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[For the impatient, skip to the next words in bold to get the gist of this quest opportunity]

I would like to ask you a question (and you don't have to be joining this thread to answer):

How easy do you think it is to fight a pack of wolves?

Ponder it for a moment, and really think about your response.

If would be easy right? People have done it in real life all the time.


Now consider the following situation:

You are an adventurer — trapped several stories underground beneath a frozen city in the dead of winter, remnants of buildings ravaged by some past calamity. You, along with six others, are in the heart of enemy grounds. How many are there? Five? Ten? Fifteen? Twenty? You would wish that were the case, but in actuality, there are over a thousand, ravenous wolves lurking in the shadows, remnants of the disaster which befell the city which have made these ruins there home. Over the past year, they've gestated, growing in number, strength, and in intelligence. They aren't a pack of bloodthirsty animals anymore: they are a system of highly capable beasts whose sole purpose is to kill you, or worse.

Trying to wipe them all out at once with wide-range magic didn't work — it just brought more of them to you. Splitting up didn't work either — those times you split, you never saw the others again. These white wolves are cunning beasts, and they don't attack blindly. They'll separate you like sheep from a herd, strike when you are at your most vulnerable. It's easy for them — you are in their home after all.

These warpacks are led by towering, unnatural, monstrous wolves, so white in color, they fade into the snow itself, and if you were to defeat one, your name would most likely be recorded in the annals of Imperial South for your accomplishment — that is, if you get back.

Rumors have it that there is more to these 'simplistic' beasts other than to maim or kill. Clearly, there are other forces behind the growing number of these beasts. Even as intelligent as they are, they are too organized. Too cunning. Too daring. Sightings have shown packs wandering farther and farther from their den, doing things that they've never done before like snatching men and women from their homes.

But adventurers don't care.

As a mounting threat in this ruined city grows, will you just stand by and watch?

*     *     *

So, suppose after that, you think this is all still trivial.

Would you like to test your theory?

This quest is a continuation of another quest I started in the summer which was taking on the Whispernight Quest in Cobran, Genesaris, but you don't need any prior knowledge to hop in. Just know we are diving into a beast-infested town, with a small party, in the dead of winter, where everything is trying to kill you. The goal? Find the source of the abnormal growth in wolf attacks and abductions.

As custom, I shall be leading this adventure with carefully crafted NPCs and enemies, as well as a few characters of my own. Combat will not be easy — bring a character you aren't attached to, I assure you that killing these wolves will be less than easy. During the last quest, people scoffed at the wolves, yet one lost and arm, and the other almost lost her life.

For reference, here is a list of things I usually go by when running these quests which you may find useful when deciding if this quest is right for you (my guide).

I hope to see you join me in this little adventure, and I promise you...

There will be cookies:


If you don't join...

【 = ◈ ︿ ◈. = 】← sad face


So see you there here ?


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See you there

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2 hours ago, vielle said:

Splendid! A great introduction to the quest ❤ See you in about two weeks ? 

— as we've discussed, I can't join any new threads until the new year; hence my late arrival, but I am so down to tango ?

The thinking emoji was because I am thinking... about a plan... hue hue hue (as people from the first act know, my plans are very devious ?).

Two weeks is enough time for me to make things spicy

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1 minute ago, Artificer said:

The thinking emoji was because I am thinking... about a plan... hue hue hue (as people from the first act know, my plans are very devious ?). 

Ominous... ? I am now both excited and afraid ? can't wait to jump in hopefully sooner ?

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Just now, Artificer said:

I feel like you'd get along with @roboblu if you met her. You, like her, are wise to be afraid.

We are very well acquainted, having plot deviously and written together, and I miss her very much ? I await her return, being the fearfully wise one in this thread ?

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