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The first rise of Javerion inc. (Amalia)

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The island of Amalia, isolated from the rest of time for so meny years life forms thought to have gone extinct during the early days of civilisation live and some still thrive to this very day. The fact that this island had an existing hive mind or semi-hive was of great intrest to Lexdord. Although one might find it strange that Lexdord wasnt interested in the others that had been discovered like in taen. 

The answer to that would be simple...you see these were one of the less hostile hive minds that have gone around, not to mention they were quite underdeveloped in terms of economical efficiency their technology however was quite equivalent to most civilisations heading straight foward into the information age.

----On the Airship

"This place is perfect for beginging our corporation!" Segi had screamed excitedly.

 The rest of the crew nodded as the airship began to land lightly on the beach of Amalia, upon looking he saw quiet untamed mountain like wilderness yet behind it he saw the life of a settlement.

"Look there it is, now begin setting up advertisements....we'll need all we can get"


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"Oh how wonderful," the white-haired woman giggled as her yellow eyes peered out the airship's window. It was quite thrilling travel especially for a homebody like her. Unfortunately her excitement did not carry over to the old man beside her, the one she jokingly calls her butler. The man was looked aged with his white hair and wrinkled skin, but one cannot deny the rippling muscles hidden underneath his suit. The way he held himself with authority and confidence was a stark contrast to the giggling woman beside him. The young woman looked more like his granddaughter especially with their similar hair color.

"Madame Linda Linda," the old 'butler' started. We'll be landing soon so it is advised that you pay a visit to the crew of this ship and show your gratitude as they were kind enough to let you join as a guest in this expedition."

The white-haired woman named Linda Linda merely smirked. "Oh dear, I did not know that."

"You would have if you were listening to the people around you and not be so horribly obsessed with your own thoughts."

"Oho! My butler is lecturing is giving me, her master, a stern lecture. How cute!"

"Madame, one more word and I'll throw you out the airlock."


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They went back into the airship to grab the supplies needed to advertise their presence as a new and helpful company willing to dedicate their focus on economic improvements and making traveling easier. One of the crew called their guests who seemed delighted about this voyage so far, and thus the crew member began to tell of what they knew about the island as if she were a tour guide

"This is Amalia, an island ontop of a crab like creature that had aparently sunk and thrived under water for at least 1000 years. There (pointing at the settlement) is where the natives of this land live, and soon the location of our first official branching office!" Sounding excited indeed.

They would head into the settlement in search of a prime location to set up. A place everyone went by but didnt notice would be a good place.


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"I've been here before," Suzy spoke, his eyes staring longingly into the island. When one has reached his age, it can be hard to trust his memory. Perhaps he did visit this place in the past but it has changed so much from what he's used to. Granted he's been alive for so long that he could have jumbled his memories. Still, he did sense some kind of familiarity with this island. Or he could be wrong and mistook this place for another one. In his defense, he's seen so many of this islands that he could hardly tell one from the other.

"It was different back in my days," he continued, "There was a time when I thought this island disappeared so suddenly. A few more centuries and now I could see it again." 

Beside him, Linda Linda was silent as if musing on his words. Suzy can never comprehend what goes inside the lass' head nor did he want to know. Linda might be ridiculous but she was never one to disappoint him. Unlike her mother of course. Or her sister.

Linda Linda gasped, "Oh, is this where you got the idea of our penguins?"

Suzy merely responded with a shrug. True he was inspired by those parasitic slime molds he found in this island but that was thousands of years ago, surely those slimes cannot evolve into something similar to his penguins. Or did they? Whatever the answer is, Suzy was sure that Linda Linda would be thrilled with the discovery.

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The colony was buzzing with activity as Ulway were busy at work maintaining or gradually growing their precious colony. However it was going to be very difficuld after a certain point especially without an upgrade to their economy and transport.

So they began by searching for any high level looking officials and seeing if they would allow them to help improve their transportation industry and uplift them economically while at the same time having a branching office near Terrenus opening opprotunities for meny things.

(Sorry its short but i kinda have a limited amount of time on my phone to post)

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As the duo got off the airship, the old man let loose a throaty laugh. "Yes! I've missed this place. It's so familiar and yet everything has changed."

The Madame gave the old man one annoyed look. "Oh, so now you remember. You're memory only works when it's convenient for you. Oh how thrilling."

Ignoring the blatant sarcasm from the Madame's voice, old man Suzy offered his arm to the lady. Of course, the lady did not forget proper etiquette and awkwardly accepted the old man's offer. But not before throwing some crude remark.

"Ah...how wonderful. And old man leading a young nubile and lithe woman such as I, into an isolated and deserted island to do as he pleases. Oh whatever shall I do?"

"Goddamnit Linda! Don't make this weirder than it should be!"

"Noooope. I do what I want."

"Stop being such a petulant and spoiled brat! You're not even a real woman!"

"Back off old fogey! And I'm still a woman. All natural!"

"I raised you as a boy!"

"I have the right to live as I want!"

And so the two continued to bicker while searching for the rumored people of this island. 

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Things were strange with the Ulway and their roads were quite primitive and in dire need of an upgrade. The colony they had landed near was in a location which might be considered prime for tourism and trade that was if it was brought up to date.

Time will tell eventully what is to become of this colony and possibly others to follow, once the road is complete of course. 

"lets set up shop here" Titian pointed at a clearing near to edge of the city as to have better assess to the outskirts. And with the permission of the Ulway Machines soon began pouring out, though they were silent for roaring mechines. Trees were uprooted and packed in plastic in a manner so they could be replanted later when needed cement was to make the first layer of the road then tar.

It will still take several days to complete the first layer that is if nothing stalls the progress.

(OOC:this is in the case that the Ulway do accept the aid)

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Meanwhile somewhere within the jungle...

"I say this is quite the adventure!" 

Lord Suzy groaned. They have been here for a few minutes and Linda is starting up again. Cutting his way through this dense forest was hard enough, now he has to deal with Linda Linda's shit. Such an annoyance. If only she can keep her mouth shut for a couple of minutes. But time is of the essence right now. They need to cover as much ground as possible before nightfall. Who knew that exploring the back of a giant crab can be this tiring. 

"Well do hurry Lord Suzy. We don't have all day. Chop chop."

Ignoring the woman's words, Suzy parted the thick draping vines off their beaten path to reveal the hidden scenery behind. It was a clearing, a small grassy patch of treeless and shrubless ground.

"Madame. This is a good place as any." Suzy spoke.

'Why are we here again?"

"To wait."


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