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Holly and her Sheathes

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Holly never finished her story. At that point, she had broken down in tears crying as the old memories of her past came rushing back at her. The alcohol may have helped her to remain calm and detached in retelling that tale but even then she could only take so much before slumping down into a heap of sobbing mess.

But Uncle Folio, the ever emphatic and understanding uncle, was already on her side. He was hugging her like she was her long lost daughter, assuring her that everything is alright, soothing her. Even her cousin Piezo was on her other side, his gentle hand gripping her shoulder as if saying that he is here too and they will all get over this nightmare as one big family. 

Her story was far from over but it was already late and the two boys have to wake up early tomorrow. They bid each other good night. However, Holly still couldn't sleep and instead go outside for a smoke. It seems her old habits were hard to lose as well. Just as hard as those memories.
"Well, that was quite a story?"

Holly's head swerved towards the voice's general direction. It was a rather familiar voice. "It good to see that you were actually alive."
The newcomer was another woman, one that should have remained dead. "I see my little bird has all grown up. Tell me, dear, what do you plan to do next?"

"Queer. Never thought that you'd be the caring type, Middy." Holly scoffed.

"I never said I was, Holly dearest. But I came back for you. Oh, and I go by Linda now, the Madame Linda Linda."

Holly's face distorted at that name. "Gods, that name is awful. But very well Linda, what is your game?"

"Money of course. I want to live lavishly and I need money for that."

"And why are you talking to me instead of going out there doing business."

"Actually I am negotiating right now?"

"A what?"

"Yes, Holly. You are penniless and you need support to build this farm from the ground up. That's why I'm extending my hand to you, to give you assistance in this endeavor."

"But how? Why?"

"By tomorrow you'll be the head of this family. Your experience and expertise would be enough. But there are other helpers here and you need to convince them too. But alas that would be your problem, not mine."

"Me? Lead? But...I'm not that good of a leader."

"Neither was I. But I suggest you learn quick. I did teach you after all. That said, will you be part of my growing enterprise? I'll need someone to manage here in Ursa Madeum and you are the fittest for the job."

"I'm not too sure. I'll sleep on it."

"Oh, I'm sure you'll pick the right choice. I was your teacher after all."

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After that fateful visitor, Holly returns to her humble abode to get some well-earned rest. Next morning, she would be greeted by her uncle and cousin. At the dining table, they would start a rather intriguing discussion.

"Holly," Folio spoke after a while, "You are better suited as the farm's head."

Piezo sighed at that. "I too begrudgingly recommend you to lead us."

"But..but why?" Shock set in Holly's face as she tried to digest what is happening. Even worse was that it was all according to what the Madame Linda Linda expected. How far did that woman see?

"I'm sure you'll do fine," Folio chuckled while Piezo was quiet.

"But uncle Folio, cousin Piezo would be better suited for it?"

"Piezo is my sone but we are just farmers Holly. But you, you have seen more of the world than we would ever see in our whole lives. That is more than enough to qualify you."

Then the two were off leaving Holly all alone with more questions and even more responsibilities. But as a former Black Spear cartel agent, she will not surrender. She would take up that role and do it right. For her mother and her father and mostly for herself. 

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Holiness "Holly" Sheathe, a former member of the Black Spear Cartel, returns to her mother's hometown after the cartel's unexpected dissolution. There she meets with her uncle, Folio and his son Piezo. After a round of awkward introductions, they invite Holly into their humble abode. Inside they have a rather short meal, exchange pleasantries. After their simple dinner, Holly retells stories of her past and before she could finish she broke down crying. Folio and Piezo comfort Holly and they all went to bed after that. At night, Holly goes out to smoke and is confronted by the Madame Linda Linda who was kind of stalking her. They exchange some words, mostly about Holly being part of Linda's business group. Their conversation ends and the next morning came. Over breakfast, Folio and  Pieze insist that Holly should lead them because she is the most experienced person in the house. Also because she can read and write. With no choice, Holly becomes the head of the vassal house of Sheathes.


Prodigal child Holly Sheathe returns to her hometown following the dissolution of the Black Spear cartel. There she meets her uncle Folio and cousin Piezo. After a few conversations with her relatives and the night discussion with the mysterious Madame Linda Linda, Holly is pushed into the position of the head of the vassal House of Sheathe.


1. The vassal common house of Sheathe gains a new head- the Lady Holly Sheathe.

2. The Hildebrands would have an educated farmer as one of their vassals.


1. Holly Sheathe would have to adjust to this new way of life and the burdens of a leader while being wary of the Madame Linda Linda.

2. With Holly's return, there would be major changes on the farm. Using her vast experience and knowledge form touring the continent, Holly aims to modernize the farm. For that, she would need workers and someone to give her money,

3. With the sudden changes in the farming house's head, House Hildebrand might be interested in doing a visit or a courtesy call to see what the fuss is all about.


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