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Legonaire Fault; The Black Heart Mirror Organization; A Curse or Blessing

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b90fcd7a89f5aa543b5e788d97294a28--character-concept-character-design.jpgBeing a Gilchrist was not an easy task. Ferghas knew first hand of all his father's and grandfather's deeds. How his family fought in the early wars, serving the Demon King and all that glory junk. However, Ferghas wondered about his brother Alastair. He disappeared during the undercover study of the Black Heart Mirror Organization. 

Ferghas sighed as he had acquired his new position in the knights. They made him a knight commander of the Plutonium knights. And he was stationed at the base in Serphus Aluminium. 

And he was now tasked with finding the last location of the cult, the black heart mirror cult that was written off dead. And he heard rumors of it being revived. And he grumbled standing up from the small castle like base. 

A young vampire named Rhamados-Ashulur stood beside him. She was a good soldier to be his second in command, a good foil to him. And another chance to not mess things up, like he did with Yuma. 

Which still loomed over him. Rhama tilted her head as she looked at Ferghas not liking the new assignment. Black Heart Mirror artifacts were not something to merely trifle with. And you had to be careful not to be cursed. 

"Rhama, you sure about wanting to come? It's a long distance to the Azura-Dawn temple. And with your other business attending--"

"It's fine. Father knows that business with house Ja'Guthra will be my top priority. But I want to help locate the artifact and make sure its safely retrieved." Rhama replied as she looked at Ferghas not liking the new assignment and she was wanting to get this over with quickly. 

Ferghas nodded as they walked down the cobblestone steps. They would be walking to the small fishing city of Hydra to get a carriage to Serphus Aluminium and begin their assignment. 

It was a long silent walk. Well it would have been if Rhama wasn't there. She knew Ferghas's lineage, of his father. How being a Gilchrist meant not failing. Yet, he had failed his last mission. Failed saving a key that was needed. 

Does it bother you that you couldn't save Yuma? I mean, we have something better in place." Rhama asked as they walked. Ferghas eyed her softly. "As tragic as it was, I'm sorry it happened."

"It's complicated." Came the gruff voice of the knight. "I could have done better to be honest. I just didn't think Yuma would fall. What do you mean? You're saying the girl wasn't important?"

Rhama said norhing for a moment. His eyes bearing down upon her didn't help either. But it was weird he didn't know what plan of action was taken. Plus now their assignment of finding the cult and Ferghas's missing brother added to the list of annoyances.

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"Do you feel Yuma was an accident? What happened to her I mean. You're not at fault Ferghas. In fact, this could help us against Ra and that cult."

b90fcd7a89f5aa543b5e788d97294a28--character-concept-character-design.jpgFerghas sighed as Rhamados-Ashulur brought up the recent events. Only a few knew about it and it was how he was demoted to the position he had now. Rhama shook her head as Ferghas didn't speak yet. He was ashamed of what happened in Talia. That the Azura-Dusk Library had been breached and broken by those involved. 

Shaking his frustration and doubts from his head, Ferghas eyed Rhama then as he decided to speak. Yuma was his failure, Rhamados-Ashulur wouldn't be a repeat. He hoped to God, it wouldn't be. But who decides that?

"In honesty, I could have done more to protect the witch. Gone after Agatha, persued the ones who took her. But I regret letting it happen. House Ja'Guthra wants to see you?"

"I see. You blame yourself because she was weak. The Black Heart Mirror Organization seek those out. Those weak hearted to manipulate and twist. You must let go of the past or you'll just end up repeating it." Rhama replied as she looked at Ferghas. It was what he said next made her laugh. "Unfortunately yes, seeing their family tree ties with a lot of Talia's citizens. Something about tying the house with--"

Rhama paused as she sighed. Ja'Guthra wanted to tie it's house with Virga Talia's own. And that meant dealing with Lady Claudette Virga Von Ja'Guthra Talia herself. As they walked, the path seemed to narrow. 

"Any idea where the cult would be hiding their base? Can you sense any of their ore production?" Ferghas asked as he let their earlier conversation go for now. "Are we close?"

"No. I can't sense a thing. But I feel that we might find a clue at the Azura-Dusk Temple north of here." Rhamados-Ashulur replied. "Last I heard, their remnants are there. Or were there at one point."

Ferghas nodded as they started walking again. It seemed it was time to begin their mission. And their earlier banter didn't ease him either. What did Ja'Guthra want from Rhamados-Ashulur that she would put it off to follow a displaced knight? 

Ferghas sighed. He was bothered by all of this but didn't voice it at the moment.

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"Ferghas, you do realise that this mission might get us killed. It could be the reason Lady Cassandra sent us forward." Rhamados-Ashulur replied as she reached the crossroads, a sign showing Azura-Dusk Library to the left, 5mi. And to the right was the Azura-Dusk Temple, 10mi. "She's been acting weird lately. Since Lady Claudette came home. Possibly the Black Heart Mirror Organization got her too."

"I know, doesn't mean we can't just abandon our mission Rhama. We must go even if death occurs. But the Azura-Dusk Temple frightens me. I've heard such tales of it's origins."

Rhamados-Ashulur laughed. Humes were such afraid of everything it seemed. Ferghas had every right to be yet she didn't tell him that. Why should she? The vampire walked down the dirt path, the knight trailing behind as the silence grew. 

The Azura-Dusk Temple loomed in the distance as the pair walked. Tension and silence growing more as Rhamados-Ashulur looked at Ferghas. He was holding up poorly and it showed. He wanted to show the world he was a great knight. 

Yet failure held him back. 

"Tell me Ferghas. A Gilchrist is something famous and spectular no? That so much pressure is placed upon one's shoulders? Sounds like a lot of bumpkiss to me. Legends and faerie tales hold no weight." Rhama spoke as he stopped to stare at her. Such an outspoken girl. "Why do you care so much about that status? If you're already an outcast to them."

Ferghas remained silent at those words. It was a good question he had no answer to.

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80107abdf40604d79e8a8ba3aaae861c.jpgThe walk was a silent but long one. The two had their grudges since the war of Legoniare himself. It was in the city of Serphus Aluminium. Ferghas's father had told him that story many times about Rhamados-Ashulur's mother trying to stop Ser Magmus Von Ja'Guthra Legonaire from gathering more power. 

Rhama sighed knowing that these events could be not true. That their parents changed some events to make the other look bad. And in the growing silence, she knew it better than he. The temple wouldn't be easy either. It held a terrible dark figure despite it being the place to find clues they so desperately needed. 

"I don't get it at all. You still wear that guilt as if it's a badge. And you won't let it go which I don't get either." Rhama replied breaking the tensional silence. Ferghas looking at her with those eyes. "It was eons ago, our parents lied. You need to trust me. I'm not going to abandon--"


"You seem so calm." Ferghas replied. "You don't understand that I simply cannot just trust you. Everyone I have became a pawn to that godforsaken organization."

Rhama nodded. She understood completely not to place one's trust in someone these days. The vampire stood at the entrance of the temple as he caught up to her. 

"Rhama, do you think our families lied about the entire Legoniare war and family? I always wanted to know yet my family was too proud to answer me."

"Of course they did. The houses of Gilchrist and Ashulur never liked each other to begin with. Your grandfather believed us vampires to be the source of Talia's pain and suffering." Rhama said as they looked at each other, the rain softly falling now. "Am I going to be able to count on a Gilchrist now? Or will you run with your tail between your legs when it gets dangerous?"

"You can count on me. I will not run. I am a knight commander after all, I place that before my family house." Ferghas replied. 

Rhamados-Ashulur smiled softly before they sighed heavily and entered the temple.

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80107abdf40604d79e8a8ba3aaae861c.jpgSilence as the big white coloured doors opened. The seal upon the door was the crest of the temple. A bit of old Talian words. It said Ka Surphus Serbus Alumna. In other words, the Temple of Salvation. The design on the door was the griffin eating the sun and moon. Rhamados-Ashulur didn't like it and it creeped her out. The Azura-Dusk Temple always had. 

As she walked in ahead of Ferghas, Rhama said nothing. The inside had changed since last coming here as a child. Shivering, her eyes looked upon the inside. It was the same as before. Oak pews aligned in rows with the altar front and center. 

b90fcd7a89f5aa543b5e788d97294a28--character-concept-character-design.jpg"Are you okay Rhama? I have never seen you so quiet before." Ferghas replied as his hand laid on her shoulder, making her jump. "Spooky in here huh?"

I've always hated this temple Ferghas. Rhamados-Ashulur replied as she regained her composure. She hated this temple because it tried to eat her once. I can also sense a powerful prescense here so be on your guard. 

Ferghas nodded as they walked up towards the altar. He examined it. Rhamados-Ashulur just watched. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, nothing seemed suspicious. Was this truly the hideout of the Black Heart Mirror Organization or another goose chase? 

"Snooping I see." Lady Claudette spoke coming out from behind the altar. Her stoic face eyeing both creatures with making a tsk sound. "I didn't know you were so fond of orders like a dog Ferghas. And Rhamados-Ashulur I sent you to the east to meet with the Ja'Guthra family. You disobeyed direct orders."

Lady Claudette... Rhamados-Ashulur breathed as she eyed the black cloak she wore. The same one of the organization. You're one of them?! How can that be?! Did Manah fail her mission?

Claudette smiled as she held Liú in her grasp like a broken doll. Rhamados-Ashulur's childhood friend, broken beyond belief. Liúsaidh was a tough soul, but did--was she reclaimed as well? Horrid thoughts raised in Rhama's head as Lady Claudette smiled big. 

Whatever do you mean Rhamados-Ashulur? I am makimg sure Talia survives this little war. Liúsaidh wouldn't listen to me, had to break a few bones you understand.

Lady Claudette threw Liúsaidh to the ground before eyeing the pair, that smile still on her face. Rhamados-Ashulur didn't understand looking down at that cloak.

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4cbe8142eda2d09fd161027903c17d48.jpg"I swear to God the next person who throws me, I'm kicking their ass." came Liúsaidh's voice as she sat up and dusted herself off. Claudette had caught her skulking outside the temple's walls. She should have hid better. "Besides, Lady Claudette shouldn't you be in Serphus Aluminium  planning to fight the organization?" 

Liú shook her head. It seemed impossible to believe treachery from Talia's own ice princess. At least to Liúsaidh. Rhamados-Ashulur growled low at the princess, annoyed she was here at the Azura-Dusk Temple. Ferghas was a bit lost. 

c094c1241eeca14cf26cb640ed1adc46.jpgI realised they're more of a godsend. The organization has shown me, I cannot run Talia alone. My dearest Liú you seem unfazed from the throw. Claudette replied with such an unfrightened smile. Though the throw coulda been an act altogether. Ferghas sighed though he disappeared into the furthest points deep with in the temple to let the women cool down. 

Lying bitch. Roared Rhama as she ran at the ice princess. Her sword clashing against Claudette's own. You became like them! You let that Catalyst bitch take over you again. You're just a puppet--

O'ho? No my dearest Rhamados-Ashulur, I am more than a puppet. I am Virga Lucius Von Ja'Guthra Talia's first daughter. I am the leader of Talia. And it's saviour. Now, back down--

Liú said nothing for a moment. She eyed the two yet she sighed. No, this wasn't the Lady Claudette she knew. And then the demoness shot the crystalized arrows at the ice princess. A few hit sending her spiraling back a bit. 

"Rhamados-Ashulur was it? You might want to run. Get that dumbass knight out of here too. Claudette isn't herself. I can feel a darker force. Go!"

And leave you to face her alone? No way. I don't abandon missions--

"Get going you idiot!"

Liú then eyed Lady Claudette as she didn't move. The vampire not going yet either. This was bad. Real bad.

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4cbe8142eda2d09fd161027903c17d48.jpgGo you idiot!

Rhamados-Ashulur remembered that as Liúsaidh tried to get them to leave. Yet none knew that was too late. Lady Claudette had sealed the temple doors to make sure her sacrifices didn't escape. Liú looked around as it seemed the pews had disappeared and only the altar remained. 

Damn it...Liú thought. This cannot be possible. How did Claudette gain so much power? Wait, Rhamados-Ashulur said the name Catalyst-- Could she mean her adoptive sister?

Snap out of it demon! Yelled Rhama. We need to form a plan and now. You can feel it too can't you? That power resonating with her? She's the Black Heart Catalyst. Abyssal soldier of Azura-Dawn. No way it's gonna be easy. 

"Wait. You mean Catalyst and Claudette are one being? That they spilt when the temple was attacked in 1664AY? That's impossible! There's no records!"

Augustus recorded it. 

It was all Rhamados-Ashulur could say before the lighnting spear tipped arrows came at her. She ran through the barrage, dodging the attack as she jumped through the air and swung her blade at Claudette's throat. 

It missed and hit her left cheek. 


That was your feeble attempt? Slitting my throat with a rustic inadquent blade. You've gone rusty Rhamados-Ashulur. 

Claudette said as she grabbed the vampire and pinned her against the wall, the crystal spears loomed around her form, dancing in the wind. They stopped as the arrows pointed at Rhamados-Ashulur's body. 

It's time you return to the void Rhamados-Ashulur. You're not even worthy to be a part of the cult. Or a part of the Ja'Guthra house. Good bye. 

Before Liú could stop the ice princess, Claudette had slammed all of the arrows into the vampire's body. She rolled to the ground a few feet before stopping at the eastern wall. Her body then disappeared into dust and smoke. 

Claudette looked up at Liúsaidh then shaking her head. One had been eaten, making the ice princess stronger. But Liú was different. Claudette stared her down, licking her lips.

Liú stood there shaking, terrified in fear, paralyzed for the moment. What was this cult? There were no documents, no books on this one except the ramblings of a shaman.

The demoness gulped yet a lump grew in her throat. Would she too be eaten?

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c094c1241eeca14cf26cb640ed1adc46.jpgWhy do you shake like that little Jasper? That is what I heard you were called. I could be wrong. But then again-- Claudette paused. Her eyes piercing at Liúsaidh's own. She licked her lips again, drinking in all the fear. Though Liúsaidh is a better name to put on your tombstone. But I digress, I'm getting ahead of myself. 

Liú said nothing, those eyes still haunting her, trying to make her feel this was the end. Claudette crossed her arms against her chest as she raised an eyebrow. It seemed the black bird was fighting the gemstone. 

You do know, I want to keep Talia from the Black Heart Mirror Organization. But I was naivé and stupid. You wear one of their coats, a black hood coat with the symbol of their cult. Sounds hypocritical to me. Claudette said smirking. 

"Lady Claudette, I don't think these two things go together. What I had planned needed my involvement with that despiciable cult. But to give yourself up, as its leader, isn't the way." Liú said as she stepped forward. Her eyes piercing back at the ice princess. "You are responsible for your people--"

Claudette smacked Liú in the face. Spitting out the blood, the demoness smiled as she hit a nerve. Otherwise the ice princess wouldn't have hit her. It was here the ice princess held her sword pointed it at Liúsaidh. 

You think a brat like you can tell me how to run my kingdom?! You of all people who sacrificed your entire clan and house for that demon body. Oh Liúsaidh you are the same as me, willing to commit these acts. O' you don't realise that you were chosen by the cult itself. And by Ja'Guthra. Claudette said with that same smoldering smirk. Her eyes smoldering with pride. 

4cbe8142eda2d09fd161027903c17d48.jpgLiú went white at those words. No one by the Ja'Guthra and those involved knew of her transgressions. How the hell did Claudette know?! Catalyst tell her? Farenheit-Abalone?

Without another word, Liúsaidh ran at Claudette as their blades clashed. The steel sparking as their feet moved to the beat of the fight. Each trying to strike the other down to stop the cult. More hits of steel, as Liú let the ground soak with her blood. Claudette had gotten better, and the meager hits she got in did a hell of a lot of damage. 

Though Liú's schimitar had made its mere hits as well, as Claudette's arms and torso covered in blood and cuts. Both standing blades pointed at each other. 

"Was it worth it to become a monster?" asked Liú as she glared at Claudette. "I had my reasons for doing what I did. And--my reasons saved the Talian people unlike your selfish desires! What I did--"

Was the same as me in the end dear flower. You and I, are the same monster in the end. Can you really justify what you did? Can you believe Ja'Guthra didn't choose you because of your sins. The heart of Azura-Dawn Temple is apart of us all. 

Liú shook her head. How callous the ice princess was being. What was her plan? Her goal?

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c094c1241eeca14cf26cb640ed1adc46.jpgYou see as I do that we are the same monster. It's why I brought you here. You wouldn't have come on your own. So Rhamados-Ashulur was created to bring you and the knight commander here.

 Claudette spat as she looked upon her prey. She smirked so darkly that it sent another paralyzing fear throughout the demoness, Liú. 

Hand picked at birth we were to serve our destiny. You see, Liúsaidh, the cult has lived throughout the Talia and Marsaili houses. The one link, Ja'Guthra. We must--

"Just shut up. You allowed them to create you into their dog. I am nothing like you. And I'll free you from your stupid decision!" 

Liú yelled as she ran at Claudette, her schimitar outward and bended at bit to hit her right side. As it connected, black spores flew free from the wound, dumbfounding the demoness. With a push of her hand hitting Liú's chest, throwing back into a tree. Such force knocked the wind out of Liú. 


The beautiful skin of the demoness covered in spore and blood. The drywood falling from the ceiling as the wall cracked from hitting it and she rolled a bit away. 

Claudette smirked. The temple and eating of the vampire made her stronger. And where did Ferghas go? Did he vanish? Right now she had to focus on the ice princess. As she looked up, she coughed, trying not to take in a spore. 

Right, it seemed she'd have to take a defensive stand. Fire arrows came flying at Liú then. Her eyes saw them coming as the crystalized arrows came out of Liú and hit each arrow, exploding in the air. 

Another close call. Well, the last one as Claudette's broadsword ripped open her arm, gashing it open as the blood splashed onto the floor. She gritted her teeth in pain. But Liú didn't scream. She didn't give the princess that satisfaction. 

Let's see if your arrows will save you now when you cannot perform them Liúsaidh. You really hate weapons don't you? Come and fight.

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4cbe8142eda2d09fd161027903c17d48.jpgLiú held her dangling left arm as she muttered low. The ice princess had gotten one up on her by injuring her arm. It seemed that the demoness didn't see that coming. Liú sighed. She didn't want to do it but she'd have to use her old Talian magic. 

"Zuka Raz Rizé Ku." Liúsaidh breathed through the pain and blood loss. "Saka Lu'Aux Draka Ka."

As Liú spoke, the black tendrils came flying out of her body and pinned the ice princess against the temple wall. A black crystalized arrow came out of her body and flew pointed at Claudette's head. The ice princess was stoic, silent. 

"You forget Claudette, I'm a part of the cult too. I have the same magic as you do. And like I said I'm going to free you from your idiotic decisions."

c094c1241eeca14cf26cb640ed1adc46.jpgClaudette laughed as Liú spoke. She laughed hard as the demoness tilted her head. A good five minutes before she stopped. Her eyes peering at her captor with such smoldering pride. She shook her head as she saw Liú commit more treasonous acts. 

You forget my little flower, I am Talia's ruler, leader. I also am the catalyst of both Claudette and Catalyst. What hope can you achieve with that broken arm and forbidden magic?

Before Liú could manage her words, Claudette threw the girl's bonds off. The magic disappearing and Liú's form returning to normal as her eyes widened that it was that easy to dispel old magic. Claudette laughed again. 

You're a fool Liú.

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c094c1241eeca14cf26cb640ed1adc46.jpgYou're a fool Liú . You really think that old Talian magic can beat me? Now you're not even trying. And it's sad. Claudette said eyeing the girl Liúsaidh. Such a woman of noble blood wasted on a demoness like her. Seems you don't realise who you're up--


Liú's right fist cracked into the ice princess's left cheek. A crack of the jaw could be heard and Claudette spit out blood and a tooth or two. It was a good hit. And the ice princess wasn't smiling. So, it had done something. 

The demoness sighed. She was evenly matched with the princess and she knew she'd have to do something to get an advantage over Claudette. 

Do you miss the cult Liú? You did come to us at one time. You wear it's jacket. You and Alastair were a great fighting pair. Farenheit-Abalone was always jealous of your skills...

4cbe8142eda2d09fd161027903c17d48.jpgSo now the mind games began. Another, much harder fight than before for Liú. She wasn't as good at this fight as she was with swords and magic. It was how the cult got her before. She sighed as she said nothing. Liú had to be careful with her words. 

"No. I don't miss it. I stole this jacket off Lucius. I look good for an Talian Inquistor don't I? You know, you don't have to rule Talia. You could give it to me instead."

Claudette rose an eyebrow then. What was this girl playing at? Clearly trying to still win but to suggest this was odd. Virga had given her Talia, she was the rightful owner. She shook her head then and smiled. 

Catalyst wouldn't like that. And it's not yours to take. But you do miss it. I can see it in your eyes. That longing to be a part of something grand.

That name again. Catalyst, the combination of all three of Virga's children. She had heard the stories of Legoniare fighting Talia's weapon. How he broke the mirror piece into three children in the Legoniare-Talia battle of 1630AY. Catalyst became three then--Catalyst, Seldeth and Claudette. 

Liú's eyes widened then. Could it be possible Catalyst was calling her broken halves to return to her, to become one once more? Liúsaidh couldn't let it happen. It was not a good idea for the cult to be rebuilt either. 

Liú had no choice, she had to win here. Consquences be damned.


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Silence filled the temple then. Not to lie, but Ferghas had been watching the two women fight. He would have intervened but he wanted to learn how these creatures operated. And why the sudden appearance of Lady Claudette also un-nerved him. She was Talia's leader. 

Their hope, their salvation. Yet the ice princess stood there in all her ferociously that she was something else. But that name she threw around--Catalyst was a being he knew. Someone he once tangled with. Almost died from. But Catalyst was adopted. Did the rabbit hole go down farther than he knew? 

"So, you were destroyed in the battle of Legionaire. Catalyst at least was. Why would you want to go back to being trapped in one body?" Liú asked as she tilted her head. This battle was prolonged, tiring. Exhausting. "Couldn't you do more damage as three?"

Possibly dear flower. As we separated, Seldeth was the luckiest of us three. Her mind was erased, and she had a new life as Princess of Platinum-Neptune. Catalyst was sealed in the Farenheit-Abalone temple. And I--

Claudette shook her head. Yes, it was true that the two sisters had formed the triangle known as Catalyst. But Sebastian Frederick Zander Legoniare decided Talia needed to be saved. He and the Inquistor Lucius Grandiose Von Ja'Guthra Talia, Virga's own brother, decided to fight back against Catalyst. 

Ferghas leaned against the wall then, his axes swinging at his sides from the small drafts of air from the cracks in the wall. He shook his head then. 

"I think that the cult is involved." Ferghas spoke as both Liú and Claudette looked at him. "You see, we are here because the Lady wanted us to be here. She wears their cloak, meaning they wanted her here too. Meaning, one or two things."

"About time Ferghas. You took your sweet ass time showing back up. Rhamados-Ashulur got eaten." 

"Figured you had it handled. Didn't know the Lady of Talia would show up. But what I was saying; the cult is down below. The basement door is locked tight. And it needs a Marsalis to open it. Also, that journal is important. They need it too."

Claudette shook her head with a smirk. Seems Ferghas was snooping around while the ladies fought. Seems he was useful after all. Liú sighed as she looked to her bag that laid against her shoulder and stomach. It held Augustus's journal. The sound of the ice princess clapping her hands together brought her back to the real world. 

Almost have it all figured out. I'm very impressed knight commander. But not close enough.


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b90fcd7a89f5aa543b5e788d97294a28--character-concept-character-design.jpg"Well," Ferghas replied as he crossed his arms against his chest. "I get the feeling Legoniare is around here as he probably is behind this. Wouldn't put it past him." 

Ferghas sighed softly before moving to his right as the ice princess had come running at him, at his torso. He had barely had time to catch her coming but he managed. Her sword sticking out of the wall, Claudette attached. 

"A brash reaction to my words but proof enough. Claudette here, isn't the only one that was drawn here. The Black Heart Mirror Organization or cult as we call it, stems from the fault of one legendary man."


"Ser Angus Legoniare, the knight commander of the Alumnus knights." Liú whispered as she shook her head. It seemed more and more light on the cult was coming forth. And it wasn't a pretty light. 

And it seemed Legoniare was a part of the misery. Liú sighed once more, grasping up her weapon as Ferghas eyed the sword coming out of the wall. 

"I'm going to beat the clues out of Talia's leader one way or another. I'm tired of being eaten by this cult." Liú said as she ran at Claudette. 

Her curved sword landed in the ice princess's left shoulder. Spores and black ooze like bloid dripped down from the wound. All Claudette did was smile at Liú.

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4cbe8142eda2d09fd161027903c17d48.jpgLiú heard the fierce roar of thunder as the clap of lightning almost hit her. She moved back a step just in time to barely miss the bolt. Now, you could say it was from the impending thunderstorm or the ice princess standing there. 

It could have been either. But no one could tell the difference. However, the ice princess had thrown her right fist into Liú's lower jaw, making her slid back. 

And wait... when did they get outside? Weren't they locked in the Azura-Dawn temple? So the lighnting bolt had to come from Claudette no? Liú sighed. It seemed that fighting the ice princess would need to be beaten to get the answers she seeked. 

"Ku Sah Raka Ka..." Liú started as she closed her eyes. "Tahu Ra Suku Za."

The floor of the temple shook as Liú brought forth the forbidden ancient magic. Here instead of arrows shooting out of the demoness, the ground broke open as pillars rose up, rushing at the ice princess. One or two hit Claudette in her arms and shoulders. 

It pushed her back yet she didn't scream from the pain. It puzzled Liú as she opened her eyes, seeing the floor of the temple splattered with black ooze. Ooze... this puzzled Liú even more. Shouldn't her blood be red? 

Shouldn't Claudette be in pain? Bleeding? Yet, she didn't act in pain. Liú looked at Ferghas puzzled. The swordsman sighed as he saw this before. Saw the ooze. Knew this wasn't right. Ferghas pushed Liú out of the way as a wave of dark energy spears cane flying at the demoness. 

Both crashed to the ground, the spears missing them. Ferghas rolled off Liú as he sat up. He shook his head as he looked up, Claudette missing flesh off her shoulders from the pillar attack. And it fell in flakes. 

b90fcd7a89f5aa543b5e788d97294a28--character-concept-character-design.jpg"Well, seems they improved the vessels they use. But she's a part of a trinity. So no wonder she's resilient. But even with that, you should have done more damage to her." Ferghas replied as he looked at the tiles scattered about. He stared at them a moment longer. "Think you can aid me in an attack? Could give us an opportunity to run."

Liú nodded. Claudette watching the two. Ferghas stood up as he decided it could do something at least. He closed his eyes as he bended the ground, the tiles rising and combining into one. Liú watched as she knew what he planned. Well, somewhat. 

Liú then used some of her energy to make the tiles curved, sharp ended. Her crystal shards flew at Claudette to distract as the tiles scratched and cracked her skull. 

The ice princess tumbled to the ground. Blood splattered everywhere. The silence grew then as they stood there.

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c094c1241eeca14cf26cb640ed1adc46.jpgYou actually managed to hurt me. That last attack was a nice little attack. I admit, I didn't see it coming at all. 

Claudette said as she pulled the tile out of her body. It made the flecks of skin fall to the ground as her insides of her shoulder was exposed. Liú sighed in annoyance. Knowing that it made little difference. Ferghas groaned in annoyance as well. 

Well, that seemed more effective than the last attack. But you're getting closer to knowing why the cult has come back. But you see you're still off. 

4cbe8142eda2d09fd161027903c17d48.jpgLiú said nothing as she shook her head. She could hear the whispers, the noises down below. She hated this temple, the ice princess. She glared at the woman as she seethed. Wanted to destroy her with every fiber of her being. 

"What the hell happened to you?! You've become something terrible due to the temple--due to Virga haven't you?"

Liúsaidh, what I did was trying to save my sister Seldeth from father. He planned to craft us into a monster. But--but this temple outsmarted me. It destroyed us. 

Ferghas moved then as he picked up Liú and ran out the huge crack in the wall. He didn't care for explanation. And it helped he did that, because Claudette unleashed another attack of ice spikes. 

"You trying to get killed Liúsaidh?! She clearly isn't in there. Legionaire has her now." Ferghas yelled.

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