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Multiple Shots?? (RE-Union Part 1 of 4)

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Theme: Open

Environment: Valucre Time and Date, as needed

Weather: Calm: 82 degrees but very Sunny; Winds are North by Northwest at about 9 MPH or so.

Storyline: FREESTYLE.................NO PLOT needed.


I'm laying this out in High School style for ANYONE that would love to join on in. THis is a bit of Supernatural/Slice Of Life/High-Fantasy. This has to do with my poor Benny trying to re-unite with his five OTHER Split forms, as I have tried to do this in multiple RP's but people KEEP dropping OUT on me, so I'll do this MY WAY.




"You BROKE that student's WRIST!!! What ELSE do you expect for me to DO Benaires? You CAN"T go around seeking justice without the School Council's input!!" Yelled the Assistant Dean of the School.  He had unloosened his tie and was sipping on a stiff drink in his private Office. The School Recorder of Deeds was there, along with the entire Student Council, Seven Police Officers, two Security Officers from the School, two Detectives and even a representative of Bens' Father's Company!!

Ben only sighed: he was tired of being reprimanded by the Dean as well. He arose up out of his chair, now staring around at the entire room itself, giggling some. "Is that what this is about? Me so-called handing out Justice? Look Mr. Ramsey, I don't think you are aware of what is really going on here in the least bit. The Security Cameras caught a mysterious person roaming around the campus like some maniac. Now we have four BODIES in the HOSPITAL!!! FOUR STUDENTS!!! This investigation is well-within my jurisdiction. I might be a student here, but NONE of you have the right to interfere with official Business."

One girl, who was dressed very well, slammed her fist onto the table, now trying to protest; "You CANNOT DO this!!!! The Counter-measures Division handles those kinds of things Benaires. You make it seem like no one is trying to help you along here; you are clearly in violation of so many rules that I don't know where to begin with you!!!" the young girl said, now tying her hair into a ponytail.

"You all just do not understand what is at stake here is all...." Replied one of the Security Officers for the school. He was rather obese and had grease stains on his uniform, but he always smiled and defended the students always, even Benaires.  "I was doing patrol last night and I saw something strange. SOMEONE or SOME THING is creepin around the school halls, I tell yas. This kid aint' playing around ya know. I've known Ben's old man and his mother for years upon years on end, and I will tell yas this: Something is going on and I don't like it!!!!"

"People PEOPLE!!! Let's keep things in perspective shall we? Its a given that four students were severely injured by someone or some unseen force, but that does NOT give Benaires here the right to be judge, jury and executioner. We have tradition here; and for the last 140 years, no one has ever failed at THIS school. But look at Ben's track record here......A-hem....153 tardies in one scholastic year; 43 absences; 124 cuts from period to period. His English, Math, Magic Users, Geology, and even his LEISURE class is almost at failing level. I mean its a LEISURE CLASS!! You get good Marks for doing absolutely NOTHING!!! However, His Arts, Physical Education and Social Skills class have Marks SO high that the teachers are running out of assignments for him to do. While he is doing as we must save, O-kay....he still lacks the basic education and skills that students need to make it out here in the real world you know. Honestly, I'm tired of the complaints." Said another girl who was rather short. She had long Pony-tails that were neatly tied up with blue bows on the ends of each one of four. Her Seaweed-Green Eyes shimmered against the very Sunlight that was blaring into the large office itself.

Ben sighed and picked up his File folder, gently excusing himself from the actual meeting. The Dean pointed at him as he stormed out of the Office, "You SEE? THIS is what he does every SINGLE time that we try to talk to him. We CAN'T suspend him since he is on the Champion Skate-boarding Team and he is the ONLY person that is holding the Art Department together!!"

One Police Officer shook her head, along with two more male Officers, all putting their caps back on, immediately bolting out after Ben to try to talk with him. The Security Guard also put his cap back on to walk out right behind the three Officers.

Cytherea, head of the Student Council couldn't believe what she had just seen; A student that was about to be reprimanded, just WALK out in the middle of an important MEETING???? Who WAS this guy?

"Shit.....................I'll go TALK to him....continue with the meeting everyone!!!" Cytherea then shook her head and ran after her Childhood friend as well!!!

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Took  bit of a break from this one due to two more writers being busy with work/School IRL.


More adventures will CONTINUE SOON!!!



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