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Breaking news from the Symposium

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The thread has yet to be formally canonized and as on-going but as this board is not meant to serve as a vehicle for strictly canon information I figure it's fine to post now. It's about multiple items but at least one is an arc I first set into motion 5 years ago and am excited to keep going

I'll come back to this first post with more information as I get to it so for now am just throwing out the relevant infomration 

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Relevant post in Symposium



Noel Trasimene, military spokesperson - "As you can see, we face a dire pandemic. Between all of the major cities, an estimated 6,310,000 people are taken. Across the rest of Terrenus, our estimates approximate 22,740,000 people are taken, nearly 8% of the Empire's population. If we include animals and other fauna in our calculations, there could be upwards of 113,700,000 Enrele alive right now. Hive mind Aleth is projected to reach collective willpower capable of competing with a genius loci for control over natural law by 30 AO. Fortunately, we have observed that hive minds are competing with one another and are not allies. Unfortunately, each generation of Enrele—and they multiply fast—proves insusceptible to methods of detection, including undocumented changes in physical form, previously employed against them. Our only recourse to prevent the eradication of free will on this continent was to use most of our satellites processing an Empire-wide scan." 

Credit to desolate for the post content and the graphics

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Relevant post from the Symposium

Pamphlets on a selection of Terrenus genius loci (cities are conspicuously absent):

Genius Loci   Dominant Aspect    Primary Effects   In Expansion Period    Threat Level
Coconino Marsh   Infection   Poisonous bog spreads disease and plague   Yes   High
Dark Forest   Darkness   Illuminance ranges from civil twilight to pitch dark   No   Low
Forbidding Hills   Battle   All who enter must fight   No   High
Forgotten Wood   Memories   Absorbs experiences from others   Yes   Medium
Great Pine Barrens   Mutation   Rapid adaptation and biological intervention   Yes   Medium
Haunted Glen   Fear   Manifests fear, nexus of Terrenus ectoplasm   No   Low
Hidden Valley   Vanishing   Optical and visual distortions   No   Low
Hills of Lost Hearts   Passion   Unstoppable love ?   No   Medium
Labyrinthine Forest Space   Complex path making, mazes    No   Low
Moonwood   Moon   Gravitation, madness, lycanthropy   No   Low
Ponkapoag Lake   Beacon   Guidepost for outsiders and extraterrestrials   Yes   Medium
Shawnee Tundra   Stasis   Binds mana into a frozen state   Yes   High
Hills of Noddendoddy Regeneration   Always returns to original state   Cannot   None
The Cedars   Balance   Seasonally cycles mana from surrounding loci   Cannot   None
Peaceful Wood   Sanctuary   Cannot be acted against, nor act against others   Cannot   None
No Man's Land   Inspiration   Facilitates heightened ideation and low-level suggestion   Cannot   None

Noel Trasimene, military spokesperson - "Provided is a curated list of certain landforms that are inhabited by spiritual forces known as genius loci, and these forces are at least in part responsible for the natural laws of our world. For those of you who are not aware of how these forces work, I will provide a brief summary of the process. As you might know, we use technology and spells to manifest our intent in the world using mana. This creative power flows from the spirit world, and enters Terrenus through its genius loci. Mana enters our world with attributes based on the loci from which it emerged, and like our technology and spells, manifests their intent on the land. Additionally, whenever we use our technology or spells, we are increasing the influence of an associated loci on the land. Please see the next page for an illustration." 


Noel Trasimene, military spokesperson -"A question typically posed after this explanation is th is: am I increasing the influence of a loci whenever I use, say, a fire cantrip to cook? The answer is yes, although its contribution to expansion rate is negligible. We determined whether a genius loci is in its expansion period if it grows by at least 1 additional mile every year for three consecutive years, and its threat level based on a combination of factors: how easy it is to avoid? Is it growing? Are its effects detrimental to civilization? Its proximity to civilization? And herein lies our problem: most genius loci grow and overtake others, resulting in society wide changes, and others evidently expire and take societies down with them. Our current assumption is if the Shawnee loci follows a similar trajectory to Elendaron, then Valucre may very well become an ice planet if left unchallenged."

Credit to desolate for the post content and graphic

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