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House C'zirqonia of Crystallo Stella

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House C’zirqonia, the Lapidaries-.

“Capax Infiniti”


House C’zirqonia controls a large portion of the crystal and mining industry in Crystallo Stella as well as throughout Genesaris, holding a near-monopoly over raw exalta crystal mining. Their ancestral estate, known only to the select few as The Apeirogon, is a sprawling network of tunnels and facilities that also include the underground ocean, the Neathsea, and several hidden facilities accessible only through diaschismic portals. .-



The Apeirogon

A spacious, sprawling underground facility. The entire complex is lit by ceiling and wall panels and lies far underneath the main Crystallo Stella caverns. Travel is mainly done through permanent portals. Skyscraper-like structures hold up the caverns, characterized by wide open spaces and translucent or transparent walls.



The Crucibles

The Crucibles are comprised of all C’zirqonia’s gem production facilities, with some located great distances from the Apeirogon.--

Certain mineral-rich underground regions are used as raw crystal farms. After selective mining, the area is carefully mapped out and enclosed in time dilation fields to hasten crystal growth, then left alone for a few generations.

To mass-produce specific varieties of crystals, artificial magma chambers treated with supersaturated solutions are used. These practices are operated remotely through the use of  hardlight constructs.



The Neathsea

A largely unexplored underground ocean of varying depth and length composed of innumerable lakes and tunnels. The water is warm, alkaline, and rich in minerals, giving way to rare crystal growths. The floor of the Neathsea is largely unexplored, though volcanic vents are not uncommon. It is populated by strange, nocturnal invertebrates.

In the shallower areas, House C’zirqonia cultivates underwater crystals and pearls from fields of gigantic black clams. They also keep an offshore aquaculture facility that tends to various snails and trilobites who filter the mineral-rich water, resulting in opalized shells. .-





A geometric glass flower on a field of black, symbolizing the house’s mastery over the field of geoscience, specifically over mineralogy and the arcane arts of arcrystology.





Coat of Arms:

Characterized by white geometric shapes on a black expanse. It builds on the glass flower sigil, reflecting the nature of crystals as points of convergence for the planes of existence and House C’zirqonia’s skill in harnessing the power of crystal geometry.



  • Allies: the royal court, the mining companies of Crystallo Stella

  • Enemies: N/A

  • Neutral Parties: the other noble houses of the Hyperion Empire...-

A curved facade covered in white latticework



The story of House C’zirqonia begins in 447 WTA, about 150 years ago. These were the days when magestorms swept across the face of Genesaris, nearly half a century after the disappearance of the once-great airships and the grand minds who had invented them.--

Zaria Uhltoria, however, had not forgotten the stories about them her grandparents had passed down. Fascinated by these legendary vehicles and with the powers of exalta, she and her husband, Cirquon, devoted their time to studying it and other crystals while slowly developing a veritable mining company. Over time, the couple decrypted the mysteries of crystals and discovered how to harness the power of their true, raw forms. Seeking to further their research, the couple eventually settled down in Crystallo Stella,  taking their business and expertise in geoscience with them.

Over the decades, the family took on the name of C’zirqonia and continued to expand their industries, applying their knowledge of arcrystology to a wide variety of fields. While Crystallo Stella remained relatively secluded, C’zirqonia used its diaschismic portals to establish a secretive trade with the outside world, selling their wares exclusively to chosen dealers in order to keep their existence private.

When airships returned to Genesaris, C’zirqonia quickly became the main producer of high-grade raw exalta crystal. This encouraged C’zirqonia to expand their businesses outside Crystallo Stella, and expand they did.

To this day, the Lapidaries of Crystallo Stella continue quietly accumulating technological power and riches. To what ends,  however, one can only guess.


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