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Tavern of Legend OOC

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Sounds like a good idea. Should we put our heads together in a PM and decide what's what? 

The quest itself has some details concerning what sorts of danger we can expect (I recall something about 3 elemental magic users) but should we consider each of us controlling certain NPCs? I figured another important npc would be someone like the cult leader.

We could also discuss what it is exactly the cult is doing aside from the group suicide. What sort of weapons might be common among them. Are they all common yolks or are there some fighters among them?

Or am I overthinking this?

@ticklefarte @Godspell

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I think it would be good for a constructive narrative to take into account these scenarios, plus it'd be fun I'd say. If you want to, I'm okay with it. I think Yeul would have quite a time having to deal with Liam, even though all she wants is solace, can't always ignore that feeling of anger when it comes to human's considering the stigma Tiefling's get. 


@Blackguard @ticklefarte

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