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...Four Years Later

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Hey all,

Returning to the site after...well, my last post was in early 2014. So it's been a minute or two. I ran Avarice Lynch mostly, the crafty magistrate of Celin City, and the Edmund Anka, son of @Aleksei's Magdalene vampire elder. So I've a lot of reading to catch up on.

Writing with the gang on here helped me through a rough deployment to the Middle East back then, so I'm eternally grateful for all that. Since then, I've finished my degree, been working a supervisory assignment, and recently got the itch to check back in and see how Valucre is holding up. In short, I'm really impressed with the site. @supernal, you guys have outdone yourself, it looks great.

I'll poke around and see what's going on, but I'd love to get back into the cooperative play-by-post with you all again. Hope to see you all in the RP section,



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1 minute ago, Aleksei said:



No, but seriously, really good to see you still kicking around! Gotta get caught up to what's happening these days

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Now you KNOW that the old furball aint' going nowehere old friend. I can REMEMBER that you were thinking about going into the SERVICE, but that was YEARS ago.


My Kid is eight years old...I had four Heart Attacks, and I'm in poor health, lol.


But it's ALWAYS good hearing from you man!!! How are things...INBOX me later on if you can. Are you on Shore leave or something? You are always away on assignments or something, lol!!!





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