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Run blood bag run! (Heisting the Blackheart Mirror)

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 Athentha a place of magic, shadows yet it is also a place where species had been brought to live together. Yet if there was the one thing that concerned Lexdord's people it would be the suddenn rise of demon presence in the area and vampiric rule. Yet they said not a thing about it as they felt above war dispite preparing for one just incase

Although when this story starts is just the retrival of the Blackheart mirror from within the depths of the ruins. However upon searching Cali had found an excellent way of getting his hands on it, yet this involed making an exact replica which had an identical magical discharge to the mirror. Then there was the problem of transporting it, how was he going to carry a cursed Mirror without being cursed himself?

The dilemmas were making this all the less profitable. At least while they were still inside the ruins. By now they were almost back at the town and Cali came up with a plan, he did call pirates and pretended to be as naive but he also called his shipwhich during or after the inital pirate attack would set an extraction point. Then they should be off the island with a few less pirates to deal with and a cursed mirror to use.

It was a good plan but it had yet to be perfected as there were meny flaws that he should have considered but chose not to.

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Well that is a dumb idea if you ask me. If you're trying to carry a huge mirror out of that cave. However, it's still effective in pieces.

Came the voice of the elf girl standing there. She had been watching the pirates curiously fussing about near the cave. She shook her head not sure why anyone wanted a cursed object as you'd get cursed either way. 

Though you're still gonna be cursed if you take a piece. No way avoiding it. Though not sure why anyone wants a cursed mirror piece. Doesn't make sense really. 

The elf girl replied. Though she chuckled. They called her Ra, because of the way she looked. Saying nothing for a moment she leaned against the wall of the cave. The girl shaking her head as she then looked at him again with a malicious smirk. Yet she said nothing about the truth about the mirror.

What fun was in that?

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Pirates were expendable creatures as there were always more that took their place, the best part was that the effect the mirror had on them was going to be observed giving an insight on what happens to those who got too close, how it transforms them, who lasts longer, and how long it takes for the curse to do its work. Plus with the mirror already being transported part way by the pirates and possibly contained within the ships hull it would be obtainable by simply waiting until the pirates had all ether died or became infected and had to be killed off via shotguns on air ships.

Then again this could cause an epidemic but it was almost worth the risk


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Ra watched still as she was ignored by the pirate. Though she was intrigued that they wanted to even take a piece remnant of the mirror was foolishly stupid. But the girl stood there for a moment in silence. Clearing her throat, she raised her eyebrow.

You do know, that you won't find the mirror in there. You're in the wrong cave.

Ra said as she approached the pirates. No, these caves only held imitation mirror pieces that didn’t have the effects of the true mirror. They were a bit off way from it.

I could help with that if you truly desire to be cursed. I could give you some true pieces of the mirror and lead you to the cave where a smaller black heart mirror resides.

Ra smiled at them. O’ they were in for some truly terrible indeed. Yet she wondered why they wanted mirror pieces to begin with. Did they truly desire to spread the princess's darkest treachery to other lands?

It made her think and question.

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