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Naughty or Nice? [Finished]

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"Did getting bigger also make them smarter!?" Alice Gamma exclaimed as her spell projectile was intercepted by the now monstrous dobermans' water cannons, destroying it. 


"Well, bigger bodies mean bigger brains, so..." Alice Delta interjected, shrugging.


"I thought the theory that cranial capacity equals intelligence has been thoroughly discredited as baseless?" came Alice Gamma's retort.


"I don't think that theory can even be applied to non-humans anyway even if it holds water, nya," and Alice Delta would deliver another riposte at her fellow simulacrum.


"Hey, cut it out you two! In case you've forgotten, we're still in the middle of a pitched battle right here!" Alice Prime shouted at the Alice Gamma and Delta, breaking up their kvetching and bringing them back into line. And it was when just as suddenly as they gained their powerups, the buff would mysteriously leave the monstrous canines, causing them to return to their original forms. "I don't know what just happened, but I can't say I'm not pleased, nya." Taking advantage of the dogs' confusion over their loss of power, Alice Prime would fire two shots in swift succession - one for each canine that remained in the pack that'd earlier tried to tear her and Alice Beta to shreds.


As for Alice Gamma, she would extend her claws before dashing past one of the dobermans that'd been menacing her and Delta, delivering a claw swipe across the neck where the carotid artery lay in a slash-and-run technique reminiscent of an iaijutsu slash, while Alice Delta would leap off the top of the truck towards the nearest pooch, bringing the heel of her booted foot down on its skull in a flying stomp in an attempt to smash its face into the tarmac as she did her best Seth Rollins impression. "Let's get things cleaned up on our side and we'll see if the others need reinforcements, nya."


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Cold sweat formed upon Mistress Shishi's brow as she realized her time is almost up within her little sister's body. It was quite the disturbing sensation, being deep inside one's sibling and all that and yet she had found it a bit amusing.

Now what to do about this predicament?

Her lips pursed as she pondered but it seems her time for pondering is cut short as the wannabe fake Mistress tried to blast her. Of course it wouldn't work as the possessive ghost had her vector barrier up, redirecting the direction of the explosion and letting it harmlessly flow and curve around her.

Annoyed she responded in kind, flicking another exalta crystal into the her wannabe imposter recreating the same attack she did a few posts ago.

Without waiting for her exalta crystal to explode, the spirit began inscribing a complex array in front of her while slowly backing away.

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All attacks worked against the dogs, and Hollow can't be arsed to go back and look up how many are left, so we'll say one is left. That one decided to do a last ditch attack, and dove at Alice Prime, baring it's teeth preparing to tear her kitty throat out.

The Mistress activated Absorbed in Thot as a last resort to deal with the explosion, and she absorbed a portion of the explosion. Then was blown to pieces. Chunks of Thot rained down all over the place, and many of the ones present would be picking pieces of Thot out of their hair for a while.

Dan saw the crow monster coming, and did not care. He was not in the mood to play by normal rules. So, instead, he turned into air, and reappeared behind Krampus. Krampus sensed Dan there, but it was much too late by that time, and when he turned around, he turned around to a dagger in his face. Krampus would soon die, and all that was left was to mop up what creatures remained.

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"Looks like it's down to you and me, doggo!" Alice Prime remarked as only one dog was left, gesturing for the rest of the Alice's to stand down so that she could finish it one on one. The two would lock eyes with each other, and at the same time as the canine leaped at the cat girl to deliver a desperate final attack she too would dash past the dog to perform an X-shaped double slash with her claws. The two combatant would pass each other, coming to a stop several metres apart, back facing back. Alice Prime would bear a set of bite marks on her right shoulder, just barely missing her neck. Her canine opponent would remain still, but a couple of seconds would pass before four sets of slash marks would appear on both sides of its neck, before two geysers of crimson erupted from the marks made by Alice's claws slicing into its arteries. 


It was almost like a scene from a chanbara film being played out, only minus the katanas. "Nya, I think of myself as more of a shinobi than a samurai anyway," Alice Prime commented., flicking the dog blood off her claws as she turned around to face the rest of the Alice's.


"Wait, you actually heard the narrator?" Alice Beta interjected.


"You do not speak about the fourth wall, nya!" Alice Gamma retorted, delivering a smack to the back of Alice Beta's head.


"Well, then let's help some of our allies, shall we?" Alice Prime added, getting back on the subject. "Or, it would seem like they too have cleaned house as well," the cat girl mused, brushing pieces of thot out of her hair.


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The dog died. Obviously.

As Krampus fell, the elephant crow nightmare thing grew visibly enraged. It teleported behind Dan and brought it's arms down to slash him multiple times.
Only there was nothing there by the time it did. Dan had vanished, only to appear in the air above its head. His face was not the mask of smug arrogance or mischief anymore. He was clearly a very angry boy, and was about to let the freak know it.

He blasted the monster upward in a tower of slicing wind, 200 feet in the air. This was powerful stuff; nothing got in or out. At the apex of the tower, Dan created a large bubble of air that he had changed the makeup of into his special blend, and turned the tower to methane gas, and conjured a matchbox.

Hey, you think Blackhead'll recognize this?

Dan struck the match, touched down on the ground, and tossed it over his shoulder. The match hit the wind tower, and it lit up instantly, the fire traveling up to the bubble rapidly. Once it reached the top, it hit the combination of gases, and it exploded violently, almost reaching the city. Dan, of course, was not watching, as cool guys don't watch explosions.

He then spoke in the most 'anime badass' he could manage.
"Flaming Rose."

To look at the smoking remains hanging in the air, one would indeed see a rose made of smoke.

It would appear that Santa had well underestimated this group. After all of his minions were dead, only ONE of their group was down. Unacceptable. Absolutely unacceptable.

"Alright then. If that's how it's going to be, then Santa will deal with this himself."

Santa got up out of his sleigh, and landed on the ground. He reached into his sack, and pulled out what looked like a long, REALLY bumpy stick with a hilt. Then odd energy began to gather in his free hand. What was odd about it was that everyone present could SENSE it, but it was fully transparent somehow.




"You'd better not shout."

The breeze began to pick up, and it had nothing at all to do with Dan.

"You'd better not cry."

Cracks began spiderwebbing out from Santa's feet, despite him not moving at all.

"You'd better not pout."

Dan could feel power rising from Santa at an incredible rate. And it showed no signs of stopping.

"Cuz you're gonna die."

Santa flicked the wrist with the stick in it, and multicolored lights sprang to life all down it, from hilt to tip. At the same time, Santa began emitting an aura nearly surpassing that of the Armored elf from before. And all of this was before he'd actually got going. This.... was not going to be a fun Christmas party.


All at once, Santa loosed the energy that he'd been gathering. It was visible now, and traveling at a blinding speed at the group of 3. It moved out in a fan, easily enough to encompass them all, and obliterated everything it touched.

But, it was red and green! So it was festive!

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"Looks like you've finally run out of bodies to throw at us, nya," Alice Prime remarked as her remaining body doubles joined her side, the cat girls facing off against the big cheese himself, Santa. Although something told her that the real nightmare has only begun. There was certainly some kind of aura building up around Santa Claus - even if unlike other battle auras Alice had seen before, his doesn't seem to produce any flashy visual effects. But nonetheless its energy was clearly palpable to all those within the vicinity.


"Crap, get down!" the Alice's were expecting nothing but trouble, and trouble was what Santa is literally made of as he unleashed a wave of red and green energy that lit up the area like festive lights. Simultaneously, Alice Beta and Gamma would launch a pair of pudding bombs at the ground underneath Alice Prime's feet to create an explosion that would blow the cat girl into the air, hopefully to keep her out of the reach of Santa's energy wave as it came roaring towards the group. It certainly wasn't pleasant for Alice Prime to say the least, but it would probably still hurt a good deal less than that big nasty energy wave.


"You could've warned me!" a singed Alice Prime exclaimed as she got blasted into the air by the explosion while her body doubles effectively stood in the way as meat shields to minimise the incoming damage to their main body.


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Dan flew into the air upon seeing Santa unleash his energy wave, and saw that Alice did the same...sort of. Both of them were clear of the wave, easily. Then he saw the Maidenstress just standing there like a bellend. Again. He was about to go after her, when he got an idea.
A wonderful idea.
An awful idea.
Dan got a wonderful, awful idea.

He unsheathed Godshard, and immediately it started drawing from the magic in the Umbran air. This however, was not what he intended. What he intended was what he did.
Dan hurled Godshard at the Maidenstress, accentuating it with a wind explosion, moving it faster, as speed was clearly of the essence.

Godshard embedded itself a few feet in front of the woman just as Santa's 'Get Fucked Attack' reached her. As Dan predicted, Godshard devoured the energy wave like Leo did his- Never mind.
Therefore, the energy wave just BARELY missed the Maidenstress who seemed to find standing there watching Santa murder her absolutely riveting.

Dan looked around the wave dissipated, and EVERYTHING that was in the vicinity was in ruins. Good thing it didnt touch anyone.
Godshard meanwhile glowed with incredible power. Dan flew down and grabbed it, then flew at Santa with a horizontal slash, aiming to gut the fatass in one swipe.

Santa scowled. These three were beginning to be a particular annoyance. Even the one who just stood there doing sweet fuck all and accepted instant vaporization wasn't harmed because of Palmer's interference. He wasn't going to be able to do that attack again for a good few minutes. Palmer decided to rush him, and his speed was quite impressive. However, Santa easily blocked his attack with his Christmas Lights-saber. With even greater ease, he pushed Palmer's weapon back and swiped himself.

Dan was less than keen on finding out what that weapon did to the things it touched, so when he was pushed back, he flipped his body over Santa's attack, and started a flurry. Santa however, seemed more than capable of blocking his attacks, even having time to use one or two of his own every few hits. But, this took Santa's entire concentration to do.
Dan REALLY hoped the others caught this. And hoped that maybe the Maidenstress would snap out of whatever delusion she was caught in at literally the worst time.

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SaberAlter.jpgShe's not having any delusions. Mistress Shishi mere run out of time. It was inevitable. The ghost can no longer keep on possessing the little sister's body. It was unfortunate but the ghost had to go. And go it did, leaving the woman's body possession-free.

Shishi opened her eyes to a world ravaged by Santa's dick move. She did not know where she is or what has transpired prior to her reawakening but what she knows is that she needed to get to safety. So she did. 

But not away from battle. Instead, she rushed towards Santa the same way Palmer did. If Santa is using a lightsaber then Shishi too would use her blades of light. As she charged, she tapped into her reserves and she enough she found her energy reservoir back to full power. It seemed that the ghost spent all that time gawking around just to replenish Shishis's reserves. Power blossomed from her chest and out came six illusory wisps of light which floated around her body. Finally, power converged on her pals to summon her blade of light. Now she's ready for round two.

As she closed the distance, the tiny wisps of light each shot a laser beam straight into Santa's body. Under the cover of her beams, Shishi took a huge leap and swung her blade at Santa.

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"Nya!" With wisps of smoke rising from her body Alice Prime would hit the dirt as Santa's energy wave swept the area and laid waste to everything in its path. The cat girl would rise to her feet as she glanced over her shoulder at her body doubles, who seemed to look - for the lack of a better word - like they've just been run through a garbage compactor. And considering the devastation Saint Nick had wrought, it wasn't really quite a metaphor.


"Give him... hell..." Alice Beta croaked, lifting a hand in Santa's direction before she went still, her arm flopping limply to her side. 


"Ha, easier said than done," Alice Prime muttered as her body doubles all faded away in a cloud of glowing white particles that lingered in the air for a few seconds before dispersing. It seemed that she'd burned through even her reserves this time, as she found that she could no longer summon any more body doubles. "Well, too many cooks spoil the broth anyway," Alice shrugged.


As Palmer and Shishi made their moves, so too would Alice join the fray as the right side of her torso would once more light up with orange arcane symbols as she conjured a pair of pudding bombs - one in each hand. Leaping into the air, the cat girl would toss the first bomb under her feet to launch herself into the air from the explosion and go sailing towards the red-clad terminator. "Death from above!" Alice yelled as she spun around in midair to send the second bomb hurtling towards Santa; and regardless of whether her projectile attack worked or not, seconds later she would burst through the pall of dust and smoke created by the aftermath of her explosion, hoping that Santa might be preoccupied with Shishi and Palmer to realise that she was attempting to land behind him.


"He can't possibly handle attacks coming from every direction!" Alice shouted to her allies as upon landing she would spin around to perform a roundhouse slash with her claws, hoping to catch Santa in the back while he's busy with fighting two other combatants.

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Dan forcing Santa to focus on him was picked up on by the girls, and they worked as a team (bloody finally) against the tubby red man.

Santa pushed Dan backward, preparing to slash at him, only to be hit with a laser of light. It did very little damage if any, but it provided a moment for Dan to attack again, this time with a lunging stab. Santa dodged, but Godshard cut his arm shallowly. This was enough, and Santa could feel his mana being leeched from him for the small amount of time the blade was in contact with the inside of his arm.

This proved to be a mistake, as Santa grabbed Dan by the hair while he was less able to move about. He saw the Maidenstress coming, and had to use his Christmas Lights-saber to block her attack, thus keeping him from separating Dan's head from the rest of him.
Alice's pudding bomb came hurtling at him, and Santa got a dirty idea.  He quickly held Dan out in front of him, intending to let HIM take the hit. At that moment though, Dan dissolved into the air, not giving Santa enough time to change his tactic. The pudding collided with his arm, lighting it on fire and seeming to hurt. Santa grimaced in slight pain and anger, and swiped his arm at the Maidenstress after pushing her back with his Christmas Lights-saber. He prepared to attack her, only for Dan to reappear and slice at him with Godshard. Santa of course blocked it, and Dan grinned, stabbing at Santa with his other hand, holding Efiáltis. Santa knew what happened if Dan got a fatal hit with that sword, and grabbed the boy's hand forcing the blade to stop, but once again occupying both hands.

Which was a shame, as Alice blatantly announced her presence from behind him. Had he a free hand, he would have swatted her like an annoying gnat. But, he had his hands full with a young boy, like all the Mall versions of him. So, Alice's claws tore into Santa's generous doughy back completely unopposed.

Santa roared and lifted Dan bodily, and threw him at Alice. Whether or not they collided, Dan would complain about Santa being a homophobe; just throwing him at pussy, demanding he take the hit.

Santa looked less than pleased.

"Naughty. Such naughty children. Let Santa show you what naughty little boys and girls get for Christmas!"

Santa raised his free hand to the sky, and the sky turned crimson. Clouds swirled about in the sky, and lightning started striking.
Then, fist sized flaming balls began streaking down at the city, the majority of them centered in the square where they were standing.
Dan got out of the way of one, and examined it. Santa was calling down meteors now. Because why the fuck not. Upon close inspection, Dan saw that the meteors were-

"Coal. Of course it is."

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That was satisfying, to feel her claws rip through Santa's flesh - though his downy outfit and thick girth meant that the cat girl's claws ended up inflicting but a flesh wound rather than striking a vital, and for that she would end up getting smacked for her trouble as Dan got smashed right into her, and knocking the breath out of her. "First time I've ever seen a guy throw himself right at me," the cat girl remarked, couldn't passing up the opportunity to come up with a riposte for Dan's barbs. At least, until Santa began his counterattack by summoning a rain of burning coals on the group!


"Sh-!" Alice barely had time to curse as the first of the coal meteors landed near her feet, showering her with glowing embers. Running like a cat girl possessed as coal meteors landed and exploded around her, she would make a beeline for the wrecked truck where her body doubles had previously made their stand against his summoned monster dobermans, and would promptly rip off the vehicle's hood as a shield, holding it above her head like a makeshift shield against the incoming projectiles. The cat girl would keep her guard until the storm abates, before shooting Santa a death glare and proclaiming, "catch this!"


And with that she would sling the sheet of metal at him like Captain America throwing his shield, with enough force to embed it into the pavement should Saint Nick dodge - though throwing her makeshift shield was but a diversion, as right after Alice throw the hunk of metal she would pull out her gun to fire off three consecutive shots at his torso should he catch or avoid her thrown weapon.

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"Not enough. 

Shishi groaned as her strike was knocked back by Santa. Before she could recover, the bloody patron saint of prostitutes has delivered their party a gift. Well more like multitudes of presents in the form of excessively large objects falling from the sky.

I don't have time to deal with these stupid coal.

True enough, she did not have the time and instead produced three more glowing wisps from her body. These three wisps would then float a few meters above her and would shot laser beams into descending coals either to disintegrate them completely of at least knock the larger ones away through the sheer force of the beams.

Meanwhile, Shishi did not relent. Even as the coal meteors descended by the hundreds, she pressed forward with a flurry of bone-crushing strikes at Santa. Then to add to her attack, her tiny balls of light would take surround Santa in multiple locations and shoot laser beams in time with ever swing of Shishi's sword.

"Just die old man before the next Christmas comes."

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6 hours ago, Lawman said:

"First time I've ever seen a guy throw himself right at me,"

"Sorry to break your heart love, but you are SO far away from my type, its actually hilarious."

Dan decided to spend the last of his mana, and conjured many of the bone dragon heads from before, though they were much smaller. Combined with the Maidenstress' lasers, they kept the coals well at bay. 
Finally, Dan took Godshard, and sliced through the air. A wave flew toward Santa in the shape and location where he sliced. There was no way Santa could deal with it all, surely.

Santa stood his ground as the car door flew at him, and cleaved it in half with his Christmas Lights-Saber. However, the bullets found their marks. They didn't hit anything vital; Santa's hide was thick.
He blocked the Maidenstress' attacks, but the lasers bombarded the elf man. The icing on the cake was Dan's mana wave from his sword.

Santa. Had had enough. The rage had come in full force. After the attacks landed, Santa stopped. The meteors did not. Santa doubled over briefly, and then arced his back, roaring at the sky. As he did this, a red and green emanated from his body with such intensity it couldn't be seen through. After about two seconds it became see through, but the aura continued to emanate from Santa. His fat was gone. In its place- Well, he looked kind of like this:


Image result for legendary super saiyan

Santa discarded the Christmas Lights-Saber, and it's lights blackened. Santa was done fucking about.

Dan readied himself for an attack, and Santa was upon him almost instantly, sack in hand. The massive thing was swung, and connected with Dan's body. The impact sent the boy careening into the air. Santa however was faster. He grabbed Dan's right foot, spun once, and threw him back into their little arena.
Dan's amulet of armor he wore was the only reason his bones didn't shatter on impact. His bones didn't even crack, but he was probably not going to be able to move tomorrow without considerable pain. 
Santa then flew at Shishi with an incredible speed, aiming a bone-shattering punch at her sternum. Whether or not it hit, he would jam his fist into the ground, and lift out a slab of rock the size and approximate weight of a minivan and hurl it at Alice with startling speed and accuracy. See how SHE liked shit being thrown at her.

His stamina was almost gone, his mana was emptied, and Santa turned into this hulking monster. This was not going well. And Dan only had one option left.

"........Genipperteinga. Go for a walk."

Dan floated into the air, and the air around the boy suddenly exploded in all directions. Dan's calm and cocky demeanor was replaced by a manic, obviously insane grin, and his eyes, instead of the deep chocolate brown they were, were now crimson.
Mana and stamina were restored and overloaded. Dan's trump card had been played.

"So, you vant to play, do you Clause? Zen let us play! Come und let Genipperteinga play vis you!"

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5I4rndN.pngIn his weird buff form, the patron saint of prostitutes was a monster. Shishi barely managed to react to his attack but thankfully, the heaven's armor was always on. She did survive the hit but it still sent her flying away.

Battered and bloodied, the woman picked herself up one more time. If there is one thing those within the old organization are good at, it is their indomitable will. As long as she's alive she'll keep on fighting.

If this is Santa's final form then so too must Shishi use hers. She spat out the blood cloying in her mouth and swallowed her pride. If she wants to get out of this place alive, she needed to borrow the power of her sister's cartel.

Fully access the archive. Unlock the armory.

For a brief moment, Shishi has all the skills and abilities gathered by the cartel and she has full access to everything within the armory. Behind appeared the various illusory images of the artifacts and relics the cartel has gathered over the centuries and this in turn filled her insides with power.

Brimming with this newfound strength, Shishi charged at Santa and unleashed another flurry of sword strikes, this time way more powerful and faster. And she's getting stronger and faster with each blow unleashed.

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"Damn it, just what does it take for you to go down!?" Alice growled in frustration as her bullets found their mark - her distraction tactic having worked perfectly as Santa sliced the incoming makeshift projectile apart with his light sabers, only to take a trio of bullets from the cat girl, but despite being slashed in the back and shot, old Saint Nick didn't seem any worse for wear. While on the other hand, every blow the cat girl takes diminishes her combat capabilities, and at this point she suspected that she may be running on nothing more than sheer willpower - or lunacy. And then Dan and Shishi's attacks landed, eliciting a cheer from Alice. "Yeah! We showed him didn't we?" she remarked, grinning savagely. Although the cat girl's grin quickly vanished when the smoke cleared and revealed that Santa was still very much alive and kicking.


And very pissed too, as he underwent a transformation that changed his physique from pudgy to buff. And he would retaliate by ripping out an entire chunk of the ground - large as a minivan - before hurling his earthen projectile at the cat girl. "Oh sh-" Alice's quick thinking probably saved her from becoming a feline steak tartare as she launched two pudding bombs at the incoming chunk, blasting it down to a more manageable size before crossing her arms defensively in front of her. The projectile shattered against her body into a shower of rocks ranging from small pebbles to hunks the size of a human head. While she managed to avoid getting splattered, the impact had clearly messed up part of her organs, as the cat girl collapsed upon the pavement, coughing up spurts of blood as she did.


"Damn, I'm outta my league here," she muttered as she struggled onto her knees while Dan and Shishi accessed their own desperation super modes - if only she had a similar transformation of her own! "I don't have a super mode transformation, but I have... madness," Alice remarked as she extended the claws on her right hand, before plunging them into her abdomen, causing her to lift her head to the sky and cry in sheer agony. "Madness beyond madness!" the cat girl screeched as she entered into some kind of berserker state, driven by her near-death state as her eyes flashed crimson and an aura of red and black flames engulfed her body, delivering a barbaric yawp to announce her return to the fight.


As Shishi came at Santa with a frenzied barrage of sword strikes, Alice would launch a pair of pudding bombs beneath her feet as she jumped, the explosion propelling her into the sky, before diving towards Super Santa's head, spinning like a demonic corkscrew as she descended, in an attempt to grasp his head in her hands and dig her claws into his skull, and should she manage to grab hold of her opponent, would continue to spin, trying to twist his head off like taking the cap off a bottle of soda.

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