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All was quiet in the Senaria estate. The enforcers had been sent to their quarters early and the retainers were given instruction to retire to their rooms. Even Reece, who was usually hidden within earshot, had taken the day off to visit the countryside.




Grant Knight returned to his room to find his lover lighting a candle at his bedside.

“Come, sit here,” she beckoned to him as she sat on the edge of his bed.

“Nobody can hear us,” she smiled, gesturing to a layer of shimmering enchantments that she had put up on the windows. “Now... Tell me what you thought you knew about your wife.”

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It had taken weeks for Reyna to talk him into this.

The first time she had brought up the subject, he had shut her down; flat out refusing to even speak of that particular part of his life. He had told her everything else he remembered about his life, from the fragments of his childhood, to his days as a mercenary, but speaking of his wife always seemed a bridge too far. In his heart he knew that was because the wound was still too raw, too painful, and he wasn't sure it would ever heal. But his lover had been persistent, wearing him down over time until he had agreed. If she really thought he might benefit from this, then he would give it a try. Maybe he could finally put it behind him if it all went well.

Grant lay down on the bed, placing his head in Reyna's lap before closing his eyes and trying to remember things he wanted to forget. After a few moments, an image began to take shape in his head.

"She was tall, short brown hair, blue eyes. The day I met her she smiled at me. I can't remember a time where she wasn't smiling..."

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Reyna let out a deep sigh as she ran her fingers through his hair. The flickering candle set the perfect stage for incomparable tranquility. It was only under such conditions that she would be able to perform the spell. As the tips of her fingers connected with his temples, she was overwhelmed by a sudden rush of memories – random images flashing in no particular sequence. 

The process would be complicated – to extract every last memory revolving around a certain thing, and then erasing it completely. The spell was intended to help disaster victims forget traumatic experiences, but for Grant, it was to remove the memory of the love of his life. 

And then the images stopped. There was only a single face in his mind; a memory distant but close. Grant would need better stimuli to recover every last trace of his wife. A blue wave of energy slid up Reyna’s arms and directly into Grant’s head. They overlapped one another and passed back into her body. She closed her eyes, and immediately her facial features began to distort. They took on a new form as the flesh magic reacted to its new instructions. Her legs elongated slightly and her silky blonde hair curled up and turned brown. Her body proportions shifted as bones shrank and grew to fit a new persona. Her skinned darkened ever so slightly as she lifted her eyelids. They were blue. 

What was once Grant’s lover was now... Grant’s lover, but from another time that never existed. 

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The feeling of Reyna running her hands through his hair helped to calm him, to remind him of where he was, and who he was with. Even after all this time, he still feared becoming lost in his own memories, unable to escape the horrors of his past. Going into this he had worried about it, but his lovers touch grounded him into the present moment, allowing him to remember without fear. After a brief pause, he continued.

"First time I met her was in a field hospital somewhere in Genesaris. I still had my original body, and a piece of shrapnel had taken a chunk out of my right shoulder. Of course, that was all fake, cause even in the body I was born with my dad's gene's would have taken care of me. Anyway, she was stitching me up and we got to talking... we hit it off right away. After that, whenever I had leave, I'd go visit her. When the conflict was over I asked her to marry me."

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