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Naughty.... Or Nice? (OOC)

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Notice from the Carmine Empire:

An unidentified being has been flying across Genesaris, violently massacring town after town.
The subject has been described as a very large man in a red suit, in what appears to be a bobsled pulled by what appear to be abnormally large deer.
His methods of flight are unknown.
His methods of killing vary from witness to witness, though all reports have one thing in common;

He always seems to say the same cryptic phrase before he begins: "You have been very naughty."

All attempts made by the Imperial Guard to capture or kill this monster have failed. Therefore, we send an open invitation to any who will listen. 
Calling all mercenaries, adventurers, monster hunters, and anyone that can adequately wield a weapon. The Carmine Empire requests your help in putting an end to this monsters murderous rampage. Any who accept, will be greatly rewarded upon the job's completion. To any who may perish while on this hunt, your reward will be sent to your family.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Okay so real talk, Santa is evil, and brutally killing anyone he doesn't deem as 'Nice'. Which is everyone. Is anyone -truly- nice? All the time?

This will be a raid boss fight taking place in the city of Umbra, in which there are several enemy phases to get through before we take on the final boss, Santa himself. As for what they are... Hollow will be keeping that a secret until it is time to fight them.
Image result for lucky star konata face

Upon finishing the event, all who enter will receive rewards from Santa, as well as the Carmine Empire. If you are unconscious when the fight finishes, you will receive less rewards from Santa, but the Carmine reward will be unaffected.
There will not be a combat dice system for this event, it will be pure storytelling. However, know that like Santa, Hollow will be both participating, and watching. No god dodging, no unavoidable attacks, and no staying conscious after taking hits that would have you out cold.
That being said, dice rolls will be used to dictate a few things. Secret things.
Worry not, Hollow is not biased. My character will be having just as hard a time as you, and he will not receive more or better rewards.

If your character is knocked out, they are out for the rest of the event unless someone revives them.

The amount of people required for this event is flexible, but the absolute max is 9.
You may only have one character involved at a time. If you wish an organization be involved, you must pick one representative.

Hollow wishes for this to be canonized as well. Please mind the character requirement for canonization.

Character sheets for those participating will be an immense help in speeding things along.

Current roster of murder victims  brave individuals to undertake this task:

1- HollowCipher: Dan Palmer

2- Thotification: Maiden Ravenbush

3- Mr. Optional: Caelus. With Robot Eagle

4- Lawman: Alice Schrodinger

5- Hurttoto: One of Their Newest Characters

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