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Naughty or Nice? [Finished]

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Seemed fitting. One of Hollows favorite boss themes.

The Other Guy readied himself, and prepared to attack. As he did, the ladies decided to do the same. The Fraulein attacked Santa with sword strikes nearing the Hosts speed, and gaining. He smiled, waiting to see how this played out.

Santa, with his new strengthened... well, everything, was able to block the sword attacks with two fingers. However, the Maidenstress was giving him all he could handle. And if this kept up, and her speed kept increasing, he wouldn't be able to block every strike.
Then the cat woman pounced him trying to take his head off. Using the instant the Maidenstress paused, he grabbed the cat's leg and threw her in some random direction.
This cost him, however, and the Maidenstress was able to hit him several times uninhibited. Interestingly, with her new speed and strength, her strikes seemed to cut well into Santa's reinforced hide.

The Other Guy smirked. Looked like the cat woman was out of it. But all of a sudden his arm shot out and directed a wind blast behind Alice, completely killing her travel speed. When she did land, it would do the approximate damage of tripping and falling.

".... I sought you said I vould be doing zis."
"I did. But if you're not gonna help my teammates..."
"Fien zen. Ve'll bos do it."

The Other Guy's right eye flickered slightly, before changing to brown. 

By this point, Santa was having issues blocking all of the Maidenstress' attacks, and decided to put some distance between them instead, so that cat or that cursed brat couldn't shank him from behind again. Instead he charged at Dan at full speed and attacked.
Dan however, seemed to vanish at the last moment, appearing to Santa's left.
"Tsk tsk. Too slow Weihnachtsmann."

The Other Guy thrust Godshard at Santa. He dodged, a bit.... frantically, almost. The instant he did, Dan snapped his fingers, and the bone dragon head appeared behind Santa, and blasted him in the back, hard enough to knock him forward. The Other Guy thrust his sword again, and Santa grabbed it in order to stop it. The sword cut into his hands, and he backed away at full speed, a hint of desperation showing.

"The hell's up with him?"
"Kind. I sink ve may haf foundt ze sread clencher."
"The.... what?"
"You know zat stupid game you love... Dark Souls Drei? Ze Storm Ruler. Yhorm."
Dan grinned. "Ooooooh." 

Dan altered the air makeup to boom his voice. "HAMMER HIM! AS HARD AS YOU CAN! BLOW EVERYTHING!!"

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Alice hissed in frustration as Santa grabbed hold of her leg and threw her aside like a rag doll - the impact would most likely break every bone in her body; but the cat girl would die painlessly, having lost herself to her bloodlust - that is, if it weren't for Dan's intervention, a blast of wind slowing down her fall to the point where it would amount to little more than tripping over rather than a bone-crunching collision with the ground. Not that she maintained the mental capacity for speech at this point, but she was still able to appreciate the move and would nod at Dan whilst purring, before shooting another death glare in Santa's direction.


And with the command to hit Santa with everything they've got, an evil grin would cross Alice's face as she charged at him once again, a pair of pudding bombs manifesting in her hands as she ran; tossing the first one at the ground between them, to create a pall of dust and smoke in the air to obscure their vision, only to burst out from the smoke screen a fraction of a second later with her second, unexploded pudding bomb. "Die!" and that seemed to be the only word in the cat girl's dictionary at the moment as she thrust her palm right in his face in an attempt to detonate her magical explosive point-blank in his mug.


(And yes, if one possesses the ability to see things in slow-mo they would witness the X'mas pudding going splat against his face before exploding in a conflagration)



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Is this the finale?

Shishi could not help but sigh in relief. The battle has gone for too long with many final forms, a tad too many for her comfort. Is the end finally at hand? 

Before the curtain closes, the Maiden readies her killing blow. The wisps of light around converged to form a circle in front of her, one large enough for her to step through.

And step into the circle she did.

Power surged into her body, her figure shimmering in radiance before it blurred forward. Her body moved at a speed akin to a flash of light.  Then she was upon Santa, her blade plunging into the man's chest.

Is it done, then? 

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All or nothing. Generally not Dan's style. But much longer and the party would not last, and Santa would run all over them. So, here they were. Either this would defeat the evil elf, or do them in.

Alice's pudding bomb landed and exploded, blowing white stuff everywhere and all over Santa's face.


Image result for takei oh my

This provided Dan and The Other Guy the perfect opportunity. While Santa was stunned, they pulled out their huge dick Efiáltis, and moved at their true full speed, so fast one could feel the air being ripped from the movement, and appeared on the other side of Santa, sword in hand, as if they just finished a strike.
Dan looked over their shoulder.

"Omae wmoshindeiru."

Through the pudding and the smoke, Santa managed to spit out, "Nani?!" Right before his left side opened up in a deep gash. Cutting that deep with Efiáltis was enough to put even Santa on one knee in exhaustion.
Looking to their left, Dan and The Other Guy saw the Maidenstress preparing her Ultimate move. Perfect. They would make sure to pave the way for the both of them to finish things.

The two of them raised their right hand and summoned another bone dragon head, but this one was the size of a single story house. It opened its mouth, and The Other Guy emptied every bit of his mana pool into it. The dragon charged it's attack for two seconds, before letting loose a mana beam large enough to entirely envelop Santa and everything within a 3 foot radius of him. This attack persisted for 5 seconds, as long as they could hold it, before the dragon head faded.
Finally, Dan and The Other Guy blasted themselves forward with a wind blast, making sure they were moving with enough force to plunge Godshard into Santa's body, making sure to do it at an angle where his and the Maidenstress' blades would meet inside all cool and epic like.

Santa roared, blasting the two away from him, but the blades stayed in. After this, Santa collapsed, and returned to his original rotund form. This was soon followed by Dan, who barely had enough stamina to stay conscious, but could no longer stand. But then he saw something that alarmed him. Some translucent fluid looking thing was freely flowing from every opening on Santa's body. Eyes, Ears, Mouth, Nose, multiple wounds, everywhere. Once it had reached the approximate size of a full grown German Shepherd, it started quickly flowing away, and was soon out of sight. Dan had no idea what it was, but he knew that it bothered him.
Then he saw something that alarmed him approximately 800 times as much.

Santa stirred.

He planted one hand out, and pushed himself up.

"....No way. You can't possibly be fucking serious."

Santa stood up, and looked at the party for a full 4 seconds, before he raised a single hand, and tapped his nose.
Dan prepared himself for extreme pain, but found his exhaustion and injuries had completely vanished. The other two would find the same.
Darre would have her injuries healed, but unfortunately, Santa did not specialize in waking people up.

"Ho ho ho! Well done! Well done indeed!"

Santa beamed at the three of them, his blue eyes sparkling, and his cheeks flush with pink.

"Thank you so much! How could Santa repay you for expelling that thing from him?"

Santa only had to think about it for a moment, before he saw the armor and mace laying in the road.

"You defeated HIM? Well, then Santa has a surprise for you! Well, more than one, but let's start here."

Santa walked over to Dan.
"Now hold still so Santa can touch you and bring out things in you you never knew you had."
"Don't worry. It's your first time, so Santa will be gentle."
"I...need an adult."
"Santa is an adult."

Santa placed his hand on Dan's head, and white light enveloped him. The two conscious ladies would be able to feel Dan's power spike rapidly.
After he was finished, Santa did the same to the other two, and then to Darre.
"Ho ho ho, no one defeats HIM without getting a serious power up."


Dan, Darre, Alice and Shishi have unlocked the Might of Orgurligr. This is a power boost obtained by defeating Orgurligr. Everything about your characters has been powered up. Every stat, every ability, every talent, every spell, every attack, if it is not a weakness, it has been powered up. Make sure to edit your character sheets to reflect this. Note that this does not affect your weapons or artifacts.
Furthermore, Might of Orgurligr has another effect. All four party members now gave access to a super form. You can name it what you like, and make the appearance of your character change how you like. This form powers up all of your everything even further, although you cannot maintain it forever. This ability also feeds off of strong encounters; meaning that whenever you fight and defeat a very strong opponent (i.e. a boss or something similar), you unlock another form past your previous one.

For being the one who summoned Orgurligr in the first place, Alice has access to a second super form right off the bat.

Santa then looked further at the devastation of the surrounding area, and more importantly, the corpses of elves and deer.
"Oh dear... It seems Santa was not the only one affected by this..."
"You eh... aren't like, bereft of reindeer and elves now, right?"
"Ho ho, no. Santa has many in reserve, you need not worry about that. However, Santa can sense you all have gained something from fighting and defeating them as well."


For defeating the Reindeer, each of you get to pick one reindeer to inherit the power of.
Dan has access to:
Donner: The ability to copy one opponents moves and abilities. You can still use your own abilities in conjunction with the new ones. But you can only keep one copied moveset at a time. After combat, the moveset is no longer available, and will have to be copied again.
Prancer: The ability to teleport to any location within a 30 foot radius by jumping.

Dan chooses Donner.

Alice has access to:
Dasher: The ability to move at incredible speed when activated.
Comet: The ability to summon large, semi-fast moving meteors as an attack.

Shishi has access to:
Blitzen: The ability to shoot rapid firing, explosive projectiles from her fingers.
Vixen: The ability to auto-dodge and then counter any single attack with the same attack when activated. Upon activation, the user must perform a dice roll. If they roll a 1 on the D2, they dodge. If they roll a 2, the attack auto hits for 1.75x damage. This can only be used once every 4 combat posts.

Darre has access to:
Dancer: The ability to force opponents to dance at all times when activated. Once activated, the user's opponents' writers MUST write out all moves, be they dodges, attacks, or defends as dance moves. However, so must the user. This lasts however long the user wishes, or until the user is unconscious or dead.
Cupid: The ability to force a single opponent to become helplessly infatuated with someone else. It can be the user, the user's allies, or another opponent. Who it is is determined by dice roll. Lasts for as long as the user wishes, or until the victim is unconscious or dead.
Rudolph: The ability to shoot high powered lasers out of any body part you choose.

As a side prize, Darre is also gifted with Rudolph's nose, which can be fitted into a gun of any type to transform it into a laser weapon. The nose never needs to be charged, and can fire indefinitely. However, excessive firing may overheat your gun.


For defeating the elves, you all have access to an elf familiar, with the exception of Alice, as she summoned something that would be utterly gamebreaking if she could summon. So Alice gets a second super form instead.

Dan can now summon an elf familiar with sharp teeth and claws.

Shishi can now summon an elf that can use any standard artillery, or ranged laser weapon, and comes equipped with a pistol, an M16 assault rifle, and a laser rifle.

Darre, for getting a full 20, can now summon an elf with sharp teeth and claws, an elf with a sword, shield, and mace, an elf that can use any standard artillery or ranged laser weapon, and comes equipped with a pistol, an M16 assault rifle, and a laser rifle, and an elf mage, who can use high level magic attacks from the four elements. It can also use lightning spells.

Upon seeing the crumpled form of Krampus, Santa smiled again.
"Santa is impressed. You managed to defeat your worst fears. Not many people can do that, and Santa is sure you gained something from the experience."


For defeating Krampus and his familiars, Alice, Dan, and Shishi have all had their every weakness lowered in severity. With the exception of Dan's ticklishness, as he does not see it as a weakness. He sees it as a fun time for him and his boyfriend. Be sure to edit your character sheets accordingly.
As she was defeated in this stage, Darre does not receive this prize.

Then, an idea came to Santa.
"Ho ho ho! Santa knows what he can do!"

Santa went and grabbed his sack- No, his sack of presents, not his- ugh. Gross. Come on guys.
He brought it over, and reached inside. After a bit of fishing, he pulled out three large boxes, and set them in front of Dan, Shishi, and Alice. Afterward, he brought out other things, odd looking wrapped objects that were definitely not boxes.

When Dan opened his first present, what he saw made his eyes go wide. Inside the box was a set of large vials, each containing fluids and solids he'd never seen or heard of before. And there, in the center, was a lump of something wrapped up. Dan peeled the wrapping back, expecting to roll his eyes at joke coal, but when he saw the ruby red glow, he immediately put the wrapping back on, his eyes as wide as saucers.

Santa winked at Dan. What it was would be their little secret.

As Dan opened his odd looking present, he found what appeared to be a gun, but it had been outfitted with a buncha stuff.

"Santa knows that you're not a very good marksman. So Santa outfitted that little rifle with enhancements to counter your bad aim, in order to help you get better at it."

Dan grinned. Yeah, he was a bad marksman, but this would be his ticket to getting better, and mastering all 3 forms of combat.

When Shishi would open her box, she would find a gorgeous Santa outfit, just like she wanted. Deep, striking red with a black belt, sexy black boots, a noblewoman's black leather gloves, and white fluffy trim around the edges. It even came with a Santa hat.
"Santa was expecting you to want weaponry... But Santa was pleasantly surprised."

When Shishi would open her odd looking thing, she would find a ruby and emerald ring, with a silver band, and small diamond along the edges of the gems to look like snow.
"This ring will allow you to force other people, or yourself, to do dramatic or ridiculous anime poses at your leisure. Santa thought you might like that."

When Alice would open her box, there would be another inside it. That box however, would open itself. And when it did, it turned into a small, metallic pad. But it's what is floating on the pad thats important.
On the pad was a brand new set of guns. Each polished and manufactured perfectly. They were:


An Nr. 1 Barrett M82 Sniper Rifle
Image result for Nr.1 Barrett M82

Smith and Wesson 500 Magnum
Image result for 500 Smith and Wesson Magnum

A Heckler and Koch 416 Assault Rifle
Image result for Heckler and Koch 416 assault rifle

And a Caesar Guerini Invictus VII Shotgun.

Along with the guns, there were self-replenishing ammo boxes inside, for each of her new weapons.

When she opened her odd looking thing, it would contain things to entertain herself with:
An indestructible toy mouse,
A regenerating ball of yarn,
And a self repairing scratching post.
Furthermore, upon opening it, a gold dust would settle onto her, and enable her to be able to switch to her Christmas Skin whenever she wanted to.

Before he got back into his sleigh, Santa reached into the sack one more time, and gave the four brave lunatics one last present. Each received a set of Candy Cane shivs and throwing knives, which were just candy canes that had been sucked down to incredibly sharp points, and then petrified, so that they were as hard and strong as steel. And a set of Christmas Ornament grenades. Which were just Christmas Tree bulbs, which, upon removal of the hook, would violently explode in 5 seconds. Upon sleeping, the four would find that, should any of them break, or go missing, or explode, they will replace themselves by your bedside. Indefinitely.

Finally, Santa got into his sleigh. But he had one last thing to say.
"If you want to have Orgurligr's things, they are yours! Just remember to share!"

And with that, Santa's sleigh lifted off by itself, turned around, and flew away.

The fight was over, and everyone was miraculously alive. The only thing that was left was to divvy up the armored elf's things, and go on their way.


Okay, so here's how the Orgurligr Loot works. There are 4 objects, each of us get one. In your final reaction post, choose which one (or ones) You are interested in. Each one will have a dice roll. Whoever rolls the highest on the D20 will obtain the item. Note that if you get one item, you will not be eligible to receive another that you may be interested in. If all of the ones you were interested in are taken, you will be left with one you were not.
Trading these items amongst ourselves is allowed, as long as the trade is cool with both parties.
The loot is as follows:

Armor of Orgurligr- This armor was worn by the Armored Elf Orgurligr. The owner of this armor has the ability to summon it onto their body, and make themselves entirely immune to all forms of attacks. However, this armor rapidly drains your stamina when you wear it. You are only able to have the armor on for two posts. While you have this armor on, you cannot attack. This armor cannot be summoned twice in the same combat. If you leave combat, and then enter into another fight, it can be summoned again, so long as there is at least one non-combat post in between.

Mace of Orgurligr- This mace was wielded by the Armored Elf Orgurligr. This mace has the ability to change its weight depending on its wielder's wishes. It will automatically change its weight to the optimal level for swinging and use for it's owner. It will alter it's weight accordingly if its user goes into a super form. If it is not being used, this mace has no weight to it, in order to make carrying it easier.

Ring of Orgurligr- Now come on. We all knew this was coming. This ring was worn by the Armored Elf Orgurligr. When worn, this ring greatly strengthens all of its wearer's abilities and strengths. It resembles a simple golden band, but when in use, or exposed to high heat, elven text will appear on it, reading: Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year."

Will of Orgurligr- This dark purple flame was inside of the Armored Elf Orgurligr. Whoever claims this flame will have their mana pool and magic ability enhanced beyond their wildest dreams. They will also gain use of Orgurligr's Dark Aura spell, a Dark Flame spell that devours all in front of it, Orgurligr Blast, which is a heavily damaging telekinetic blast, and the White Christmas spell, which will deal heavy ice damage, and cover the surrounding area in 4 feet of ice and snow.


HollowCipher is interested in the Ring of Orgurligr and the Will of Orgurligr.


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"Did we get him?" Slowly but surely, Alice would find herself coming out of her berserker rage as Santa fell to their combined final efforts, the cat girl slumping to the ground in relief knowing that it was finally over.... or is it? "Nya!?" she exclaimed as Santa got right back up, forcing her to reach for her gun; though his unexpected change in demeanour would cause her to lower her weapon just as swiftly as she drew it, being taken aback by the abrupt 180-degree turn in personality.


"Wait... you seemed a lot nicer... now?" she wondered as instead of continuing to fight them, Santa would instead cast a powerful restoration spell over the group, healing them of their injuries and recovering their energy. "Ah, so that explains it," Alice added as Santa thanked them for beating what apparently was some sort of - she could only wonder - evil entity/curse/etc that was the cause of his earlier ornery behaviour.


"Well, that's the Santa Claus I know and like," the cat girl grinned as they were presented with various boons and gifts for defeating his evil version and thus bringing him back to normal. And as a parting gift, he'd even allowed them to help themselves to Orgurligr's stuff - or as Alice preferred to refer to that armour-clad elven behemoth, the "Daddy of All Elves". 

"Dibs on the head-basher, nya," Alice remarked, pointing to the mace.



Alice calls dib on Orgurligr's mace, and chooses Comet's ability.


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The Maiden shrugged. With the battle mostly over, so too did the ghost haunting her disappear. She wondered if she will ever meet her older sister again. Well, she did not have to wonder much as she knew that her sister will come back to into this mortal realm sooner or later. Shishi knew full well how tenacious her sister is and most likely will not let something stupid like death to put an end to the Mistress' story.

Santa's heel-face turn was absurd in more ways than one. Still, Shishi was glad that the fighting is over now especially after Santa gave her a lot of gifts which she gladly accepted. Moving over to Orgurligr's stuff, Shishi pointed at the ring and armor.

"I want those."


She wants the ring and armor.


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Everyone picked their stuff from the Omega Kratos elf, except for Darre, who simply seemed to refuse to get up. Alice seemed really keen on the mace, which Dan was fine with. He had enough weapons already, and he didn't need a big ass honkin' mace on his back.

Shishi then got to the ring first. Dammit, Dan had wanted that one. But then, Leo would never shut up about him being engaged to another boy, and at the same time would NEVER stop calling him Frodo, since he was a scrawny looking barefoot boy with a golden ring if he had gotten it, so.... maybe this was for the best.

Not caring in the least about the armor, as he could turn into air anyway, Dan walked over to the dark flame hovering in the air. He sensed an incredible amount of power in it, and so he reached out and touched it.

The moment he did, the flame seemed to lunge at him, going into his arm and traveling through his body rapidly. Black flaming tattoos covered Dan's body as he crumpled to one knee, struggling to breathe. It wasn't painful, but his body was clearly struggling to make an equilibrium with the incredible power that just entered him.
It only took about 15 seconds, and then the tattoos faded. Dan could breathe normally again, but felt something new. He had NEVER felt this powerful before. It was as if he'd just absorbed centuries of magic knowledge and a mana pool that seemed nearly unlimited. He could sense, of course, that there was a limit to it, but it felt SO far away. Dan wondered if there was even a fight that could last long enough for him to run out of mana. And then wondered how long it would take to replenish that.

Dan got up and started walking, aiming to go and get his cash reward from the Empire, and knew the others would as well. He vaguely saw Alice go for the armor, which was fine by him. He didn't bother getting Darre. When she got up, if she ever did at all, she could get her reward.

That completely clear and translucent fluid blob thing still bothered Dan. He wondered if letting it get away would have repercussions. Probably. Whenever something like his happened any other time, it ALWAYS came back to fuck the demigod that allowed it, why would this time be any different?

But, that was all nonsense for later. Right now, Dan just wanted to get his money, go home, hogtie his boyfriend, and have a nap. And that was what he planned to do.

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