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Ebony-Yahera; The Battle of the Disastrous Catastrophe; Breaking the Heart of Hope

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Chapter 2

Silence filled the carriage. Rheumial looked at the two women without a word. They were in the dark about what was happening in the land. The Umbral Year had come changing everyone involved with the land of Athentha and Lyonesse. And no one could be trusted including Rheumy. It was why Jasper didn't reveal her true name. Odessa was a key that could be already tainted and lost to the enemy. And the journal--the journal could be useful. Odessa looked at Jasper silent as she wondered if she didn't trust her.

Listen, I don't think you'll fare well against what is coming. It's true Rinoa has changed but to what degree? We don't know how far she's fallen. And Raven--well we don't know him at all. Did Augustus see this premonition years, decades before us?

Odessa said nothing as Jasper heard the carriage stop. It had reached the Rusty Broadsword Inn, named after the infamous blacksmith's favourite sword to make. Jasper knew they'd have to read Augustus's rambling journal. And that would be a headache. But what Rheumial said also bothered her. As the three exited the carriage, it drove off.

But it was here that something unexpected happened. Odessa got cold feet. She handed the journal to Jasper, telling her that this was just too much for her. That she couldn't, though she wanted to, go any farther. She felt she couldn't fight against the princess again, that she'd get swallowed whole. Jasper understood and bid her a safe journey home.

It wasn't right to drag the key along if she was too weak to remain herself. Rheumial eyed the book and tilted his head. Was this truly Augustus's writings? How was it gathered? Obtained? It was remarkable to see it out of evil's grasp. Jasper sighed softly.

“I thought she'd last longer. Having another like mind around was refreshing. But the information she gathered won't be forgotten nor her efforts. I should have told her--” Jasper shook her head letting the thoughts go as she grasped the book tightly. “Rheumial, what's your role in this? What do you gain? We all know you only play for yourself. And unlike Amaranth, you don't reveal it.”

Rheumy laughed heartily then. So his exports had been told around the land. It made him laugh for a good five minutes. After composing himself, he looked at Jasper. O’ she was a smart one indeed. And she'd need that brain for the incoming storm. Placing his hands into the pockets of his coat, Rheumy shook his head.

If I didn't want to help you, I wouldn’t be here. I failed Grant Lyon because he wasn't giving me Lyonesse I'll admit. And I did want him dead. But to have it go this way bothers me more than I like to admit. Rheumy said as he walked past the demoness. Looking back over his shoulder, he spoke again. Lyonesse was going to be handed to a woman named Vivian. Did you know that? Some vampire from Allia. Interesting indeed.

Jasper raised an eyebrow at that name. She mostly went by the name Vee. It was interesting to know of all people from the two appointed heirs to a secret pick, that Grant Lyon would pick a girl from the small island of Allia. It puzzled her extremely as she looked at Rheumial.

“Why her?” Jasper asked the artifact. “She's Yevan's kin, I think his daughter or something. I can't remember. But it doesn't make sense that a child of Allia wanted to have Lyon's land.” Jasper sighed as Rheumial shrugged. Both at a loss at the revelations of new plans and Lyon's actions. “Why didn't he give it to Atlas, his own son?”

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Vivian and Grant were always together. They had the affair since he founded the land. She is Yevan's daughter. A full blood vampire. However, not only was she his blood, leader of Allia and almost to acquire Lyonesse--she is the leader of the Black Sun Cross cult. Rheumial replied as he shook his head. The events he witnessed shook him to his core and he wasn't easily spooked. Yet, he was afraid.  And Grant always hated his son. Atlas got a raw deal in the end, he is now an elder. But Vee coming means something we don’t know.

“Such a mess.” Jasper muttered as she placed her hand to her head. “But it doesn't matter. They still think the keys are needed when they are not. It was just used to keep our enemies at bay. But my brother going and getting himself killed was just asinine at best. I've heard little of the cult. I thought Lyon loved his son.”

Rheumy shook his head again as she spoke. Both sighing as they decided to go into the inn and rest before going on with their plans. Jasper didn't trust him but she'd have to work with him until she met the one true key to stopping this war and the princess. And that was the vampire, Rhamados-Ashulur, or Chronos as her real name was labeled. However, there was still the matter of Augustus's journal.

Which she would get to reading. The artifact looked at Jasper with such a look of true respect. He would try to help for the moment for he wanted to take down those who took what was his. Whether it would be a good outcome for him he didn't know. Jasper headed towards the inn keeper to acquire a room to get to reading while Rheumial remained in the bar area.

As she gathered a room key to her room, room 502, she paid the meager coins to rent the room and headed up the stairs. Rheumy eyed this as he would have to find her later. He mentally copied down her room number and went back to his drinks. She entered her room, closed the door and sat on the bed. Placing the journal down, she began to open it and read what Augustus wrote.

16, September, 1668AY

I know it's late. After midnight as the candle burns down the wick and it's candle wax drips among the cup it sits in. But my frantic thoughts cannot wait to be written in the daylight. The times now see two groups emerging from one man, Serphus Alumna. He wears many faces and names as no one really knows who he is. But I do. Farenheit-Abalone is his true name, a man who desires to corrupt and corrode Athentha and its people. His temple houses many evils.

Among this, the two groups called the Red Blood Moon Children Organization and the Black Heart Mirror Organization. But something darker resides in this temple besides these two organizations. The Dark Winged Beast and the Temple Goddess, Claudette.

Jasper paused. She had heard of the name Claudette before. She was Virga's daughter. She was born a year after Seldeth. Yet, Virga favored Claudette more, giving her more privileges than Seldeth. But why did Augustus mention her here? She was Talia's leader. It didn't make any sense. Jasper read on then.

Claudette was someone to look up to. I even wanted to tutor her, help her become something important. But it was not to be. She was taintrd by a vampire named Zachriel in 17, February 1668AY. The poor girl was never the same after this. She sought out Farenheit-Abalone’s temple for a cure. We lost our princess to that creature. And Seldeth, her fate was alterrd as well to this being.

Farenheit-Abalone don the skin of an Athenthian scientist called Oisin. He lured our beloved Seldeth to the temple and twisted her into a creature unrecognizable to this day. Catalyst was born into her, a vampiric demoness who was as cruel and despiciable as Farenheit-Abalone himself. In fact she even changed our beloved Claudette--

Jasper couldn't read anymore. Seldeth and Claudette were lured into the plans of an evil being long since dead. A creature who tainted and corrupted Athentha and its King. They called him Serphus Alumna, named three cities after him and there were cults dedicated to him. Though these cities didn't celebrate him, but were more of wherethe cults originated from. She felt sick to her stomach knowing that even Talia hadn't been spared.

Her beloved princess Claudette had been stolen from her. Tainted and corrupted by the monster of the black heart mirror, Catalyst. And she remembered the day she found the city of Farenheit-Kalediscope, those black robes that woman wore. That woman with fangs matched Claudette's image to a tee. Her fist slammed against the bed as Jasper grew angry.

She would gain back Claudette, her love. The war spread throughout the city. Fights everywhere as the people tried reclaim their homes and fight those corrupted by the princess. Jasper knew that soon the battlefield would be covered in bloodshed. There had to be another way. Something besides killing.

Find anything interesting yet? Came the artifact's voice as he appeared beside her. I figured it would be longer before you do. He wrote about everything. Especially what happened during the reign of the Black Heart Mirror. She was a terror alright, the bodyguard to the Dark Winged Beast. I think her name was--

“Claudette,” whispered Jasper. She still couldn't fathom that her dearest love had been tampered with. “It's what I found so far Rheumial. I didn't know Talia had been infected with the Black Heart Mirror Organization. If I did I would have never left to form the Plutonium knights, I would have never left Talia.”

If you didn't you would have been eaten too. Twisted by Claudette and her mirror pieces. Farenheit-Abalone is something we know little of and as long as he remains sealed in his temple, we can plan a counter attack. Rheumy said trying to calm down the young demoness. He didn't know if he could since she had the same temperment as Vex. Jasper, have you honed your skills as your brother had? We're going to need a new demon hunter once the Yao Si Ji temple is rebuilt in Farenheit-Abyssal.

Jasper said nothing as she looked down. The mention of Vex was still hard for her to hear. They both were excellent demon hunters yet she never thought of becoming one like he did. Now he was dead. She sighed softly. The rebuilding of the Yao Si Ji temple was a good plan to be used as a last resort on the princess. They also had Rhamados-Ashulur on their side as for now. But the demoness was still uneasy.

And since she could shape shift, she could be more of use to the plan than anyone else. Jasper hoped the telling of needing the keys would keep their enemies at bay until they were ready. Rheumy tilted his head at the girl unsure if she heard him. Jasper looked up then.

“Rheumial, it was my job to keep her from becoming a monster. Virga hired me to protect her from her own older sister. And to make sure she married Grant Lyon. But I didn't. Virga, how he offered both his daughters up to that man--” Jasper paused as the anger rose in her voice. Looking down, she grasped the bed sheets tightly as she tried to remain composed. “It's disgusting. Claudette and I were supposed to be together, yet I lost her. I'm not sure I can make up for this regret.”

Well to be honest Jasper, Virga is a coward. Seldeth was offered up first for assistance and crops. Farenheit-Abalone knew this and stolen her. He locked her up in his temple, torturing her until he created Catalyst. Claudette however was more tragic. Rheumy said sitting beside Jasper and placing his hand on her shoulder. Virga wanted more land, power. He sold Claudette as slaughter to his cause. Catalyst was able to degrade her until she became her host. You're not at fault Jasper. You did the best you could in your situation.

Jasper sighed as she knew Rheumy was trying to cheer her up. And she knew because he wasn't using saracastic tones with her. The demoness shook her head as the artifact let his arms fall to his sides. They were outnumbered, outplanned as more people ate the ore and lost themselves to it. The artifact had noticed it in the bar, the people sitting there deteriorating as all they did was eat the ore. Blank empty eyes as they consumed nothing but the ore, growing fat and empty.

He was concerned. Afraid. And Rheumy barely got afraid. He held a letter in his hands from Thames, a knight commander stationed east of Farenheit-Kalediscope. Rheumy hadn't read it yet. He didn't because the letter could hold an answer he did not want. Jasper saw the look on his face and wondered why he had it. Rheumial never shown that look before so it made her question it.

Yet, he said nothing. Thames was a trusting man but usually he wrote such stuffy letters. More stuffy than anyone else. Though both letters sitting in his hand were from Lady Claudette and Thames. Important documents that were entrusted to a rogue artifact. The second letter puzzled Jasper since Claudette was lost to the Black Heart Mirror Organization. And she wanted answers from Rheumial.

“How is it possible for Claudette to send you letters? She has been lost and corroded yet can still run Talia? I don't understand what you're playing at Rheumial.” Jasper muttered as she looked at the artifact. “But I don't like it either. You better explain. And it better be good or else.”

Rheumy tilted his head as he knew she eyed the letters in his hand. These letters detailed redacted information along with details of both cults, hiding as organizations. And he knew he'd have to tell her. Rhama had found these letters days before Catalyst returned. And that was another mess.

Rhamados-Ashulur was helping me unearth many letters written by Lady Claudette. She is still in there, still alive. Catalyst hasn't claimed her just yet as she's a tough soul. Plus I never said she was taken by her adopted sister just yet. Only-- Rheumial paused as he looked down unfurling the letters in his hands. I didn't expect Talia to become so a mess. It hasn't been corrupted ever. But since Seldeth's reappearance and that slaver, seems nothing is the same anymore. Pity.

Jasper listened as the artifact spoke. There was some truth in his words and she could feel he was telling the truth. At least a bit but not all the way there. Rheumy decided to let Jasper read the letters, to see what she could decipher from Claudette and Thames's letter scribblings.

The demoness took the letters slowly as she opened them fully, her eyes looking down to read. Rheumy didn't mind since anything too important had been redacted. Safety reasons and all that. Her eyes scanned the letters over and over again not sure what the scribblings meant, at least on Thames's part.

Valhalla Von Ja'Guthra. The temple goddess that resided Talia's domain before Virga Von Ja'Guthra Talia’s time. As most of the major players in everything dealing with Talia was related to that family tree. But what Valhalla did was cruel, she subjected them to the black heart mirror ore.

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Jasper slammed her fists onto the bed as her anger consumed her. The journal flying onto the bed opening to the middle of the book to a date the woman could recall. The day her brother Vex joined the Athenthian military against her wishes and pleas. How she desperately tried to stop him, tried to dissuade him from going to the cursed land, burrowing into their affairs and unsolvable problems. Rheumial eyed the book as he picked it up and decided to read it. Read it outloud for the demoness to hear Augustus's words. 

18, June 1668AY 

I noticed a new face in Athentha today. Someone from the island of Talia it seems. He calls himself Vex. A demon hunter that could handle a blade and a fight. He tells me that he came to help us. He traced the ore back to his land in the form of mirror pieces and came here to find out more here. His sister Jasper didn't want him to come, afraid that he'll never return. But he wants to protect her, keep her from being infected. Show her that she should be proud of him. 


It's short but to the point. Augustus was someone you could always rely on. Confide in. Seems Vex wanted to keep you from joining the cult. He died not only trying to save the princess but you as well. No wonder he didn't tell you the truth. 

Rheumial sighed softly. The words he spoke were the truth. And as Jasper tried to get a grasp on the journal, the window crashed open then, glass spewing everywhere. Jasper covered her eyes so the glass wouldn't hit them. The artifact annoyed as a creature of the Black Heart Mirror Organization stood there. 

"Shit--" breathed Jasper. "Didn't expect a monster to be attacking me tonight. Nor seeing a cult member either. Rheumial can you fight?" Jasper asked as she looked towards the artifact that suddenly disappeared. "Are you kidding me right now?! Get the hell out here Rheumial!"

But the artifact didn't appear. Jasper sighed. She was alone. She grumbled as the cult member smiled maliciously at her. Jasper tried to figure out a stragetry but she didn't have time. She had react as the thing ran at her, black heart mirror crystal shards flying at her. 

They ripped the skin as most dug into the demoness and she slid back. The creature then grabbed her arms slamming her into the wall. As Jasper looked into those empty eyes, her eyes widened. An old flame was attacking her. One she left for Lady Claudette. 

Matthias Ashton Von Mises Ja'Guthra. He smirked, those fangs dripping with black ooze. Jasper sighed as the next thing she did wouldn't be pleasant. Her hands sat on his face as she chanted a spell, her magi coursing through her. It then exploded his face as the body slumped to its knees, releasing her. 

But Matthias wasn't dead. His form rebuilding thanks to the mirror piece within. Jasper's eyes widening as she watched in terror. He should have died from this. What the hell was he?! 

Her next plan was jumping out the window that he broke in. As she landed on the ground, Jasper ran. Ran from the past that now came at her, trying to corrupt her to a cult. 

Jasper knew that this wouldnt end here, wouldn't end well. But she wouldn't just lay down and die. The Black Heart Mirror Organization would not have her. Not yet. 

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4cbe8142eda2d09fd161027903c17d48.jpgYou cannot get away... 

Jasper heard the voice behind, the bony grasping white fingers trying to keep her from escaping. The journal bound tight against her chest. The only thing the demoness took with her. 

The only that mattered to her at that moment. 

Her heart beat so fast that she thought it would explode. But she couldn't stop. It was inevitable, as she tripped, rolling down the hill. Dirt covering her as the demoness rolled, hitting a tree as it stopped her. 

The being smiled approaching, stalking, skulking towards its prey. Picking up Jasper by the collar of her shirt as their eyes met. 

Remember me dearest Jasper? Or should I call you by your real name. I believe it was something like Liúsaidh Maighread Marsaili... Perhaps?

Jasper gritted her teeth at that name. It was truth that this being knew her. He smirked as he shook his head. Wanting to destroy her. Break her for her utter betrayal of not becoming a mirror creature as she promised. 

"Well Alistair, you figured me out. I am just a simple girl after all. You seem to still hate me for not doing something so stupid--"

Silly rabbit, I enjoy watching you suffer my fair Liúsaidh. It warms my heart seeing your endless feeble attempts to escape. Knowing you'd pick a beautiful gem to hide under.

Jasper chuckled. It seems he was still bitter. Her hands grasped his and pryed them off as she dropped to her feet. Quickly the banter had gotten old for her and quickly she pulled out her spear, he his sword. 

The battle would begin like the rain falling now beside the rolling thunder and dancing lightning.

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4cbe8142eda2d09fd161027903c17d48.jpgLiúsaidh sighed. So he was here once more. Once more fighting against her. Once more trying to get her to come back to the cult. Jasper, as she referred to call herself muttered as the loud crash of thunder rumbled forth. Lightning dancing violent against the dark sky as the rain fell harder. 

Yet the clashing sparks of blades among blades didn't mind the incoming storm. Liúsaidh would not allow the Black Heart Mirror Organization to revive. Swallowing her pride, the elf picked up her shortswords and ran at Alastair as his long sword danced against her blades. 

Their foot work moving quickly among the dancing blades, each getting cut, blood splattering the ground in droplets. The clash of swords outsounded by the roaring thunder and lightning. Yet, Liúsaidh didn't stop her attacks. Lightning fast jabs among his own fast attacks. 

I did always train you well in combat my dearest Liú. You cannot outmatch me at my own best skill. And here will be your tomb. Swallowed by the mirror piece you curse and despise. 

"You underestimate me like always Alastair. You really think I need these weapons? I've learned how to fight combining my own two fists with magic."

O' ho? Show me then my little flower.

Spitting blood from her mouth, Liúsaidh dropped the shortswords. She lifted her two hands, clenching them into fists before coming at him. Jabbing with such force, she knocked Alastair flat on his ass. 

It was here, she clapped her hands together, the energies opening within. Lightning crackling all around her as crystal like arrows came flying out of her and crashing at Alastair. Liú didn't need to move all but her hands. Alastair cried out in pain as the arrows hit. Blood spraying out of him. 

She continued her attack. Alastair fought off as many as he could as Liú said nothing but glared at him hatefully. She hated the cult for all their transgressions, for Alastair's change.



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4cbe8142eda2d09fd161027903c17d48.jpgLiú shook her head as knew the arrows would only make him bleed. It wouldn't break him. It wouldn't kill him. And she hated how weak her magic was. But she wouldn't succumb to the black heart mirror or its cult.

"So, you really are an idiot." Liú replied as she watched Alastair stand up. "You really let them destroy your heart and soul just for some godforsaken power boost."

Alastair snickered and scoffed. He said nothing as he came running at her with both daggers out slicing here and there in fast moving motions. Liú managed to barely dodge each blow except for the last one that cut her cheek. 

With this she slid back muttering. What power was these creatures? This cult? Alastair didn't even look injured from the arrows yet he should have been. As Liú looked up the ice shards hit her arms throwing her into the tree. 

"What the hell are you?!" yelled Liú as she looked up and he grabbed her throat, picking her up and tossing her into another tree. "What the hell?!" 

Alastair laughed hard. Standing above her, he held a black heart mirror piece spear right above her heart. Liú's eyes widened before rolling out of the way and he stabbed the ground. 

Liú sighed softly. It was a close call.

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4cbe8142eda2d09fd161027903c17d48.jpgGetting hit by a weapon of that cult was serious business. Liú knew first hand how it worked. She used it upon her family, her kin. And her own house. It wasn't pretty. But how the hell did Alastair get one and wasn't he dead? 

All she wanted to do was read the blasted journal Odessa left behind. Odessa... Her mind went back to the elf. O' it would make sense. A trap laid by a compromised key. She sighed as she decided she had enough. 

"Sahk Yuh Ka, Rizé Aui So." she breathed in the old Talian language. A counter balance to combat the mirror creature once known as Alistair. "Frah Ku Sah L'au Dhu Ka." 

And with that the dust settled. A large amount of energy exerted from the demoness as she eyed the black smoke rising into the air. The spear dropping beside her. Alastair was gone, returned to the earth. 

"Thank god that worked. I didn't think ancient forbidden Talia magic still worked. Then again--"

Liú paused as she looked up to see two knights dressed full in yellow leaf brigade armor pointing their spears at her. It seems their little spat gathered the attention of the royal guard. 

"Rise demoness, we heard fighting in this direction and find you performing tabooed and FORBIDDEN magic. Explain before we jail you." Spoke Liam, the shorter of the pair. 

"O' you know SAVING my life from the Black Heart Mirror cult by performing forbidden magi. Alastair appeared and attacked me. You see--" Liú paused again choosing her next words carefully as the knights were already on edge. "I was attacked at the inn. I've been running trying to escape." 

Liú didn't bring up the journal as she needed it. The knights looked different to her, the armor wore a different logo than before. Did she just notice it? She sighed. The knights shook their heads. 

"Let's go, you can explain your case in front of Inquistor Lucius Grandiose Von Mathias Ja'Gothra. Now march!"

And then Liú walked on with the two knights holding her a prisoner. The day couldn't get worse.


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4cbe8142eda2d09fd161027903c17d48.jpgAnd so the walk happened. It was the armor that Liú kept looking at. The last time she saw the Yellow Leaf brigade armor, it was yellow and silver. With a leaf in the middle of the armor. Here, the armor was black with traces of yellow. The leaf surrounded by the shape of the black heart mirror. 

Liú stopped for a moment as she was puzzled. Why did the armor change? What made it change? Before she could ask, Elijah's spear butt hit her back as he growled at her. 

"Keep moving prisoner, Ser Manah doesn't like to be kept waiting. Nor does Lucius. Now, move. Stop again and it won't just be the butt of my spear in you."

Liú sighed, as she rubbed her back where Elijah hit her. Walking onto the cobblestone street, Talia looked different than last time. Manah, Liú remembered that knight. She led the brigade better than Umbra ever could. Yet, now it made her think. 

Wondered about this all. 

"So, Ser Manah survived the battle in Serphus Alumnus? I heard she destroyed the Azura-Abyssal temple. It was a terrible battle. Tell me, why did the armor change? Manah is a knight of justice, she wouldn't--"

Elijah hit her with the spear against her back again as she felt to her knees. The demoness coughed, once again being beaten up--once again, the wind knocked out of her. Which she would have been used to by now but Liú wasn't. 

She's going to be dead by the time you bring her to me. Lucius won't like it if she dies you know. 

The knights nodded, and left the two alone. Liú looked Manah over, eyeing the changes of the knight. The once good knight who wanted justice for the land. Liú said nothing as Manah looked at her. The vessel had arrived safely. She chuckled. 

"Manah, what's happened to you? Last I heard, you were the champion of Talia. Now you wear that cult's armor. Has it spread here too?" Liú asked as they walked towards the tower castle where Lucius resided. "You've fallen too haven't you? Augustus wrote--"

Liúsaidh, I have awoken. I am the champion of the Black Heart Mirror. Their knight commander for now as Lucius has decided. We have been waiting for you for a while now. You're late. 

"You what? The Inquistor too? What the hell is going on here?! How far as that damned organization corroded the lands? And now a knight of justice--"

I cannot say. Only Lucius knows. But now that you're here, we can begin. 

Liú stopped as Manah looked over her shoulder. This was getting out of hand and she hated that it spread so far. This cult was larger than she thought to believe. So many key players were swept up. But Manah getting eaten was the hardest to swallow. 

Manah walked up to her as Liú held her schimitar at her. She wouldn't just blindly follow the script. She would fight until tje end. Manah smirked as she produced her spear. Thunder crackling over head, the town bustling now as morning dawned overhead. 

Liú shook her head. She eyed the knight as she knew this battle wouldn't be as easy as she fought Alastair.

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So, even here the people are tainted. Interesting that the cult would come this far out to Athentha. What are they planning? They are so vague with information.

Rheumial spoke as he jumped off Liú's belt. The artifact stopping the doomed march and the pause of battle among the two women. The thunder boomed overhead once more. Lightning now dancing accompanying the incoming storm. 

Behind this, the townspeople continued their bustling. Liú eyed Rheumial tilting her head as she'd no idea he appear so randomly like that. He eyed her, somberly, softly. No saracastic quips, no hidden meanings in his words. Rheumial was marked as a rogue artifact. 

Marked as the enemy. But the artifact said nothing as the two stood there another moment. 

"Of all times, now you appear you coward? How about back there when I was about to be killed and--" Liú stopped as she shook her head. Not the time to bring up grudges and arguments. That could wait. "Well, we could beat it out of Manah here." 

Rheumial sighed. It seems Liúsaidh didn't see the problem here. The artifact would not speak as he could see what was going on. He wanted to speak but he waited the moment looking over Manah. It was not as it seemed. 

Liú looked at Rheum as they watched the spear come stabbing at the demoness. She saw it in the corner of her eye and barely missed the assault. Rheumial chuckled. Seems Manah wouldn't wait for them to decide. 

And then the rain fell again, blackening the battlefield from the light.

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I had my reasons Liúsaidh. I don't get in people's personal affairs. But this knight, she's not real. She moves too much like a doll. Rheumial whispered to Liú as they walked towards the loomimg castle square. Lucius is up to something. But what I do not know and it puzzles me greatly.

Liú listened in between the bouts of thunder and rain. The walk was something that wasn't comforting as well as the rain storm. The artifact's words didn't comfort her either. Rheumial had no alliances to anyone, he could go and come as he pleased. Help who he wanted and abandon anyone he wanted. 

Liú sighed. "Well your reasons are terrible. You know Alastair almost killed me. I had to use old magic that now has me tromping up to the spooky old castle. And now--" She paused at those words. Her eyebrow raised at them. She was following something not real. "What do you mean she's not real?"

Rheumial said nothing as they reached the castle. It loomed overhead as a scary looking piece of building. Made to imititade and frighten. The artifact shook his head leaning into Liú so the knight couldn't hear. 

She's not Manah. Lucius created her image after the real knight commander went missing. She's an illusion, a puppet made to fool people. 

Well this got even more weird and interesting at the same time. And Liú didn't like it. Another clap of thunder rumbled forth.

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Wait--What did the artifact say? She heard a few words over the rolling thunder but nothing to the facts of what made her skin crawl. The knight before her, before Liú was not real. How cruel the Inquistor had been to create a puppet of Yellow Leaf brigade's leader. 

Liú roared in her anger at the being before her, pretending to be someone she knew so long ago. Her schimitar plunging into the fake knight's left shoulder, as plaster and dust crumbled to the ground. The knight looked over her shoulder and grinned. 

Pulling the curved sword out of her shoulder, the fake girl shattered the blade. Breaking it into pieces as she chuckled. Clasping her hands together, the puppet slammed Liú back stumbling with fire magi hitting her in the torso. 

Rheumial caught the demoness so she wouldn't fall. He looked at her as he knew she'd have to use that forbiddden magic again. Liú would be in a lot of trouble again. 

It would have to be worth it. 

"Saka La'Zue Yuka Ra..." Liú spoke. 

And here the black crystal came forth, crashing at the fake Manah. And though her arms had been burned, she managed to destroy the puppet as the she crumbled into dust. 

Seems the cult has been busy while I've been away in Lyonesse. And that means that Athentha doesn't know or is complancent. Well, we will have to go in and see this Inquistor Lucius Grandiose Von Mises Valentina.

"I guess so."

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4cbe8142eda2d09fd161027903c17d48.jpgLiú knew the house of Valentina well. It was one house that liked to stick its nose into every affair of Talia. And she knew that if Valentina wanted you, it would do everything in its power to get you. And it was in constant battle with the Ja'Guthra house since forever ago. Another house trying to gain the Marsalis house. 

"Another problem within this problem Rheumial. Valentina probably is the cause behind the rise of the Black Heart Mirror cult. Wouldn't put it past them. But Ja'Guthra could be the other way as well." Liú replied as the two ventured into the looming old castle. Rheumial nodded in agreement. Though he listened intently. "But I don't understand it all. Why would either house would wait to be involved?"

That was a good question to stump both parties. So they stood there at the entrance looking at each other in the growing silence. The artifact sighed then as he shook his head. 

Obvious of course. It's to gain favor in Athentha. And to help spread the plague and cult. The two houses also want to build more power. They have been wanting to combine both houses and to do that they need your house and the cult to succeed. 

Liú said nothing as she stood there. So, the rumors were true. The cult was alive, fueled by so many factors. And what about Legoniare itself? Another house tied into all this madness. It was something she didn't understand. 

"Rheumial, where do you stand in this? What are your intentions?" 

The artifact remained silent. And it built now like the creepiness of the castle.

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Rheumial, where do you stand in this? What are your intentions?

Liú's words echoed in Rheumy's ears as they stood there. He let his arms fall to his sides in the growing uncomfortable silence. How could he explain his decisions without giving too much away? He didn't know. 


The voice ripped him from his thoughts as they stood there in that dusty old castle. Liú stared at him wondering how long he could remain neutral to everything happening. That he couldn't care much to the new state Athentha and it's sister islands were shaping into. 

She was confused. Silent. Afraid to ask the simple question if he would betray her in the end of his own selfish desires. Afraid to ask what he really cared about in the aftermath of it all. 

Well, I'm not sure you'll like the answer to that Liúsaidh. My intentions is destroy the possibilities of the two cults forming as one. And of the rulers of the islands. I fear that we cannot win here in the war blossoming forth. 

But that's only part of what you desire to hear. In the end, I stand for me and my beliefs. You fear I'll sacrifice you to save myself. I will not, it's a promise. I failed Grant Lyon--

Rheumial paused as he tried to fight back his shame and fear. In his greatest failure of keeping the land of Lyonesse safe. He abandoned the leader in his time of need. And he felt great shame as Sayndar never let him forget it. The hero barrading him in such frustration that he disappeared for a bit. 

The artifact eyed Liú then. She felt his despair, sorrow and self loathing as Lyonessians were proud people. He sighed as he took a step forward stopping again. 

"What happened in Yral?" Liú asked as she looked at Rheumial. "How did it crumble beneath the security of you and Sayndar? The blame he's put all upon you to ease his mind hasn't he?"

Sayndar has. I wouldn't lie to you, he loves his land more than I. And in a way, the failure is both ours to carry whether he likes to admit or not. What happened you ask?

Rheumial paused with a shrug of his shoulders as he now how to relive and recall that horrid memory. A tortured soul he had become, as he did care for the island of Lyonesse. He was hardcore attached like Sayndar, but he called it home. He had a duty to keep it safe. 

We were discussing the next leader of Lyonesse at the time. Who should obtain it when Lyon finally died. Sayndar coveted the position, he wanted it so badly we figured he'd kill Grant Lyon just to get it. 

But he didn't. We had gotten into a rawl of whom get it when this kid appeared out of nowhere. A foreigner. With one blow, Grant Lyon was dead. Sayndar attacked but he was no match. 

He escaped. And I-- Well, I just let him become the new Grant Lyon. I could have saved him as I am immortal, an object. But I ran. 

Rheumial sighed as Liú listened intently. She didn't judge as she had done the same when the Black Heart Mirror Organization tried to keep her. And again when running from Valentina. She placed her hand on his shoulder.

"And you've blamed yourself ever since? As did Sayndar? Because of a wrong decision? It's time to let go."


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Rheumial picked her hand of his shoulder. His decisions, his cowardice cause Lyonesse to fall. He remembered that night as it never left him. How he hated his decisions. Hated running from the truth. He was made from a cult, one that turned children into artifacts. 

He lost his humanity by his own hands this was true, but he always hated the red blood moon children organization with a passion. How they told him this would help him, create a new future out of no pain. Yet, there was no future. 

It was an endless existence tied down to the whims of sacrifical lambs. The silence ripped apart the stinging thoughts of the truth looming now. He was a failed creation. Failed in all aspects of what was to be made to save a troubled land. It was clear. 

Standing there in the looming silence, the artifact looked up, he said nothing as he tried to. The words wouldn't form. Rheumial felt such different emotions. But how could that be possible? Amaranth never did and she was an artifact wasn't she?

Wasn't she? 

Wasn't she? Could she be different from me? I don't understand this now. Why all of a sudden-- I am a failed artifact? Is this my eternal suffering? What the hell am I to know the truth?

Rheumial thought as he stood there. And though they were looking for the Inquistor, he felt that he couldn't move forward. He was lost in the thoughts that consumed him. The thoughts that he thought he abandoned when they made him into the Griffin Beak artifact. 

"Rheumial are you alright? Something wrong?" Liú asked. She was worried that he had broken. And she didn't know what to do. "Rheumial? Can you hear me?"

But he didn't speak. Rheumial felt all the hume emotions he abandoned so long ago. Was he a failure?

"And what do I owe the pleasure of you breaking into my home unannounced? O' I see, these guests--" came the tenor like voice of Lucius as he placed his hands on the banister of the railing of the staircase. Standing there peering at the pair. "Seems your friend cannot fathom the truth about the organization that created the artifacts. Nor the truth about himself. That the decisions we make can haunt us forever don't you agree?"

Liú looked up to see Inquistor Ser Lucius Grandiose Von Mises Valentina standing there. Yet he was enjoying the show as he didn't interfere their breaking in nor called the guards. It had been a long time since he had seen Liúsaidh and he didn't want her slipping out of his grasp. Not yet anyways. 

"You're probably wondering why the cult as you call it has come to Athentha. I have called them here. As the Inquistor of Athentha, its my duty to make sure Athentha's and its people are safe." Lucius replied as he never took his gaze off her. Those malevolent eyes peering at her. "I am bringing both cults--organizations together as one. It will be prosperous for Athentha."

"That's insane! You won't be helping anyone but yourself and that damned monster parading as the princess. I won't let these cults spread any further. It ends here Lucius."

Lucius smiled. Liúsaidh always had that brave facade of wanting to save the people. Her intentions masked as she seeked redemption for the wrongs and transgressions she did as a member of the Black Heart Mirror Organization. It was cute. 

Rheumial shook his head as he listened half heartedly. It seemed if the two organizations came together it would spell disaster for the citizens whom called the islands home. Lucius was enslaved by his own agendas and blackened heart. Grandiose ideals that led him onto this path. 

We cannot allow this to happen Lucius. The people deserve a better life, a better home they can be proud of. piped up Rheumial.


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Lucius smiled as he heard Rheumial speak. The artifact had a voice after all. And it was something that always seem to amaze him. That those who cared not for the land were popping out of the woodwork all of a sudden. Especially the artifacts as rogue as they became in the years that had passed.

No, Lucius knew the creature before him had no right to speak about the rights of others. The smile faded as his eyes narrowed. What did Rheumial know what was right for the people? He had abandoned his post hadn't he? When Lyonesse needed him most didn't he run away in his cowardice? Yes, the Inquistor knew that he had no right, neither did. For Liú was the same. But he knew that people would come to challenge him.

“You know nothing of what the people want artifact. You say I care not for what they need yet where were you when Lyon was being killed? You can pretend all you want that you care about them but we know you--”

Shut up. Is that all you can do Lucius? Throw my past into my face? Petty insults that you think will make me turn and go? I'm not some stupid hume. What you plan to do must be stopped whether I pretend or not. We are no heroes, no surperior band of good folk. But we can try to stop you.

Lucius laughed as he clapped his hands as he walked down the stairs. Liú remained alert, cautious. Yet she knew what tricks the inquistor could pull. She sighed softly as Lucius reached the last step as he stood at the bottom of the stairs.

Liú didn't like what she was seeing. The grand inquistor was being a bit out of character as Rheumial muttered. Lucius didn't move as he looked at the pair. How their false bravado fueled their motions now. And it seems his quips didn't affect the artifact as he hoped. We are no heroes, no surperior band of good folk. But we can try to stop you. These words made the smile fade from his lips, a look of unfound anger and seriousness lighted his face. No, this didn't look good.

“O’ I see, you decided to switch sides again have we Rheumial? That just because you're a good for nothing rogue artifact no one will notice?” Lucius replied with a straight face, no jabbing quip behind his words. “I mean it's why you're here is it not? But can you even be trusted anymore after letting your leader die? By abandoning your homeland? You really think anyone cares?”

Rheumial didn’t speak as the inquistor chewed him out again on his failures. The Inquistor got why Liú was here but not the rogue artifact. And he wanted to smash him into the ground and take away his life. But Rheumy was immortal so that could never be and Lucius knew this. But he can hurt the artifact and he would.

I haven't switch sides.

“O’ no? You're telling me after the thousands of innocents you sent to your little organization was out of the kindness of your heart? How about all those your friends and members murdered? You were forced to do this after becoming rogue? No Rheumial, you have.”

“And what of you Lucius?” Liú replied as she had gotten tired of being a bystander. “You have also changed. You switched sides to line your own pockets. What happened to that talk you used to bore me with? About saving the lands from the cults.”

Lucius shook his head. He wanted to hit her, show her the fury of his anger of betrayal and hurt by going off with Sareneth. But he didn't move, didn't do a thing. No, he stood there for another moment as Rheumial knew that something bad was going to happen here. He could feel it. That somewhere needed their attention besides playing with the Inquistor.

What is your endgame here Lucius? I've been trying to think that out about you. The Valentina house has been decaying for years. Is it jealousy of young Liú here? Revenge? Monentiary gain? What is bringing two cults together going to do for you in the end?

Lucius shook his head. “You have been busy haven't you little artifact? Trying to get into my head won't be so easy. But you see, the combining of the cults will change the land forever.”


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