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House Kholin

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One of the eldest noble houses of Ursa Madeum, yet surprisingly regarded as one of the weakest in terms of wealth and political standing, said to have been born during the Age of Strife when Terran men first settled the island cluster. Its founder, Thadeas the White-Mane, was rumored to be one of the greatest duelists to have ever lived. When he slew Boris the Bold, the Lord of Wolves, in single combat, he was rewarded with Boris’s lands, and daughter. Thadeas took the girl to bride, and adopted the banner, honors, and words of her line. The Kholin sigil is a white-maned lion flanked by two black wolf heads, a sword set at the heart of the three. Their words are For honor.


GAVIN KHOLIN, Lord of Skyfall, Head of House Kholin,

— his wife, {LADY AURORA, of House Boriar}, died in childbed,

— their children:

            — ALEXANDROS, the elder twin, and heir to Skyfall Manor,

            — SER ANDROSS, the younger twin, and Lord Commander of the Honorguard,

            — ADRIANNA, the only daughter, fifteen

— his ward, VIVIENNE UL’DANIIR, elven Hexmistress,

— his siblings:

            — {DANIEL}, his elder brother, slain during the usurping of the Tyrant King,

            — {SEBASTIAN}, his younger brother, slain during the usurping of the Tyrant King,

— his household:

            — CECIL LANCE, counselor, healer, and tutor, 

— SEVERUS GLASS, called the Undaunted, master-at-arms,

— GABRIELA MORNE, captain of the guard,

— his Honorguard [The Wolves of Kholin]:

— SER ANDROSS KHOLIN, Lord Commander,









The lands of House Kholin are located toward the far southeast of Corinth, amidst an otherwise abandoned frontier. While many along the coast found themselves shunned from their homes during the Tyrant King’s rule, those under Kholin oversight managed to endure. Skyfall manor is located near the peak of a high outcropping, equally as built into the stone as it is atop of it. Due to their location, the keep is known to experience a great many deal of storms.



Allies: The Veluriyam Throne

Enemies: --

Neutral Parties: Ursa Madeum nobility



House Kholin is one of several more militant-based noble houses found in Ursa Madeum. This has led to something of a strict, code-based social order throughout their lands, though it is more heavily followed within the house, itself. Many of their public events tend to be gladiatorial in nature, with a heavy emphasis on dueling (which is said to pay homage to their founder, Thadeas). However, duels are also used as a means to satisfy issues between individuals, as well.

Unlike some houses, however, “military strength” does not simply equate to power. The Kholins are avid collectors of information and technology, as well. Still, because of their rather diminutive numbers and lack of interest in acquiring more land, wealth, and standing amongst their fellow noblemen, their forces are notably small. To compensate for this, they are exceptionally well-trained, which has led to the establishment of a “second motto,” being Quality or quantity.

They favor honor, discipline, and integrity over all else, and expect all representatives of their order to conduct themselves in manners befitting of their homestead.



A comprehensive list of all canonical events involving House Kholin or its agents.

1. For the Good of My House (Incomplete).



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