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00 | A New Path

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- Deep in the Terrenus Wilderness -

- The Forgotten Wood -

The sweet songs of wildlife filled the forest in celebration. At peace without the stench of Human to draw their noses.

The Sun rose high above the trees over a clearing revealing a black fox and a red raven dancing around a shadowy orb.

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As they danced, circling the orb, it grew.

"Fast as bamboo shoots they say!"

"And to think we were able to get away."

The Fox's playful grin turned into a scowl.

"Did you doubt me?" They hissed

"No, just surprised at how easy it was that's all."

A small humanoid figure began to take shape in the orb, curled up into a ball peacefully asleep.

"Either way it won't be long before they are ready."

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For a few moments, there was silence as the two continued to prance around their shadowy creation. Only moments had passed since the creature inside had appeared, growing to fill the space that had been given. Now that it had matured some, it had begun to take the form of a small child. Excited by their progress the Raven let out a strange call in response to the Fox nodding their head signaling the next step of the process. The two stopped suddenly, staring at the orb as if waiting for something to happen to notice it had stopped growing, and stunned by their own curiosity. Again the orb wobbled as the creature inside shifted making itself comfortable.

“Only a few more minutes, so be ready... We both need to act simultaneously or there will be corruption.”

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