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Ampelos half-lidded glassy eyes, a pleased smile quirked at the ends of his lips; he wore the expression of a junkie surrounded by drifting wisps of opium smoke, such was the potency of Evienne's ego massage. When she ceased her stroking Ampelos squared his shoulders and sat up, breathing out in a delighted sigh, raising one finger and wagging it at her slowly.

"Headier than Dali wine, that was, dearest cousin. If only I could bottle it! . . . I would never say my accomplishments diminish any others," Even if he thought it. "Or it would make the task of asking for help a very awkward one indeed. My shine is your shine Evienne; our shine is all of Dali's resplendence. Which brings us to your precious thread in my tapestry.

"I would absolutely adore it if you could do what, I imagine, comes naturally to the Goldcourts – and court gold."

Ampelos smiled wider this time. His chest rumbled with the sonorous beginnings of light laughter which he cut short.

"I'd like to involve your critical eye and innovative mind at the basest level, in designing the structure itself. There are Gaian churches, I'm told, which guides you through a metaphorical birth canal and deposits you in the inner sanctum, born anew, in full view of their mother goddess.

"Something similar perhaps. Something which by its layout evokes a sense of the numinous and fosters introspection. Which intelligently routes our clientele through exhibits connected by philosophical theme or artistic aesthetic. Something which strikes the eye to behold and tantalizes the mind to consider; to make the gallery of art a work of art in and of itself.

"That is the least I could ask of you – and I know it is no easy feat. But the most I could ask of you, would be to take the name of our museum and gallery with you wherever you go. When next you find yourself among members of high society, make it a point to invite them; make it a point to them that they can invite others with them. Let us make patronizing the museum a necessary aspect of noblesse oblige.

He didn't say so aloud but Ampelos had given Evienne the pieces to put together another part of the puzzle – with so many people streaming towards the museum, leveraging the FT system would be a matter of course, at once popularizing its use and Dali's involvement in it, meanwhile obscuring what Ampelos hoped would be a very lively collaboration between Tankred and Dali.

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Checkpoint Canonization (aka we will keep posting and canonize future stuff after this if needed)


Ampelos had a thought to tie Dali aspirations with a cultural movement to make them impossible to ignore and position Dali as a thought-leader across a broad range of categories. Always anticipating that he would be connecting the islands via faux-ton, Ampelos targeted Misral because of its connection to house Tankred. He targeted Qrill because of the industrious society and suppressed artistic impulses of its people seemed a well readily tapped, in addition to the fact that it was within an amiable distance to House Tankred.   

Ampelos conscripted help from his cousin, Evienne Goldcourt, in the design, creation, and advertisement of the museum. This checkpoint ends just as the museum is being constructed but should be taken as justification for its after-the-fact creation.

Minor Summary

House Dali builds the Museum of Global Art and History in Misral, and connects it to Andelusia by way of faux-ton.

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