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Naughty or Nice? [Finished]

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Dan continued running. That one strike to kill a deer had cost him time. Time enough for those damned elves to get quite a headstart. All of a sudden, he felt a tremendous surge of power back where he came. Power more resembling a Titan than an elf. Dan almost tripped when it continued to rise, and seemed to even surpass non-Olympian gods, very nearly matching a Titan Lord. Dan needed to get rid of those elves quickly. Whatever the hell was back in the square probably had power enough to wipe out the entire population on its own if it had a mind to. Which it probably did.

"Lookee here fellas! We found a naughty boy!"

The elves dragged a boy, couldnt have been older than 9, out of a house and into the road. They'd left the parents alive, but slowly bleeding to death. They'd snatched the young boy, deciding to have more fun.

"Whatcha think we should do with him? Make him eat coal?"
"How about we scald out that squealing tongue?"
"I say we bite off those fingers and toes one at a time!"

This of course, caused the child to panic, leading to flailing and screaming. An elf caught a wildly kicking foot and held it up. Three more grabbed the rest of the boy's appendages, and each lowered their mouths over a digit. No matter how much the boy struggled and pulled, they were easily able to keep him restrained. Two of them decided to go ahead of the others and bite off the boys index finger in his right hand, and his middle toe of his left foot. The pained shrieks were something from a nightmare, and he begged them to stop, which only caused them to laugh at him. Just as he felt teeth sliding into other digits, they stopped suddenly. The boy craned his head to see what happened, still openly crying from the pain, but was only able to see a a cool outfit from the knees down from his angle, at that it ended in bare feet. Then he saw that the figure had a blade out.

The elves holding the boy smirked at the newcomer.
"Ha! Dumb little brat! All that drama in your entrance and you MISSED!"

The figure turned around, his face expressionless.
"Omae wa mou shindeiru."


All at once, the four elves holding the child felt sharp pain. Their eyes went wide, they let out a gurgle laced with blood, which oddly enough was composed of red and white stripes which maintained the exact distance apart no matter how it flowed, and they fell apart, each into 3 pieces.
Dan was not a happy boy. If there was one thing he could not tolerate, it was torture or mistreatment of children. However, as much as he would have liked to dismantle these little freaks himself, he didn't have time to. So, he decided to cheat in this little multiplayer raid.

Dan took out a crystal from his pocket, grateful that it could not be shattered or damaged, and held it out in front of him.
"Peruggia. Arsene. Come join the party."
At once, light shown from the crystal, and two forms took shape in it. The first was vaguely humanoid, though when the light faded it was obvious that he was anything but human.
Peruggia, the Pumpkin Knight appeared in the light, and clicked his high grade Puncture Claw needles together. "You called for me, Master Palmer?"

As horrific and powerful as Peruggia was, and left quite the impression on the elves, he was not the worst that was about to befall them. The form the light took next was something MUCH worse.
The light grew larger and larger to accommodate the sheer size of the beast it was summoning. When the light faded, what was left was a creature that radiated an aura that far exceeded any terror they had ever experienced before.
It was over. Arsene had been unleashed.

Though, to their surprise, the giant beast turned to its owner, and rubbed up against him lovingly, ending up knocking him over.
"Easy there boy. Easy. We can play later, alright? Right now-"
Dan pointed at the crowd of 15 elves. "They need to die. Think you can do it?"
Arsene's smile widened and managed to look even more sinister, and he nodded. Dan then turned to Peruggia. He reached into his bag, and pulled out a small bottle, throwing it at Peruggia. He effortlessly caught it.
"Give that to the kid and his parents, if they're injured. Keep them safe until Arsene finishes playtime. Afterward, go to the entrance square of the city."
Peruggia bowed slightly. "Yes, my lord."

Peruggia obeyed, and made the child drink some of the bottle's contents. Instantly, the bleeding stopped, and the wounds closed. Afterward, he carried the boy back into his house, forcing the remaining liquid down his parents' throats.

Dan sheathed his sword and took off running back to the square. He could still feel everyone else, but one of them was heavily weakened. Dan was certain he could fix it, provided he got there in time.

Arsene faced the elves, who all charged at once. Their claws and teeth were bared, and they descended upon the Wompas Cat like flies.
Unfortunately for them, that was all their attacks were akin to. Flies. They couldn't so much as lightly scratch Arsene. With his front hands, he reached up, and picked up two elves by their heads. It was a firm, but gentle embrace, one that did no harm to them whatsoever, though it held them tightly. Which made it all the more shocking when he drove them into the ground so hard there were two 2 foot holes where Arsene's paws and elf skulls impacted the road.

The elves leapt off of Arsene in horror, and started backing away. Arsene lashed out with incredible speed despite his size, and sheared an elf to pieces with one clawed hand, biting another clean in half.
It was at this point, that the elves decided it would be smart to turn and run for their lives. But, before they could manage it, they froze. Arsene was staring at them intently. And all of a sudden, the elves' minds started warping. They all emitted bloodcurdling shrieks, and began horribly mutilating themselves in the most gruesome of ways; They tore out their own eyes. They rammed their claws into their ears, tearing at everything inside. They began slicing out their tongues and pulling out their teeth. Still more sheared at their faces with their claws and disemboweled themselves with them. They tore at their skin and flayed themselves to the bone. Some began digging their hearts or lungs out.
Arsene was very much enjoying himself.

Peruggia, on the other hand, made sure the child could not see it. This was the kind of thing that would haunt someone for the rest of their lives if they saw it. Hell itself did not possess things of this nature.

It would seem that the Maiden Ravenpubes' luck was on the bullshit good side, as the explosion blinded Vixen badly. As such, she was unable to dodge the two light spears directed at her, and could not activate her counter. The spears pierced her body, and while not enough to kill her, hampered her movement considerably.
The elves however, were very much able to dodge the spears directed at them- Well most of them. One was staring at Vixen because it was into beastiality, and got blinded by the explosion. He then proceeded to take a spear through the head, keeled over, and died. The remaining elves were dazzled by the boobage that was being shown to them, but they nevertheless continued to fire on her.

As expected, the bullets that Alice Prime fired bounced off of Ógurligr's helm like they were gnats. They did absolutely nothing.
He decided that she was the main one, and rushed her with speed one would not think to be possible from something covered in armor so powerful and hard to pierce it rivaled Plot Armor itself. He brought his hand down as if to swing something, and a mace appeared in his hand. And not those pussy ass little maces low level clerics used either.



Related image

This was the macdaddy of maces. If Alice got his with this thing with this amount of force, there wouldn't be enough cat lives in the world to bring her back.

It would seem that all of the attacks landed and hit Darre successfully. However, there was a serious flaw. The teamwork in the Fuck You Up Squad was lacking for that one moment. 
The fire and ice spells canceled each other out almost immediately. Darre was burned, sure, but it was immediately cooled and stopped by the ice. It wasn't even first degree burns. The wind spell blasts Darre away, causing huge damage, but the earthen spires were not able to hit him because he was no longer there. The lightning bolt hit him, and it hit hard. However, this served to melt the bullets that were fired, and while it didnt cancel out the laser shots, it weakened them to the point that they caused 2nd degree burns on Darre when they hit. To Darre's great fortune, they lot of them, having fired at the same time, had to reload.
The mages were confused, and took a moment to regain themselves. 
The melee elves were not moving in until it was safe.
Rudolph continued charging his nose. This was probably going to be very bad.
Dancer continued dancing, though not being used to having to dance this long, was resorting to old disco club moves at this point.

Dan- Elf Squadron: Dead or dying.
Thot- Vixen: Wounded. Elf Squadron: 1 down, 7 to go.
Law- Ógurligr: Remains undamaged.
Hurt- Dancer: Still alive. Fuck You Up Squad: All still alive.
Let's Dance Boys! is still active.

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"Keep away from me, you freak!" Alice Prime hissed as her shots ricocheted off the DoAE's helm and breastplate; so sturdy was its construction that even the rounds from a hand cannon with the stopping power to put down bears did nothing to him, as it charged at her with a speed that belies its massive, armour-clad frame.


"Hang in there, boss! Just a little more, nya!" Alice Alpha called out to Alice Prime, as the Prime tried to keep a distance between herself and her adversary; but she could only drag her injured body so far, and her opponent was easily gaining on her.


"I refuse to just call it quits..." Meanwhile, lying forgotten in a wrecked shop display, a cat girl's broken body stirred, a pair of red eyes giving off a sinister glow in the unlit store. Alice Beta had to consider herself lucky... that Ógurligr smashed her right into a furniture shop, and while his blow did a number on her, the couch at the display window cushioned her fall - turning what might've been a one-hit kill into a blow that only left her half-dead. Raising her hands, the orange-yellow arcane markings would appear over her right arm and the right side of her face as she conjured a pair of fireballs in her hands, lobbing them onto the floor right beneath her feet, just as Ógurligr raised his massive mace to strike Alice Prime.


With a fiery explosion, the injured cat girl would be sent flying through the air like a feline cannonball... all the while screeching the famous chords from Ride of the Valkyries. "Take that!" Alice Beta exclaimed as she performed a flying claw swipe (a fly-past slash, think something like an iaijutsu slash - only with claws) at the DoAE's arm that held the mace, hoping to throw him off-balance to cause his swing to miss Alice Prime.


"Flame Geyser!" Alice Prime exclaimed the name of her spell as she lifted a hand, causing a column of flame to shoot up from where Ógurligr stood, engulfing him in flames; maybe his armour might be able to deflect blades and bullets... but she wonder if it can dissipate heat well? Or would he end up baking inside his armour?


Meanwhile Alice Alpha would smirk evilly as her limit break attack was ready, now she just needed the other two to provide that opening of opportunity...


@HollowCipher @Hurttoto @Thotification

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A good hit.

The Maiden whistled as she witnessed the destruction she had wrought. The spears of light were more than enough to dispatch one enemy if the things hit, sadly she only managed to hit two enemies. Still, she wasn't disappointed as it clearly shows her enemies can be killed, can be beaten.

There was a lull in the battlefield as both forces stare at each other as if waiting for the other to move. Then the Maiden Ravenbush took the lead by casting another round of light spears, this time these little things are locked onto each of her enemies.

These poor sods won't see it coming.

While the spears rained, the Maiden continud pumping more power into her hidden spell. Once it's full, it will be a glorious blast.

The patron saint of prostitutes won't see this coming.

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Being blown away by strong gust of wing while a hailstorm of bullets and lasers came at you was bad enough when also spikes which rose out of the ground attempted to impale her.

("Now its really unfair") she thought as the 20 elves

The fire attack missed but the ice one made its way to her shield, the impaling stones mostly being dodged yet a couple made a mark.

"W-" she quickly hopped backwards just intime to see lightning strike right where she had hopped from however she wasnt compleatly out of that.

Bullets went flying as lasers soon followed, she needed a ranged weapon yet the ones she could conjure would last at most 30 seconds.

Thats at most though so she needed to make this count and begun conjuring behind one of the pincers aware that more could appear at any moment. A rifle had appeared, which wasnt what she had intended "what? I guess itll do" she thought of santas magic and considered that hers was being interfered by his magic.

She soon noticed that she was still slightly dancing. ("Oh how fun, this could be fun, this is fun") is what her mind came up with as she pointed and aimed for one of the magicians.

She fired and it hit one of them, though considering them magic one shot wouldent just kill them like that.

They were approching all at once, odfly enough there was a clump of them, the gun dissapeared, so she attemped to conjure an explosive, though tjis began to become draining but she succeeded as a grenade ploped to the ground ("Now you dont act up, what was wrong before?").

She took a peek at the forces closing in and quickly pulled the pin and threw it, then she changed her position hiding a little further away while she formulated a plan to deal with the elves. One gernade was not enough and she knew it.

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Dan sped through the city so fast his feet were almost not even touching the ground. Or maybe they weren't, he COULD fly, after all. The closer he got, the stronger that power level seemed to get. It was to the point now that Dan was beginning to get a bit worried. This thing was encroaching on the stronger non-Olympian god level now. Havoc aside, he was not in the habit of challenging gods.
He shook such insecurities from himself. This thing was undoubtedly evil, and would be destroyed. And, he wasn't fighting a god tier opponent alone this time.

We're looking at YOU, Thotification. Kid was fighting a god and you just taunted and bailed, leaving some to just sit and watch. Gee thanks.
What....the fuck....are you talking about?
Nothing never mind.

Dan heard an explosion, and finally they were in view. The Maiden of Black Pubic Hair was still fending off elves and a cocky looking deer, Schrodinger's Cat was..... oh. That's what was giving off that power. This close, Dan could both tell that this thing was incredibly powerful, and that it still hadn't even tapped into any of its power yet. The thought of him getting any stronger made his stomach drop slightly. Then finally, the grand dancer herself, Darre was.... still dancing. Great. But, she was also getting accosted by those little elven bastards. And an amount of them slightly higher than his own, but all seemed significantly more powerful. Rudolph Hitler over there seemed to be.... oh.

Dan did some very quick calculations. The Cat furry girl could probably manage to hold on for just long enough. The Maiden with the funny name seemed to be doing fine. The Commandant of the Third Reindeer Reich was just about to fire. Dan figured there was maybe a 4 in 10 chance he would get there fast enough to kill the venison before he evaporated Darre. So-

Dan held out three fingers, and aimed directly at Rudolph. "Finger Guns. Three Fingers."
A triple barreled wind blast erupted from his fingers and flew toward the Reindeer Fuhrer. After which, Dan made a clawed hand and thrust it from his right side to his left, which made another wind blast, one strong enough to rend the first layer of the ground, plow through the elf ranks.
Finally, he drew his sword, and slashed at the damned dancing reindeer. There was no way he could heal Darre like this. There needed to be a lull. But then..... maybe there was one way to....

The Flying Pussy landed her hit just as she wanted, and it was enough to throw off Ógurligr's attack just enough for it to miss. the mace slammed into the ground, destroying the ground at the impact site, and propelling chunks into the air from the force. Cracks spiderwebbed across the road for a good 7 feet from ground zero. Then on top of that, the original had the audacity to try and fight back, conjuring a flame pillar. It seemed to have an effect; his armor did not appear to be able to dissipate heat and fire.
He, on the other hand, could.
Spreading his index finger and thumb on his left gauntleted hand, the fire warped and bent around him, and he simply walked right out of it. Curiously, he was dragging his mace with him, and why became clear. He put force into it, and rending the earth beneath him, he brought it upward in a right to left arc, aiming to knock Alice Prime skyward.

More light spears. The elves began to wonder if titty lights were all this female human was capable of. Though, the spears this time seemed to be following them. This was pretty smart of the titty human. However, she wasn't the only person who could play dirty.
The elves ran to Vixen, and maneuvered themselves to where she was between all of the spears and them. It was a gamble, but if it payed off, it wouldn't end well for the boobies.

And pay off it did. Two spears pierced one her hind left leg, the other her front right thigh, but Vixen gracefully dodged 6 of the spears. Which meant 6 spears of light were coming for the Maiden. And all were homing in on her.
The spears Vixen dodged didn't just disappear, of course. They went right for the elves. However, one elf valiantly sprinted, eating all six of them himself, and saving his comrades. While they were moved by this, there were still boobs to kill. They would mourn later. They reloaded, and opened fire on the Maiden again, making sure to track her movements, and some even started firing in the directions she could flee, just so she couldn't.

Darre's shot hit, but did superfluous damage, only grazing an elf's leg. The grenade however, was a threat. And a bad one. However, three of the weaponless elves saw that their comrades were in danger of it, and threw themselves on top of it, taking the full force of the attack, and protecting the rest. This, obviously, made the rest of the elves quite upset. The mages had their magic ready to go, and had their timing sorted out, and the gunslingers had successfully reloaded.
Rudolph Hitler finished charging, and prepared to fire. But right when he was about to, a powerful wind blast crashed into him, causing the shot to go well over Darre's head, and drill a clean hole through an entire building. Rudolph was PISSED. He would see to it that the one responsible for that miss would be sent DIRECTLY to his gas chambers. He turned to see who it was, just in time to witness the elves being scattered, and Dancer being carved in half. It was that barefoot kid who ran off earlier.
Rudolph looked around. The wind attack seemed to have hurt the elves, but did not actually incapacitate or kill them. Rudolph began opening fire on Dan, aiming to take him out quickly, and then deal with Darre.
The elves, or at least the mages and the gunslingers, continued to focus on Darre. The mages decided to do something else, and conjured shadowy images of the 5 knight elves, and the now 2 weaponless elves, all charging at Darre through the gunfire.

Dan: Now helping Darre.
Maiden Ravenpubes: Fighting Vixen and 6 gunslinger elves.
Alice: Properly fucked.
Darre: Now dealing with Rudolph, 5 mage elves, 5 gunslinger elves, 5 knight elves, 2 unarmed elves, 5 shadow knight elves, and 5 unarmed elves.

Current active effects: None.

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It was a rather peculiar feeling, to see your own attack heading for you. Unfortunately for Vixen and the six stooges down below, the Maiden Ravenbush has countermeasures for such situations. She maneuvered in the air, like an angel, her sparkling figure making graceful arcs in the air. She moved to and fro, looking for the perfect opportunity, the spears and gunshots trailing after her.


Finally all homing spears are heading towards in the right formation like the ribs of an umbrella and the Maiden is the top. Before the spears pierced her body, her prepared attack kicks in.

Plasma, light and magic, condensed into one sparkling beam that shot out of the Maiden's body in another flash of brilliant light. The beam hit the area where the tip of the spears converged, and the beam split travelling through spear, converting the reindeer's spears into the Maiden's own spell formation. As the beams of light continuously erupted from the spears' butt end, the beams would each hit their respective mote of light. These motes of light had been carefully spread out by the Maiden where it populated the whole area where she and her foes battled.

As the bim hit their mote of light, the beams are refracted to the next one where it will continue being refracted and redirected towards the Maiden's foes until the Maiden has created a meshwork of crisscrossing beams of light with the reindeer and elves trapped inside. 

"Bathe in my radiance."

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Dan was able to easily dodge the reindeer fuhrer's attacks, as dodging was simply a matter not being where his nose was pointing. In his peripheral vision, he saw Darre was in some deep shit. Again. So, he decided to kill two harpies with one arrow.
He dodged another laser, and pointed upward with two fingers. This caused a wind blast under Darre, enough to propel her into the air, avoiding the hail of gunfire and lasers, and getting her out of the way of the shadow elves.
This one bit of concentration caused a laser to graze his leg, but Dan was not perturbed. He now turned his full attention on Rudolph Hitler, rushed him, and opened his throat. Finally, he created an air vacuum around two of the mage elves' heads, causing them to suffocate. He would not lift this until they were dead.
He was dimly aware that Alice was in trouble, but Darre had the harder deal at the moment.

Ógurligr's mace uppercut connected with Alice Prime's body, and sent her hurtling backwards. Due to gravity not helping this attack, and actually working against it, it was unlikely that it would kill her. Hurt, absolutely. He then turned his attention to Alice Beta, and started toward her.

This attack was wildly inventive, and the elves knew it. However, it was also not lost on Vixen. The crafty reindeer saw what was coming, and thought of a way to counter it. All it took was for her to step in the light's way, and so it would count as an attack. And when it did, she was able to mirror counter it, dodging out of the cage, and reflecting her own light beams from the Maidens light beams that were reflected from her light beams that were a counter to the Maiden's light beams. These would cause an identical light beam cage to be made around the Maiden. Vixen smirked at her own deviousness, and at being the last reindeer standing.
The elves, though impressed, reloaded and opened fire on her through the lattices.

Darre was not doing well. These were some nasty odds happening, and they only seemed to get worse. The attacks that were poised to turn her into a mangled mess were sure to hit, except she had an angel looking after her.
Well.... not an angel, exactly. A devious, barefoot demigod boy, actually. But, close enough. Right when the attacks were about to hit, the air exploded into high powered winds, knocking Darre skyward. Sure it hurt, but it was a definite upgrade from being killed. When she looked, she would see Rudolph Hitler dead, and two of the mages turning blue.
She might just live through this after all.

Dan: Killing the inciter of Reindeer WWII, and saving Darre.
Alice: "Wheeeeeeeeee!"
Maiden and her unkempt black bush: Having problems with a single reindeer. Tsk tsk. (?)Fighting Vixen and 6 gunslinger elves.
Darre: Still in deep shit, but it is starting to recede. 3 mage elves, 5 gunslinger elves, 5 knight elves, 2 unarmed elves, 5 shadow knight elves, and 5 shadow unarmed elves.

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It seems that the reindeer had sorely miscalculated. Shishi had planned in advance and even expected that her attack would be returned back to her. She was more than ready for that.

She held an open palm and whispered, "Return."

All the light beam from around seemed to converge into her hand where the Maiden began absorbing the light's energy back to her body. She knew then that the reindeer could only copy and attack but this was not one of them. Unfortunately, the Maiden had more pressing concerns as they began to shoot at her again. She began dodging again at the same time absorbing any light beam she can encounter.

While she dodged, her other hand began to glow. It formed a finger pistol, all the light energy converging on the tip of the pointer finger. Still evading in mid-air, the Maiden managed to use the stored energy in her fingertip to shoot twelve light bullets, two for each enemy. The bullets homed in on their intended targets, easily curving over the lattices that crowded their battlefield. Once the bullets were a foot from their targets, it would explode in a flash of light, and noise. The explosion was as strong as a grenade but the attack was not over yet. The explosion was just the activation of the bullets' spell. The true attack were the strings of light that followed after the explosion which would wrap around each target intending to bind them all.

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"Oh SH-" Alice Prime barely had time to utter a profanity as the DoAE barreled for her, somehow shrugging off her flame geyser and spell and dealing her a thunderous uppercut with his mace; although barely a fraction of a second before impact the cat girl would cross her arms and jump up, her heels barely leaving the ground scant moments before his weapon connected, knocking her into the air like a rag doll; it certainly hurt like hell considering she was still messed up from the meteor explosion, but at least rolling with the strike as opposed to bracing against it allowed her to survive with a couple of broken bones instead of say, having her internal organs reduced to pulp.


Alice Prime would hit the roof of a nearby shop house, rolling off its sloping side - with a desperate screech the cat girl dug her claws into the roof, dislodging a bunch of tiles before coming to a stop right at the edge, her feet dangling a few stories above the ground.


Meanwhile, Alice Beta struggled to her feet as Ógurligr turned his attention to her, the injured cat girl grinning and flipping the bird at her opponent... for it was at this moment that Alice Alpha had finally prepared her finisher move. "Phoenix Flare!" Alice Alpha exclaimed as she unleashed the most powerful spell she had in her arsenal, the massive column of fire rising into the sky and taking the form of... a firebird a giant roast turkey surrounded by a flaming halo, before diving down at the DoAE with a phoenix-like screech. 


"Take cover!" Alice Alpha shouted to the others as she dived behind a nearby statue, while Alice Prime simply raised her other arm over her face as the spell erupted in a massive conflagration, sending a miniature mushroom cloud into the sky; the wake of the explosion creating a shockwave powerful enough the cause every window within a block's distance to shatter; it was as if someone had dropped a fuel-air bomb on Ógurligr! 


"Nya!" Alice Prime exclaimed as the shockwave from the explosion blew her right off the ledge and smashed her through the window behind her; which seemed to lead right into someone's residence as she broke into a study room, rolling a few times across the wooden floor before slamming into a bookcase, causing an avalanche of books to tumble right onto her head. "Damn... tell me we got him good this time," she muttered as she sat up.

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The Maiden Raven Pubic Bush was proving very annoying to deal with, and Vixen was getting aggravated. Not only was she able to dodge bullets and lasers somehow, but was countering the counters she was countering with her counter-counters. She began thinking of a way to deal with this annoying Titty Gnat, when someone decided to detonate a nuke in a heavily populated city. Well, not a direct nuclear blast, but an absurdly powerful pyrokinetic attack that might as well have been a nuke. 

Vixen smiled. This was perfect.

Santa, meanwhile was entirely unfazed by this. Mainly because he had invincible and impregnable plot armor. He also knew full well how this attack would end, and it was not going to be pretty.

Vixen readied herself, and the fire swept across the entirety of everything in its range. Except for the ones who managed to get to cover. At the Pussy's behest, Dan blew Darre away behind cover, and ran to it himself. This blast was so strong that it badly damaged the building they were using as cover, but it held. Barely.

When Dan peeked out from behind it, he saw that the elves had all been incinerated. Well, all except for one. That damned armored behemoth was still very much alive, Dan could sense that. His armor was steaming, and was covered in soot. He looked again, and saw something else. Someone else that had survived.

Vixen had a devilish smirk. She had successfully mirror countered the nuclear blast, and unleashed her own. A second blast, identical to the one Alice had thrown swept across the everything. This time however, the building Dan and Darre were behind collapsed immediately. This was it. Vixen would one shot this entire team. All because of their own attack, and her powers.

Fortunately, Vixen was not the only one who's powers were bullshit.

Dan roared in anger at this reindeer, who clearly cared nothing for her comrades, and slammed the palms of his hands together. Blowing a huge chunk of his stamina at once, Dan created a blast of wind comparable to a typhoon, blowing the attack back the way it came, keeping Darre and himself safe. He was pretty sure Alice was not near the area, and he'd seen how much damage people affiliated with the Cartel could take.
Hopefully this wasn't more than that.

Vixen saw what the kid was doing, and prepared to mirror counter it right back at him, when she realized something. This was HER attack. He just redirected it. She couldn't mirror counter HERSELF. 
With that realization, Vixen had just enough time for a single thing to pass through her mind before the flames arrived.


The fire engulfed her completely, burning her to ash. Finally, SOMEONE killed Vixen. Dan would make sure to lord that over Shishi, having stolen her kill and beating the one thing she couldn't seem to.
He then pulled out a crystal from his pocket.
"Lupin. Come out. Quick."

In a flare of light, a phoenix appeared in front of Dan. Lupin nuzzled his friend lovingly, and Dan patted him before he continued.
"I think the catchick's hurt. Find the hurt one and do the healies."

Lupin nodded and flew off to where Alice Prime landed. Not really caring much that he was probably lighting the interior of the house on fire, Lupin would look Alice Prime over. Then, he would hold his head over her various injuries, and use his talons to open up areas where bones were broken. As he did, tears began dripping from his eyes onto her injuries. Her broken bones would hiss and fuse back together. Wounds would close, bruises would vanish. It would take a bit, but before long, Alice would be uninjured. She wouldn't regain any of her stamina or mana, but she wouldn't be in excruciating pain anymore.

Dan looked out on the field. The elves were finally gone, Vixen was dead, Finally, the hecticness was dealt with.

However, as it turned out, that had been the easy part. After the second nuke, Ógurligr stirred. And boy was he PISSED. What he emitted was somehow both a deep, deafening roar, that rooted people to the spot in fear, and an earsplitting, high pitched shriek that made people want to flee as fast and as far away as they could manage.
Those sensitive to it would feel Ógurligr's power rising exponentially. The warm up was over. Now, it was time for some REAL fun.

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Dodging bullets and lasers were a simple feat for someone who was born with light. Ravenbush was so used to the speed of light that other things were simply too slow for her feeble sight. Unfortunately for her, her body was not that fast. Practice and experience were all she needed. Using her own attacks against her was futile as she had been doing the same shit over and over again that she could dodge it in her sleep. The problem right now is, someone decided to nuke the battlefield.

This is bad.

Her life seemed to flash before her very eyes as her brain accelerated when faced with her impending demise. But is this the end for the Maiden? Probably not.

"I can't have you dying on me yet, little sister. Allow me to show you mother's gift."

Her sister's voice brought the Maiden out of her revelry, just a moment before the lethal flames engulfed her and the ghost smiling smugly behind her.

"Open your eyes sister and see the past the limits of this world." 

Somehow, the Maiden can feel her sister's power fill her very being. With the sudden entry of such invasive energy, the Maiden was swept away with the intense rush of strength brought by the woman once known as the Black Head. Even in spirit and devoid of a mortal vessel, her sister's doting on her never wavered, still extending a saving hand to the little sister in trouble. FIlled with her sister's very essence and being, Ravenbush knew what she had to do.

Vectors. I can see them. I can move them to my will.

Power blossomed inside her and a soft radiant bubble of light covered her being, anything passing within that small bubble of light, that second skin of hers, all will be forced to bend around her following the curve of the bubble and then harmlessly slide through the bubble's surface. Vectors, the lines of force that shows both direction and magnitude. The Maiden Ravenbush was bending the vectors of Alice's blast pass her, creating this tiny spherical sanctuary, this miniscule haven of safety. Like the concept of a rock in flowing water, one only needs to expend less energy redirecting the enemy's attack than directly blocking it. With this simple concept, the Maiden was spared from the death-inducing blast with as little injuries as possible.

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"That was unexpected, but thank you," Alice Prime remarked as she found help in the most unexpected of places in the form of a healing spell courtesy of Lupin - and it couldn't have come at a better timing; the cat girl was pretty sure that she'd about reached her limit at this point after being ragdolled around for much of the fight. But thanks the Lupin's assistance she was now able to get back on her feet as she gave her ally a nod and a thumbs up, before glancing out of the window she'd crashed through earlier. "Tell me I cooked his goose, nya," Alice Prime commented as she tried to discern Ógurligr's position amid the smoke and dust, a grin crossing her face.


And her grin quickly faded though, at the sight of the scorched but still very much alive - and enraged - Ógurligr. "Oh dear; only medium rare," the cat girl mumbled as the armour-clad behemoth let loose what sounded like simultaneously a deep, bellowing roar and a banshee-like shriek that caused her to stagger and put her hands over her ears in an effort to block out that most dreadful noise.


"Just what is this guy made of? Adamantium?" Alice Alpha gasped as she picked herself up from the ground, caked in dirt and her own dried blood. 


"Perhaps we need to find a way to open the can to get at its contents, nya," Alice Beta chorused as she extended her claws, a faint humming noise coming from them as the high-frequency field engaged, turning her natural weapons into a set of vibro blades. 


"Well, looks like the only way out... is in!" And with an angry hiss and screech the two copies of Alice would charge straight at their opponent, forcing their broken bodies along as they transfixed Ógurligr with wild-eyed stares and flying droplets of drool as the duo went feral on him, although Alice Alpha would suddenly come to a screeching halt to thrust out her left palm to conjure and sling a fireball Christmas pudding and throw it right before their opponent's feet, not targeting the juggernaut but the ground in front of him to create a cloud of smoke and dust.


Almost simultaneously, Alice Beta would springboard off the shoulder of Alice Alpha, the movement of her vibro-claws leaving a faintly glowing afterimage in her wake as she leaped into the air to dive down at Ógurligr, attempting to thrust her claws into what hopefully might be a chink in his armour - specially looking for any spaces between his helm and shoulder pauldrons where there might be joints to allow for movement.


Meanwhile, Alice Prime would fire shots from her gun to provide suppressing fire - taking care not to hit her own facsimiles - but not exactly banking on being able to score any hits on her opponent either, with the aim of her shots being to provide a distraction, and force him to choose which cat girl to go after first.


@HollowCipher @Thotification @Hurttoto

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While the Madame and the Ex Dancer had chosen to do nothing about him, Catgirl Fetish decided to go all in on him, one trying to dig at him with her claws, one throwing.... pudding? And one shooting at him with a gun.
The bullets bounced off the armor, barely making the slightest scratch, if even that. The pudding landed on the ground, causing steam and smoke to rise from the impact site. Then, on top of that, one of the kittens tried to jump him when she thought he couldn't see her. Well, true enough, he couldn't actually see through the smoke, but he could very much sense she was coming.

Ógurligr's left hand moved, until he had two fingers pointing straight up. Right when Alice was close enough, a column of dark energy erupted from under the ground around Ógurligr, enveloping him, and everything within 5 feet of him. He doubted that this cat would be able to survive that. But he was mildly confused. He was sure he sent the one with the gun flying with one of his mace strikes. That should have broken her completely. How was she still moving so well? It looked like she suffered very few injuries. That should not be possible.

He turned to her and began to move toward Alice Prime, only to stop. There was mana gathering somewhere... But he didn't see anything. Then he sensed something else, coming at an incredible-

Dan was in shock. This demon elf had been powerful enough before. Now, Dan saw that it would have had no trouble taking down Krios. And that was the hardest fight he'd ever had, even AFTER he'd taken the Titan lord by surprise.  Dan looked at his hands, and saw that he was shaking. There was no mistaking it.
He was terrified.
He hadn't felt scared in a very long time. And he certainly didn't miss the feeling. Naturally, his ADHD began forcing him to think about everything he didn't want to.

Can we even win this? My speed isn't going to do a damn thing here. He can live through TWO fire nukes, and only get upset. What's a Tellan with the Wind Seed, unrivaled godspeed, and a bunch of blades going to do? Besides die. Maybe.... Maybe I should.... I could always make another lab, I-

Then, he saw Josie and the Pussycats go after the armored demon elf, despite being hopelessly outclassed, and saw the dark column. There was simply no denying it. If this thing were to win, he'd slaughter everyone here, Leo included. And if Furry Porn could fight against it knowing full well what would happen, so could he. After all, if he ran, the elf would win and kill everyone. He fights and loses, the elf wins and kills everyone. So, he decided, might as well go with the slim chance for winning than the certainty of genocide.

Dan slowed his breathing and thought. First thing to do: Get rid of the mace. Without a weapon, he'd be forced to rely on fists and magic. Which he had no shortage of, but literally anything helps. But how to do it? He could probably take Dan in a straight fight. Granted, he doubted the elf would be able to land a hit, but he also VERY much doubted that his stamina would outlast the elf's.
Then, it hit him. He knew exactly what to do.

Hey. You there?
No, I just decided to up and leave.
This is REALLY not the time.
Yeah, no kidding. You feeling this? You guys are FUCKED.
You want in? The Double Maneuver?
...... Ooooooh. I see what you're planning. Clever.

Dan closed his eyes. When he opened them, his left eye was a deep crimson red instead of brown. Though, almost immediately, it became enveloped in a blue wisp. Mana began to gather in the spot Dan chose, and those able to sense it would obviously be able to sense it.
Now, for what might be the dangerous part. Especially if the others didn't pick up on it.

Dan calmed himself, and reminded himself that power = force x velocity. Granted, he didn't have much force. But he had velocity in SPADES. OH did he ever.
Dan conjured steel gauntlets on his hands, and armor plating for the tops of his feet. He didn't completely cover them, as then the boots would sprout wings, and probably throw his flight patterns off. But, as long as he didn't try to block attacks, his Sole Shield would provide perfect armor for them.
Dan flew at Ógurligr full speed, and prepared to throw a punch.

And was very surprised when Ógurligr whirled around and brought his mace with him. Dan almost didn't do it in time,but he dissolved into air just before the mace landed. The attack failed, but it still gave Dan valuable information. One: He could sense that Dan was coming, so he could sense power levels, like him. Two: He was fast, but not impossibly fast. Otherwise, he would have tried that Dark Geyser attack, or tried to grab him. So he was fast, but Dan was faster. That was a welcome relief.

Dan rematerialized behind Ógurligr, and threw a punch as fast and hard as he could. The impact landed, but Ógurligr barely moved. Dan thought he saw the elf take a step forward.
He could feel it. Ógurlig
r sensed the attack coming and braced himself for it. It was definitely official; There was no way this was going to work if the others didn't pick up on the plan. He only needed a little bit, then he could get rid of the mace.

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In the chaos going around Darre began to focus her power on a beam of her own, she didnt know it till it hit.

The bomb had destroyed the rock she was hiding behindand sent her flying mid air for at least several feet. "What the he-" the  nuke seemed to take out the majority of the forces as the elves were no longer to be seen. Except for the big one.

"Of course the boss is immune to nukes" she vegan to notice that before the explosion she saw elves plotting a sneak attack yet they never came. ("Odd I wonder if someone was helping me out,, ill ask around later") she thought then began charging her beam ("probely wont break the armor but thats not its purpose") she fired and the beam as expected sid little but annoy and cause O'gurligr to look for a moment ("almost time for the true attack") the beast went back to trying to get Dan 

Putting two fingers on her forhead a yellow light befan to appear (" ha you'll be finished once my (well its pronunced Tui`k) beam ill bake you from the inside out!") She thought then concentrated as the yellow beam was almost ready to fire.

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For a while, it looked as if the Alice's plans might work as two of them kept the Daddy of All Elves pinned down with ranged attacks while the third went in for melee. "You're mine, nya!" Alice Beta hissed, confident that Ógurligr couldn't see her - but apparently even when unable to get a visual on the cat girl he was by no means unaware of her location as a pulse of dark energy erupted from him, blasting the attacking cat girl to kingdom come! 


"Avenge meeee...!" Alice Beta exclaimed as the blast of dark energy sent her skyward before crashing onto the pavement in a limp heap next to the feet of Alice Alpha. In a display of animalistic tenacity, the cat girl would struggle for a while as she tried to sit up, before finally going still and simply vanishing - her body, everything worn or equipped on her person transforming into a brilliant white light that dispersed in a swarm of glowing firefly-like motes that floated around in the air before fizzling out.


And when Dan teleported behind Ógurligr to deliver a mighty - albeit not terribly effective punch to the armour-clad behemoth, the Alice's decided to join in on ganging up on their opponent. "I'm still your opponent here!" she hissed as the armoured elf staggered forward under the impact of Dan's punch, the cat girl spinning around to perform a slash at the shaft of his mace with her high-frequency claws, looking to sunder the head of his weapon from its handle, while at the same time Alice Prime would charge up and lob an exploding Christmas pudding at his helmed head; even if it failed to pierce his armour, she was hoping that it could at least stun him for another few more seconds.


@HollowCipher @Hurttoto @Thotification

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