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Leying a Foundation

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"These things are everywhere its annoying me a bit." Gaylord exclamed while another appeared from the side causing him to swiftly with ease stab it then slam it into an almost pulp.

"To the incinera- oh wait ill just burn it"

taking out a small handheld cylinder that reassembled a silver PVC pipe about 4 inches in diameter with a small green button on top.

when pressed it precured flames which engulfed the remains of the creature leaving behind charred dust.

As more approched he began wondering how good they could compost or since they were plant like wetger or not they were edible.

("probably not but something to test out another day") he thought. Another one bit the dust as soon there would be a pile of them

that would have been true if only he had known the true dangers of these creatures. Yet the damages sustained he mearly ignored

just scars to talk about another day

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Koryu had the right idea in Grants opinion; waiting in the house to be attacked was a losing strategy, while taking the fight to the enemy might catch them off guard. The prince plowed through the rickety wooden door of the shack to find one of the creatures preparing to launch itself inside. Grant steamrolled right over the creature and skidded to a stop to find himself faced with dozens of the plant creatures rushing toward him. Without hesitation, his hand blurred toward the gun he wore at his hip, and he fired off all six shots faster than the untrained eye could track; blowing fatal wounds in six of the creatures. But the rest were undaunted by the deaths of their brethren, and rushed headlong at their killer undaunted. 

Sliding the revolver back into its holster, Grant increased his MERLIN implant to ten percent, and charged to meet the creatures. The monsters moved to surround him, and attack from all sides, but he dodged each attack, retaliating with punishing blows that crushed them to pulp. It was a chaotic dance of carnage that unfolded around him as he fell into a rhythm of blocking, dodging, and attacking. So busy was he dispatching his foes that he didn't notice the corpses sprouting vines that went from one corpse to another, or how the blackish blood all seemed to flow to one spot. Only when the last of the creatures had fallen did he notice the giant bulb that had been growing as he fought. Now the bulb burst open, and a new creature strode out to meet him.

Treefolk by malverro

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With the arrival of the newer, larger creature, Koryu was adamant on standing his current ground first. The larger monster could be a threat, though the smaller ones could easily prove a greater threat if their numbers were allowed to gather in a united front however primitive it might be. His Nodachi made quick work of the lot of them with and 1:1 ration, and the occasional deflecting of on in between whether it was resisted with the the blade used defensively, or with one of his striking limbs. When the numbers began to overwhelm the rate in which he could keep up with, he could be seen hosting his blade defensively with a single hand. The opposing hand gesturing a few foreign movements with its fingers. Inhaling deeply, Koryu's chest swelled unnaturally for a brief moment as his parted lips displayed tongues of flames licking between his teeth. A moment later and his head was turned more so to the left as he released an impressive gout of flame that reached at least 12 feet away from him. Moving from left to right, he swept the area before him, igniting several of the smaller creatures aflame by the end of the technique. As they rolled and ran to and fro, he let the flames do the heavy lifting to finish off that grouping as he assuredly made his way towards the larger creature without sparing a single smaller one in his path.

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