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Sidereal Lake

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"Aye, she's a lovely thing durin' the day, but I sailed out into the deeper waters at night once, and I reckon I'd rather shoot meself than do it again. Ye ain't the same man once ye seen what roams out there when the moon don't shine."
- unidentified fisherman


A massive rift lake that hugs the northern and eastern borders of the Zühl Plateau, Sidereal Lake is one of the deepest points in all of Terrenus, with certain areas having been measured in excess of 10,000 feet deep. There are even rumored to be areas of the lake where no bottom can be detected, leading to it often being nicknamed "The Bottomless Lake". Due to its sheer depth, the lake has an impressive estimated volume, and is thought to be virtually inexhaustible. As a result, it is often tapped for agricultural irrigation by the civilizations situated on its coasts. Fishing is common as well, though the lake's greatest commercial use, besides irrigation, is as a merchant trade route. Cities on the plateau side of the lake conduct regular trade with settlements on the plains side, exchanging food, fuel and manufactured goods for iron, lead and raw minerals.

Like the plateau that overlooks it, Sidereal Lake also has its fair share of mysterious history. Due to its size, the weather can often be quite turbulent on and around the lake, leading to significant lake-effect snow during the winter and severe thunderstorms during the spring and autumn. As a result of this, many ships and their crews have been lost during these gales. A significant portion of the wrecks remain undiscovered, thanks to the sheer depth of the lake. Stories of ghost ships and haunted lighthouses have become abundant throughout the years, despite efforts by merchant companies to try and suppress such perceived nonsense. One particular coastal city, the Norkotian port of Arkholm, has a particularly loathsome reputation for hauntings and supernatural occurrences.


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