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For the Madame's desires

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"It seems you are putting me at a rather dangerous position, little girl. I am your employer and that's that. My identity should not be easily divulged at a lowly establishment like this. But if it would please you...I'd suggest you all follow me to our destination. Once we are inside I will tell you everything."

Khaki mused. Now the Madame has once more turned the tables on her. For a second there Khaki was so sure that the Madame and the Mistress are one and the same but with how that conversation turned out, Khaki was once more plunged in doubt.

What do I do now? Should I attack the Madame from behind? But there are too many witnesses! Plus if she is wrong then the Madame could just be some rich buffoon and I would once more kill an innocent. Little Khaki, big trouble.

So the little girl had no choice but to keep her mouth shut and followed everyone out of the tavern and into the streets outside. From there they would pass through the streets filled with refugees from Tia, some were surprisingly familiar to Khakina. While she had not been there but the memories Mistress shared with her had been too vivid, too real. The events at Tia was disaster and Khaki wished this city, this Stronghold would not suffer the same tragedy.

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And so the Madame and her merry band of mercenaries took on the quest of exorcizing said building but at what cost? Clearly, something is at play here and not even the Madame can determine the brewing trouble. Her tunnel vision only led to her numerous mistakes- the hiring of Ikki, the appearance of Khakina, the death of an angel and so much more. 

Little did the party know that the supposed ghosts haunting the building are now expending extreme efforts in making sure their little team would fail. There are deaths already before the team could even begin. So far only Khaki and the recently dead angel noticed the anomaly. WIll the others notice before it is too late?  Only time can tell.

As the team enters the fated place, will their luck still hold? Or will fate finally put an end to their worthless struggle? The demon lies in wait inside the abandoned place, patiently waiting for the meal that is to come. Its subordinate is already leading these poor lambs to their deaths and when all their lives have been snuffed out, the demon will finally have peace within this realm.


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