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Serphus Alumna; The New Platinum-Neptune

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Closed. RP with Jaistlyn

4, August 1672AY 

The crystal remained closed as a demon slept within. Ra stood there in the city of Serphus Aluminium as she eyed him. A man named Sareneth who was used as a pawn in Lhorr's game. Yet, she knew he could used for such greatness. 

Such a shame you slumber still. I will awaken you at a cost. You will belong to me as something unholy. Now let us begin Sareneth. 

Ra spoke as she placed her hands on the red crystal housing the demon man. A few rumbles occurred before it broke and he fell to his knees. Ra lifted his chin to eye the man as she smirked. O' how the tides were changing to Talia. 

Her hand landed on the bridge of his neck and spine as she chanted softly. Her mark appearing before she pulled out a piece of the Black Heart Mirror piece. Eyeing him, she placed the piece into his heart. Sareneth would shutter and jolt. 

Inside, his heart turned into a black heart mirror cross shape. His humeoid parts withered as he was twisted into his mirror self. His eyes blank black yellow irises, as he shaped into a powerful demonic prince. 

Ra then approached as her mark rang in his ears taking him as her own. She closed the space between as she embraced him. 

Awake my black heart mirror Sareneth. Prince of Serphus Aluminium and the Black Heart Mirror Templar Knight and King. 

Ra grinned. A worthy prize to claim. Yet it wouldn't be hers. She then grinned darkly as she stood away from him. Knowing exactly whom to corrupted by this new creature. 

Dearest, I have a task. Since we are going to need more knights, you must capture it. A knight of purity and justice shall be your bethrothed. But you must twist her first. And her knights will be a perfect gain. Her name is Manah. You'll find her in Serphus Aluminium.


The carriage rode to Farenheit-Abalone as Amoura felt the mirror piece consume her. She didn't mind as she enjoyed every minute in pure ecstatic pleasure. Esben had placed another piece into her along the way and he was still un-nerved since they left. 

Amoura had changed since both pieces entered her. Her form was so voluptuous that it was almost going to burst. Her clothes didn't fit though she wouldn't be needing them soon anyways. Her eyes were blank golden irises of emptiness that desired to be controlled by Esben's lies and greed. 

The carriage finally entered Farenheit-Abalone as it stopped. Exiting the carriage, Esben took Amoura's hand and lead her to the temple. It wasn't a long walk and they made it to the temple in a few moments. He placed Amoura in the pond around the temple. 

The light swirled around her, encasing her as she was now alone at the moment. The temple then spoke to her as she could only hear it. 

'O' child of the blackest heart, the child of Talia itself, welcome to the Farenheit-Abalone temple. It's time to awaken from your slumber, Amoura. You are the black heart mirror beast. A beautiful but horrifying temptress. And you are Esben's beloved. 

But... You cannot be redeemed after this awakening. Now, lets begin.

The temple wrapped it's etheral arms around her as she felt suffocated. The air left her body as she was being reborn into her memories. She watched her life from Virga Talia making her heir to her sister Virga trying to steal her throne. From failed attempted assassins on her life by Virga to Virga selling her to Grant Lyon. 

How she hungered to make them suffer. Hungered for them to worship her, be enslaved by her. How she hungered to have Esben as hers. Yet, Virga didn't allow her to see him. It was Amoura who offered Virga up to Esben. 

As the light faded, her true memories were restored. Amoura would fall to her knees, in pain. The demoness would feel the endless hunger dwell within as Esben approached. Yet he stopped as he eyed her new form. 

The temple had eaten away the innocence and purity in Amoura. All that was left was vile wickedness that once was Amoura. A malice smile on her lips as she looked up. Virga, her sister still lived. And Amoura would see to her revenge. 

'Amoura... one last thing you need to do.' Whispered the temple. 'Offer yourself to me, become my temple goddess. Once you do that, you will have endless power. Endless desires. And then we can enslave the elf.'

The temple wrapped it's etheral arms around her again as it erased most of her memories of her and Esben. Yet in truth Serphus was a name that the temple really owned. The temple pulled her inside then. Creating a new castle like building of old stone and memory. 

'You, after all Amoura, were Farenheit-Abalone's wife. You desired the elf named Serphus. But when he became the temple, you stayed to bring back Platinum-Neptune and its people. Awaken me my dearest.'

With that Esben came closer to the temple trying to find Amoura. However inside, the demoness could feel herself become her true self once more. Farenheit-Abalone stood there eyeing her as he smiled. 

'You...' he spoke so softly. 'You were my enslaved beast. Completely devoid of thought, of will. I called you Rhamados-Jashulur. You were the seed of his descendant violated. I crafted you into your truest wish. I made you into a creature of debauchery. 

Of the unholiest vile. You Rhama, are a part of me. He calls you Amoura, but you see Virga's children were named Rhamados. And you are my temple goddess.'

Amoura would sit on her knees in front of the elf. In truth, since she came to the temple, she cared less and less about Esben. That she was remembering the true self she once was. Her body jolted as it grew more voluptuous and beautiful than before. That her skin was flawless alabaster. Her eyes a blank golden red of emptiness. 

Her heart was filled with devotion, recognition of Farenheit-Abalone that she nodded obediently. The dead heart beating hard in her chest. Yet something else began to rise. She didn't expect it to. Her fingers dug into the ground as her body crunched and cracked. 

'Ah, it's begun. Your transformation into the Black Heart Mirror Temple Goddess. Do not fight it love. Give in. And become Talia's monster again. Once you do, we'll build Platinum-Neptune again.'

Farenheit-Abalone grinned then as he looked on. However the etheral man knew how to unlock the true darkness within. 

The truth. Farenheit-Abalone needed a host to return to the world above. He was a monster called Serphus Alumna, creating not just ore and black heart mirror pieces but organizations and cults. In 1640AY, he captured the King of Talia to set the events in motion. However, there is a twist to everything involved. Talia's daughter Claudette Virga Von Ja'Gothra Talia. She was a shapeshifter, able to portray many a mask to keep Talia out of her sister's hands.

It made her seeth that Claudette was allowed their father's kingdom when he died. Catalyst was the oldest, it should be hers by right. Of course there was one little flaw in this, Catalyst was not Virga's blood. Farenheit-Abalone created her to infiltrate Virga's land, become a part of his family and destroy it from the inside out. Corrupt it into something unrecognizable and unredeemable in the end.

But Claudette saw this, knew her sister could never be ruler. Should this happen, Talia would see a darker age than even Athentha and Lyonesse combined. And so far, she did a damn good job of protection. It made Catalyst even angrier, hateful. All according to Farenheit-Abalone’s plan.

Even Lhorr was a part of his plan. He corrupted the man, manipulating him to create the perfect betrayal to Catalyst by erasing her identity completely. Farenheit-Abalone told the girl she was Seldeth as he played Lhorr so well. How he, as Lhorr, used her to pretend to bring peace to Platinum-Neptune but that too was a lie. The people of the city were enslaved, tortured and manipulated into compliance.

And of course, Seldeth's slow turn to perversion by Sareneth. Every night, the man would enter her room and do unspeakable things to her, breaking her innocence and purity. He was so close when Esben came into the picture. The rest history.

Now, Farenheit-Abalone brought back the girl to her temple. Catalyst was and is the temple goddess of debauchery, power, desires and wishes. She would sit on her knees, allowing the dark power to enter her form, as she remembered. Her fingers dug into the earth as she cried in pain, her form twisting and cracking as her rebirth came.

As the light faded, Catalyst returned. The black yellow curls hit her shoulders and lower back. Her eyes were blank red golden irises of emptiness. Her body jolted as her bosom grew, two more sizes. Her waist ballooned out to support them as did her thighs, and legs. She had no tail for she had fangs instead. The vampire queen was awake.

The black heart mirror piece ebbed within her, crafting Catalyst once more as the Black Heart Mirror Vampire Queen. But not just that, but also a templar knight commander of the Aluminum knights. And the temple goddess of Farenheit-Abalone.

“O’ welcome back Catalyst. It's been so long since you've been on this earth. But you see, it's time to begin again. Of course the first matter to deal with is Lady Claudette. She sealed you away in this very temple. Stole your kingdom, your slaves freed by her. I have a plan to restore my beautiful monster.”

Catalyst nodded, she was obedient to her core to Farenheit-Abalone. He lifted her up, her eyes smoldering for him as she looked at him. He had given her so much, from creating her from the temple itself. Yet, there was one loose end to tie up. Esben.

“O’ do not fret my pet. He's vital to my plan. For me to return to this land and you, we must do two things. You must make Claudette your host. Worm your way inside her. Do not worry, you two aren't blood. Then, take over her body mind and soul. Claudette’s power is what we need for part two.

Esben. He will become my host. You must do to him what he has done to you. Pretend to be either Seldeth or Amoura and plug those heart strings.”

Until then, Farenheit-Abalone stood there in his etheral form, only she could hear. Esben moved about, making his way inside to “rescue” Amoura. Sadly he was another pawn as well.


Sareneth opened his eyes as Ra brought him back to the living. How his body ached from being sealed by Garnet's magic. Yet, the black heart mirror piece was working its power upon him. Creating a powerful demonic prince, he would roar. His heart darkened and twisted into his secret desire.

Power, Wealth, Knights. He heard Ra speak a name. Yes, Manah. He heard of this knight from the stories of the Yellow Leaf Brigade. A pure knight wanting peace and justice. O’ she would be his. He would pervert her in the cruelest ways. Saying nothing, he headed toward where Manah would be.


Manah wiped the sweat from her brow as the training exercises were more intense than she thought. Lately new threats had been popping up since the Umbral Year came. The land needed to be saved by all the knights. Plutonium and Zodiac were stationed in Athentha. The Aluminum knights were stationed here in Lyonesse.

But would it be enough?

As she sat there catching her breath, Manah wondered about Seldeth. The princess of Platinum-Neptune had been missing for months now. And the rumors of a new Platinum-Neptune bothered her as well. It's just something she couldn't get past as things seemed to be changing.

Manah sighed going back to her training. It would a long and tiresome thing to do but she needed to do it because of the incoming storm. 


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Roses bloom in red

Thorns prickle and shred

 When I lay and plead

Who’s gonna know I’m



Pawns. Even the mighty fall. The world was dull with lies, and only the adaptable survive. Esben was a fly caught in a spider web, and yet he still thought that the world was his.

Amoura, now Catalyst, looked up as Esben entered. “You have come, my dear,” she said, her eyes glistening. “You don’t know what this temple is doing. It’s trying to turn me against you. It wants me to become the temple goddess. Enslave me to its wants. Save me, Esben. Bring me away.”

Of course, it was all a ploy to make Esben believe that she still wanted to be loyal to him. To complete the act, Fahrenheit-Abalone waved his hand, and two suits of armour with swords standing by the side of the wall animated themselves. They were not going to hurt him, of course. At least not too much. He had to give Esben some challenge to make him think that his rescue of Amoura was a success.

The lingering ache from the black heart mirror was almost debilitating, but it was a good pain. Delicious, as it granted him power. Saerenth reached out and pulled Ra down onto his bare chest. Lips met, and the demon prince savored the kiss hungrily. He was famished, starved for blood and violence. His previous identity as the elven prince had long since been abandoned. In this form he was free, free to ravish power, free to be himself. He ought to thank Esben for showing him the dark side.

Manah. The name was imprinted on his mind by Ra. Knights. There was a good battle to be fought. Saerenth stood up and went outside. He spread his wings and took off gracefully, dark feathers lush and silky.

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Esben finally found his way inside. He had fought off many a temple guard. His body stained in knight blood as he heard that lovely voice. Amoura, she was alive. He was glad that she breathed. Making his way toward his bride to be, he eyed the two suits of armor holding swords.  Another battle, another obstacle to his beloved.

Sadly he didn't know that the Farenheit-Abalone temple was a dark and dangerous place to be. Those that entered, didn't come out the same.  That they were twisted into creatures of the black heart mirror. Catalyst was birthed to play a huge part in all this, yet her role wasn't determined. And Esben didn't know both were pawns among the demons.

The suits of armor came charging at Esben, their swords lashing at the elf, cutting his skin when he couldn't block an attack. His blood splattered against the ground as when he was hit, he wasn't fast enough to block. Most attacks he could, but one or two mustered through.

At last, one of his swords destroyed the first suit of armor. And he was out of breath. Exhausted from the work he had to do to get rid of one. If only he knew this was a ploy, he'd leave. By his own design, he caused this. And it was his fault. After an hour or two of more attacks and blood spilling, he managed to get rid of the second suit of armor.

Limping, Esben made his way towards his prize. He made his way towards Amoura as her voice hit him again. The temple wouldn't claim her, she was his.

You aren't the temple's goddess, you are mine Amoura. You are Amoura. Let's get out of here before more suits of armor appear.

Silly Esben. As he got closer to Amoura, he felt the temple close in on them. And she wasn't Amoura any longer. The black heart mirror pieces and Farenheit-Abalone made sure to resurrect Catalyst. Talia needed to be reclaimed and reborn into the heart of the Black Heart Mirror Organization. A new Platinum-Neptune rebirthed by Farenheit-Abalone and the capture of Lady Claudette.

Esben paused as he looked around. The temple was silent. He wanted to pick up Amoura and run out of there but he had no strength. And he was so hungry. So weak.

Catalyst. Whispered Farenheit-Abalone so quiet only she could hear. See how he came to save her, save “Amoura”? How brave he's been. It's time to feed him the black heart mirror ore and bring me into this world. I have faith you can do it.

Catalyst nodded. The first step to getting back everything was bringing Farenheit-Abalone back to the land. And the temple would be a great place to do such. The second step was Lady Claudette Virga Von Ja'Guthra Talia becoming Catalyst's host. Anything could happen.

Esben reached where Catalyst stood. Pretending to play his dead love, he thought the world was his. That it was owed through the pain and suffering he went through thanks to Virga. 

The elf wrapped his arms around her as he couldn't see Farenheit-Abalone as he was ethereal at the time. Pulling himself off, he eyed the girl, black heart mirror spores lingered from her. And they were slowly entering his body. 

I feel so tired love. So hungry. Amoura, you are safe? Did this temple hurt you? Change you?

Esben sat down as he looked around. Buckets of black heart mirror ore lined around him and though he made it, knew what it did--knew the effects, he ate it anyways. The elf was starving. Tired from fighting the suits of armor. And so he ate, bucket after bucket. 

Farenheit-Abalone chuckled as he watched wrapping his etheral arms around her as he whispered in Amoura's ear. 

Such a silly man. He eats his own creation. I must have worn him out with my suits of armor. It's time to begin my dear, my return to this world and Talia's downfall. Farenheit-Abalone whispered. 


Manah sighed as she finished her practicing. She felt something was coming, something dark and different. She heard the children of Platinum-Neptune were lost. Sareneth had been sealed in crystal and Seldeth was missing since Esben reappeared.

But it didn't get her down. As she picked up her spear, the demon prince landed before her. Sareneth had allowed the mirror piece to consume him, his form showed the changes. He was a beautiful form of corruption, muscular and trimmed. His mind rotted and corroded to the mirror piece, as he was even more demon than before.

His wings folded back as he eyed the young knight. The power he ravished in, that ravished him allowed him to gain what he desired and in time, he had his kingdom. His little city. And now in Serphus Aluminium, he would claim this knight and her brigade.

Manah held her spear at him. “Don't take another step. You aren't welcome here monster. Return to your maker. I will obtain the justice and virtue here. You will not soil this land.”

Her mixed coloured eyes didn't leave Sareneth's own. She wanted to keep the land safe. But she had no idea that she was dealing with a dangerous being. And he had something that held an advantage over her, the black heart mirror ore.

Sareneth chuckled. It was cute she thought she could win against him and his new found power. He knew in time, she'd eat the ore mirror piece like he did. But the battle would be fun. Manah ran at him with her spear out not sure if she would stand a chance.

Could she? Could she beat a creature fallen to the black heart mirror ore pieces? It whispered in his mind, unfurling deep desires and hidden truths. Grasping the spear, he tossed it aside before pinning her against the tree. He grinned. His eyes baring down at her. 

"You destroyed Platinum-Neptune! Ruined the princess. You need to fight the mirror piece. Please..."

She whimpered as he threw her into another tree and she rolled against the ground. Pushing herself up she saw him lick his lips, chuckling at the poor knight. He allowed the ooze to pour into his heart and mind. 

Free from his old life, old identity, Sareneth pushed aside her pleas. He would show her the beautiful dark. She would fall to the mirror, to him. Sareneth eyed her as she picked  up the spear and ran at him again. 

"Die monster and feel the wrath of justice!" Yelled Manah.

And again she hit the ground, rolling towards the tree. Before her spear went hitting him and breaking, she saw the sparks of the black heart mirror piece protecting him. Like a protective forcefield. 

How cute. You humes are all the same. Believing you can save the world, the islands. I'll make you suffer before taking you as mine.

Sareneth hissed as the hands outstretched and crystalized arrows of mirror came flying at Manah. As they hit the knight commander, she screamed in pain as the others missed. Sareneth smirked as he heard her cries. He continued his assault, as she stood, blood dripping from her wounds. 

Defiant aren't we? I know you, your family. Never were good at giving up and accepting your fate. Such a silly rabbit. Now die!

"Never! You will die first monster. I will save the islands from that cult--"

Manah was cut off as more crystalized arrows pierced her body. Gritting her teeth, the knight charged at Sareneth as she didn't use her magic. Her spear rammed into his torso.

Yet, she felt something odd in her body. The crystalized arrows had entered her heart. One did at least as she sat on the ground holding her head. 


The whispered voice said as buckets appeared before her. Manah looked up in pain as she knew not to. Those mirror pieces twisted those that ate them into perverted creatures. The knight's heart beat loudly in her ears. 

Consume... o' knight of justice. The tyrranical princess of the abyss. Twist to be something your father would be proud of.


Glacial Reed, Talia

9, June 1678AY


Lady Claudette sighed as she stood there. The letters the elders sent her left her on edge. More and more Talians were falling to a new plague. Not ore but something even dangerous. And rumors of the Black Heart Mirror Organization coming back to life didn't settle her down either.

But the island was her responsibility. Handed to her by her father. And out of the hands of her adopted sister Catalyst. It was not easy to keep it out of the temple goddess's hands should she resurface. Things had been quiet save for the organization popping up again in Talia.

“My lady,” replied her knight commander Rhamados-Ashulur, the young vampire who remained with her since childhood. “Farenheit-Abalone temple seems quiet at this moment. It bothers me. Do you think the cult has returned?”

“Possibly. Ferghas told me that it could be returning in a new age and form. I'm just not sure how we can fight it.” Claudette spoke looking at Rhama. “What is Farenheit-Abalone up to? He took Seldeth, took Catalyst. Who's next? These people need to be freed from the Black Heart Mirror Organization. It's our job to do such.”

Rhamados-Ashulur nodded as she knew Lady Claudette was under a lot of stress. She then looked at Rhama as she told the vampire she was heading to the temple by herself. Though Rhamados protested and pleaded, Claudette made up her mind and said this was her decision. That she wouldn't endanger anyone more to the organization.

And it was her duty.

Rhamados-Ashulur sighed as she knew that Claudette was stubborn.  As the leader of Talia made her way to the Farenheit-Abalone temple, hoping she could stop the spread of the black heart mirror ore.

Claudette walked on as she shook her head, leaving Rhamados-Ashulur in charge should anything happens to her. The temple wasn't far and she would reach it soon. But Claudette feared seeing her adopted sister again terrified her. 

Catalyst had at one time claimed her form, used her to do horrible things. It took so long for Claudette to break free from her and Farenheit-Abalone's control. But she did it. 

Could she do it again? Claudette didn't even know as she approached the temple grounds.


For once Manah's hands were shaking. The spear wobbled as she looked up at Sareneth. The demon man was stronger than their last battle, even the attacks that hit him barely left a mark. His hand grasped her spear. 

Give in already. You cannot win. You can't even hold your spear ready. You're afraid your father will be disappointed in you? He always has been. You're a terrible knight of justice. And in your heart--in your heart you desire, o' what was it again? O' right, you desire to be a twisted little vessel. A knight of darkness.

Sareneth spoke at her, pulling her closer to him. Yet he grinned at those words, as he could see her secrets. She didn't want to be a knight anymore. Manah wanted to learn the darkest of magic, to get power. 

Her eyes widened at his words. Falling to her knees, the knight gorged herself on the pieces to go numb. Sareneth grinned, as he held her spear proudly. As she ate, she was covered in mirror dust; her body expanding rapidly. 

But she didn't care. Manah wanted to forget the past. So, she continued to eat until she burst. A light coming forth as her form sat on all fours. The knight's armor sat beside her, as it blackened and had a new insignia. Manah didn't move as her bones creaked and cracked. 

Black feathered wings ripped out of her back as her nails dug into the fresh earth. Gritting her teeth, as horns appeared under her black blue curls that ran down her spine. Empty amber slitted eyes opened, blank of all memory ready to be assigned.  

Her bosom grew three sizes from before as her waist, hips, thighs and legs grew to accommodate her new demon body. A tail hit the ground as her teeth fanged. 

Yet, she said nothing as the mirror piece twisted her into her new being. Her stained lithe fingers grabbing more of the mirror pieces, contining to gorge herself. 

Hunger grew as she ate. Sareneth's work was not done. He grabbed the mirror piece from her hand as he lifted her chin, speaking. 

See, don't you feel better now that you ate? You see, my purpose is nigh, and you my dear are the same monster as me. You know deep in your heart, you desire the darkness. However, you must exchange something precious. And I know exactly what I'm taking. Your heart, mind and will.

Manah said nothing as he moved closer to her, pulling out a emerald and jasper ring. Sliding it onto her right index finger, he grinned. And then he shoved a jasper malachite mirror piece into her mouth. 

It's time to become Liúsaidh Maighread Marsalis once more my pet. For that creature thought she could abandon me. You, will be her vessel. And now... the demoness will rise.

"You haven't forgotten Sareneth. And here I thought you would. This girl will do well. I am ready for you to craft me into whatever you desire me to be."

Liú replied as she looked up at him. It had been so long since Platinum-Neptune that she forgotten about the night she lost Sareneth to that woman, that witch.

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‘Amoura’ merely shook her head at Esben’s question. Did the temple hurt her? No. Had the temple changed her? No, she was returned back to her self, just like how Esben had given her back the memories of Amoura. She was Seldeth before that, the princess of Platinum-Neptune. In a life long past.

Esben did not answer, however, so famished he was that he bit into and devoured the ore that had been laid out before him. It was a strange sight; the slaver enslaved to his own devices. She sat watching, unmoved, and remained still when Fahrenheit-Abalone embraced her. Not out of affection, but perverse glee. She reached out and stroked Esben’s back, like a mother comforting a child.

Indeed, she was to be the Catalyst that bore the fruit of Farenheit-Absolon. The black heart mirror ore prepared Esben’s body as an offering for the temple god, but the ethereal being could not manifest without his priestess.

Esben’s body became swollen and pregnant with ore, the same effect that he had forced upon many others.

“It is time.” Catalyst echoed. She stood up, and held a hand out to Fahrenheit-Abalone. Should he take it, she would grab Esben with her other hand, long fingers encircling his throat. Then she would attempt to thrust Fahrenheit-Abalone into his body. The clash of power exploded outwards in a wave, causing the walls to rumble and crack.

The power was what greeted Claudette as she sought to meet Fahrenheit-Abalone. It was already too late.


Saerenth put a finger under the demoness’ chin and tickled her affectionately. He knew the gesture wasn’t going to be appreciated, but that was what made it cute. Sweet Manah, poor Manah.

“Of course I haven’t forgotten, Liu. You have too low an opinion of me." Saerenth sat down and casually leaned against a tree. "I don’t want to force you into anything. I want you to partner with me. Willingly. That's all I ever wanted." And it was the truth. "We could do some great things together, you and I." He shook his head. "But enough about that. What do you think of this vessel that I got you? I just got it… upgraded, you know? Only for you." Flexing his fingers, he thought of how much more he had achieved as a demon. He looked at Liu again. "I think you'll like it. The mirror… it holds so much power."

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The body of the slaver hit the wall. The ore awoke, screaming in silent wails to wake forth the terror of a man who turned the sisters into the monster known as Catalyst. Both slaved and subservient to him in their final moments. 

Both children of Talia. 

Silence grew for a moment as it happened, the elf standing, as if nothing had happened. Holding his head, the temple cracked, rumble falling. Cascading around was something familiar in his mind. Something torn and sealed that kept him from being released. 

Breathing, Farenheit-Abalone stood lifting the young princess's chin. Seldeth, the one she captured before stood as changed and used. No, he would erase Amoura. She was dead, she'd remain dead. 

Seldeth... Claudette.... It's time to become Talia's vision once more. Now, to complete this game. It's time to make the ice princess ours. Feast Catalyst to your host. 

Claudette's eyes widened in fear as she heard her sister's name. No, she couldn't be alive. Couldn't be used by the temple. The ice princess ran at Catalyst, her blade slammed into her left shoulder. Her anger fueling her. 

Seldeth?! You let them take you?! I won't make the same mistake twice!

Claudette yelled. But Farenheit-Abalone smirked. His hands wrapped around Seldeth, the sword breaking into pieces as he pulled her against him for a moment. 

Seldeth chose to be my temple goddess. She was weak. Couldn't save her homeland. I told her to make the pact with me, I would create her into a powerful demoness. I have. She will not falter to you. 

The ice princess slid back as she watched the sword pieces fly back at her, cutting her flesh. Farenheit-Abalone let go of Seldeth, as he laughed. Sister against sister but whom would win? Yes, Claudette needed to know her place. Seated beside him, Catalyst's host. 

And now it began as Claudette ran at her, ice spikes flying at her sister's own form. The sister she loved--that she failed to save. 


"Don't be silly Sareneth, we both know you meant something else. Truth or not." Liúsaidh said swatting his hand away. She smiled at his attempt of being affectionate and she truly missed it. "With a few alterations, it's a perfect fit. Can't believe she thought she had a chance."

Liú sat beside Sareneth. She welcomed being back in the driver's seat. And the little knight would soon bring forth tragedies to sully her good name. The mirror, she wanted more of it. 

Craved it. 

"So, Sareneth... Will you make me like you? Darkened... I want the mirror piece. I want its power. I want..."

Her hands clasped his as her head lowered. Yes, she was ready for what was to come. Ready for the mirror piece to twist her.


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Catalyst staggered back when Claudette buried her sword into her shoulder. For a moment, she looked stunned, but then a smile spread across her face. She was protected by Fahrenheit-Abalone, and her sister would be no match for her. She laughed when the sword pieces flew back at Claudette, the sound no doubt familiar to the ice princess. It was the laugh Catalyst had whenever she knew she was winning their spar, eons ago.

“Join me, Claudette.” Catalyst held up a hand, and crushed the ice spikes rushing at her with her bare hands, one by one. She was at the height of her newfound power when she was in the temple, and that allowed her to trump Claudette easily. Her sister had become more powerful, her magic more refined, and she would be a good addition to them. But she had to be convinced. At Catalyst’s command, vines shot up from the temple’s floor and through the walls to ensnare Claudette. She would force-feed the remaining ore to her sister if she had to.


Saerenth gave a lazy smile. Yes, he did mean something else as well, but it didn’t mean that what he said didn’t contain the truth. Liúsaidh was a good partner, even if they had a… unique working relationship. He both loved her, and hated her for abandoning him. So he found her, and sealed her away as punishment. Perhaps she would do better this time.

Saerenth rested a hand on her shoulder. “Of course I’ll give you the power that you crave, Liú. That’s why I brought you back.” He drew back his other arm, and with tremendous speed and strength, he slammed his hand into Liú’s chest, tearing through flesh and bone to reach her heart. He enjoyed how she screamed and convulsed in agony, and how her warm blood spurted down his arm. That was the last part of her punishment. He took his time to deposit the mirror piece he held into her heart, making sure to make the process as slow and painful as he could. Then he withdrew his hand, watching the fatal wound stitch itself together and close.

“Welcome back, Liúsaidh.”

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Hopefully the old post is deleted, if not, sorry for the double post

Catalyst staggered back when Claudette buried her sword into her shoulder. For a moment, she looked stunned, but then a smile spread across her face. She was protected by Fahrenheit-Abalone, and her sister would be no match for her. She laughed when the sword pieces flew back at Claudette, the sound no doubt familiar to the ice princess. It was the laugh Catalyst had whenever she knew she was winning their spar, eons ago.

“Join me, Claudette.” Catalyst held up a hand, and crushed the ice spikes rushing at her with her bare hands, one by one. She was at the height of her newfound power when she was in the temple, and that allowed her to trump Claudette easily. Her sister had become more powerful, her magic more refined, and she would be a good addition to them. But she had to be convinced. At Catalyst’s command, vines shot up from the temple’s floor and through the walls to ensnare Claudette. She would force-feed the remaining ore to her sister if she had to.


Saerenth gave a lazy smile. Yes, he did mean something else as well, but it didn’t mean that what he said didn’t contain the truth. Liúsaidh was a good partner, even if they had a… unique working relationship. He both loved her, and hated her for abandoning him. So he found her, and sealed her away as punishment. Perhaps she would do better this time.

Saerenth rested a hand on her shoulder. “Of course I’ll give you the power that you crave, Liú. That’s why I brought you back.” He drew back his other arm, and with tremendous speed and strength, he slammed his hand into Liú’s chest, tearing through flesh and bone to reach her heart. He enjoyed how she screamed and convulsed in agony, and how her warm blood spurted down his arm. That was the last part of her punishment. He took his time to deposit the mirror piece he held into her heart, making sure to make the process as slow and painful as he could. Then he withdrew his hand, watching the fatal wound stitch itself together and close.

“Welcome back, Liúsaidh.”


Claudette eyed the woman who wore her sister's skin so well. She had wore it that night in the temple, the night she failed to save Seldeth. Her heart beat hard as the ice princess tried to speak, the lump growing in her throat. Farenheit-Abalone was a cruel man, twisting the elf princess into a seductive vampiress, vile and twisted to her core. Seldeth had traded--sacrificed herself to save Talia. But she didn't at all. Farenheit-Abalone took her for himself.


My failure….


The vines that came whipping at her now snapped her out of her thoughts as she threw up a barrier to block them. Claudette had sparred with Seldeth since they were children and she knew her sister's tactics well. It was why she was able to block the vines. The ice princess muttered low, her fists clenched at her sides. She loathed this temple, named after the terrible man himself. Loathed Farenheit-Abalone for taking away Seldeth. Loathed herself for her failures.


“I will not join you. Farenheit-Abalone will not gain the true form of Catalyst to return to Talia. I am its leader, I must protect it.” Claudette mustered to say as she drew her courage forth. “I know you're in there Seldeth, fight her. Fight Farenheit-Abalone and come back to me.”


O’ ho? Seldeth return to you? How selfish can you be Claudette? She gave up herself; sacrificed everything she was to bring Talia to prosperity. Brought it back from its dying core. Now you want her to become the weak girl she was so you can go on playing pretend?


Catalyst smirked. She placed her hands against her sides. In truth, she had taken Seldeth as her host. Betrayed her morals and desecrated her purity. But it wasn't enough as the demon wanted what was denied, the crown. She wanted to be Talia's princess, Talia's leader. And she needed Claudette for that.


The ice princess said nothing for a moment as she glared at Farenheit-Abalone. His words twisted what she was here to do, save Talia, save Seldeth. She had been twisted since her kudnapping by Esben, by Rin, and now Farenheit-Abalone. She was a victim in all this chaos. It wasn't fair.


“Your honeyed words don't affect me. You defiled Seldeth so you could get Talia. Destroy it like Athentha is being done now. I'm afraid you'll--”


Claudette was cut off as the temple, the Farenheit-Abalone temple rumbled. It had its temple goddess back and it was becoming stronger, rebuilt like new. And it was amping Catalyst's magic and battle strength as well. Claudette shook her head as she drew another blade before catching Catalyst's mouth moving. It wasn't a spell. But she spoke so soft like Seldeth did.


Come little princess, we know what you desire. You cannot hide behind that facade any longer. Come, become my host. Become Talia's perfect leader once more. Your black heart beckons to remake Talia. Consume in our knowledge.


The sword against her side broke into pieces as if magic. Claudette’s eyes widened in fear as she heard Seldeth call her forth. Knowing her deepest secrets and using them now. Before she could detest these words, Catalyst wrapped herself around the ice princess. Her mouth near her ears.


I know you wanted to save her. But you cannot in that weak form. You were once the Black Heart Mirror Princess, its perfect vessel. You were once its leader, its protector, its knight. You've forgotten. Let me make you perfect again my dearest ice princess.


Catalyst then entered her form. Claudette fell to her knees, coughing in pain. Catalyst wrapped her hand around her heart, squeezing until it stopped. Sitting on her knees, her eyes were blank, dead.


Thump. Thump. Thump.


Her heart beat slowly then as Catalyst combined herself with Claudette’s form. At last the three were together once more. And Catalyst had what she wanted. She proudly made Claudette stand, showing that she had given in to the demoness. As she wore the ice princess’s skin, she grinned.


And you thought you could run from me again. Don't you know I always win. Now I just need to take something from you as you play Claudette Catalyst.


Farenheit-Abalone reached into the demoness with Claudette’s form and pulled out Seldeth. She was still important. And back to her original state before the seeds and corruption. Well except her seal of the black heart mirror upon the crest of her chest. He then laid her on the altar. Catalyst was still powerful with one sister within her. And the demoness really wanted the leader of Talia.


Don't worry Claudette, you still have a part of Seldeth in you. And you are still three. But I have a plan for her too. I want her to suffer for her transgressions she did to me. And I want her to be a puppet like you. So, now to bring forth mh newest creation.


Farenheit-Abalone placed the big piece of black heart mirror into Seldeth's body. It jolted conversed and then went still. Her beautiful skin became pale as her eyes opened, eerie golden yellow irises greeted Farenheit-Abalone as she awoke. As he chanted she fell off the altar and to her knees.


Both princess, children of Talia belong to me. Subserivent to their master. Claudette, Seldeth you are my puppets to bring forth a new era of Talia. Spreading the black heart mirror into the unexpecting public. Slaves and beasts to me. Claudette, princess and leader of Talia you will be the tyrant you crave. And my beautiful Seldeth--


He paused grinning. He lifted Seldeth's chin as he spoke as it was almost hypnotic.


My beautiful Seldeth, you are going to be the perfect vessel. You will become your sister's sword and shield. But also, you will become the Black Heart Mirror itself. Its new vessel.


Farenheit-Abalone looked back at Claudette as he sauntered over to her and lifted her chin as well as he did moments ago with Seldeth. He smiled that malicious smile of his as he looked up.


Of course I still have use for you. I need a willing test subject. And now that Catalyst has you, Seldeth can began to relearn her abilities as the Black Heart Mirror.


Farenheit-Abalone wrapped his form around the elcen princess as quickly as he could. His vicious eyes hungrily looking over the elf. She was his prize. The only one he truly desired. He lowered his mouth to her ear then.


Consume. The mirror needs to rid the world of this pretender to your throne. She abandoned you, left you to rot in your prison. Stole your rightful kingdom. You are the re-creation of the Black Heart Mirror. And Talia belongs to only us.


And then he let go of her. Seldeth looked so broken, so pale. But in the moonlight of the temple, she was finally home. The temple and the city of Platinum-Neptune would be rebuilt to a darker version of the past.



Liú cried out in pain as his hand went into her chest. He was punishing her because she abandoned him in Platinum-Neptune the day the witch came. Punishing her because she left to fight a cult. That she left the cult in the first place. The piece entered her heart as she laid slumped against the Farenheit Varuna tree. Sareneth sat beside her once more.


Her armor that rested beside the tree showed the change within the knight commander. It was of the purest black color, the yellow leaf emblem crumpled and entwined with a mirror heart cross. Both an eerie gold color. Her heart stopped for a moment.


As the mirror piece consumed the girl, Liú felt the enormous power flowing through her. As if she was being reborn. The demoness could feel something churning within as the wound closed slowly. Those eyes of hers peering up at him.  Yet it wasn't complete.


Her form grew out, a beautiful height of voluptuous that almost ripped the expensive silks off her. The darkness of her blackened heart thumped in her ears as she stared ahead. She was now like him, in her rebirth, she had become the black heart knight commander and templar knight of the Black Heart Yellow Leaf brigade.


“Its good to be back my beloved Sareneth. Drink me in and learn the darkness of my soul. My secrets yours to learn my love.”


Liú leaned herself against him as she smiled. Yes, she remembered, her hand bethrothed to his before any of the royal houses could claim her. Valentina had raised war against Platinum-Neptune for taking Liúsaidh as theirs. But now, she could recall being enthralled to the demonic prince.


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Brown hair hung over Seldeth’s face. The black heart mirror hadn’t finished its absorption into her body yet. It would take hours, and meanwhile Seldeth was weak, needing protection. Catalyst-Claudette turned to Fahrenheit-Abalone. “I will give full support to take Talia back. With us three, the minions of the Yellow Leaf Brigade will be nothing more than ants for us to trample. What are your plans, O’ Great One?”

Now that Fahrenheit-Abalone had taken over Esben’s body, they had gotten rid of one of their greatest rivals. Even the mighty Esben had fallen to the feelings of love and possessiveness. It was yet another reminder to steer clear of those cumbersome and weak emotions. Catalyst looked at Seldeth. She was an asset, she was her sister, but yet she wouldn’t take unnecessary and useless risks to save her, ever.


Saerenth smiled lazily, breathing in the sweet scent of Liú’s affection. It was so easy to get her to trust him. He put his hand around her shoulder, then pulled the silks intimately off her shoulder. He leaned in close to her ear.  "You're mine," he whispered. His would return to Ra, but only after he was done. Ra could wait.

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Seldeth, the youngest child. Living in Claudette's shadow since birth, she had never had the life her older sister had. Nor father's love or admiration. She didn’t get the land, as Claudette had been named ruler. It should have been hers, she should have been ruler and her sister the Inquistor. No, it was the other way around.

Her father only saw her as a meal ticket. Only showing young Seldeth when the royal houses came showering their gifts to the islands. Or when the first seed came. The Ruby Gem as he was called. Lost memories kept him from being completely humanoid. Garnet was the real first success of the Red Blood Moon Organization. He had come to them willingly, wanting more than a mundane hume life. And they crafted him into the cruel business man. But not everything was done by the organization. And in the wake of his rebirth he was seduced by the Black Heart Mirror, he was involved with Seldeth. She enslaved the seed to her side. Enticed him to become the very first combination of the seed and mirror piece.

Farenheit-Abalone had taken Seldeth, claimed her for himself. But this was not the only thing he did to her. He trained her as a weapon, learning the forbidden taboo magic of Talia. It continued for months, experimenting on her with pieces of the Black Heart Mirror. Creating the new vessel that would bring Talia from the brink of death and decay. As she resigned, the mirror created a new Seldeth, the Black Heart Mirror Seldeth, Princess of Talia.

Her white magic, her healing skills now twisted to black magic. Twisted to necromancy, to harm. She desired to be powerful as the mirror thumped. It opened rivers of power ebbing into her as its seal ebbed on her skin. Markings of the black heart mirror cross crest upon her back. Memories returning to her as she remembered the one being to help her take Talia to prosperity.


Sacrificing herself, her morals, Seldeth pledged herself to the mirror. Not Farenheit-Abalone, not Talia. She sacrificed, signed over her being to become the leader she had every right to be. Seldeth would take it back from Claudette. Steal it. Eyeing her sister, she smiled. But here the mirror would keep the young princess safe. And her sister would be her shield. Unlike Seldeth, Claudette was an ice princess, she was cold beyond care. And unlike before, she cared not to protect her as she wanted to as before.

Farenheit-Abalone smirked as the ice princess spoke. Having taken the elf's form, he had many plans for both sisters. He came up to Claudette first as Seldeth was still getting her strength back.

First off my dear Claudette, you will have to secure your sister's new throne. As Seldeth will be its heir. Its ruler. You, as her shield, will have to seek out the pockets of resistance and snuff it out. You can deal with the knight commander Ferghas Gilchrist. Now, go my dear. As your proof that you love me, that you'll take care of that problem.

Farenheit-Abalone then approached Seldeth, picking her up and walked up the marble stairs to a small bedroom. The mirror was still getting used to its new vessel, as it weakened her greatly. He took great care with her, unlike Claudette, because she was to become the stronger of the pair. He moved aside her hair as he caressed her cheek.

O’ dearest Seldeth, I have grand plans for you. The organization will be stronger this time, and Talia will grow in prosperity as you surrender to the mirror. And there is another matter that you need to attend to, when you're not so weak.

The first seed Garnet. I know at one time you had a crush on him. You cannot hide your secrets from me. I am going to bring both our organizations together as one. And to do that, my dear, well we need him.

The mirror piece hummed within her, devouring her form as it released smaller spores of mirror. These spores twisted her, changing pure thoughts into darkness, healing magic to necromancy and strengthening her. Her heart would beat slowly as she was being retooled. The vessel needed to be as dark as the mirror once was. It heard Garnet's name as it pulled out those secrets.

Yes, that handsome seed we met in Sol-Morwenna desert. He had wanted to make you a seed. And you allowed him to do so. I remember him, those eerie golden yellow eyes can't escape me. So, Farenheit-Abalone wants us to capture him--persuade him to bring our organizations together.

No, I have a better plan my dear vessel. Farenheit-Abalone desires the ice princess though he pretends to covet you more. He doesn't, you as Talia's leader must bring him out. Bring out the first seed into a trap. And then we can take him for ourselves.

Our organization must be the light for Talia. And with the Red Blood Moon Organization as a part of us, we can save Talia even more. And that's what you sacrificed yourself for, wasn't it? To save your homeland, its people?

Seldeth would be a good vessel. Yet she still had purity in her, still a light of good. The mirror would have to snuff it out if she was to be the new Black Heart Mirror. Yes, the new one to bring Talia back to its renewal. Bring it back to prosperity. Farenheit-Abalone was the one to change her, but she had given everything to be greater than Claudette. Greater to save Talia.

O’ Great child, you serve Farenheit-Abalone but he doesn't know that he's just another extent and reach of the ruby gem himself. He will remember soon enough that everything that happened long ago was because of you and Garnet. But for now, we must rebuild you.

In truth everything that branched off, Garnet, Esben, Farenheit-Abalone and even her cane from the birth of these organizations. That Virga Von Ja'Guthra Talia promised his children to the catalyst and bring forth a new prosperous Talia. But the hitch in all the planning was Claudette and Ferghas. And so, Seldeth had been saved in part, but not as much as she hoped.

Now back in the Farenheit-Abalone temple, in the elf's clutches, she wasn't saved. She was to relive her fate as something terrible. Her body jolted filling with the mirror and it's terrorizing thoughts. Its power ebbing throughout yet robbing her of a future. In essence, the poor girl was robbed of everything. And it was unfair as hard as it sounded. No one could save her this time and if Seldeth didn't, she'd become the mirror.

Remember my dear child, you were always the mirror. You enjoyed the power it gave you and made you stronger. And you enjoyed making the people of the land suffer. Making them enslaved, worshipping you. The cult--the organization and Talia needs you now. So does Garnet.

The mirror spoke then before going silent. It ebbed a few more minutes before opening the flood gates of ooze, power and twisted her memories. Her mind. Seldeth wouldn't be the same soon enough.


Liú said nothing as he came near. Sareneth had just begun his new found power that came from the mirror. And he used it against her as well. Of course in time she wouldn't be the same either. The mirror piece was working against her, ebbing within and throughout as it continued to claim her. Sareneth's words echoed through her ear then, "You're mine,"as she looked up.

What does that mean? She thought as her eyes looked at him still. I cannot remember why I'm here. What was I doing? Sareneth cannot mean can he? These thoughts radiated throughout her mind as both were capturing her, enslaving her. Liú wanted to run, wanted to escape but she didn't. She was too enthralled with Sareneth.

“Yours…” Liú repeated yet wasn't sure. Wasn't sure of what he was planning. “Sareneth what's happening to me? I cannot remember things. I cannot--”

The words left her as she leaned more against him, as her eyes were growing dull, empty. An empty vessel for him to tell her anything she was. He could even rebuild her to anything he desired. She was willing unknowingly to this to his wants and desires.

“Help me Sareneth. I am empty…”

Liú whispered, afraid. Terrified.

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