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A War of Desires: Veluriyam versus Norkotia versus Tazarek

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3 minutes ago, Tyler said:

Back on topic for a minute!

So, each player can have as many characters as they want, yes? The characters all just serving the narrative flavor, but each player only getting one action per turn.

Precisely my good chap

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Yeah so basically Tazarek is going to stomp all over you sissy too-talls, chew your ears like bacon and pick our teeth with your bones sooo hi.

Also, I will read up on the thread and links later tonight, but am I reading correctly that we get multiple PCs per player—just that one player turn counts for both that player’s chars?

If so then that rocks because I have two dwarfsies to use for this if for no other reason than personal flavor. One has a hammer and one has an axe and both have big bushy beards awh hayyyyyllllll

TARAZEK SHALL STAND TALL (if smaller than all ya’ll sissy too-talls)

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@vielle I pinged you in what will be our preparation thread, but you won't be up to post just yet.

@Grubbistch If you would like to post some sort of response and act out the initial first contact, you have an opening. If not, we can say it happened off-screen and I will time-skip to the current time, summarizing that some level of relations has been established and that Norkotia now has something akin to an embassy or consulate, as well as merchant posts and the like.

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