a sprint down the hall, snatching the weapon from one of the fallen guards as she went past him, while holstering her revolver. The door to the prison block was all the way shut, unfortunately, and there was no way she'd be able to get her fingers underneath it enough to be able to lift it. There was two ways in, through the vents, where she'd be vulnerable and easily dispatched if the defenders had even the slightest inkling that she was approaching from that way, or through the door itself, which would give them plenty of warning that she was coming. 

But that just meant she was giving them a fair chance. These weren't criminals she was killing, they were lawmen. She regretted having to kill them, especially to break people who were convicted criminals, but it couldn't be any other way. She owed Dr. Engel her life, and it was a debt she could only repay one way, and that was by saving his. Those who stood in her way would have to be eliminated, even if they did not deserve such a fate. Alas, this was not a perfect world, and Mara knew it well. 


Her metal fist struck the steel door with enough force to create a sizable dent, no doubt causing all weapon-wielders inside to focus on it.  


The door began to give way, the entire thing cratering further inward with each blow.


One more strike and the entire thing would be thrown inward off its hinges. Now was the time to prepare herself for the inevitable. There could be a half dozen, hell, maybe a full dozen guards lying in wait within. She needed just a slight edge. Stopping her assault on the door, she pulled out a flashbang grenade, one of two that she brought, and the only explosives she had in her possession. There was nothing that said "Hey, shoot this!" like carrying an obvious explosive on your belt, so she only carried the least lethal ones she could with her. Besides, she needed the prisoner alive, so she couldn't risk killing him with stray shrapnel. A flashbang, on the other hand, would daze enough of the guards, while not affecting her in the slightest (due to her special eyes) that she should be able to take all the hostiles out before they could land a hit on her.


The pin was out, and she dropped the canister in front of her right boot, while propping the looted rifle up in her right hand. With her left she launched her final strike against the door...



The door came hurling inward, while Mara kicked the grenade into the room with her foot at an angle, bouncing sending it around the collapsing door and bouncing off the wall to the right flank of the defenders. The explosion occurred even as the door was still falling to the floor, thus before a target could be presented to the defenders. This was followed up immediately by rifle fire from Mara's weapon, as her eyes cut through both the flash and shadows, identifying any enemies within. Now it was a race to see whose guns were faster...

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Smoke. Smoke was everywhere. And Sera reveled in it. Unhindered by the suffocating gas, the mad woman strode into bridge as if she's some kind of monster in a B movies. Her seemed to have this eerie glow of madness as she stalked the place in search of any living thing.

"COME ON, YOU YELLOW SONS OF BITCHES!! COME OUT AND FIGHT LIKE A MAN!" Sera screamed at the top of her lungs. It seems she has encountered another problem. Shd has no trouble breathing in toxic smoke but she can't see shit with its thickness.

Letting lose a stream of curses, the mad woman began to fire both her automatic pistols at random hoping to hit at least one guard by chance. 



Khakina grimace at Sera's rather ear splitting screams and cringe-worthy acting skills. She can no longer deny it anymore. Sera is batshit insane. Still, she needed the chaos that is Sera for the success of this operation. 

The ducts are not as tight as Khaki expected. She had crawled into one, moments before Sera began in rampage. It was a gamble on Khaki's part as she might make the wrong turn when travelling through the ventilation system. There was only one destination in her mind, one purpose. The cockpit or whatever it is called in this ship. She must find the location of the pilot's fast. Khaki was sure that the alarms had gone off already and Sera could have possibly locked within the bridge unable to reach the pilots next door. That is why Khaki is here creeping. As a second option. She prayed to the gods that they won't muck up this job.

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The sound of gunfire began to sound of in rapid succession as things quite literally began to get messy. This voyage was taking a turn for the worst, after having such a flawless take off and a pretty clean flight up until now. Bullets pinged and ricocheted about the bridge, in which most of the guards available ultimately wounded and murdered one another in confusion of that female voice shouting from beyond the veil of smoke. Others coughed, gagged, and choked on the smoke, ultimately succumbing to smoke inhalation. Perhaps a few of them were still alive and could be saved, though it was certain that their fight was over. Thanks to the smoke now also setting off the smoke alarm system, multiple shutoff engaged throughout the air duct system automatically, which was great for defending against a spread fire, but not so great for those employed with transporting these prisoners. To see the smoke come through the vents would've undoubtedly allowed them to identify a breach immediately. The series of bangs over the low hum of the magitech engine caused the Marshall to radio to the others. The preoccupied guards of course wouldn't answer even if they were physically capable of doing such. And yet lagging behind the mess and hiding as their used their Psionics to protect themselves were the two that Rebecca had sent out before the door that was now being smashed in had closed. As much as they wished to turn back and return to the Commander at the sounds of banging metal, they were trained to follow orders, and also not to doubt the training of their comrades and superiors. While their abilities were fully matured and themselves experienced, the two were incapable of picking apart the assailant's brain from the rest. She could just as easily be one of the guards she was assaulting and insulting.


As for the area where the prisoners were being held, the sudden beginning of banging on the door alerted the on guard Wizards to the danger ahead of them, likewise, the Captain and the Marshall could hear someone or thing was coming. Four prisoners, four of them left, and something was about to breach the security door blocking it's path. The Wizards prepped their magic for impact, each creating a barrier about themselves knowing that door was gonna give yet not knowing what exactly was on the other side. To their surprise, the door blasted free of it's parameters before hurtling towards them. Fortune struck as the barriers tanked the impact of the large steel door that was obviously now compromised. However, misfortune struck when a sudden combustion took place below and in front of them, producing a burning white flash of brilliant, blinding prowess! Thanks to the the metal door itself, one of the Wizards was sparred the blinding (right), and yet his partner was blinded, immediately dropping his barrier (left); Just in time for someone to open fire upon them.

Charles' eyes grew wide as he looked on mortified, watching Jerry get gunned down as his own barrier resisted the bullet's penetration. With the culprit identified, and his blinded, now shot partner bleeding out on the floor, Charles' eyes acquired a flame of rage and vengeance. Whoever this bitch was was about to pay dearly! Looking to the assailant, Charles charged her, his barrier persisting as he turned his defense into offense before the spell went into it's cool down phase. His goal was to rush the assailant and use his layer of protection as a buffer to slam right into her and throw her back!


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