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The Reverie Ball (Open Hub)

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Aveline went off to get Vivian and Nadia some water, and surprisingly, the lesser nobles and aristocrats that would trip over themselves to talk to the Emperor or any other major nobles are not going anywhere near Aveline, and are in fact parting for her as she has to catch a server to get three glasses of water. Then she sees Emperor Demetrius, and he looks drained.

Aveline wants to do something to help him, so she gets closer to keep everybody else at bay, and thinks about asking him to join her, Vivian, and Nadia in their game of Machi Koro, but remember that they ran from him before and will likely run from him again since he's clearly an angel, but Titus could likely use the break. Decisions, decisions...

"Emperor Demetrius," Aveline says as respectfully as she can, "if you'd like, you can join us for a game." Aveline needs to show Vivian and Nadia that not every angel will beat, smack, or whip, or splash them with cold water.


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It was always better to show up a little bit fashionably late. 

Considering the best things seemed to happen and the drama of the evening seemed to bubble up. Romances started. Fights broke out. It was the more exciting time to show up and the snacks were left unattended. Granted, with a dress this tight and low cut, an extra snack or two may end up causing her to burst out. She sat in the carriage, face done up, hair pulled up and back to display her ears more proudly. Kalmuli felt the carriage pull to a stop and the carriage attendant open the door. Kalmuli stepped out with assistance from a gloved hand and she glided in.


The difference between the elven Baroness and some of the others is that she didn't come with something pretty hanging off of her arm. Kalar wasn't ready to make his social debut and her other lovers seemed to have made themselves scarce. Such was life right now. Kalmuli passed through the entrance, walking quietly to head to where the others were mingling. 

'Perhaps I should be more social...granted, Kalar's been my priority lately...'She thought to herself, stepping into the Grand ballroom. She glanced around, seeking out familiar faces. Though the sight of a servant carrying a lone crystal glass of something other than champagne or wine caught her attention. Someone who had a special order enough to make the young man go fetch it right away.

Someone who knew the property well enough that they knew they had a stock of it.

Kalmuli would clear her throat to get his attention. "Pray tell...is that for the master of this house?"She asked.

A quick stuttering 'yes' and she smiled. "Tell me what they look like...best let a more stable hand to take care of it. You're shaking like a leaf."She said, taking the small tray with the single glass of what smelled like scotch. A rather expensive brand at that. After getting a description, she would carry it herself with an easy grace and found the intended recipient.

He was tall...almost monstrously so compared to her smaller frame and when she got closer, had a muskier smell. The garb compared to others stood out and as she quietly approached his side with the glass, Kalmuli would quietly offer it to Titus. "It seems I have missed quite a stirring event...enough so, the master of the house asks for scotch instead of regular party fare."She commented quietly. "Forgive my intrusion...the young man seemed to be trembling when he was carrying the tray...and this is rather expensive scotch."


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39.jpgvarda hildebrand

Varda listens to Tynes’ explanation in wordless study, taking in the words for future recall, when one line gives her pause, swivels her head to catch the man’s eye.

"She seems genuine enough, I suppose, but she is a vampire."

There is something of vague distaste in the Norkotian’s tone that she just barely notices, just a hint of misgiving that makes her think it must have been the work of her disorientated consciousness, or perhaps an overactive imagination. But no; after a brief moment of rumination, the Lady comes to the conclusion that she had not been mistaken. Varda’s focus flickers over to the elven noble house for scant seconds, then back towards the Executor, speculation glimmering in the depths of her gaze.

It is not her place to speak anything about it.

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge,” she replies, a smile playing at the edges of her mouth. “Well! I don’t know about you, Executor, but I’d like to see what other forms of entertainment this ball has to offer.” Varda grins, her gaze narrowing down to the dancefloor beyond them. “Shall we, sir?”

The Reverie Ball carries on in joyous festivity, a dizzying blur of music and food and twirling fabric, and really, what else is there to do but to move onwards to whatever else the night has to offer?


[ Exit: House Hildebrand and the Norkotian party ]





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