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Hunts & Acquisitions 

To give a better break down of each meaning:

Hunts are for special creatures that may be wreaking havoc in one of many of the areas of Valucre, that needs to be captured or put down. Although the Menagerie does not condone the killing of any creature, they do understand that sometimes there may be no other option. In the event such a moment takes place, a specialized team of hunters can be requested to come and deal with this animal at no cost save for the creature's body. It will be returned to Fantas-Menagerie in order to give the remains their proper rites before disposal.

  • If you have a creature, be it plant or animal, that you need to be dealt with please contact out Hunters Hotline for further assistance. -Lilium-

Acquisitions are just what the word is meant to state. It is the acquiring of animals all across Valucre that the Menagerie would like to display, save, and/or preserve. These animals are given habitats in which to thrive and survive and sometimes even to increase a possibly downtrodden population. 

  • If you have found an interesting animal you think the Menagerie may be interested in, or you know of any that are in danger of extinction please contact the Conservation hotline for further assistance. -Lilium-



None at this time.


Suujali - Rationale to follow soon.

Table of Contents

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