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Serphus Aluminium; The Black Heart Mirror Sword and Shield, Brother Against Sister

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112efd66306e6c78b14ed6e35209b37c.jpgThe spear plunged deep into Esben's heart as it entered it wholly. Her body convulsed, jotted. Falling to her knees, the elf says nothing. And for a moment both silent.




The Black heart mirror spear finding its home in the elf knight. Her wound repairing itself as breath returned to the girl. Her freckled tan skin becoming pure alabaster, with the symbol of the black heart cross ebbed her skin. Ancient markings of black ink colliding forth. Her nails gripping the ground as she screamed in pain. Her bones crunching and breaking to reform, recreate the elf into a living corrupted weapon. Her eyes opened slowly with empty black yellow eyes peering and settling on the woman before her. Her hair the same color, falling in curls down her back. Black feathered wings ripped out her back as the folded against. 

Horns came spiraling out from her hair and a tail slammed against the ground. The true dark demoness came forth as she stood up and pushed Sera against the wall. Her lips upon Sera's, her hands moving about her body. Esben then spewed the black ooze into her lips as she gave her her body completely. It seemed that the ring awoke, taking in this ooze and began to spread throughout Sera's core. 

Esben then looked down at her form, it was beautiful, voluptuous and barely fit her knight armor. She smirked maliciously at this for she could do wonders with her army. Well corrupting them. Her eyes returned to Sera then as she shook her head. Esben was the first living weapon created in the corruption of the Black Heart Mirror. She laughed before taking in Sera, spewing more of the ooze. 

You must be corrupted as well my dear. You're going to become one of us. And then your cartel will be even stronger, powerful. Unsyoppable. Drink it in, let it rot away your pureness, your goodness. Become one of us. 

Esben slammed her more against the wall, moving her bare body against Sera, her nails digging into the skin. Her empty eyes peering down at her. 

Mine. You are mine. 

Esben hissed as she pushed her whole weight against the girl. Her mind allowing the spear to take over her and do things she wouldn't normally do.


Cassandra had enough of this as she threw Khaki at Middy. She passed the two knowing should Esben get her wish, there could be a situation on their hands. She had no idea why Lady Claudette let her take the artifacts. Unless...

"Oh shit..." was all she breathed before running up the stairs. 

But could she find them in time. She knew Esben's fascination with the corruption of his sister, to bring her back to the right side of their family tree. Perhaps not even capturing them was the goal but to create something unholy out of Esben? 

"You idiot... How couldn't you see it?!" 

Cass yelled at herself as now tried to figure out what room she was in. Standing at the top of the stairs she sighed. 


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She was but a weak woman. This poor little Sera. Her hands had ended her lover's life even if they only met for the first time that day. Yet, she felt the tragedy right through her frigid heart. The pain had melted her cold exterior, breaking down the large chunk that was her heart. It's hearty juices flowing down her veins and spreading into every inch of her body, filling her insides with warmth.

Sera was warming up to the occasion.

Of course, this was all because of that ring. That little thing that broke Sera's shell and is on the process of molding her into a different person. Its powers of corruption are truly unrivaled as it flowed deep inside Sera's insides, the contamination was perverse and invasive. It bore into her, molesting every inch and millimeter of her. That thing, that monstrosity was very thorough. It left no place unchecked, no cell unturned. It even went into places where the sun does not reach.

Sera was being eaten alive with this corruption.

And the ring's power has prevailed. Sera's will was now broken. Her meager defenses were no match against the ring's unfathomable and excessive power. The old Sera is gone now. All that's left is the corruption that turned Sera to the other side. Her heel face turn.

"Umm..." Sera blushed as Esben bore into her. She felt embarrassed by the recent change of events, even her face had turned beet red. She was flustered at how forward Esben has been and she was not ready for this kind of play.  With the corruption spreading, Sera has become the one this she has always been scared of- an innocent, dainty and gullible young lady.

 "I..I..wouldn't mind joining you," she stammered as she looked away from Esban. 

Poor Sera. The corruption has defeated her.



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589219a1f34bacf9f2c0c2aeeebbf019.jpgIt was time to corrupt this little seed into a mirror piece of such villainy. Esben grabbed the girl Sera and threw her on the bed. Sitting ontop of her, she pried Sera's mouth open. Her lips tightened onto the girl's as she kissed before spewing the black mirror ooze into the girl's form. 

It was here, Esben fondled Sera, violating and molesting every each inch of her. No, no fold was left pure as the ooze echoed in her mind. 

Eat. Consume. Corrode. 

Esben stood up and locked the door before turning around, placing the many buckets of black heart mirror ore pieces around Sera. It was time to change the girl. Rid her of her purity.  

"Come and feast my love. Come and celebrate our union. Feast until you burst my love."

Esben smirked maliciously as she placed more buckets around. 


Cassandra rushed down the hall as she muttered low. Seems things were getting out of hand. And it was her fault. No, she wouldn't let them take the elf. 

She reached the end of the hall and banged furiously on the door. She wanted to not fail this mission. 

"Damn it, open up Esben! Don't let the mirror take you." Cassandra yelled.

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"Come and feast my love. Come and celebrate our union. Feast until you burst my love."

Maybe it was the corruption, maybe it was her lust, maybe the situation was too kinky to pass up but Sera's body acted on its own and her mouth opened. She did not know how or why but it just happened.

Oh, dear what is happening to me. I don't even know myself anymore.

Before she could close her opened mouth, when something peculiar and queer entered her it. It clogged her mouth, invaded her throat. It was both perverse and kinky. In fact, Sera was lost on how to respond to such disturbing act. Was this just another show of affection from Esben? Her lover really knows a lot of weird acts. Whatever it was, Sera accepted it because she has already fallen for Esben.

Let it all out, my love. I will take it all.


As Cass was having trouble opening the door, Khaki and Middy would climb up the flight of stairs, rush to the end of the corridor and upon finding Cass, they would jump on her.

"Hurry Khaki! Hold her down."

"Middy! Middy! I got her."

"Good, now don't let go Khaki. She must not open that door."

After a brief scuffle, Khaki can be seen hanging on to Cass's legs while Middy was prying the woman's hands from the door knob.

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And so it happened. Sera ate the ore. Bucket after bucket. Esben forcing pieces down her throat as she eyed the purity from the corruption. O' the elf would recorrupt, reevil the girl. She pinned the girl down on the bed, spewing more and more of the black ooze into her mouth. 

Sera bursting at the seams as she was fed this black ooze. It was here her body ballooned and exploded into a bright light. But she didn't explode. As the light faded, Sera would lay there, her body so renewed, rebuilt. It was volutpous that her clothes barely containing her new vampric form. 

Her eyes would be slit yellow black, her hair curled. Black yellow curls as her teeth fanged. Her insides withered and rebuild into one object, her beating heart in the shape of a black heart mirror cross. 

"Awake, servant of the black heart mirror, Sera the black heart mirror witch. A vampire able to walk in the day and night. My beloved." 

Esben ran her hands through Sera's hair before sliding down her cheek. She would re evil the girl through her new role and the mirror pieces she'd continue to eat and the corrupted blood she'd drink. The elf kissed her lips softly. 


"Get the fuck off me!" yelled Cassandra as they sat upon her, pinning her to the ground.  "I cannot allow the spread of the plague. Esben is no ordinary elf knight. She's a descendant of the cult. She's--"

Cassandra paused as Esben stood there smiling. Without speaking, the mirror smoke would enter Middy and Khaki, gaining them as servants. They're bodies reforming to stronger bodyguards. 

"I'm what now Lady Cassandra? Sera, you beloved servants brought you a meal. Lady Cassandra herself. Feast upon her love and enslave her. To the revival of our cult."

"Esben please don't! Esben wake up." yelled Cassandra. 

Esben smirked. 

"No, Sera here is mine. She obeys. Devoted.  She's hungry and you need to be a mindless soldier, a member of our dying cult to spread the plague. And I, Esben, am her spear. Her weapon."

"No... Please don't tell me..."

Esben's smirk grew even wider as she eyed Sera. 

"I guess you need a demonstration Lady Cassandra. Sera, come and drink from your love, your spear. Then corrupt the lady knight into our fold."

Cassandra's eyes widened with fear. What the hell was going on?! She tried with all her might to get the two mindless bodyguards off her but it was to no prevail. Esben looming over her with that smirk terrified her beyond belief. 

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"I think you've all had enough."252332459024212.png?r1024x1024

When everything seemed all lost, then came that voice, that savior. If anyone would turn their heads towards the source, they would see it was a woman sitting languidly upon that lonely windowsill, a lighted pipe on her dainty hand. The room seemed to brighten with her overwhelming presence, all eyes seemed to shift towards her alluring person. One could say she was beauty incarnate and the fragrance that wafted from her lithe, slender figure seemed to fill everyone's sense of small. Those with weaker wills would have already thrown themselves before the woman, groveling on their knees, their pathetic mouths pleading and begging for her whatever scant amount of attention she might give to such unworthy beings.

This was the Lady Blackhead in all her beauty and glory. Her appearance was a sign that her agents must have made a large and crucial mistake. One should pity the fools that disappointed this engorging beauty. But alas, her little boy and two girls are now enchanted by this vile demon and this lovely lady had no choice but to intervene lest her plaything might be gone out of her dainty grasps, forever.

"Now little Esben, you should join me and my little family and let us enjoy the pleasures of this world together. This city is too small for the grandeur of people such as you and I."

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Esben tilted her head eyeing the lady speaking. It would be foolish to attack. Of course she wondered who sent the lady. She allowed the toys back to its "master" as she didn't really want them in the first place before pointing down at the beings holding down Cassandra. 

One little problem with that. This one needs to be dealt with. She will not let me just go.Esben replied as she glared at Cassandra. And she's just not going to just let you take a weapon of the cult with you. Then she got a wicked idea. A smile upon her lips. Unless...

"You can't just take her. You'll be found out, arrested. And then left to rot in the jails." 

Then that needs to dealt with so you don't tell.  Esben said with the grin gettting wider. By erasing your memory. That way as the only witness you can not stop me from being the Lady's new toy.

Wait, did Esben just say she wanted to be the Lady's new toy? No, this couldn't be happening. Cassandra was supposed to protect Esben. Not this. The elf leaned down as her hand lifted Cass's chin as she grinned. Her other hand went straight into her head. 

With a bit of touching and grabbing of the artifact she was, Esben erased all the knight's memories leaving a blank state. Esben stood and walked over to the lady and smirked at her. 

There. She won't be a problem now. Can't even remember what day it is. I am Esben, the black heart mirror spear. And I will be your weapon, your toy.

Esben then moved closer to the Lady, closing the space between the two. It seemed she commanded Sera, and the other two. Her hand reached out to caress her new owner before looking back at Cassandra. Her eyes staring at her owner, a small purr coming from her lips, hungry almost. 

Her body leaned against the Lady then. Esben's face leaning in to hers. Her new toy ready to be commanded and loved. She nuzzled her form against the lady murmuring. 

I am yours now. Your faithful and loyal weapon. Ready to protect and serve the beautiful Lady as her spear.


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