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2 hours ago, supernal said:

@Die Shize

Not to foist stuff on you but any chance you would be able to pull stills from the video of just a few of the favorites that I can seed the post with?

Hey mister it would be my delight I should be back in town today and I like this word “foist”.

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9 minutes ago, Die Shize said:

Here's six!

Curious point is that the pricing is totally off for this time period because it's from an online component of a game where the economy had not yet been tweaked...

  Reveal hidden contents


Love them! I think a few reference points for women's attire would be welcome additions but that's definitely enough for me to flip the switch away from WIP

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2 minutes ago, supernal said:

Sorrow that no one wants to join the create-a-thon but some things just can’t be helped! The challenge remains open to anyone who wants to make some shared spaces 

I've...just been really busy 😅 i'd love to try my hand on some of the ideas above, but not in the immediate time period 🙏

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