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Oatpeak - A Western

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Artist: danielwatcher | Use only as aesthetic reference and not for technical details of setting

This is a realistic setting, which means no magic, meta-materials, or fantasy races. This has no bearing on the realism of plot contrivances or the natures or reactions of characters.

The Wild West period is from 1865-1895. It's famous for gunslingers, pioneers, prospectors, gamblers, outlaws, and gangs. If you've seen Tombstone you've pretty much got it. If you haven't, think Wyatt Earp, Butch Cassidy, and Jesse James.

Common plots in this genre can include:  

  1. Construction of a railroad or telegraph line.
  2. Ranchers protecting their family ranch from rustlers or from large landowners or who want to build a ranching empire.
  3. The rise of the Pinkerton Detective Agency.
  4. Revenge stories which feature a sprawling chase across the wilderness.
  5. Outlaw gang plots often involved in robberies of towns or trains and opposed by local or federal authority.
  6. Bounty hunters tracking bounties.


The steam engine exists. Railroads exists across the nation but are not common. In Oatpeak there is current construction on a track and station but it is not yet available.

The telegraph and postal mail exist. There is one outpost for both in Oatpeak.

Guns exist. The six-shot revolver is the most common, followed by five- and two-barrel variants. Knives, shotguns, and hunting rifles are also common.

There are a few stagecoaches used by the few nobles in the small town of Oatpeak. The automobile gets invented in 1885 but, though it will exist at some point in Oatpeak's history, Oatpeak itself never builds infrastructure to support one prior to 1895.

Horses for riding between towns, to range across the landscape, and to ranch on large plots of land are commonly used. Oxen and coaches sre used for moving families and materials.


Pricing not accurate. 






  1. Arms Store - Sells revolvers, shotguns, bows and arrows, hunting rifles and ammunition for all
    1. The average laborer or cowboy earned 1 USD a day - more, maybe 3 USD a day, if you were a miner or blacksmith / skilled laborer. Approximately 30-40 bullets costs a day's wages for a cowboy or laborer. An average gun might cost one to two weeks of wages. A good gun might cost a month's wages. 
  2. Sheriff's Office
  3. Vanderbilt Estate - The map only represents the direction / entry point rather than the whole thing. The estate is not so much a part of Oatpeak as connected to it. The land that is part of the estate ranges into the mountains and is larger than Oatpeak though clearly most of it is untamed wilderness. This belongs to a minor Vanderbilt branch and the reason why Oatpeak is getting a railroad stop
  4. Saloon and Gambling
  5. Telegraph and Mail


2018-01-13: added attire aesthetic images; thanks to Die Shize
2018-01-13: added aesthetic header
2018-01-13: added map

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