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For weeks, Grant Knight had been holed up in his mother's- no, for the time being, his- office, trying to get the Hyperion government back on track. So many things had to be stopped, rearranged, or postponed; and he had to be read in on things that only his mother had previously known. He barely slept, and ate at his desk, not having the time to take a proper lunch break. Meetings with senior officials and others were often done back to back, with his personal best being twenty sit downs in one day. By the time a new month rolled around, he felt like he was running on fumes, but it had worked. Things we're mostly back on track, and he could begin preparations to officially take over as acting King.

After taking a few days to recover, Grant had showered, shaved, and eaten a large breakfast before attending to some business that circumstances had necessitated be put off. The man named Bishop was a friend of his mother's, the brother of the husband she'd had before marrying his father. He knew virtually nothing about him, but he supposed that if his mother considered him a friend, then he should as well. So when the man had asked for a meeting, he had told him that he would work him in as soon as possible. Today was the first man it had been possible. He walked into his office with a nod to his secretary, and greeted Bishop, who would already be inside.

"Hello Mr. Bishop," he began, "I apologize for delaying this meeting for so long. How can I be of assistance to you."


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As Grant nodded to the secretary, he perhaps noticed the look of concern on her face for the special guest with his metal teeth and his strange smelling cigarettes. She had told the man once that smoking wasn't permitted in the office, but she had also been told not to make the Outlander mad. While Hyperion had failed to upset him thus far, Grant could only hope that he stayed that way in his mother's absence, at least while he was within jurisdiction. By the time Grant was looking to him, Bishop's half lidded, blood shot, glassy eyes were starring at him, a smirk tracing his lips as he inhaled after a drag on that strange cigaretteHand rolled it looked. Bringing himself to stand, he exhaled slowly before his fingers pinched out the joint, in which he threw it's remains into his mouth and swallowed it flawlessly. He smirk refreshed as he finally began.

"I came her' t'find out wha'happen t' m'brutha'. Now tha' I know his killa' is dead, I need t' find m'stride. I can' go home, I mean I ccould, bu'nothin' would be how I lef'it."

Traveling through space and time was a tricky thing. While he hadn't overtly aged too much physically, he knew the risk of returning to the place he left. With shifting flows of time, he might return him naturally aged by his count, and yet his family wouldn't be the one he left. When he took his family through their one way portal out to a new world, a new life, he never thought he'd feel obligated to make a return trip. Now that he was back, he was certain that no matter how bad he wanted it, the return trip would only be the final nail in the coffin. His options were simple, work hard, grind, and when the finances got right, figure out who could turn his currency into his ambitions and desires. If he couldn't find a way home that made the most sense, then he would have to find a way to bring his family to them. Maybe Valucre had it's own version of the Dragon Balls or something, in which case he could simply wish them to be there by his side. After all, if he had have known of Valucre before fleeing Gaia Primus, then perhaps he would've been here all along.

"Like I tol' m'sis, so long as I'm her' I'm willin' t'help. Whateva' y'all need, I gotchu'. In th'mean time, I still wanna' check out tha' island she tol' me 'bout. I need t' upgrade a particula' piece o'tech, tha' or replace't wit'a new model. I also need any intel ya'got on a town not too-too far from her', Rae' called it Palgard. I think I need t'checket out in m' liesia'."

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For a moment, Grant wondered if he would need to find a translator for Bishop before realizing that the man simply had a very strange accent. How it was that his mother managed to understand the man so easily mystified him, because it sounded like he was speaking a different language. But he quickly caught on, and sympathized with the mans plight of not having a home to go back to. Until he had met Raveena, he had been in the situation, moving from city to city, never staying anywhere for too long. As he listened to Bishop, he felt like he might be able to help the man while also helping himself.

"I do know of a man who might be able to help you with your weapon. He resides in Ursa Madeum, I'll have my secretary give you his information. As for Palgard..."

The prince walked over to his desk and opened up a drawer full of neatly organized folders. He thumbed through them until he found the one he was looking for, plucked it from the drawer, and made his way back over to Bishop.

"This is the most recent information I have on Palgard. Which brings me to a proposition I'd like to run by you. Now that I'm running the kingdom for the moment, our intelligence service is without a leader. You seem more than qualified, so I'm offering the position to you."

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Silently he pondered the proposition. His days of being responsible of leading anything were a long ways behind him. When he failed his sister, all he could do was throw his hands up and walk away. While this was an entirely different responsibility, it was still just that. Despite this, Bishop is also one that can't truly turn his back on his family. Once upon a time he walked out on them all to focus on his immediate family, and now here he was, as if he had never left in the first place. Raven accepted him back in, as would his brothers whom were all doing their own things. Still, the thoughts of Jay tortured him after Raven mentioned she was here not that long ago, and seen with James Eredas at that. Since that time, the Doc had already informed him of their invitational Reunion Tournament they both managed to be registered in. Albeit on differing teams. 

"A'ight. As long as y'undastand I ain't much int'avin mufukas barkin' orders in m'face. I'll only answer t'you direc'ly, an' no records. It's best ya' ain't got proof tha' we affiliated, nah' mean?"

Taking the file on Palgard, Bishop grinned a cheeky grin, delivering a wink. Surely the day would come that he wasn't needed any longer. Not in this position anyway. But for now, he would suffice to keep the seat warm for Grant, or for his father whom Bishop still hadn't met. The very man that Raven was supposedly off taking care of at this moment. Grant was a little young to lead a nation, but he was wise beyond his years to compensate. They say apples don't fall far from the tree, and for that reason Bishop liked to believe that he was a good man, based on his opinion of Grant. They boy had good intuition, a good head, a good heart, and he didn't ask questions about things that simply weren't any of his business.

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