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Naughty or Nice? [Finished]

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I guess playing support could work as well. 

Ravenbush sighed as she floated in mid-air. Her recent actions had been physically draining. Her limbs were already shaking, and her vision is starting to blur. She could still make out what is currently happening but any minute now and she could collapse.

Shit! I'm not going down without a fight!

Screaming her frustrations, Shishi Ravenbush poured what little energy she had left and straight up charged at the enemy. She intends to tackle the thing so that the others can finish it for her.

After this, I don't know what to do next. 

While Shishi streaked through the sky, the ghost trailing her had a worried expression. The ghost did not expect that Shishi would go this far and would have kept her sister away from danger but in this form, the ghost is unable to interfere with whatever is happening. The most it can do now is trust in Shishi's allies. If Shishi dies here, then the ghost might have a new spirit friend.

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Dan looked around. Darre seemed to be cosplaying Piccolo, charging her Makankosappo. Shishishishi decided to full body tackle the armored elf, and Alice was attacking.... the mace.

If Dan's mind wasn't racing, he would have facepalmed at Alice. Why attack the mace? Just a little more. He needed to do something about-

Ógurligr was delighted. They were all coming RIGHT up to him. Just THROWING themselves at him to be killed. He raised his mace, causing Alice to miss, and got ready to bring it down on the maiden, in order to crush her into paste. But at that moment, Dan blew his first load all over him.

Dan saw his chance, and decided that now was the time to do it. He willed his creation out of its spot; the hole that Ógurligr himself made.


Image result for gaster blaster

It stared at the elf for but a second, before unleashing a blue mana beam upon him. Ógurligr's focus was immediately the beam, turning his hand to block it, and finding that it was more powerful than he thought. Dan took that single moment of being startled, grabbed the elf's mace with both hands, propped his feet on his lower sternum, and caused two simultaneous wind explosions with his feet, propelling him away from Ógurligr with great force. Force enough, it seemed, to pry the mace away from him, his guard having been lowered for an instant.

As they both crashed to the ground, Dan tried to pick it up and, as expected, it weighed like a bajillion pounds. Dan however, was prepared. He gripped the mace, and dissolved his arms into air, the mace along with them. He then took off high into the air, and then flew back down, spinning rapidly. At just the right moment, Dan rematerialized his arms, and thus the mace, slamming it into Ógurligr's head. Dan noticed that he had been rooted to the spot, thanks to Shishishishishi tackling his legs. 
The mace colliding with his head at that force was more than enough to cause mortal damage, but just to make sure, the mana beam engulfed the elf as well.

Dan let it persist for a moment, then dissipated the creation, in order to save mana. He might need to do that again, after all. 
When the dust settled, Ógurligr was still standing. For a moment, Dan was about to cry, but then the monstrous elf just started falling apart. He collapsed in a pile of armor and smoke, utterly defeated.

From the look of things, everyone was pretty shaken up. Dan could sense that Shishishishishishi was out of power, the Kitty was low, and Darre was not doing well. Still, how much worse could things get?

Santa was in shock. How in the holly-decked FUCK did these four take down ÓRGURLIGR?! That was simply impossible! 

The four of them earned a VERY short break. If they were going to recover, now would be an excellent time for it.

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Dan calmed himself down. He drank a stamina potion to help offset the drain his wind powers were putting on him, and looked at his teammates again. Strangely, in their down time, they weren't doing... ANYTHING to recover. Didn't ask him for potions, didn't ask for Lupin, nothing. Dan found that VERY strange. This was a taxing fight, and doing nothing to recover when they had the clear opportunity was probably a bad move. But then again, what more could Santa POSSIBLY have?

Well, he was about to get that answer.
Santa recovered from his shock quite fast. Still not getting out of the sleigh, he held out his hand.

"Santa calls to you, Dark One from beyond. Naughty children stand in Santa's way. Santa calls upon you to destroy these pests. Come out my servant!"

A dark symbol appeared on the ground, and grew larger and larger, until the symbol changed, and seemed to open into a black void. Out of the void came a strange looking creature. It was completely black, and resembled a goat, but walked on two legs. It had human limbs, human hands, long horns, and a horrible, evil grin. On its back, it carried a large basket. A basket that appeared to be moving and making small muffled sounds.


Related image

Dan was... well he wasn't sure what he felt here. He was expecting a massively powerful entity, like another armored elf, but he got... a goat demon man? What the fuck even was this?

..................... Krampus.

No, I'm still loose and limber.

Not 'cramps', kid. Krampus. The Christmas Demon.

"Indeed. Your German Persona knockoff is correct, Daniel Palmer. My name is Krampus.And I am here to punish the naughty childrens."

With a snap of his fingers, forms started to appear in black smoke. Before Dan, was a large mass of-
Dan almost threw up right there. A writhing, pulsating mass, completely covered in holes. His Trypophobia was triggered hard. He could barely even move, he was so nauseous.

Before the Maiden, someone very familiar would appear. Someone that she had very much hoped to be rid of.



"Well well. Hello, sissy. My my, isn't this awkward?"

In front of Alice, several shapes began to take.... well, shape. All of them however, were the same. Within seconds, a legion of Dobermanns appeared in the smoke, each baring its teeth and snarling at the cat girl. It was VERY clear what they wanted to do. The only question was, how many pieces.

And in front of Darre, due to a lack of response from her author to a cunning and cruel dungeon master, the form in the smoke was having trouble taking shape. But then, the DM decided he was sick of waiting and the lack of communication, and decided to force it to take shape. And take shape it did.


Related image

With another snap of his fingers, the beings surged forward. Well, most of them. The mass of holes facing Dan did not surge forward as such. Instead, a startlingly high number of tentacles shot from the holes, wrapping around Dan's limbs, and yanking him back against it.

The dogs tore off at Alice, barking loudly. The ones in front, however, opened their mouths wider. When they did, something could be seen in their throats. However, it would not be seen for long, as incredibly strong jets of water shot out of them, almost like a high powered water hose.

With a smirk, the Mistress ran at the Maiden with greatly impressive speed, and swung her bastard sword, aiming to cleave the woman in half in a single shot.

The horrible, multi-armed, crow-like monstrosity came toward Darre slowly. Until it faded completely in the span of 1.5 seconds, appeared behind her, and slashed downward with all four of its swords. The final two unarmed hands lunged at her to grip her head.

Dan was in a panic. Now he was bound, and bound TO the thing that made his insides into Cirque du Soleil. He was just about to turn into air and slip out, when he felt something. And this something took complete command of his entire thought processes, drowning out everything else.
The tentacles that weren't binding him were tickling him.
He felt them slide along his feet, across his stomach and ribs, up and down his sides, into his armpits, and across his thighs. Dan shrieked in laughter, pulling at his limbs, and getting nowhere.

So this was Krampus' ability. To bring what one hates the most to life, and use it against you. Wasn't that just fucking perfect?

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I feel so tired. So weary. 

Poor Ravenbush could no longer keep on fighting...she was too exhausted, too fatigued to keep on going. Even her flight is already wavering as her body drooped haphazardly to the ground. Her eyes were closing and she no longer has the strength nor the will to keep them open. Her body sagged, falling dangerously on the cold ground. She was so tired that she could see two version of her older siblings. 

Two Middys. Why are there two...

Those were her last thoughts as she lost consciousness. Unfortunately for her, fake Middy was not one to give chance to enemies as the copycat was already within Shishi's personal space and swinging that wicked bastard blade at the poor defenseless girl. B0ZyjBA.jpg

There was a loud clang and the fake Middy would be surprised that her slash was deflected by something hard. It was the dark colored armor of a woman's arm, the arm of someone who should have been on the ground, unconscious.

"My, my, what a cheap imitation you are," the person spoke. She had Shishi's body but the person inside was completely different. It was the ghost that haunted Shishi. The apparition must have possessed the poor unconscious woman after seeing her weakened state. Shishi's body was covered in glistening black armor, an ancient artifact known as the Heaven's Armor. 

"You should know when you are outmatched, copycat," the ghost in Shishi's body sneered, "Prepare to face the original Mistress Blackhead."

As the ghost uttered her real name, Shishi's body closed the distance between them. Face to face, the ghost gave the copycat a smug look before her power blossomed around her. Together the two are wrapped in a faint sphere of purplish-black energy where anything inside would feel the effects of a gravitational field ten times the normal. 

"Bow before my greatness, you faker." 

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"Did we get him!? Did we finally get him, nya?" The remaining Alices remarked with excitement as Ógurligr crumbled into a pile of armour and smoke - seemingly down for the count; but the cat girl wasn't about to count on it just yet as Alice Prime kept her gun trained on the pile of remains that used to be a powerful foe, for a moment thinking that he was pulling a bluff and that any moment he could just reconstitute himself to continue the fight with renewed vigour. However, she would lower her weapon as Santa's reaction confirms that they had indeed whacked his right-hand man elf.


Still, a moment of respite was all they would get. "Now what-" Alice Prime raised her weapon, her finger curling around the trigger as Santa summoned a pall of smoke that quickly surrounded her - although as soon as she could make out the shapes that were taking form behind the clouds the fire within her quickly dissipated and became replaced with a raw, naked fear at the sight of the Dobermans. "No... NO!" Alice Prime yelled as she fell back - the sight of the ferocious canines triggering a series of very unpleasant - if not downright traumatic - flashbacks for the cat girl.


It was in her early days, back when she was still undergoing 'personality readjustment' by her trainers at Hinode Pharmaceuticals. Which for all intents and purposes was an euphemism to mentally and emotionally breaking her - as with all the other test subjects in the Aeon Angel program. A mind that has been broken, so that her trainers can remake and recondition her in any way they see fit, as well as a form of failsafe in the event she should ever turn against them. She could remember being cornered in a cell with attack dogs kept on a leash, the sadistic trainers keeping the ravenous canine's jaws just inches away from her face; she could remember being cramped inside a cage as they unloaded water cannons at her.


"No, please... make it stop! I'll be good, I promise to be good..." as the Dobermans unleashed a water cannon attack on Alice Prime she would find herself overwhelmed to the point of losing any sense of fight or flight as she simply curled up on the tarmac in a fetal position, as Alice Beta watched the spectacle unfold in an almost catatonic state; it was like watching the days of her training and reconditioning being reenacted - and it felt almost surreal. However...


"Don't. Underestimate. Me..." Alice Beta hissed, as a steely resolve bubbled up from within her. It was like watching a reenactment of her reconditioning - but before, she was powerless, she was vulnerable. But ever since she successfully broke free of the megacorporation's control alongside Mina and the others she'd sworn to herself. "Never again."


"Never again," Alice Beta said, first in a whisper as her steely resolve turned into red-hot anger. "NEVER AGAIN, YOU HEAR!?" the two words basically being her survival mantra as she said them again, this time out loud as the magical sigils appeared over her right arm as she conjured another one of her fireballs X'mas Puddings and lobbed her explosive projectile at where the Dobermans seemed to be most tightly-packed together, before charging at them claws-first and swinging left and right in a berserker rage; hopefully, her actions might be able to inspire Alice Prime to pull herself together and get back in the fight!

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As things progressed, Krampus had a look of deep satisfaction as he watched things unfold, drinking in his victims' misery.

Nothing much changed with Dan. Still struggling, still suffering ticklish agony, still unable to free himself. The only things that changed was even more tentacles caressing all his spots, and another wrapping around his head, gagging him. This also had the advantage of holding his head still, while yet more came to tickle his nose and ears.

Darre had elected not to move, or do anything about the feathered, multiarmed nightmare behind her. The creature's attack landed, though it misjudged the distance. While it didn't kill Darre, or maim her, if she was conscious after that, it would be a miracle. An excruciating, indescribably painful miracle.

The pudding attack Alice Beta used was wildly successful, as the dogs did not seem to expect that the cats would fight back. About 80% of them fanned out from the blast, 20% of said 80% were hit directly and yelping in pain, forgetting entirely about them. The remaining 20% kept coming right for Alice Prime, moments from tearing her into cat food.

The 10x gravity spell was a powerful one, and would work on a good many things.
However, it would not work well on the Mistress. As a matter of fact-

"Faker? Oh no no no, you don't seem to understand. I AM you. Well, more you than YOU are. You don't even LOOK like me. I on the other hand, am the Mistress Blackhead in more than just my body. You should know, you have the same- Oh wait. You don't HAVE your body anymore, do you?"
The Mistress dispelled the gravity field with the same casual ease as she normally would, and unleashed a flurry of sword swings with speed rivaling that of Dan when he's maybe half serious.

"YOU let yourself be killed by a half-wit swine like Dredge. I will not be so weak. After I dispose of you, I will revive MY Cartel, and take my vengeance."

After the next sword strike, the Mistress opened her hand to unleash the Will of Thot, to blast the Maidenstress backwards. After that, she would call upon Thots of Angels. Numerous angelic beings would descend upon the obvious fake, to dispose of her for their Mistress. A grand total of 5 would gather around the fake, and thrust their spears at her.


Related image

"Reflect on your pitiable weakness as you die."

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"Disappointing," the Mistress Shishi sighed as she made us of the Heaven's armor artifact.. Black scaled armor covered both her arms as she met the flurry of sword swings with a flurry of parrying bitch slapps, taking full advantage of her hard armor and the fact that sword swings take more time to travel. 

"A copy will always be a copy!" She bellowed as she matched the fake's outward blast with her own, emitting the same amount of force and energy thus cancelling both waves.

"You are using mechanics I dropped ages ago!" 

Her body glowed as the angels descended and when they thust their spears at her, her body radiated another flash of bright light. With the power of her godess' blessing she banished these poor angels back to where they came from.

"I know all about your weaknesses."

She moved forward then, dashing towards her opponent. Her left fist was clenched hard. 

"The real Mistress Blackhead will keep adapting, keep on surpassing her past self." 

She let loose her fist, pouring as much of the godess' blessing she can muster into the attack. From her punch came a magical fist, this one thrice the size of the Mistress. The magical fist filled would fly towards the fake and upon contact would vaporize the counterfeit.

"I've stopped being the Mistress ages ago," she whispered to herself.

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"Come on, me! Get up and fight, nya!" Alice Beta shouted at Alice Prime as the explosion destroyed part of the pack, injured some of them and sent the rest fanning out. Perhaps, by showing herself that these creatures can perish as all flesh would motivate her to stop viewing the canines as some kind of unstoppable boogeymen. "I mean, look! They can bleed, that means they can die!"

"What!? Why didn't you say so-" Alice Prime's reply would be cut short as the closest of the Dobermans pounced right upon her, as the cat girl raised her right arm to prevent herself from getting her throat ripped by its teeth, but only to end up with the canine sinking its teeth into her forearm. "Get the f#$k off!" the cat girl hissed as she used her other hand to grab the dog by its neck and exert a powerful grip with all her might, until the vertebrae of the creature's neck made an audible snap.


Meanwhile Alice Beta would leap over to Alice Prime's side, taking a wide swing with her claws at the nearest canines to join the prime at her side, as he picked herself up and used the Doberman's limp carcass as a club, beating another canine over the head with it repeatedly. "Glad I'm back to my senses, nya," Alice Beta remarked.

"I had to thank me for that," Alice Prime commented as she stood back to back with Alice Beta to face off against the remaining canines. "Alright, so who's next?"

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Something is happening.....

Alice's initial fear and Dan's misery feed Krampus...

Krampus smirked as the misery and terror of the group filled him. He drank it in like he was Dan and Leo with Vanilla Coke. His smirk turned into an evil smile as he watched what happened next with delicious glee.

The blob of tentacles and holes tightened its hold on Dan even more, and to his horror, the tentacles assaulting his body with unbearable tickling sensations all seemed to grow feelers, increasing its capacity to torment by several orders of magnitude.
Dan screamed into the tentacle around his head as he renewed his futile struggles to move. Unknown to him, the mass also grew tentacles that morphed into what looked like various melee weaponry and shields in order to defend itself and its captive.

The cats' combined attacks proved useful, and for a moment it seemed as though the dogs  were on the ropes.

Until Krampus' newfound energy reached them. The Dobermans grew in size by 1.5x. Their bodies were strengthened, enabling them to move faster, hit harder, and take more hits. What may have been an instant kill earlier may not be now...

The group of Dobermans opened their now considerable sized maws, and the hoses that were in there before seemed to have increased in power too, because when they let loose, it was with the force of several firefighters' water hoses all at once.

The Mistress was not surprised when the Mistress attacked back. It's what she would do, and she WAS the Mistress. What surprised her was the massive fist that was totally not a ripoff of Gear Third from One Piece came at her. She thought for sure that this was it. She had underestimated herself because the other Mistress was in another body.

Then the new power from Krampus hit her, and and had a devilish smirk on her face. With her newfound speed, she easily slipped out of the way. And with speed and power exceeding her previous abilities, she wrapped her hand in the Will of Thot, even further increasing how hard this would hit.

"Oh I'm sorry, what was that about constant adaptation? Looks like I've got it down pretty well, Inferior Blackhead."

With a manic look in her eyes for a moment, the Mistress drove the fist at the Mistress, aiming for her unguarded side as it seemed to be wide open after that kind of attack.

The nightmare creature, now finished with Darre, turned its attention to the others.
It ignored Dan entirely, as he was probably intended to be their source of limitless power.
It looked at the felines, and decided that the canines had this well in hand.

Then it looked at the Mistress and the Mistress. And it decided that it would join this fight.

This however, took up its entire turn.

Oh yeah, and it grew 2 additional arms or something.

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The Mistress Shishi sighed. This clearly is no longer a copy of her, nor even the real her. It is already something else. Nor does it even understand the essence of being the Mistress. Even using power that isn't her own. To say the least, the Mistress Shishi was disappointed.

Even as the fake motioned to punch Mistress Shishi on the side, the woman would be surprised to hit some form of armor. It was the Heaven's armor which had been hiding underneath her clothes. Now it has acted once more in response to danger, growing in size and hardening to meet the enemy's attack, thoroughly blocking it.

Without missing the opportunity, Mistress Shishi leaped away from her enemy while electricity snaked around her left arm. Still, in mid-air it raised it's arm and on her fingers can be seen a small black orb. It was an exalta crystal. Power flared within Mistress Shishi once more and the sparks of electricity formed a series of electromagnetic rails on her arm. Using the power of Lorentz force, she flicked crystal and launched at the speed of a military grade-rail gun. Of course, there is the matter of recoil which blew her body backwards. As she is shooting downward, it is only reasonable that her body is thrown diagonally upwards.

The small exalta crystal propelled by Lorentz force would hit the counterfeit and would then explode and considering that the crystal is a highly volatile substance, it would be a very big explosion.

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"Did the mutts just get a power-up!?" Alice Beta exclaimed as she found that the canines had suddenly grown in size and gotten considerably more buff; and with that it allowed them to move faster and pack more 'oomph' behind their attacks. Not to mention, being able to take more punishment, as Alice Prime knocked away an attacking doberman with a kick - punting it a good several metres like a living football; a normal canine would've been crippled if not killed by such an impact, but for this one, it simply scrambled right back onto its feet to continue fighting.


"Well that was an unexpected turn of events," Alice Prime huffed as she took a step back, only to bump into Alice Beta's back.


"Hey, can you still summon more of us?" Alice Beta asked, glancing at Alice Prime behind her.


"Don't know if I have enough energy left, but I'll try," came Alice Prime's reply.


"Try, isn't an option right now - it's do or die, nya!" And with that Alice Beta would throw herself backward to bump Alice Prime out of the way of an incoming water cannon attack; which had now increased in magnitude to be akin to having several fire hoses being discharged at once, causing the cat girl to go into an uncontrollable tumble. 


Picking herself up on one knee, the cat girl would perform a series of ninjutsu hand gestures; not that they were really needed, of course. But Alice thought it made her technique look cooler, as once again she would become hazy to the eye before spawning two more simulacra of herself. 



"Alice Gamma!" the one on the left announced.


"Alice Delta!" chorused the one on the right.


With two more copies of herself in the field, Alice Prime would once again join the fray, raising her gun to fire shots at the doberman that was unleashing the water cannon attack on Alice Beta, while Alice Gamma conjured another fireball pudding bomb to lob at the other canines, while Alice Delta stood by next to Alice Prime, ready to engage in melee any of the dogs that might try to make a lunge at them,


@HollowCipher @Thotification

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Dan's misery feeds Krampus...

Nothing much changed concerning Dan. Though the monster torturing him gained the ability to harden its tentacles to stone density, enabling it to hold him more firmly, and defend itself and it's captive more effectively.
Detecting the boy's most ticklish spots, it doubled its efforts on his feet and toes, causing him new levels of torment and agony.

The Mistress was almost impressed. This deceased, less impressive Mistress was managing that meager body pretty well. Though, she was not expecting an Exalta Crystal, of all things. A slippery little bitch, this one.
The crystal found its mark, and the resulting explosion would end up costing the Maiden a huge sum of money. And it would have worked to defeat the Mistress, had she not gotten yet another power boost from Krampus, further enhancing her defense and bolstering Endless Thot, enabling her to regenerate at a far superior rate. In addition to this, the Mistress activated Absorbed in Thot, absorbing a hefty portion of the Exalta Crystal's explosive energy.
Even with all of this however, the explosion still blew off (heh) a good portion of her body. But, it would return in moments, about 30 seconds after the explosion dealt it's damage.

She looked up at the Maidenstress- Huh. She decided that was this person's new name. Maidenstress- with a supremely cocky and arrogant smirk, surpassing even Dan in that regard. Perhaps this was also do to Krampus? No, probably not, actually.
She opened her arms, showing that there was virtually nothing advantageous to that attack for the Maidenstress, at least where her own fight was concerned.

"Are you finished?"

After a short dramatic pause, she continued.

"Congratulations. You wasted an exalta crystal, and accomplished nothing."

As this was clearly the perfect time, the Mistress initiated a Noblewoman's Laugh.

"What else have you got? Please tell me that wasn't your last resort."

The dogs were caught greatly off guard by the cats' attacks, and the shots fired killed one of them immediately. The Pudding attack caused them to scatter, up until another buff came their way, each growing a second head. the remaining 6 surged forward, 3 opening their mouths, and each head blasting out water strong enough to strip flesh at the new cats.
The remaining 3 pounced at Alice Prime and Beta, preparing to tear them to pieces.

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A defeated sigh escaped the Mistress' full lips. So much for that crystal. What a waste of resources. Now she's lost the most precious crystal form the sackfuls she has inside the cartel armory. A pity.

Speaking of armory, there's something there that would greatly benefit the boy. The Mistress pulled out a raven-hued spear from the cartel armory's pocket dimension which resided within the inner pockets of Shishi's coat. This one is tainted by the Blackheart mirror's ore and even now the very air around it is slowly getting corrupted. Nonplussed, Mistress Shishi imbued it with a simple spell and threw it. The spear soared true and with the power of Lorentz force it would quickly reached its mark and hitting the tentacle that is 'torturing' Palmer. Once the spear hits, the Mistress' spell will activate and the tentacle should slowly disintegrate.

Meanwhile, she flicked three more exalta crystals at the fake. "Another crystal gone to waste. Woe me! The misery!"

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"Well imagine my shock!" Alice Prime exclaimed as the summoned doberman received yet another buff, this time causing them to grow an extra head - and taking yet another level in badass.


"Shit!" Alice Gamma exclaimed as the three remaining two-headed canines unleashed their powered-up water cannons, rolling out of the way just in time to witness the hydraulic blasts punch right through the chassis of an abandoned delivery truck - having received yet another boost in magnitude they now possess a power comparable to an industrial-grade water cutter. "It won't be pretty if those things connect, nya," the cat girl remarked. "Hey, you missed, dumbasses!" she taunted, mimicking the sound of a dog growling(!) as she made a run for it, leaping onto the top of the truck before firing a shot into the air to further taunt the dobermans while flipping the bird with her other hand.


"Keep em distracted, get them to cluster together so we can take em' out in one shot!" Alice Delta called out, the plan being for Alice Gamma to try to get the dogs to swarm around the damaged truck, and should they take the bait she would let loose with another pudding bomb aimed at the vehicle's fuel tank, looking to use a combination of the truck's explosion along with her own spell's explosion to take out the remaining canines in one fell swoop!


"Heads up, incoming!" Alice Beta shouted to Alice Prime as the other trio of canines attempted to make dog food out of them, as Alice Prime would sidestep one of the dobermans as it attempted to tackle them, grabbing its hindlegs as it whizzed past, before performing a giant swing with the two-headed dog, using it to bat the other two canines out of the way before slamming it onto the pavement, which Alice Beta followed up by firing three shots into its torso near where the heart and lungs would be located, before Alice Prime attempted a coup de grace by jumping up and stomping hard on its spine.


@Thotification @HollowCipher





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Dan's misery feeds Krampus...

Yet another power up hit, causing the dogs, Mistress, and abomination nightmare to increase in power yet again. Though, the dogs seemed to get the big hit this time. They grew to the size of horses. Snarling, two headed horses.

They also seemed to now be used to the cat's pudding attacks, and hosed the fiery pudding with their mouth cannons, essentially making it just splatter against them and do no damage.
The dog that lunged however, did not fair so well. The increase in size only increased the size of it's organs, allowing for every bullet to hit their mark. Bigger defense or not, there was no living through that, and it collapsed.
The remaining dogs charged and lunged at the cats, but...

"Yes baby. YES. FEED ME."

In addition to the Krampus buff, the Mistress absorbed yet more exalta energy. Three more crystals worth. She knew it at this point. She was unstoppable. The brain-dead Maidenstress had increased her power to god tier proportions, and she decided to end this in one move.
Using the Will of Thot, or rather the far upgraded version, she simply raised her arms, and buildings began to lift from the ground.

"You like? I'm thinking of redecorating the place a bit. Lets see how red I can make these buildings!"

Right as she was about to throw them, however...

At long last someone exploited the gimmick of the gimmick boss.

The Maidenstress threw a weapon thingy at the tentacle hentai monster, though it was not a threat at all. It used its shield tentacles and blocked it. 
Which turned out to be a colossal mistake. The spell activated, and the tentacle began dissolving. Which normally, would not be a problem. It was one tentacle, and it seemed to have how many? No, it's captive fuel source was going nowhere.

Except that the tentacles were all connected to a core inside the fleshy mass. 
It did not take long for the disintegration to reach the core, which then spread to the other tentacles. Dan was dropped, and the fuel source was gone.

Dan collapsed, panting heavily. That was the worst few minutes of his life. What the hell had taken the others so long?! The gimmick was SO obvious! In fact-
"Seriously?! The hell took you so long?! Stupid fucking-"

Dan noticed the tentacles starting to regrow. Without looking, he opened his hand and blasted the mass with a tunnel of category 5 hurricane winds. That would put a serious strain on his stamina, but he did NOT care. He one-shotted that horrible torture device, and stood shakily up.

Krampus felt the enormous energy leave him all at once. Looking down, he saw that the cocky barefoot teenager was freed. This was literally the worst case scenario. And with the hentai beast destroyed, nothing could be done.

The dogs suddenly lost their second head, and shrunk back to their first state. They were utterly confused by this.

The real Mistress, the one NOT possessing a virgin, suddenly felt much of her power leave her. The Krampus buff was gone. She still had the excessive amount of energy from the Exalta Crystals however, and loosed a blast of it at the Maidenstress for daring to be a virgin in her presence.

The elephant crow monster did not seem to react to its newfound power vanishing, and sauntered over toward Dan.

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