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[legend=Character Sheet]

First name: ROODY
Surname: THE
Nicknames: BUN BUN 
Alignment: Lawful Good
Race: cartoon (a bit on the classical side say...2006 stuff mabye so not that classic)
Profession:Cartoon shows?
Affiliation: * shrugs*
Religion: none......
Hometown: Town of Animi, Lexdord
Marital Status: single
Gender: M
Age: unknown


Voice: high, similar to some obe whos alwats shouted quite a high voice for his age.
Eyes: brown, no blue no,....ok tbh i have no idea
Complexion: well he has gray fur
Height: 4"7'
Build: Slim
Hair: gray
Scars: none
Tattoos: none


Demeanor: Bright and ready to spread cheer
Hopes: that everyone could enjoy cheer no matter how dark they be (personality wise)
Fears: thinner but who has that here?
Likes:those that agree with cartoons
Dislikes: those that dont 


Various cartoon gags 

Top:cotton fur 
Bottom: brown jeans


gags of course!







Age 00: Born


Father: NameHere; years old
Mother: NameHere; years old


Age (StatusHere):ThreadTitleHere



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