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Rulership Opportunities in Coth

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Would you like to be a town ruler in an independent nation? 

Do you like low-tech, magical settings? Tribal, Clan, and village warfare? Monster-slaying? Ritualistic religion? Elves?

Would you like to be able to personally call forth the justice of god? 

If any of this appeals to you, I am currently accepting 3 candidates for a long term commitment to develop 3 new locations in the holy kingdom of Coth. Candidates will be asked to create a thread with one or two other people detailing the establishment of the town, and afterwards host threads in your new location to help build its unique traditions and history. Coth is a good-aligned Deiocracy (rule directly by a literal god) which will stand up to every sort of people or nation who rejects god's ideals of hard work, tight-knit community, honesty, equality compassion for fellow godly people and, of course, faith. 

Candidates must elect to be anointed into the religion. In Coth a parishioner and a civilian are one and the same.  

It is my intention to only accept applicants who want to grow Coth's civilization from a small size to, once day, a very large and advanced state. Coth currently controls a huge swathe of Terrenus as the religion spreads like wildfire through the land, however there is no administration over these lands. Why not let that administrator be you? 


Once accepted, candidates can choose any spot within Cothic lands not already claimed by another town or city. 

Ruler Slots Open:

[1] Open
[2] Open
[3] Open

[The Holy Kingdom of Coth]


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