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Breaking An Egg To Make An Omelette

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Long Summary:

The Paragon Samael arrives to the scene of the aftermath of the Burning of Everrun, where he meets with Lilith Reiter, the Commander of the Cult of Power. Through a series of tests designed to break the young boy's fear of his own abilities, the Lunar Daughter eventually manages to get through to Samael, who Shatters himself in the process. When he awakens, there is a distinctive change in him that had turned him cold and impassive and unquestioning: the Lunar Solider. Lilith then relinquishes the ownership of the artifact Heartbane to Samael, and the two make their escape in a shroud of black fog at the arrival of forces from the Veluriyam Empire. Emperor Titus makes his way to the shores of Everrun's ruins and makes plans to save those who could still be saved after the tragedy that had occurred.

Short Summary:

Amidst the ashes of Everrun, Lilith Reiter breaks down the young Samael's will and refashions him into the Lunar Soldier, relinquishing the ownership of Heartbane to the Paragon.

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